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<a href=>Jay</a> walked outside and blew warmth into his palms as the chilly evening air whipped across his face. He dug his hands in his pockets and walked down the empty block. He got to his post and stood there, looking in both directions. It had been a year. He was well on his way to a promotion, so he didn't sweat the lonely nights. He pulled out his iPhone and went through his contacts. He stopped on Monique's name, just as a young guy approached. He looked to be about 15. Jay looked him in the face and nodded.

"Mookie sent me." The guy said.

Jay dug in his pocket and handed him a dime bag. The dude handed him a crumpled twenty and walked off down the street. Jay pressed Monique's name and put the phone to his ear. Her voice broke the silence surrounding him and he looked down the street, as he leaned up against the building he shared this corner with.

"What you doin tonight?" He asked, his tone of voice implying that he wanted to see her.

"Mm, nothing if you tryna come through." She said.

"Be up when I call." He said, hanging up the phone and putting it back in his pocket.

He sighed and looked up at the sky and marveled at the number of stars he could count tonight. He wondered what was up there. He wondered who was sharing this view with him this evening.


3 miles to the north, <a href=>Selena</a> looked up at the stars and wished that she was there. She looked back at the crowd of kids surrounding the swimming pool, celebrating graduation. She spotted <a href=>Narvin</a> and his eyes were glued to her. She turned away and sighed. She heard his footsteps behind her on the concrete. He put his hand on her lower back and she stepped away.

"Are you crazy? What are you doing?" She asked, looking at him.

"I haven't heard from you." He said.

"I didn't know this was something I'd committed to." She said, frowning at him.

"So what? What happened doesn't mean anything to you?" He asked.

"No. She's my best friend, Narvin." Selena snapped.

"Can I have everyone's attention!"

Selena heard her best friend <a href=>Chelsea's</a> voice and she shivered.

"I wanna thank everyone for coming! Thanks to everyone who has ever been there for me. We're graduating you guys! This is huge. I've had so many good times with everyone out here. I'm gonna miss everyone. I really wanna thank my best friend Selena and my boyfriend Narvin for being there when I needed them. I love the both of you. I don't know who I'd be without you guys." She said.

Narvin smiled and Selena's face swelled with tears. She stared blankly back at her best friend and then at the sky. She didn't want to be here anymore.


I couldn'y keep the smile off my face, I am so happy for them.
They are being a handful for Jay, two more little Selenas! Then we they as 'weird' as Selena he gone be upset, Lol!

I am so happy for them, they all work it on out!
In the words of Wendy WIlliams, You love their love. You can't help but be happy for them, and even through their fighting, You can't help but wait dor them to work it on out!

Run it!!

Runnnnn (:

Im so glad they having twins!
I just hope they can deal with the two babies crying
and having to buy extra food and clothes! RUN IT:)

thanks everyone! RUN! (:

aaaaawwwwww. TWINS!! what a surprise!!!

& Selena... STOP thinking so much

run it run it girlie!!!

Yes, yes, yes! Twin girls! As hard a raising one baby is, they
have been blessed with two bundles. Seems like both are very
happy & focused on building an amazing future family. James & Lena
have greatly changed for the better, they love each other so much.
And already love their babies, it's such a beautiful thing

Run !

I wasn't expecting twins! Good gracious lol I'm so happy they are finally on the same page I just hope they remain this way with no interruptions

OMG TWINS!!!!!!! AHHHH, SO SWEET. James is gonna have his hands full with two little girls, but Im soooo happy for he and Selena. And I peeped his lil comments, so he still plans on marrying Selena at some point awww. Charity's so cool for dealing with they asses lol. Lord them living together again, hope it goes smooth this time. Aww Bri feels left out, she and Selena need to meet up and hang out. Im so happy they're happy. LMAO at them having sex they asses are so goofy especially when they be talking s*** while they're doing it. Fools. I loved the add Carms. TWINS!!! RUN IT!!!

enjoy (:

James sent off his transcripts to UCLA, to complete the enrollment process and packed up the last few things in the living room. Selena waddled out of his room, holding a box. He took it from her and put it by the door.

"That's enough lifting." He said, kissing her forehead.

She nodded and put her hands on her hips. Her hair sat sloppily on her head and she was wearing a sports bra and some yoga pants. She sat down next to him on the couch and helped him wrap the picture frames in newspaper.

"I'm gonna put the bed set in storage until we move in June." He said.

Selena looked over at him, "That's a little unrealistic, don't you think?" She asked.

"No. I speak things into existence." He said.

"The babies are due in December, and I graduate in May. How are we gonna find jobs and a house, James?" She asked.

"Shhh. Stop thinking." He said.

She shrugged and smiled a little, "As long as I'm wherever you are." She said.

"It's my word. I'm gonna get us out of California." He said, nodding.

"I believe you." She said, looking over at him.

He pecked her lips and continued to wrap. They finished boxing things up and lied with each other on the couch for a while, before they both drifted off to sleep. The next morning, the moving truck arrived and James and Selena were on their back to Selena's apartment. The movers helped moved some of Jay's things in, while the others went to storage. Their room was crammed, but Selena didn't mind. She shared a roof with James again. That was all that mattered.

James noticed an immediate change in Selena. She was kinder to him and Charity and a lot more delicate, almost as if she was afraid of breaking them. She read to them every night and had even drafted up a list of names. Janetta and Yolanda were through the rough at the news of twins. There was stuff arriving at Selena and James' apartment by the truckload. One weekend, when James had come down, Selena was stressed and crying.

"What is wrong with you?" He asked, in the mirror.

"We can't afford twins." Selena said, shaking her head. "James, where are they gonna sleep? We don't even live together." She said.

"Baby, your main focus is to finish school right now. It'll all work out." He said.

"How, James? What are we gonna do?" She asked.

"I'll find a 2-bedroom down here and take a semester off from school." He said.

"No you won't James. I want you to finish this year." She said, looking at him through the mirror.

He turned and leaned up against the dresser, "Then what do we do?" He asked.

"Will you transfer to UCLA? You have the grades. You can go there part-time with me. Move in here, and we can save some money." Selena said, searching his face.

He nodded and turned back around, sighing. "Yeah, we can do that. If we just have to have the cribs in here for a while, so be it, Selena. It'll be okay. Charity won't mind."

Selena nodded. Charity had lent her undying support to the two of them. She stood up and went to wrap her arms around James. She kissed his shoulder blades and shut her eyes.

"You're my strength, James Taylor." She said.

He turned around and kissed her deeply.

"You're mine, Selena Taylor." He smirked.

She smiled and bit his bottom lip playfully.

"You're really gonna wait another 4 months to have sex with me?" She asked softly.

He looked down at her tits and shook his head. He grabbed them forcefully and pushed her softly towards the bed.

"Hell naw." He said.

She lied back on the bed and he grabbed the maternity pillow. She lied down on it and looked at him. The two of them fell out into laughter.

"Selena, ima kick your ass for this." He said, pulling off her shirt and undoing her bra. He marveled at her tits. "Sweet jesus. Selena... Can we have a baby every year?"

"No." She said. "Were my boobs that little before?" She asked.

He nodded, "Compared to these, yes." He kissed her breasts and pulled off her pants.

It took them a while to get comfortable, but when they did, Selena smiled and tossed her head back.

"About time." She said.

"I'm so glad that I can go raw." He responded, his eyes shut.

"That's what you're thinking about?" She asked, smacking her lips.

"What else would I be thinking about?" He asked, "Other than your titties and the fact that I'm in this s*** right now?"

Selena shut her eyes and tuned him out.

Selena lied on the examination table, with James sitting next to her, holding her hand. The ultrasound technician came in and smiled at the two of them.

"Ready to see your baby?" She asked.

Selena smiled over at James, who was biting his lip and looking nervously at the screen. She applied the gel to Selena's stomach and used the instrument to find the baby. Selena smiled at the sound of the heartbeat. She squeezed James' hand. The technician strained for a moment, before she turned up the speaker.

"I can't tell if that other heartbeat is yours..." She said, swiveling the instrument around and finding another baby on the other side. "Oh! My God there's another! You've got twins!"

Selena's jaw dropped and her eyes filled with tears. She looked over at James and their eyes locked. He pecked her lips and looked through teary eyes at the screen.

"Would you like to know the sexes?" She asked.

Selena looked at James, "Wanna know?" She asked, smiling.

He nodded and looked quietly at the technician.

"Two girls." She said, smiling over at them.

James bit his lip and looked at Selena, "You've been right this entire time." He said softly.

She rubbed his cheeks and leaned in for a kiss. She looked over at the screen once more and smiled.

"They definitely have your head James!" She said, starting to laugh.

"Man what? Shut up." He said, smacking his lips.

The technician ended the ultrasound and looked at the two of them.

"Any questions?" She asked.

Selena shook her head and looked over at James, "Where do we go from here?" She said, smiling and looking him in the eye.

Selena opened the door and James walked in with a look of bewilderment at the sight of the living room.

"The f*** you doin? Arts and crafts?" He asked.

"Shut up, James." Selena said, sitting down on the couch. "I wanted to paint."

"I see." He responded, shaking his head. "You so damn weird." He said, picking up the mail and going through it.

"Um, business! Find some!" Selena shrieked.

"f*** up." He responded. "What you want me to feel?"

Selena smiled and stood up. She walked towards him and lifted up her shirt. He put his hands there and waited to feel something. Selena turned on the radio and "Our Attempt" by Mar came on and she rubbed the sides of her stomach.

"Hi babies..." She said softly.

James waited patiently, when suddenly, he felt two kicks, on opposite sides of her stomach. Selena looked at him with a smile on her face. James shook his head and looked her in the eye.

"Twins?" He asked.

"I think so." She said, smiling.

"Oh my God." He said, leaning down and kissing her stomach. "I can't wait until tomorrow." He said coming back up and pecking her lips.

She smiled and looked towards the radio, "Wanna try to have sex? I bought that pillow thing."

"Ew." James responded, "Baby I can wait."

He walked towards the door and Selena frowned a little, "Ew?" She asked.

"Yes. Ew." He said, picking up her cell phone bill and opening it. "GOT DAMN!"

"Why are you yelling?" She asked.

"Who the hell you be talkin to, Selena? What's all of these facetime calls?" He asked.

Selena didn't responded, so he snapped his fingers and looked over at her. She had a straight face.

"Who else? Dumb ass." Selena said, rolling her eyes.

"I hope this mean ass attitude doesn't stick around after you drop my seeds, or I'll divorce that ass." He said.

"Divorce.." Selena mumbled.

"Don't say nothing smart." He said.

She shrugged and went back to painting.

James walked into his mom's house and smiled at the sight of baby stuff on the couch.

"Ma!" He called.

Bri walked out of the kitchen, holding a dish cloth. The boys came downstairs and attacked James' legs. He kneeled down and pulled some money out of his pocket, handing some to each of them.

"Ima have to take y'all to see Selena soon." He said.

Brianna leaned up against the wall, "She forgot all about me." Bri said.

James looked over at her, "Naw she didn't. She asks about you all of the time. She just be busy, Bri. Don't take it personally. She misses y'all."

Ms. Janetta walked downstairs and smiled at the sight of her son.

"Hey daddy to be!" She said, kissing his cheek.

He cut his eyes at her, "You too happy." He said, sitting down and sifting through the stuff she'd bought.

"I got mostly greens and yellows. Y'all find out the sex of the baby Saturday, right?" Janetta asked, smiling.

James nodded and shrugged, "Selena don't wanna know. I do though." He said.

"It's a girl. She's carrying it high." Janetta said, walking towards the window and opening the blinds.

James leaned back and ran his hand along the side of the couch.

"I'm worried though. Selena said that, sometimes she thinks that there's more than one baby there." He said.

"Selena is a nut. They would've known by now if it was twins." Janetta responded, walking into the dining room.

James stood up and followed her into the dining room, "Selena's so fragile. What if she can't bear the child birth?"

"She'll be fine. I didn't weigh nothing but 120 pounds when I had you." Janetta said, putting her hand on his cheek. "Stop worrying! It's too early for that." She said, smiling.

He nodded and sighed, "I just want everything to go smoothly. So much can go wrong. Selena got me reading these damn books, messing with my mind."

"Sit down. I made some mac and cheese." She said, walking into the kitchen.

James sat down, only to receive a text from Selena.

<em>James, are you okay?</em>

<strong>Yeah, I'm at my mom's. I'll be on the road soon.</strong>

<em>Okay. I need you to feel something when you get here.</em>

<strong>I hate when you do that. Just tell me what it is.</strong>


James bit his lip and exhaled, "I swear I wanna strangle her, Ma."

Janetta laughed and walked into the dining room with his plate. She slid it to him and he dug in quickly.

"Don't forget to send my picture when you get there! 20 weeks!" She said, smiling and leaning on the back of one of the chairs.

He nodded and stuffed his mouth. He needed to get to Selena.

Yay RUN IT:)

adding tonight (;

I hope it's a girl too

Every time I always satisfied ...James and salena are too funny .. When he thru the book back at her was my fave part of this post lol .. I jus love there relationship and how real they are to eachother I love it ... I hope it is a girl . What's are they gonna name her ? Run it

run it

Their relationship is so normal, so true & honest.
They are gonna make even more progress, I know it!

I hope they have a boy!! Please let them have a boy. Anyway, I know James and Selena will make it through this.

It took me two days to catch up.

Love your story.

I think Selena should be with Phillip :)

For some reason I just love them together.

He seems more on her level.

And Chris not liking fat girls? What's up with that?

Lol I'm fat & fine.

Run It!!!!!

Like I said, they are perfect for each other and ain't going no where no time soon! They also need to just relax and try and see where the other is coming from!

Awe, No I love Charity and Shane! He need to get his act together also! Or else!

Thank you for the link!

Damn jay need to ease up. She doesn't need to stress while pregnant. Yes selena is being selena but she's pregnant on top of that so her emotions even worse! They gotta just chillout && be happy so she can have a safe pregnancy then they can work on their problems.


Awwww Selena's crazy hormonal ass, but James doesn't help the situation either, he could let up a bit ugh. I hope Selena's right that it's a girl, how cute would that be? James and his lil "daddy's girl" :) I love how he interacts when even he see Selena he goes straight to her belly. The old Jay would have never even wanted a kid, but now look at him. I be glad when he and Selena get pass this rough patch, he's being so damn difficult about where there relationship is at/headed. I wanna see them married too. Charity and Shane just need to let go and move on I think. There not like Jay and Selena maybe it's best they just be friends. LOL at James throwing Selenas book back at her.... Crazy. Loved the add Carmen it was great as usual. RUN IT!!!

AWW run it

Run it