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Years stay joss-stick

When I silently sat by the window edge, when the wind in the transverse disorderly to sweep hot air. Looking at dark night sky that moment I <a href="">diesel</a> realized what call night cool water, what call a return to nature? Night, it may be a spiritual angel; it can bring comfort leisurely enjoyed. Yeah, the night is always feminine beauty, but I never knew originally can fades during the day, the color of life leave blank black is also a kind of cause of blessings.
Present life while ordinary but throughout the <a href="">diesel jeans</a> calendar month pressure, constantly to seek only for pressure on the increase. Along the way only remember kept round-trip, continuously blindly pursuing so-called completions, he never meditation down to consider life searching for what, these continual fight does is to which the future to fall!
Throughout the world, everyone have their own <a href="">diesel clothing</a> thoughts and pursuit. However, some people always sullen, also some joy Dan entertainment. The differences between them is not because of life in a different environment, but because living in different mentality. Like rainy day, someone saw a flexible spirit now <a href="">diesel shoes</a> the rain, someone saw full of melancholy of rain, no matter what the words we use mortals depicting the rain, and it is just a bit of clear water. While we are pursuing happiness also is such, someone say have spend extravagant money is happy; Some people say that if can go on forever is happiness, Someone says health is happiness, have it forever... In fact, happiness and no <a href="">Diesel Belt Sale</a> standard to planning, want to be able to be alive is the biggest happiness. If can use meticulous observation of the eye to praise the world, no matter what is seen is beautiful and colorful. Overall, men are tired because give yourself tired, should belong to own things are defined as the so-called goals. Know eyes are a trap and a foot down and said that success is only <a href="">Diesel Denim Sale</a> road. In fact, life a little bit more simple, when necessary, let oneself quiet a quiet, left to them a blank space to listen to the voice of time passing. Again and road before already exert, instead of blindly, be inferior to step back and forward to search for new road, or just step and steady.
People have goals, also should have a goal, but <a href="">Diesel Jackets Sale</a> can not only for this goal and live life, because it is too easy to make us lose more many wonderful stories. Looking back, like a sight hastily fading day, leaving a string of footprints and a inching point of figure. Accidentally meet, rest can't recall the last meeting in day time, felt dais, casual another chum ixia’s rebirth. Leave a place, go back and already is <a href="">mens diesel shoes</a> different, although life such as theatre but of each paragraph deduce dialogues and actors are different. Wan live with the story of a moment, but could not stop to terminal story. In life, always because of the busy and carelessness or friends communication, until one day <a href="">diesel ronhar jeans</a> in the contacts saw familiar names, such as to recall of wave in the heart Pangaea when it suddenly surges discovered that the original time already on the road only footprints.
Don't reunited again after many years, the former <a href="">diesel swimwear</a> passion was fading, like cold not only a period of historical record in the cold ever existed. Time passed quickly, eyes shadows each are not identical, and they bring a new story, away from the new lag. In the year's space, they are the most beautiful meeting, like a short but beautiful fairy tale. Gently touch the clean of wind, even years run, in the case of ink still in old heart stay joss-stick.
Maybe I should occasionally give you some <a href="">diesel jeans for men</a> leisure space. Don't put the pressures of life made chains everyday trapping time to rest. If appreciate years gently through the rhythm, or meditation listen to blossom voice, so every inch of my time will be like wine in the year's brewing under more fragrant.