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That is a life changing thrifty, simply dig through clenched teeth!" But then how? "Wealth without a life of the poor, until the hand next few money, accumulate your grandpa in the river has bought several acres of farmland built a few rooms, here is the sale there is ground, rain, took it for granted that day will go up, can be in this <a href="">oakley</a> juncture, Japanese aircraft Fried frontiers, killing hundreds, and the plague everywhere. First my woman and 3-year-old son illness, then your grandfather, grandmother, three dad left.
Everything has become a dream." Father to long say to me: "the ancients seeming 'front grass deep, do with ashes; he sleep, and a suit is '." He was of the sentence have dissembles but feel. Since then, the human <a href="">oakley gascan</a> things more sober and starts a fight. People indisputable Father earlier said these words, I laugh and silent, then "man can conquer nature" thought in my mind, "and take root sprout fights and ground fights with heaven has become a" ambition, thought that the destiny in our hands. Later the growth as the age, experience gradually deep, to begin to comprehend father speak thoroughly. Had to admit that money is a good thing, but the money when god <a href="">oakley frogskins</a> come and than Lao kissed, blindly into money-making auger, takes money and the relationship of people is upside down. This point, father is my idea of a model. Remember is probably 1982 May, when post office work two dad for father phoned to say, my county began to implement policies also belong to implement scope, because county film company in shady accounted for my land, at least said also should give implement thousands of dollars it. Father put the phone, until the next day and picked up <a href="">oakley clothing</a> the phone to pass two dad, meanwhile, without a single word said drank only 22, he called me to his house, and a face of solemn ground to say: "when I lost five relatives, although decimated, but old embark also in, fields is, the tree head, these things also in furniture is lost, but did not go to. Now to million son 8,000, I also don't f*** <a href="">oakley sunglasses</a> the heart, you also don't complain to me. Or that sentence, money. How much is enough?" I thought that, in the most realistic problems before the is not enough money, this can't pay how much is enough, but talk of his father, or money calm attitude to my wife and I got play bottom. We have become accustomed to, from the beginning of 1970s, old ones a trip to another trip to, saying, take the clearing leak rain fruit trees should we go back and cooked, handling, but father never ignore, until later came to be his uncles who've possession. Lenovo into the surrounding for a tree rooms disputes fights split <a href="">Oakley Polarized Sunglasses sale</a> examples, really for father for the greatness of mind and tracks. Once, father and me about money, has told me a story has a name, saying, let the old man earn next many possessions and still live, arrive to finally spend big money do a pair of the finest, achievement of that day of, he purposely called builders in on each side beat one hole.
At first you don't understand <a href="">Oakley Snow Goggles sale</a> his purpose, afterwards just know, after his death to children put his hand from the hole reached out, that is to tell the world, though I rich, but living not bring death, and go, my hands are empty, clean walked. This story has been deeply remain in my memory, let I to money had an accurate positioning. Father told about money warned me, money can only hold in the hand, cannot be hanged in the deep heart, money is made, not people die, money can't see through money, but <a href="">Oakley sport Sunglasses sale</a> to see light.


<a href="">Life</a>is so complexed that you can not imagine.