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<a href=>Channing</a> stood at the top of the bleachers and watched as her <a href=>brother</a> took his last shot in the gym. She looked down at her watch.

"Hey!" She called. He looked up at his sister and then down at the ball in his hands. "We've gotta go. C'mon."

He dropped the ball and walked slowly towards the bench where he'd sat his backpack. Channing walked down the bleachers and they met halfway. She rubbed his head and kissed his forehead.

"Did you turn in all of your books?" She asked.

He nodded, "Yeah. I officially don't go here anymore." He said, looking up at her.

She smiled, trying to save face. "Let's hit the road. The movers should be on their way to the house now. It's beautiful, I promise."

He shrugged, "It'll never be home." He mumbled, walking ahead of her.

Channing sighed and followed after her brother. She turned on the radio as they drove out of the school parking lot. Aaron stared lifelessly out of the side view mirror as they drove away from the school. Channing rolled down the windows and got on the highway. Their destination was 400 miles away. 400 miles away from memories. 400 miles away from <em>home</em>.


kinda short! But I'm sleepy. Enjoy (:

Ryan and Aaron came in after about an hour and Channing made eye contact with Ryan. He nodded slightly. He and Aaron had the talk. She smiled. Aaron came into the dining room and pulled Mariah's hair. She smiled over at him. The two of them went upstairs and Channing sighed and stretched.

"Let me finish dinner." She said aloud, standing up.

She heard Jasmine crying upstairs and sighed, "Babe will you watch the sauce." She said, as she walked into the living room.

Ryan went into the kitchen and Channing walked upstairs to find Tiny on the floor of Jasmine's room, watching Jasmine cry from her crib. Channing picked her up and she stopped immediately. Tiny followed them out of the room and downstairs. Jasmine slid out of Channing's arms and walked towards Ryan.

"She's like a little midget." He said, laughing and looking down at Jasmine, who was clutching his leg tightly.

After dinner, Aaron took Mariah home and Channing, Jasmine and Ryan ended up in her room. Channing and Ryan were playing Uno, or at least trying to. Whenever the game got good, Jasmine would grab a handful of cards and try to join the game. When she'd fallen asleep, Channing carried her down the hall to her room. She walked back to see Ryan putting on his shoes.

"Where you goin?" She asked, confused.

"Home, Chan." He said.

"Stay the night." She said, sitting down on the bed and looking up at him.

He smirked, "That'll be the 4th time this week."

"So what." She said. "I'm asking you to."

"I thought we were taking things slow." He said.

"We are." Channing responded, smiling. "I've got needs though."

"Oh so you're using me for my penis, in other words." He said laughing.

"Not just that." She said, getting onto her knees and crawling towards him. "But your arms..." She said, placing kisses on his arm. "Your lips..." She pecked his lips, as she lifted his shirt up. "And your heart." She said, kissing his chest.

He smiled and looked her in the eye, "I love you." He said.

"Me too." She said, unbuckling his pants.

He smiled and lied her back, opening her legs. When he went to grab a condom from her drawer, they were all gone.

"What! We went through that box already?" Channing whined.

He went to stand up, "I'll go get some." He said.

Channing sat up and considered letting him go raw, but she didn't say anything. He waited for her to stop him, but she didn't. He left and went to the store. She got in the bed and turned on the TV. When he returned, she had put on her face mask. He smacked his lips.

"What!" He said.

"I'm sorry. I got sleepy." She said, putting the condoms on her nightstand.

He took off his clothes and got in the bed.

"Why didn't you just let me go without one?" He asked, looking at the TV.

"We're not having unprotected sex, until i'm sure that we're gonna be together...forever." She said, looking over at him.

"I already know we will." He said.

"How are you so sure?" She asked, rolling her eyes.

"I'm not marrying anyone else." He responded. "And Channing, you're gonna have my baby."

Channing hadn't thought about kids in a while, because she had Jasmine.

"What if I can't though, Ryan?" She asked, looking him in the eye.

"Then we'll adopt another baby or, do the in vitro thing. Whatever it takes." He said, rubbing her stomach.

She slapped his hand away, "I'm not pregnant right now!"

"You have to speak things into existence." He said softly.

"Well I'm not getting pregnant any time soon." She said, wiggling her ringless finger.

"That can be solved quickly." He said.

"Nah, let's not even go down that road yet." She said, turning off the TV and turning over.

"You aren't gonna take that s*** off of your face?" He asked.

"Goodnight my love." She responded.

He sighed, looking up at the ceiling. "I'm still horny, Channing."

"Ugh me too." She responded, rolling over onto him.

Channing pecked Ryan's lips as he maneuvered his way between her legs in the kitchen. She wrapped her arms around him and tugged at his bottom lip.

"You're mine later." She said softly.

He grabbed her ass and stuck his tongue in her mouth.

"Channing." Aaron said, walking into the room. "HOLY s***!"

Ryan turned around and looked at Aaron, his hands still on Channing's ass.

"Yo, let's go shoot some hoops." Ryan said.

"Let me put my bag down." Aaron said, covering his eyes with his hand and leaving the kitchen.

Channing pecked Ryan's lips once more before he left the kitchen, passing Mariah on his way out.

"What's up, Mariah?" He said.

"Hi..." She said, smiling and blushing.

Channing smiled and looked at Mariah, "Aaron didn't tell me you were coming for dinner. It's good to see you! What's going on?" Channing asked, extending her arms.

Mariah fell into her embrace and Channing went to pull away but Mariah stayed there. Channing rubbed her back.

"Something on your mind?" She asked.

Mariah pulled back and looked up at Channing. <a href=>She</a> looked like she was going back and forth on something.

"C'mon. Spit it out." Channing said, searching her face.

"I need legal advice." She said, looking Channing in the eye.

"Come on, let's go sit down." Channing said, walking into the dining room.

She sat down and waited for Mariah to continue.

"I wanna emancipate myself from my parents." She blurted.

Channing's mouth dropped a little, "Why would you wanna do that?"

"They're taking me to court, for their custody battle and they want ME to choose between the two of them. I don't wanna stay with either if it means that I'm going to hurt the other one. Channing, I'm just trying to figure out how their divorce became about me." She said.

"Well...where will you live, Mariah? And what will you do about health insurance and college?" Channing asked.

"My grandmother said that she'd add me to her health insurance and when I go to college, I can file for aid as an independent." She said.

Channing smiled a little, "Seems like you've really been considering this."

"I have. I just wanted to know what you think I should do." She said.

"Where will you live? With your grandmother?" Channing asked.

Mariah nodded, "She said I could until I graduate."

Channing sighed deeply, "Mariah i'm afraid that I'm not the right person for this advice. It's your choice ultimately. Just know that you're going to hurt both of your parents when you do this. They might not respond the way you want them to. You still want a relationship with them right?" Channing asked.

Mariah nodded, "Of course! I just them to know that I'm not their property. They can't fight over me like this." She said.

Channing shrugged, "Do what'll make you happy. That's most important right now."

Channing walked behind Jasmine as she walked down the hall to her room. She sat her down in her crib, but Jasmine stood right up and spit out her pacifier.

"Ma." She said, holding her arms out.

"No no it's nap time." Channing said.

Jasmine looked down at the bed then at Channing. "You?" She asked, pointing at Channing.

Channing knew that the only way Jasmine would go to sleep, is if it was in her bed, so she picked her up and carried her out into the hall, just as Aaron came home from practice. He nodded at her.

"Hey." He mumbled, walking down the hall.

"Aaron." Channing said. He turned and looked at her. "I'm gonna lie her down but..I'd like to talk to you." She said.

"About what?" He asked.

"Where we go from here." She said softly.

He nodded and walked into his room. Channing went into her room and Jasmine waddled to her bed, a big smile on her face.

"No it's not play time. Mommy has to get some work done." Channing said, picking Jasmine up by her diaper and putting her on the bed.

She crawled towards the pillows and sat there, looking at Channing. Chan took off her watch and sat down on the bed. Jasmine crawled into her lap and straddled her, kissing her cheek repeatedly. Channing rubbed her back and kissed her cheek.

"I have so many plans for you." She said softly.

Jasmine lied her head on Channing's shoulder and with the silence in the room and Channing's rubbing of her back, Jasmine fell asleep. Channing lied her down and placed pillows on both sides of her, before walking down the hall to Aaron's. She opened the door, to find him lying down on his stomach, doing homework.

"Can we chat?" She asked.

"Yeah." He said, shutting his book and sitting up.

She came in and sat down on the floor, looking up at him.

"Aaron, I'm not your mother and..I'm not trying to be. But I am your guardian. If you and your girlfriend are having sex, I'd like to be aware. Certain things just aren't going to fly in my house, Aaron. One of them, is you two sneaking around and being uneducated." Channing said.

"Chan, I know that I have to wear a condom." He said.

"Do you know how to put one on?" She asked.

"Oh my God Channing I'm not talking about this with you." He said.

"If not me, then Damon. You're having this talk with someone, Aaron." She said.

He sighed, "If it's that important to you then fine. Tell Ryan to do it." He said, shrugging.

"I will." She said softly.

"Okay." He said, looking over at her. "So where do we go from here?"

"Well," Channing said, smiling and standing up. "You can start by giving me a kiss!"

She hopped on the bed and kissed his cheek.

"Get off of me!" He yelled, pushing her playfully.

She smiled and looked him in the eye, "I love you. I just want the best for you. I want all opportunities to be open for you. Do you know how much a baby changes things?"

"Mariah and I aren't even having sex." He said.

"But you might soon. Things happen. I just want you to be prepared. You hear me?" She asked.

He nodded. She rested her forehead on his and smiled, "Okay. I'll leave you alone. Dinner will be arriving soon." She said, standing up and leaving.

Really! I'm adding tonight lol.



Run it please!

Run it!

Adding later.

New reader and I love this story! Aaron and Channing have a great relationship but I think they need to strengthen their boundaries. She is still his guardian after all. I knew that Channing would get back with Ryan. You can tell that they were still deep in love with each other. I'm not really feeling Nick or Devin. They both had chances with Channing and blew it. Now they're trying to come back. That ain't even cute. And Jasmine and Sade are soo adorable. Channing is such a great mommy.


run it

Awe, Jasmine is just the cutest.
Channing and Aaron really need to talk!

Sade's a sweety!

See, now Ryan still on my list, I feel that if something happenes he's going to use Jasmine as an excuse!

Now with, Devin he was wrong but still he was a more of a man about his.
Run It!

Thank you readers (:

Seems like everything is going great ,
I just hope nothing changes. <3

Good to see Tristan finally opening up to Channing. Aww I love Jas and Ryans relationship it's too cute how much she adores him, especially when she stopped crying when she heard his voice. She's slowly reaching him. Aww Sade so sweet she really likes Channing. And it was cool of Cecile to let Channing take Sade. Aww Jas is walking how sweet she surprised Channing. Aww snap Ryan finally got some from Channing after so long lol, but it's so sweet that he knows her body better then the rest. And I can understand Channing wanting to use protection she doesn't wanna go through another situation like she did with losing Devins child. Get it Ryan!!! Loved the add Carmen. Run It!!!

aww that is soo sweet i love their relationship! i hope everything works out since jas is attached to him...ryan put it down! lol RUN IT!!!

aww that is soo sweet i love their relationship! i hope everything works out since jas is attached to him...ryan put it down! lol RUN IT!!!

RUN IT!!!!


i hope he has grown


oooh nasties lol
Ryyan is good at wht he does lol

enjoy (:

Channing and Ryan lied in the bed Sunday night, "watching TV." Ryan rolled over and kissed Channing's lips. She wrapped her leg around him and looked him in the eye.

" really attached to you." She said softly.

"I'm attached to her too." He responded.

"What if something goes badly...I don't want her or Aaron to suffer." Channing said.

"Nothing will go badly. I'm here for the long haul." He said.

"Are you?" She asked.

"Yes, I am." He said, looking her dead in the eye.

She smiled and kissed his lips once more, before she rolled over on top of him and straddled him. She sat still, looking down at him. He rested his hands on her thighs and took a deep breath.

"I'm trying really hard...not to give you your ring back." He said, looking up at her.

"I don't want it back." She said.

Ryan scratched his head, "But I still wanna marry you." He said.

"Let's be back together for six months before you start that." She said.

"Start what? What I've always known?" He asked, sitting up.

She readjusted and wrapped her legs around his waist. He pecked her lips, his eyes still open.

"Just because we took a break-" He started.

"We broke up." She corrected.

"Not in my mind. I knew we were gonna be back together." He said.

"How are you so sure?" She asked.

"Because of the way you make me feel, right here." He said, putting her hand over his heart. "I could never let you go." He said.

"...What was going through your mind when you had sex with Mel?" Channing asked.

"<strong>Nothing</strong>. I had no thoughts." He said.

Channing looked down at her hands and then at him, her eyes started to water.

"I've been real insecure after that..." She said softly. "When you wanted to date me, you tried so hard. Then when you had me...we had some bad times, Ryan. You were careless with me."

"I've grown A LOT since then. I promise." He said.

She nodded, "I hope so." She whispered.

"I have." He said, lifting her shirt up, their eyes locked.

He took her shirt off and tossed it across the room before he began to kiss her chest. He undid her bra and Channing tossed her head back.

"Ryan..." She said softly.

"Huh?" He mumbled, as he kissed her neck.

She brought her head back and bit her lip, "Will you do me like you used to?"

Ryan smirked and changed positions, with him on top. He pulled off her shorts and spread her legs as far as they would go. He pulled off his pajama pants and rubbed up against her. Channing went to grab a condom and he smacked his lips.

"We've never used one." He said.

"Well we're gonna start." She said, handing it to him.

"What are you worried about?" He asked.

"Ryan, put it on." She said, aggravated.

He sighed and put the condom on before he entered her slowly. She took a few short breaths and smiled up at him. She pecked his lips as he began to stroke in and out of her. She grabbed onto the sheets.

"f***!" She yelled, before she put her hand over her mouth.

Ryan smiled and kissed her lips, before he let his tongue roam down to her chest. Channing shut her eyes. There was no comparison between Ryan and Nick or Devin. There hadn't ever been a time with Ryan, where she hadn't climaxed. He flipped her over and pulled her back onto him. She arched her back and tried her best not to make any noise. He smacked her ass and pulled her hair.

"s***." She said, breathing heavy.

The phone rang and she shut her eyes and tried to tune it out. Ryan grabbed the phone and answered the phone out of breath.

"He-lllo." He answered, still stroking in and out of Channing, who was grabbing the pillows. "Shelby it's 1 AM...she's sleep...Yeah, I can't talk. I gotta go." He said, rushing her off of the phone.

Channing let out a loud moan and he changed positions again, with her on top. She began to ride him, going faster. He smirked up at her.

"You almost there." He said.

" know?" She asked, shutting her eyes and biting her lip.

"You always go faster." He said, gripping her hips.

She pressed her hand up against the headboard and opened her eyes just as she climaxed. Her toes curled and she fell forward onto him. They lied there, and he kissed her neck.

"I still got it." He said.

She nodded, " God." She said, breathing heavily.

awwe damn

theyy still not speaking???
Aaron needa tryy to
talk to his sister


Nick . . . reallyy??
thirstyy much

:) && she loves Ryyan


Sade, Jasmine and Tiny were causing a bunch of noise Sunday morning, as Channing made pancakes in the kitchen. Ryan walked downstairs and came into the kitchen. He smiled and kissed Channing's cheek. He leaned up against the counter.

"I gotta ask you something." He said.

She went to the stove, "What's up?" She asked.

He walked towards her and wrapped his arms around her.

"Can I make you a set of keys to my apartment?" He asked.

Channing nodded, "Sure. I'll do the same for the house." She said, looking over shoulder at him.

He smiled and pecked her lips. The doorbell rang and she wiped her hands.

"That's probably Nick." She said, going into the living room and spotting all of Sade's things.

Sade got off of the couch, with Jasmine and Tiny trailing behind her. Channing pulled the door open and <a href=>Nick</a> stood there. He smiled with his eyes at Channing. She smiled and put her hand on Sade's head.

"She was great. I think she deserves an ice cream trip." Channing said, looking down at her.

Nick's eyes didn't leave Channing. Sade walked out onto the porch and Jasmine stood behind Channing, with her pacifier in her mouth, watching Sade.

"We should spend more time together...the three of us." Nick said, looking down at Sade finally.

"Sure. I'll bring Jasmine." She said.

Nick nodded and looked at Channing. "Thank you..." He said, smiling.

"Sure. We had fun." Channing said.

They locked eyes, but Channing broke it and went to close the door. "I'll see you guys later."

"Alright. C'mon let's go, De'." He said, grabbing her hand and heading to the car.

Channing shut the door and looked down at Jasmine. Aaron walked downstairs and looked at Channing. They weren't really speaking, so Channing just picked up Jasmine and walked into the kitchen.

<a href=>Ryan</a> answered the door and smiled. Sade waved up a him and walked in, carrying her books. Jasmine shrieked and reached out to Ryan. Ryan grabbed her and kissed Channing's lips.

"Missed you." She said.

"Me too." He said, opening the door wider for her to come in.

He shut the door and sat Jasmine down next to Sade on the couch. Jasmine kicked off her shoes and crawled into Sade's lap. Channing walked into the kitchen and looked into the pots to see what he was cooking. He walked in and came up behind her. He ran his hands up her shirt and grabbed her breasts, kissing the back of her neck.

"Somebody's happy to see me." She said.

"When we gettin physical again?" He asked, his face buried in her neck.

"When you don't feel the need to ask." She responded, turning around and looking him in the eye. She wrapped her arms around his neck.

He nodded and grabbed her ass.

"You stayin tonight, or I'm comin to you?" He asked.

"I didn't bring anything for Jas, so I guess you're coming to me." She said, smiling.

"I like it there better anyway." He said.

Channing let go of him and went to go check on the girls. Jasmine was on Sade's lap, as she read one of her books to her. When it was time to eat, Sade stood up to go to the kitchen and Jasmine sat on the couch watching her. Channing went to fix Sade's plate. She poured Sade something to drink, when she felt someone's hands on her legs. She looked down to see Jasmine standing there. Channing damn near dropped the pitcher of juice.

"Did you walk in here!!!!" Channing shrieked.

Startled, Jasmine fell on the floor and crawled back into the living room. Channing looked at Sade.

"Did you see her walk?" She asked.

Sade nodded and grabbed her plate. Channing smiled and walked back into the living room, with she and Jasmine's plate.

"Come eat." Channing said, challenging Jasmine who was sitting on the floor.

Ryan walked into the living room, just as Jasmine readjusted and stood up, her back facing Channing. Ryan's eyes got big.

"Babe you see this!" He yelled.

Jasmine turned and waddled to Channing, with her hands raised.

"Ma!" She shrieked.

Channing's eyes filled with tears and she smiled. She picked her up and sat down at the table.

Ryan fixed his plate and the four of them sat and ate. Channing kept glancing at Ryan, who was assisting Jasmine with her food. She smiled, admiring him. Jasmine took to him, and she knew that if she and Ryan didn't work out, it would affect Jasmine.

im glad Cecile letting her
go over to Chann's


its all cute


The sitter opened the door and smiled apologetically at Channing, as she handed her a screaming Jasmine. Channing sighed.

"Did you feed her?" Channing asked.

"I've tried everything for the last few hours. She won't stop." She said.

"Okay. Thank you. I'll see you Monday." Channing said, walking down the steps and carrying Jasmine to the car.

She put her in her car seat and looked her in the eye.

"You gonna stop for Mommy?" She asked.

Jasmine continued to cry. Channing tried to give her the pacifier but she wouldn't take it. Channing got in the car and backed out of the driveway. She connected to the bluetooth and called Ryan. As soon as his voice came out of the speakers in the car, Jasmine stopped crying.

"Hey baby." He answered.

"Hi my love. I have to pick up Sade at 7 from her mom's, but I'll be over to your house after okay? Make sure you make something that the girls can eat." Channing said.

"I'm already on it. I'll see you when you get here. I love you." He said.

"Love you too." Channing smiled, hanging up the call.

Channing looked at Jasmine in the rearview, to see her crying silently. She smiled to herself.

"Ryan got you to stop crying?" She asked.

Jasmine nodded her head and grabbed her pacifier. She put it in her mouth and lied back in the seat. Channing went home and changed, before she went to pick up Sade. When she got to Cecile's, <a href=>Cecile</a> answered the door, carrying Sade's things and holding Sade's hand. <a href=>Sade</a> smiled up at Channing.

"Hey Chan!" She said. "Bye mommy!" She shrieked, hugging Cecile's legs.

Cecile kneeled down and kissed Sade's forehead. "I'll see you on Sunday." She said, hugging her tightly.

She stood back up and she and Channing locked eyes.

"This is the first time she's ever slept over at anyone's house other than her father's. So if I call you a lot, it's only because I'm a little overprotective." Cecile said, looking down at Sade.

"I'd be the same way." Channing smiled and nodded.

"Thanks for taking her though." She said.

Channing nodded and picked up Sade and her things, "Thanks for letting her stay."

Sade waved goodbye to her mom. Channing put her in the car, next to Jasmine. Jasmine spit out her pacifier and smiled.

"Hi Jasmine!" Sade said, grabbing one of her toys and handing it to her.

Channing got in the front seat and headed toward's Ryan's house.

glad theyy're making even more progress



Channing sat down in front of Tristan, who was dealing out a hand of cards for her. She put her hair behind her ear and looked up at him.

"Ever ran away from home?" She asked.

He nodded, and put the remaining cards in the middle of the table, "Couple times." He said, arranging the cards in his hands and tossing a look at Channing.

She nodded, arranging her cards as well. She sat them down on the table and searched his face.

"What did you think running away would do to your mother?" She asked.

He shrugged, "Scare her a little bit. Never really worked I stuck a gun in her face." He responded, looking over at Channing.

"I hate when you get negative." Channing responded, picking up her hand.

He shrugged, smiling. The two of them played a hand of Uno, and when they finished, he slid the cards to her and she began to shuffle them.

"Honestly, I ain't think you'd keep coming back." He said.

"I told you that I was." Channing responded, her eyes on the cards.

"You can't really trust people tho." <a href=>He</a> said.

"You can trust me." She responded, looking over at him. "When I tell you something, I mean it. My word is all that I have with you."

"Well I'm glad that you honor your promises. Too many people don't." He said.

"Do you?" She asked.

He nodded, "I think so."

"Good." She responded.

He looked up at her and Channing could feel him staring. She put her cards down and smiled a little.

"What's on your mind?" She asked.

He shrugged, "I'm just curious about you." He said softly.

"What do you wanna know?" She asked.

"...What you do when you leave here?" He asked.

"Well today, I have to pick up my daughter from the sitter. Most days though, I head to my office and get some more work done." She said.

"What's so different about today?" He asked.

Channing smiled and picked up her cards, "It's Friday." She said. "I wanna start my weekend early."