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"Not disappointed?"

He raised his head and laughs shook his head. I where disappointed! I am happy!" I also smiled. I finally see his facial features: god's eyes, slender straight nose, it stubborn lips, lean figure, not handsome but has its own a kind of light temperament! To a beggar's office, he step light step heavy zone I visit each function <a href="">links</a> of varying room. In his workshop sit down, perhaps because it had too much to drink wine, he beat around the bush said a lot of entertainment and his work issue. I can't help but say you so of life were like in chronic suicide. He helplessly says ah, but I couldn't ah, now all go to this top, only crustily skin of head top! I say it's <a href="">london links</a> bad for your health. He said to the body I have never really seriously to f*** Groin, such as eating, want to eat when one day eats a few times, do not want to eat when days will not eat. I smiled and said, you are really a weirdo, this how line?
First the weird when unknowingly disappeared like a pair of old friends, we like chatting aimlessly. I said he's alone here, why not make him up? He said now or entrepreneurial stage, don't want to distraction. "That... your marriage?" He was silent, lit a cigarette smoke, slowly one mouthful, say, "Said, don't want to repeat. However, leaf, I say to you that every word is true. Everything, it is to parents, how <a href="">links london</a> much more will she is a good girl." I said quietly: "sorry..." He began to tell him the fear of a mother and a father, spoke of their many things. I silently listening, of course I understand he told me these intentions - he's on me <a href="">links of london bangle</a> explain some thing. He is a bit sad to say: "I grow so big, although already became a father, but haven't tried to love one's feelings, sometimes think is unwilling ah. But I was only so choose, I is all parents give, whether they want me to do is should..."
He put the cigarette would douse, continue to say: "calculate, even if I now find a beloved woman, I also can do nothing. Because if I then, my parents don't happy, they are too old, my sisters not happy, my wife does not happy, my child won't happy, no one would understand me, bless me..." A stream of deep down-beat <a href="">links of london bracelet</a> that I almost tears surge, I might it not so? At the height of first love after thinks he can't love again, hence married a love oneself of man, as a means to escape all the earthly love future. Actually, from the wedding that moment, I knew I was wrong.
He lit a cigarette, he smokes posture is so nice, although I dislike for smoking itself. He asked to see my one eye, "You gave me say your <a href="">links bracelets</a> story is true?" I nodded, and then bowed his head. The bow at the moment of his eyes, I see a flicker of deplore the eyes; let me have depend on his shoulders weep impulse. I bowed my head in a handbag stroking, began to faint chain told him in no mention of existing N home. I <a href="">links of london sweetie</a> looked up and saw with tears in his eyes in flashing. I open-minded smiled and answered, "all the past, now narrates these like talking about others' story! I thank the god to give me the hardships, and because it is, just done today <a href="">links jewelry</a> distinctive I." "Yes, thank for it." We all feel a bit rough, conversation topics, each to convert said some living and working in the fun, pleasant smile when we face ripples.