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The University Entrance Exam

The University Entrance Exam
At school I don't fall in love, she is my only close friends. Then, we are young, and is just think such friendship may be memory forever. The university entrance exam at the end, we in the hot sun underneath, meet do a lifetime of friends.
At that time she was the unit that benefit is bad, she laid off. Again, I met together very warm-hearted will my boss introduced to her, I hope we can work together and return to the flower of memories. She <a href="">oakley glasses</a> was very sneaking, soon became my colleague. Later, she and I became a career of competitive partners, and continual exposed her to get promoted deliberate minor counsel. For a very long time, I developed diffuser, because friendship fragile in the dark night and wept bitterly. In depressed mood dominate, and I saw a psychiatrist, his words made me suddenly enlightened. He says: don't because of friends, while gravestones grace to ask <a href="">oakley</a> his lifetime repay you. Friend is not so. You should stand at the higher than your friend a position to get along with him, for he is to never have requirements. Do this, your heart will not have imbalances sense, also shows that your thoughts arrived to a mature realm. Maybe, the world is not forever. Some people, some love will ultimately leave, but passed years after all because they once companions and beautiful. Because <a href="">Oakley sport Sunglasses</a> of this, we should be grateful for all gave their beautiful memories of friends Flower falls only blossom, have scattered had gathered. Without helping, We always spare no effort to pursue that an everlasting, we always leave no stone unturned to keep that a result, but don't know days old when land is desolate, the world which have <a href="">Oakley Water Goggles</a> constant feeling? But don't know if ever own beauty, they don't need to importune what results. The world many things not eternal, the world many things have no result, but beautiful, brilliant so still brilliant, and why time length, and why raced back around seeking cause and effect. Parting, if we can hold hands, and mutual way treasure why must stay repeat that many trivial years! Break up, if we can unwind <a href="">oakley half jacket</a> waved her hand, and why doesn't matter to rummaged former vows of eternal love, the flowers fell, tomorrow will open, meteors though died, good wish is still in the heart. So all the days of relaxed, so all the weight is sweet, so never regret, then won't regret unfulfilled and regret, and past of become memories, so have today no longer helpless. Owned, never lost, didn't get, also need not struggling to pursue, is you, sooner <a href="">Oakley Lifestyle Sunglasses sale</a> or later is yours, isn't you, never belong to you.. Don't regret for the loss, don't miss yesterday. Care once owned. Friends, need to attentively management, need to have certain artistic quality. Not talking about teaching, but have practical experience.
For a friend, and regardless of gender, friend, not too seriously, otherwise they will feel very stressful, will be your attention <a href="">Oakley Polarized Goggles sale</a> pressure suffocative, but cannot too negligence, too negligence, might not be at are linked. Some friends, if you very much pay attention to him and will let him sleep over you this friend very tired, just because you very much pay attention to him, let him feel pressure, also can let oneself pass hard. Whether among friends, or lovers, for the other person's emotions, affirmation is unable to equivalence. There is always pay more <a href="">Oakley Polarized Sunglasses sale</a> party, and is often pay more party vulnerable. So now, many times in with friends will tell ourselves, to control his pay, it would give oneself and friend don't hurt. So now I am not importune others, try not to give others bring pressure.