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What do yall think about Chris && Riahnna.?

Do yall think they should be back together.? OR should Rihanna just move on and let him live his life.? Should he stay with kae.? Lemme know what yall think #TeamBreezy



Chris you need a new gf whose not gonna get you in trouble!

Chris move on bc Rihanna may lie on you again and ruin your career babe!

Honestly it's kind of like a can't do with or without relationship when it comes to Chris and Rihanna. They fell HARD in love with each other fast and are completely different opposites which led to their unfortunate breakup with the domestic violence case that pretty much shattered Chris' reputation and nearly destroyed his career.

I'd rather he be with Karrueche and just move on; it's not fair to Karrueche because it makes it seem as though Chris is just stringing her along. I don't know that's just me

i think dat rihanna should move on cuz if they get bak 2gether she may peace off chris n who 'nows wat may happen next...