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more silence the terrible

In this city, although there are a thousand <a href="">vibram shoes</a> like love, my heart, still is lonely. So, I fluent Chinese here is 100 no use. Just, dream splendor, in instant fleeting fireworks, wrapped tightly with the memory of my pain. The lonelier lonely or lonely, and the more silence the terrible... Light went back behind the road, still confused.
The streetlights made the lonely <a href="">five fingers kso </a> figure stretched, dusky and hazy. Admitted by the university that year, but the father who framed and irrational recruit overnight time, house has dissolved. Father's temper suddenly becomes short-tempered unceasingly. One little thing happen, also can let he stormed. Home lost economic pillar, my sky started sinking.
First, father beat me, just because <a href="">Vibram Five Fingers US</a> I am the words "I love China, not like Japan." Enfolding her cheek, I can't believe to dash away out. Walking in the street, but think nowhere to go. Want to for a long time, or about the speed water is clenching accompany me got wasted. Speed water is clenching is my suitors, is apart from your parents for me the best person. Drinking wine, I unprovoked tears, pear flower take rain. That night, in that wine house stayed <a href="">Vibram Five Fingers shoes</a> a lot of hours, I didn't go home.
Finally learned to rebel, I cannot accept the father of that slap. Early morning, home to see his father sat cross-legged on the gate.
Father openings ask. I closed <a href="">Vibram Five Fingers</a> lips don't want to speak a word, I hate father. One night of drunkenness, also makes me a splitting headache, I am more do not want to speak. Turn around, heavy shut the door; I lie on the shakedown, spirit trance. Fortunately, nothing important lessons today. Confused by two hours later, I got the speed water is clenching telephone. He asked me how, have uncomfortable, have you ever been father scolded? I just casually answer <a href="">Cheap Vibram Fivefingers Women Shoes</a> a few words, they lie down.
After wake up it was evening, open your own only saving cans, looking at increasingly yen, I involuntarily happy. Maybe one day I will fulfill their desires.
"Geri, have supper" father outer called me. I know, in fact his father was still spoil me, but my heart is wound to heal.
Random eaten several sushi father had <a href="">Vibram Button Men Shoes Sale</a> no longer mention the thing last night. Back to my room after, I again start counting his savings. Dream more and closer, the heart also begins to clear.
The day after, I the lively nature suddenly became silent. I refuse to anyone's close, seems to be a wounded the hedgehog. Father and outer busy by several friends arise, help you and to make a small business. Lonely shadows, across the weak, the soul of my forcing me nowhere to run.
We met at the moment, my life will always <a href="">Cheap Vibram Classic Men Shoes</a> have your breath, intentionally or unintentionally you smile always wanders, dancing in front, not just behind not left in the right. Your voice like singing a haunted ear, thank you, let me feel the flavor of love, let me know, Liang shinbone and Zhou ringtail story was not only a legend, thank you, give me a chance to love you enough, I will cherish this chance, good love you, though love of so pain, love of so hard, but I think happiness, don't tease me, silly stare at you, do you know when the focus, I look into your eyes meaning, you <a href="">Vibram Fivefingers Kso Shoes</a> know, my crystal-like tears contains much of your love, for love, I brave hold your hand, no matter how behind there will be storms, also ignore secular to my comments. Just because I love you!