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The Journey of Life

The Journey of Life
Actually, the process of life is a kind of ah margin to walk process. In life's way, I grow up, I experienced, I natural and unrestrained, I am mature, all the way along with time steps to walk, come to understand the meaning of life, slowly <a href="">oakleys</a> learned the value of life, also gradually understand life's true purpose.
In the long river of time, the growth throughout life tempestuous footprints years like sea road, friendship like songs, the life journey, I moved every edge near, a brief greeting information, a period of kind of phone conversations, a lively expression of sending, a brisk float in the sky of songs, a beautiful scenery pictures, fresh <a href="">oakley glasses</a> so touched me, feeling the margin of a beautiful, touched the friendship warm Friend friendship like this cup full-bodied fragrance the coffee, is tasted, lies in the brew, I often on a warm afternoon, alone quiet sat down at the table, fine ground tastes coffee full-bodied, remind of friends every bit of music to listen, ear often let my mind wander in friends the spark of life space, friendship as this cup of coffee, will slowly sweet <a href="">Oakley Active Sunglasses</a> fragrance aftertaste, imagination and some friends meet in a quiet and tastefully laid out cafe, together to listen to music melody characteristic of coffee pure scenarios... On the journey of life, because have you, because I have, because with each margin bring my feeling heart of happiness, life is become better, sunny. Whenever I hear "it is a song to meet the song, will think of friend friendship, have a kind of light warm throng all <a href="">Oakley Dirt Bike Goggles</a> over your body. Friend is not the distance of the remote communication and friendship feeling is not matter give. And I say: "the beauty of friends lies only in between perceived that copy of warm feeling, that kind of heart and soul resonates moved." But because I still have that touched, life will flowery as design is beautiful, because have a friend of friendship, life blossom will dazzle bright. Lonely, look up at the sky, I will think of friends, lonely time, and bowed down their heads, nothing, I think about friends; Sad, sad tears stream, I think about friends; Pain moments, melancholy helpless, I think about <a href="">Oakley Lifestyle Sunglasses</a> friends; When we are happy, laugh, I think about friends; Happy moments, smile stare, I will think of friends. Then, in the life in a friend's moved clings friendship, mind between thoughts cared about in the friend friendship in, light up a friend miss <a href="">Oakley sport Sunglasses Discount</a> you, light up a friend cared about you, light warm friendship lamplight lighted, will sweet to shine on the voyage of life and have friends life no longer lonely and have not lonely, life of friendship with friendship life not feel lonely. On the journey of life, I have a friend in heart my feeling of fine feeling, also have a friend in attentively taste friendship concern warm feeling, it is a song to meet, the singer is you and I, life on each <a href="">discount oakley</a> other firm clinging, touched, thank, Thanksgiving, regrets life's way - years like sea, friendship like songs! That year, I college exam, to take guilt trips a middle school reply to. School surroundings, live some families, small courtyard, every door long flower long grass .
Tall very, branch marked he hid hydrophobic somebody else's room. flowering, a tree a violet flowers and trees around the house above, like to wear a corolla house. I like in the early morning, holding the books, run to those under the tree to read. That time, I also became one of the nature, I forgot <a href="">oakley fives</a> the country children inferiority, I became happy.