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Yo Side Of The Bed: Chapter 10 (01/16))

*~Yo Side Of The Bed~*

~our bed our sheets our pillows get lonely on yo side of the bed yo side yo side yo side yo side gets lonely on yo side of the bed yo side yo side yo side yo side its not the same without you here~


another lonely night for christin.she had this romantic evening planned for herself and her boyfriend cameron(wiz khalifa)but once again he put tbe streets before her and stayed out all night with not even a phone make matters worst it was their 1-year anniversary. sometimes christin wondered why she stayed with him for this long but then she always thought back to all the wonderful times they have shared and she figured the good out weighed the bad so she stayed.but how long would she be able to put up with it.?
laying across her bed pondering her thoughts christin's phone started ringing,thinking ot was cameron she jumped up like a ninja to get to it but it was her sister lania(toya carter).
"hello" she answered kinda disappointed.
"well dont get too excited that i called" lania responded
"im sorry i thought you was cameron calling."
"oh boy.! where is that f***ass anyway" she asked smacking her lips
"hell if i know.!all i know is he better get his ass home soon or else he gonna get his feelings hurt"
"sis you aint gonna do shyt but cuss him out then he gonna get yo spot and yall gonna have some make up know the process so stop frontin." lania said laughing her ass off
"not this time lay-lay im gettin so tired of his bullshyt and something has gotta changr or else im puttin him out.!"
"yea that sounds bad i dont believe you. " she started laughing even harder
"fuxk you.!" we both laughed.right then she heard cameron come in the house.
"lay-lay he just walked in imma call you back."
they hung up and christin walked straight in the front room ready for war
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Just wait till I see cameron .!

&& ima just take a wild guess & say she was pregnant by trey & lost the baby.!

Imma kill him. Either me or chris.! Or we both can do it on some bonnie & clyde shiit

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they get to hospital and christin lost two pints of blood
during surgery they found and were able to remove both bullets safely but she did lose some much more important that nobody was prepared to tell her or her family.

w/ cameron
cameron sat in her jump off karens kitchen wondering what was taken her cousin so long handling that shyt with christin. it dont take that long to bust a few windows and get the flatscreens that he brought out that he brought and whatever else.
bored out his mind cameron rolled up a fat ass blunt of some purp and decided he was about to face that while he waited.
halfway through the blunt karen and her cousin walked in.
"yo what took yall so long.?" he asked.
"we had to switch cars man."derrick responded taking a beer out the fridge.
"for what and where my shyt at.?"
"what shyt."
"i told karen yall was suppose to be getting my shyt out that house so where is it.?" derrick looked at me like i was crazy and karen tried to slowly creep into her room.
"karen what the fuxk did you do.?" cameron yelled.
"i took care of it babe." karen said walking to her room.
"derrick bro what does that mean.?" cameron asked.
"she told me to murk that bytch christin and to say im trey's people." derrick responded shugging his shoulders.
"KAREN I SHOULD BEAT THE FUXK OUTTA YOU RIGHT NOW.!" cameron said throwing a chair.
"what did you have me do karen.? whats wrong with you.?"derrick said walking up on her.
"you two need to shut the fuxk up. cameron i was sick of hearing how much you love her yet you fuxking me. yall not even together and she happy with trey so i wanted to erase her so that i could be the only one in yo life." karen had a few tears rolling down her face but cam ignored thar and grabbed her by the neck.
"give me one good reason why i shouldnt break yo fuxking neck right now. how could you fuxking do that.?" cam let go pacing the floor.
"man im sorry cam i didnt know." derrick said.
"i need to get to chris like now.!" cameron walkeed out regretting even getting involved with karen's dumb ass and now the love of his life is probably dead or hanging for dear life.
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Omg i hope she okay n he not trey ppl he cameron ppl

OMG. What the hell, is this what Cameron meant by a surprise at her home? Why wouls someone do that to her.

wth is cameron's problem like nigga you in the past!
and who the fck just gon shoot christin like that?
who the fck is that?
talkin about he one of trey's people

~Chapter 5~
July 6, 2011
ever since her weekend with trey christin has been on cloud9.! the way he was with her made her love him even more. cameron on the other hand seemed to have an attitude with her and she was about to get to the bottom of it. it was eight days until her birthday and she didn't want any drama so she planned a lunch date with him today.
they met up at applebees. he was ten minutes late and it showed on his face that he didnt wanna be there. she stood to greet him but he just sat down.
"so whats up.?" he asked as she sat down.
"you tell me. you've been giving me the cold shoulder lately and i wanna know why."
"i dont know what your talking about."
"cam please dont sit there and play me like im stupid. whats up woth you acting like you mad at me."
"im not mad. im disgusted." she looked at him shocked.
"are you kidding me.? what the fuxk does that mean.? why.?"
"so now you gonna play me.? you got my niggas coming to me about you being with thar nigga all the time and you fuxk him."
"so what we aint together no more and you damn sure aint have no problem fuxking bytches when we were so what the fuxk.!" she was pissed now. she couldnt believe he said that.
"bytch dont sit there and bring up that shyt kuz it aint got nothing to do with the past. as many times as we did these little date things or whatever you wanna call this shyt you aint never fuxk me but everytime you go with him you fuxk him. you foul christin and im done."
"so thats what you mad at, kuz i fuxk him.? so the fuxk what.! the last few weeks of our relationship you didnt even touch me so now you wanna complain.? fuxk you cameron.!"
"thats all i needed to hear. i got something waiting for you at yo crib." with that he got up and left leaving christin confused and scared to go home now. she waited fifteen minuted after he left to walk out paranoid of what he might do. she knew cameron was capable of anything and she really didnt know what to expect. she got in the car and went straight to trey who was in the studio. as soon as she seen him she ran and hugged him.
"whats wrong baby.?" trey asked. she explained what happened with cameron and what he said.
"well babe if you want you can stay with me. take one of the girls with you to the house to get somethings then go straight to my place i'll be there by 9o'clock tonight."
she agreed and left and picked up gigi to go with her.
on the way over she explained to her what happened never noticing the black impala following them. they pulled up to the house, got out and the car pulled up by them.
"aye christin come here." the passenger called out.
"how are you.? im trey's people i got something for you."
"what she said putting her hand on her hip."
"this." he pulled out a gun and started shooting at her hitting her in the arm and stomach."
christin fell back shaking as the car speed away. gigi ran to her holding her head calling 911 then called lania to meet them at the hospital. christin was still shaking and now crying wondering what she did to derserve this.
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updating tonight

That was very sweet and romantic of Trey. Damn they went for hours love his endurance lol. Surprise eh can wait to see.

dng all night long n awh trey so sweet run it

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after leaving trey's family's house they pull up to trey's home. he helped her out the car and lead her to the door and she to her surprise the had it decorated nice for her. once inside she followed him down <a href="">the hallway</a> which was set up nice making her feel a little emotional.
"trey when did you have time to do this.?" she asked.
"my sister did it while we were at my momz house." he said smiling.
"this is so nice."
"what til you see the best part." he said opening the door his bedroom showing her his <a href=" ">surprise</a>.
"omg trey this is too much." she said shedding tears.
"nothing i do for you is too much chris."
"trey-" she tried to speak but he cut her off.
"chris my love grows for you everyday. i love you past my heart girl, i love you with my soul. just the fact that your in my life gives me a reason to wake up every morning. even though i know i dont have all of you i know one day you will let me have all of you and when that day comes it will even more great then this day." he kissed her and lead her to the bed and laid her down. he placed kisses all over her while taking off each piece of clothing gently. once she was fully naked he got up and stripped. she looked at him in awe of his body.
"you look beautiful too babe." he said smiling. christin smirked and motioned for him to come back to her and he did so kissing down her body and the began to devour her nana sending chills and shockwaves through her body. she was loving every moment screaming out in estacy, saying his name at the top of her lungs. he stayed down there enjoying her for about 40minutes and the last time she came he slurped of everything. they layed there looking at each other for a minute then he grabbed a condom, slide it on and inched inside her. as he was going in her back ached and she dug her nails in his back.
"do you want me to stop.?" he said seeing a tear fall from her eyes.
"no." was all christin could say.
trey began to rock inside of her and she soon was able to get into rhythm with him and they enjoyed each others loving for the rest of the night.
by sunrise they ran out of condoms and after on more round they finally colapse into each others and and fall asleep with smiles on their face.

i know its short but gotta little surprise coming for you....

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I wanna smack wiz in the face. Smh this nigga.!

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Wow Treys got her meeting the familt already. He's in love.

wow she meeting the parents

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over the next few days christin just couldnt get cameron out her mind. she missed his touch, his voice, his smell, his smile, hell she was even missing the smell of weed in her basement. she was in love with him and he had her hook. those thoughts came to a complete hault when trey came and picked her up for their date. he was sporting a pair of crispy red diickiie pants and a white and red button up with some white stacy adams on his feet. hair freshly cut and lined up with a dozen roses in his hand.
christin descided on a black and white penstripe pencil skirt a white blouse and a black pair of versace pumps. her hair was down with deep curls and a black and with bow headband donned her hair.
"you look amazing." trey told her handing her the flowers and kissing her cheek.
"thanks sweetie and you look nice as well." they walked to the kitchen and christin put the flowers in a vase of water.
"so what do we have planned for tonight.?" she said turning around only to be face to face kissable with trey.
"i was thinking about maybe taking you to the tavern."
"what is that.?"
"its this movie theater where you can order a meal then they'll bring it to you in whatever movie your watching."
"sounds fun. do you think i need to change then.? no because i got a special place we going afterwards. " trey said with a little sneaky smile on his face.
they went to the movie and dinner and they had a nice time. then after they got back in the car to go to their next destination trey made christin put on a blindfold. against her better judgement she agreed to it. after about twenty minutes of riding in the dark confused trey finally let her take it off. she looked around at the strange neighborhood confused even more.
"trey where are we.?" she asked as he helped her out the car.
"we are at my family's house."
"are you serious right now.?"
"yea girl. chris i told you i love you and now i wanna show my family the girl i love." he said walking her to the door.
"im so nervous though."
"dont be nervous honey. just be yourself and it'll be fine.!"
and he was right, his family was so welcoming especially his mother. she even took christin aside just to tell her how happy she was that she and trey met because she has seen a complete change in the way he acts. they were there another two hours then they headed out.
"this was the grestest night of my life trey and im so glad i spent it with you.!" she said kissing his cheek.
"the best part of the night was soon to come." trey said as they got in the car leaving her puzzled.
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~Chapter 4~
Let the Games Begin.!

the changes the guys were making within themselves for christin which was making her decision harder than she thought it would be. today she was going on a date with cameron since it was his weekend to be with her. he decided to take her to G. Michael's Bistro & Bar in German Village then later planned to take her to Screaming Willies for a little fun.
when they got to the resturant cameron, looking so good in a black alfani red tuxedo, was the perfect gentlemen; openning doors, taking her coat, and he pulled out her chair for her. this type of thing she really missed most about him.
"this place looks amazing cameron. how did you find it.?" christin said looking around in awe at her soundings. she didnt look too bad herself rocking a vintage crisp-white rhinestone beaded chiffon-couture grecian-goddess full length dress and a pair of silver badgley mischka pumps. they looked so good together and everyone in the restarunt stared as they passed through.
"my uncle proposed to my aunt here a while back." he replied.
"hello my name is shad and i'll be your waiter this evening. can i start you off with a dring.?" the waiter said pulling out his pad.
"yes i'll take a bottle of Moët & Chandon Dom Pérignon 99 please." cameron replied.
"coming right up sir." the waiter wrote down the request and left.
"thats quiet expensive cam are you sure you want that.?" christin asked.
"baby you must of forgot who i was. when was the last time we went anywhere and i asked for the price of something. nevermind dont answer that." cameron responded seing the look on christin's face.
"im really glad im here with you though cam. this is really beautiful."
"not as much as you are chris. look i know we haven't been as close as we use to be but im really trying to change all that starting tonight. i've been a terrible boyfriend i understand that and i've said some pretty harsh things to you and i'm very sorry. i love you chris and nothing and no one will ever change that. i've loved you from day one and i've never stopped."
"except when you fuxked them other girls." christin said cutting him off.
"no your wrong i loved you even then."
"not enough to get up or refuse to even go there with them bytches. cam in all this time i have never cheated on you or even thought about stepping out on you. thats how much i love you. baby there were many times that i should have just left but i didnt because i love you that much. cam i told you from the beginning if you ever thought for one second that you needed to cheat on me then let me go but you didnt and i fell harder for you leaving me looking dumb when i was up in that clinic because my MAN gave me an STD and you wasnt even there with me." tears were now forming in her eyes.
"baby im sorry. its just that i dont know why i do the things i do. these bytches dont mean nothing to me though. you have my heart baby and i cant see my life without you."
"i dont know if i can fully believe you cam, i mean you do still have my heart as well but im just not sure."
the rest of the night went by much better. they left there feelings at the dinner table and just enjoyed each other's company after that. christin felt like she was falling for him all over again and that kinda scared her.
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trey walked up and christin was speechless. looking back and forth between the two men who had her heart and she had no clue what to do.
"uhhh christin what's wrong with you.?" trey asked
"i'll tell you what's wrong nigga, you." cameron responded.
"me.? what the fuxk did i do.?" trey asked.
" you came into her life and you started fuxking up our relationship."
"hold on playa. obviously if i was able to even get close to her our relationship was ready fuxked up. that much was clear by the song she just finished singing." trey said stepping up in cameron's face.
"wait a minute would you two stop this.!" she finally spoke up to say. "look this is how its gonna be, cameron im breaking up with you tonight but that doesnt mean i want you out my life because i love you but i think we should try something to see how this will work."
"what the hell are you talking about chris.?" cam asked clearly upset with what she just told him.
"i want both of you in my life but i dont want it to be like im cheating on someone to be with the other so i wanna date you both and who ever i feel is doing their job at at least showing me you care about me will be the one i stay with. is that cool with ya'll.?"
cameron and trey looked at each other as if a war was just declared. they never spoke a word but they slowly backed away and went there separate ways.
"oh boys one more thing. if either of you get with another female you automatically lose me. just thoought i throw that out there. love you." cameron walked away but trey came back to her still a little upset.
"christin that really was a great song you sang tonight." he said hugging her.
"thanks trey. im really glad you made it."
"i wouldn't have miss this for the world. but i have a question for you." he said folding his arms.
"what's up.?"
"where the hell did you come up with that litlle idea.?"
"Oprah.!" she said laughing and walking away.
"christin you are truly something else girl." trey yelled out to her.
"but you like it."
"no i love it just as much as i love you." when she heard that she froze. she was completely thrown off by that.
"come her chris." trey called out to her.
she turn around and started walking towards him. "trey, what did you just say.?"
"chris dont act like your so surprised." he said smiling.
"oh but i am."
"girl i've loved you since the first time i saw you. you know how to keep me interested without having to be all sexual like all these other little females around here. you've been hurt before but you still gave me a chance to get close to you and now that you have i never wanna let you go."
as he was saying these words christin was crying. its been awhile since someone has really expressed how much they loved her. the speech cameron just gave her was full of anger and rage but trey spoke genuine and meaning full and the intensity in his eyes showed he meant every word he said.
"trey i dont know what to say. i mean i love you too and in this time we have shared together your have truly shown me that you do care a greatdeal about me. but i dont feel too comfortable just jumping into a full blown relationship with you. lets use this time that i set for the little "competition" to get to know each other more and then take it from there ok.?"
"ok then chris but just so you know in the end i will be the one to have you."
"we'll see mr. confidence." she said laughing and walking back over to the girls and sitting down.
she told them her plan for cameron and trey and they all cracked up at the fact that they even agreed to it.
"look all imma say is LET THE GAMES BEGIN.!" said diamonds leading the girls into a toast.
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<a title="Christin" href="">Christin</a>

<a title="Cameron" href="">Cameron</a>

<a title="Lania" href="">Lania</a>

<a title="GiGi" href="">GiGi</a>

<a title="Diamondz" href="">Diamondz</a>

<a title="Trey" href="">Trey</a>

<a title="Chris" href="">Chris</a>

<a title="Michael" href="">Michael</a>

<a title="Sean" href="">Sean</a>

after she finished the song she felt so relieved. she had finally gotten out everything she had been wanting to say to cameron the the past year all in one noght in one song. walking off the stage she saw her girls right there waithing for her.
"sis that was amazing.!" lania said hugging her.
"yea chris that was truely unbelievable." said GiGi.
"thanks ya'll. but did ya'll see cameron have the nerve to be all up in some girls face while i was on stage." christin added shaking her head.
"well not the whole time especially when you started sing that girl bowed out on that ass." diamonds said crcking up.
"speak of the devil. here he comes now." GiGi said.
"this is about to be funny can i watch.?" diamonds asked.
"No.!" they all said in unison.
"dang ya'll aint gotta do me like that i was only joking. we'll see you back at the table i see my man getting lonely anyway."
"ok ya'll i'll be there in a minute." she watched as her friends walked away then turned her attention to the angry cameron approaching her.
"so you think that shyt was cute don't you.?" he said getting in her face.
"no that was real shyt and it shoulda been obvious when i started the fuxking song." she said backing up a little.
"chris that was fuxked up and you know it. i been tryna work on us but you been too busy all up in that nigga trey's face to even notice that everything i do i do for us."
"cameron please, you dont do shyt for me.! everything i got i got on my own. and how the hell you gonna try and stand in my face and lie cuz i seen you with that bytch tonight when i was on stage. shows just how much you been tryna work on us."
"shows how much you even pay attention because she was clearly buying a $50 bag of weed from me." he said pulling the crumbled up fifthy dollar bill out his pocket.
"so you get all up and person with every 'client' you have cameron.? just stop with the bullshyt ass lies cuz there starting to catch up with you and you might not like where you end up." christin said back to him.
"wtf you mean.? from what you just said we through so what now.?"
"if you fix yo shyt and stop lying to me all the damn time we wouldn't have to be done."
"im so fuxking sick of this shyt and you always talking about my lies that've told, what about you chris.? you did the unthinkable and im just now finding out about it."
"what are you talking about cameron. what have i done that can even be compared to any of the horrible things that you've done to me.?"
"are you serious chris.? dont stand there and act like your just ms. perfect that does no wrong. look to your left right quick and tell me if you remember this girl." christin did as he asked and the only girl that caught her eye was the chick from the clinic where she had the abortion at. but how did he find out anout that.? how did she even know that christin and cameron where even together. christin was confused.
"yeah can't say shyt now can you chris. you aborted my baby and never even told me. what makes it so bad is the fact that even though i knew this i still wanted to work on us because that's how much i love you but you too quick too give up on us for some random nigga you just met in the club. you letting him feed you all this bullshyt and saying fuxk me just because i be out making money and then bring that money home to you every night. i may stray every now and then but you knew that type of shyt came with what i did from the beginning. hell that's exactly how me and you even started fuxking with each other. im her now being a man and acknowledging my mistakes tryna make them right. the rest is up to you." right after he said that trey began walking towards them.
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