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years like dream

Time passed quickly, years like dream. Suddenly look back, the past is vaguely, yuarn-feng vaguely, all into dreams. The dream of you and me, already very strange, through the beautiful after childhood, we have far. Original literature: emotional prose netsHeadnotes silence summer night, with the wind blowing the curtain of night, covering a small house without black night. Orange light, the colour of intoxicate diarrhea in gentleness a house halo, rendering filar silk nostalgia emotions. Listen to the childhood "that familiar melody, I remembered you, reminds us blissfully carefree childhood,<a href=''>nfl jersey</a> so my heart with music every now and then. I want to fly back to the childhood where we live, we often play to search for the green grass and tree for our countless times climb to treetops tao eggs old trees, the life with many fish creek... Thinking, thinking, my mind suddenly came back to reality, the intoxicating all good all became can't touch memory. Oh, I suddenly understand, grew up of you I has been respectively, our fate has as lost years away. Nowadays, suddenly look back, fate has been turned into the dream. I miss wanders in my ears the edge <a href=''>Adobe cs4</a>of classics, recalling the slice of carrying our laughter and blissfully carefree childhood time of the green grass. Drifting abroad every time I, Johnson from the green grass, always walked unconsciously slow pace. I am looking forward to your respectively, the appearance of the life after denied again meet by chance, even if it's just hurrying to pass by. However, I look at the end of the farther the distance, always let me how to do what I can to look also did not see your sight. Anxiously waiting, speechless expectation and explains the life helpless.

In this million wood, so the cicada tolled politically-inspired of summer, I often in the evening a person towards the park, give the tired heart found in a secluded resting garden solace, because the park has a and memory are very similar to the green grass. Stepping stone stairs, went to the central green grass, look around and see graceful dance, see wind willows of the meditative riot of flowers bloom, as a pair of butterfly ramping through red wear green people you come to me to... <a href=''>Nhl jerseys</a>The lake and its reflection with yews and figure, the wind, the lake after fine lines like transitory ripples, such as YiYeYe turned CV, gradually became clear memory also as the wreaths ripples rose to the lake. Remember childhood we often in such a rippling, crystal-clear lake bath. Once, I don't care a broken bottle flakes cut my foot. Looking at the blood from the wound red glide to flow, the other children were shocked to cry loudly, I also stressed helpless, one year younger than me you resolutely back since I went to village clinics in running. Be pain racked frazzle I a lullaby to hear the doctor said: "thanks to deliver timely, otherwise blood overmuch, is likely to be a blood transfusion." Past vaguely, how many years have passed, I wouldn't forget it that you cheated on I run sweat scene. A ringing and euphonic singing put my thoughts pull back to<a href=''>New dvd release</a> reality, to meet with the cool evening breeze, breathing the fresh air, I always wanted a butterfly in my view of dancing can give me recall bring lifting feeling. But, I do not know the thoughts that first you will not remember our childhood dribs and drabs. Sometimes, I think we're standing in mature of melon field, each hand carrying a baby, constantly go to his own basket throw big, round, coiled lines, appetizing a swan's egg melon. Occasionally, you'll turn, smiled to me, I also will ask you to cast a smile knowingly-and so melon field immediately then filled with our laughter. We scenery said, laugh, saying the good life, laugh naive dream. Remember, see we often conjoined twin people always joked that we are twin sisters. At that time, I was used to the countless times assumed that if we really twins this much good ah! I was born to can't carry a tune, not singing, but I like to listen to you hum those beautiful songs. How many times, in the small river, trees, on the way to school... I in your sweet singing spent many beautiful moments. Trance between, I seem to hear you're faraway place singing. Suddenly, all the moments in the warm glow memories spell became<a href=''>ghd mini style</a> your image, your hand is cast sufficient, smile. But back in reality I know, we have not seen for years, and now do not know how have you been. After graduation, in county teaching I also once many times have been going to find your idea. The busy work, let find your ideas can't put into practice; Hadn't seen for years of estrangement, so I do not know after met you what to say. Maybe, in two world the fight we already have no common topic is more, the rather that childhood the wonderful time. For a variety of reasons, I still did not play find your way, just from someone else's disclosed that today's life rich, but though you have no the childhood of happiness. Now I perennial travel outside, you I opportunity to meet and have become my heart a not for anyone mentioned that dream.