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My Boy's Sister


" Where the f*** you been at??" she screamed at me.
It was 4:30 in the f***ing morning, I was high as hell and drunk. I didn't wanna hear this right now.
" Yo, chill wit all lat. Fall back."
" I've been calling you all night !"
" I know. "
" Why didn't you answer me, motherf***er?!"
This b**** was getting on my damn nerves. This is why you don't live wit your ex after you break up. It don't work.
" On the real, we ain't together,Delilah. So I ain't gotta do s*** ."
I was hungry. I wanted her to get outta da way I i could eat.
" Oh hell no, wtf is that on your neck? I know you ain't getting no play."
" As long as you live with ME, I'm gonna f***in worry bout what YOU do."
I couldn't take this no more.
" Well, peep this. I'm out."

Run or dump??



Run this ASAP!!

chris nt gn learn she f***ed her bro up damn only thing her bro doin is tryn to protect her bt he shouldnt hav put his hands on her but run it




damnnnnnnnn her life been f***ed. kirko just need to let them date cause if that nigga up she will kill him herself lol


it was hours later, and she was still crying. im not even gonna hold you, i did too. She's been thru some f***ed up s***.

1) She left to puerto rico to reconnect with her mother. Little did she know, her mom had a different idea. She tried to pimp Kae out. But Kaeloni figured this out, and got out of it before anything bad happened. which his how she got involved with the Ñetas.

2) As any other gang, you have to do some kind of initiation thing. Hers was to rob someone. that someone happened to be her mother. but her mom had put up a fight, and kaeloni was told come back with something, or else. So Kae had to slice her mom up.

3) As time grew , she stopped feeling s***. So she robbed, sold drugs, shot at people, jumped people, both male or female.

4) The reason she came back was because they were gonna kill her. She broke a rule. She wont tell me what, but whatever it is,its pretty bad.

So here she was, laying next to me in my bed. No, it wasnt on that freaky tip, i was consoling her.
" I sliced my brother." She told me.
" Why?"
"He b**** slapped me."
i shook my head. tf was wrong with kirko? his dad taught him better then that.
"im so much like my mom, it scares me."
"no. you wouldnt sell your child for some heroin."
"No, i wouldnt." she sighed.
"everything will be okay. "
"right." she sighed again. " i have no idea where ima stay. i have no money and no friends.
"you can stay here." i offered.
" Wont your mom mind?"
" No. i'll explain the situation to her."
My mom was chill like that. And, she used to watch Kae and kirko when they was little, she considers them her 2nd son and first daughter.
"Why are you being so nice to me? You used to hate me. "
"I was 16 amd you were 14 and a whiner. ive matured and you stopped being ugly." She laughed a little.
" You were such a d*** to me. all i wanted was to roll with you. but you and my brother werent havin that."
" Thats cuz you were a c**k blocker and a snitch."
" I was not! ya'll messed with some ugly b****es back then."
"oh, so you were a snitch?" i joked.
" Ya'll snitched on me. "
"one time kae. once."
"it still counts." she smiled. " you're making me feel better. thanks."
Silence. I was staring at her. She was so beautiful. Pretty brown eyes, long dark brown hair, skin the color of mocha. Why would anyone wanna do her wrong? hurt her?
" did anyone tell you how beautiful you were?" i whispered, tracing her lips with my finger.
"not till now." she said softly.
this girl would be the death of me.

damnnnnnnn kae is estranged as f***....
Kirko grimy
Chris is mad

Everyone got

Run it


This was by far the scariest thing i'd ever seen in my life. Chris had left and now my brother was on my ass.
"YOU LET HIM HIT ??!!" He slapped me. He had one more time.
"Hit me one more time and see what happens. " He did.
I b**** slapped him. Then i reached into my shoe, pulled out my blade and started slicing. Yeah, im THAT b****.
"Aw hell. She went Alejandra on the boy!"
Alejandra is my mom. She sliced my dad a few times. I've sliced her once, but thats a different story.
"Kae, stop. "Tyga said.
"Nah, f*** that. He wants to hit me like ima dude, ima do him like a f***ing gangsta would."
My brother had me f***in chopped. he didnt know me anymore. I wasnt the little girl who sat around the damn house, scared to go out cuz i was so afraid to get picked on. I was that girl, no, THAT b**** who hid a blade in her shoe and a glock in her shoe box. Wanna try me? I dare you. It can get real ugly real quick.

I'd been driving around for hours. I needed to calm down. I was feelin a lil guilty for tellin kirko that i smashed kae. It didnt happen, and she got hit cuza it.
As i was turning on to west market street, i saw Kaeloni. beating up a dude. I got out the car. As i got closer, i could see she had him in a chokehold. i knew the guy. Scrappy. Hate that nigga.
" Kae, you good?"
She turned around. The look in her eyes was scary. It was like the devil was inside her.
"He tried grabbin my ass."
" Oh really?" s*** she could kill em if she wanted to. I didnt like him. he was a wack ass nigga who got his mama to fight his battles.
" Mhmm." She duffed him. he fell. she knocked him out. That scared me. i'd never seen a female knock a dude out before.
" You good?" i asked. she laughed. her laugh scared me. it was like a maniac laugh. the laugh of the devil.
" Tell me something. " she said, coming close. i aint even gonna hold you, i got scared then. "Did you f*** me last night?
"you sure?"
She reached out into her mouth,and pulled out a blade. "You better not be f***ING LYING TO ME."
What happened to her?
"I'm not... Kaeloni, what happened to you?"
"Puerto Rico happened to me." She collapsed to the ground and began to cry.

Damn I don't even know what to say about that lol

Run It

oohh dam run itt!

Lol Chris crazy for that one but shyt kirko was
grimey as fuxk.for getting his girl prego, if I was
Chris I woulda did that too.

Run it.!!!

I understand Chris was mad, but he didnt have to say a that about Kae!!

I'm loving Run This

Chris told him, I prolly woulda did the same thing hell. Slept with my girl THEN got her prego that's a beat down, run it :)


When Kirko hit Kaeloni, that threw me over the edge. I watched my mom get beat by her a**hole of an ex husband for 4 years of my life, i wasnt found of men on women violence. So when he swung at me, i ducked and upper cut him.
We were full on brawling. Kaeloni was screaming at us to stop.
"CHRIS! GET OFF HIM!" She screeched.
" The hell?" That was their dad.
" Tyga, help my dad . Please. " Kaeloni was borderline histerical.
i felt arms prying me off. i tried to shrug them off, but who ever it was had my ass in a choke hold. i couldnt breathe.
" I tried but my nigga, she fine as f***. "
I didnt sleep with Kaeloni. I was just sayin that to irk kirko like he done me. *shrugs* oh well it is what it is.
" Keep it up. I will f*** you up."
" Why? Cuz i had your sister calling me daddy all night? Cuz she was RIDING ME?"
Kirko lunged for me. I moved to the side, and kirko ran into the side of his dad's car and fell. I laughed.
I left then. Before i could cause anymore damage.


"Aiyo, I should just bark on you, burn your car on you
Cuz I'm too much man, to leave a mark on you
You'se a bird you know that, giving that man
Ten points, like he about to blow that
He probably did, you swallow his kids?"

Delilah was on the porch when i pulled up.
"Did you smash the homie?"
"tf? Dont-"
i took a rock and threw it at her window. it shattered the glass.
"THE f*** CHRIS!"
"you're a dirty f***ing slut. Best believe my sister will rock you. " If it wasnt for the fact that she was a girl, i woulda decked her. But i'd save that for kirko's ass.
"Chris, im sorry."
"Sorry my ass! f*** you, delilah. real s***."
i left. my next mission was to find kirko.

My brother and I were sitting on the porch when chris pulls up. I got this sinking feeling in my stomach. s***v was about to go
D O W N. I could feel it.
"Ayye, thats breezy. What he here for?"
"Um i 'onno."
" Wassup Breeze?" Kirko said, standing. "You good?"
"Tell me something." Chris was so angry, it scared me. " Did you f*** delilah?"
My brother looked at me. " f***ing snitch." he sighed and looked at Chris. "Yes. But it was an-OOMF."
Chris socked my brother. I screamed.
"THE f*** WAS THAT FOR???" Kirko yelled, stunned.
"Look, lets just calm down everyone." I said, trying to keep the peace.
"SHUT THE f*** UP KAELONI!" They both yelled at me. I shut right up.

" I'm sorry. Really. "
" It's cool. That's why i f***ed your sister."
Kirko hit me first. Then he swung on Chris. Next thing i knew, they were full on brawling on the curb .

I have a feeling once Kirko shows up s*** is gonna get real!!!!
Run it


I woke up the next morning hung over and highly confused. Chris was already up, watchin ESPN.
" What the f*** happened last night? Did we smash?"
The last thing i remember is asking chris to sleep with me.
" No but you did tell me some s*** last night."
I sat up real quick. "What.Did.I.Say?"
"You're a virgin, drake cheats because of that, that you give good neck, so good that drake nuts in the first 3 mins , you asked me to f*** you. "
That wasnt too bad. "Anything else?"
"Oh, and that you're in a gang. Called Neetas or some s***."
"Ñetas." I corrected. " And i was.'
"Once you're in a gang, you're in it for life."
Didnt i know that. thats the whole reason im back in lanc. To get away from that life.
" Is my brother home?"
"f*** if i knew and f*** if i care."
s***. I had a feeling I said something i shouldnt have.
"What else did i say?"
"Nothing besides the fact that your brother slept with my ex and got her pregnant."
f***.This is why i dont drink in the first place. Stuff aint supposed to be said comes out.
" Im sorry. I wasnt supposed to say anything."
His jaw twitched. He was pissed. " Nah, its cool. "
i had a feeling it wasnt.

More more more!!!!! *claps* I'm so proud of you Chris :) you didn't take advantage of the situation instead handled it like a man. I'm very proud of you. Lol shw must've had a lot of drinks.
Run it!


Kaeloni was f***ED UP. She was stumblin. Laughin for no damn reason. We were mwalking down a hill she fell and instead of getting back up she rolled the rest of the way. Now, she was having what some would call liquid truth.
" Im a virgin." she slurred.
" Okay." what the hell was i supposed to say to that???
" Thats why drake cheats. cuz i aint givin him no play."
" f*** him Kae."
" I give him neck tho. Good neck, cuz he nuts within the 1st 3 mins."
I laughed at that one.
" Would you f*** me?" she asked.
" I want to, but i cant."
" f*** you mean you cant?"
" Your brother would kill me."
" Mayne f*** HIM. He slept with delilah once. "
I stopped at a green light.
" When ya'll were on one of your many breaks, he hit that. she got pregnant but aborted it. I know this cuz he told me."
Some f***ing best friend he was. Oh yeah, i was gonna f*** his sister tonight and i was gonna love every minute of it.

The liquid truth kept comin. And it kept getting deeper.
" I was in a gang in puerto rico. The Ñetas. "
This was news to me. I never saw Kaeloni as that type.
" I robbed. i shot at people. I even stabbed a b****."
"whoa." I was laying next to a gangsta b****.
"yeah." her eyes were closed.
" huh?"
" Can we f*** now?"
i thought about it. I could be a d*** and be like nike and just do it, or i could be the changed man im tryna be and not.
" No."
"You're drunk."
"so? that dont mean s***."
"you want your first time to be under the influence?"
" Yes."
" Bulls***." i said." If we do this, you're gonna regret it and hate me in the morning."
No response. i looked over, she was knocked out.


as i knew she wouldnt be, kae wasnt outside . Kirko's car wasnt there, so i went in. Kae was on the couch blasting some keyshia cole song

" Really kae ? Are you over here cryin over a nigga?"
she sniffed. " i loved him Breeze. And he said he loved me too."
"If he did, you wouldnt be sittin here crying to keyshia cole. " i said sitting down. " What happened?"
" The same thing that always happens! he cheated i found out! its the 8th time he did this." she was crying haed now.
" Kaeloni. stop. you're too pretty to be crying like this. Let him go. if he constantly cheats on you why then why be with him?"
She shrugged. " I 'onno. "
Silence. I hated seeing her like this.
" Lets go out tonight. " She said randomly.
" to where?"
" The Village. "
I didnt f*** with the village. Simply because niggas wanted to act up in that place. But i was willing to do anything to make her happy.
" Okay. I'll go. "
" Kay. But then you gotta go cuz kirko will be home soon and i gotta get ready. "
" Kay. " i stood up. " Can i get a hug tho?" she laughed.
"Sure." she gave me a hug.
This girl was unbelivably short. I had to bend over twice just to reach her.
It felt weird to be hugging her . Partly because i was getting the ILLEST stiffy and because i felt like this night would be a night i'd never forget .


"Where you going?" Kirko asked me from the bathroom door.
" Out."
" Where, Kaeloni?"
He was irking my f***ing soul. Why did he suddenly give two s***s about me? The whole time i was in puerto rico he barely called skyped or emailed me.
" To the village."
"With who?"
" Motherf***er. If you dont get out of my face."
" Ayye watch your mouth. Who you goin with?"
Exasperated, i said, "Chris."
"Hell f***ing no! you aint goin."
" Listen here, Kirk Randle." He hated when i said his government. " You aint my daddy. Im 21. I can go with whoever and whereever i please. So f*** outta here."
" What's going on here? Kae, where you goin?" Daddy asked.
" Shes goin to the club with Breezy!" Kirko yelled.
" Oh okay. Have fun Lala and be home before i go to work." My dad was like that . I was grown . As long as i paid him $100 a month for rent we were cool.
" Dad, dont let her do this! "
" Why? Chris been knowing her since she came outta Alejandra's Twat. She's safe with him and you know it."
" Whatever. " Kirko was pissed, he hated not getting his way. " When He hits that and you get feelings and he dips out you dont say s***."
I made a face. " the f***? who said we was gonna do all lat? we are going AS FRIENDS." i yelled that last part.
" So you think. " Kirko said, walking out, leaving me to wonder what the hell was up his ass.

drake aint s*** glad she let that mf go n chris jus aint gone learn til kirko pt them hands on him

Glad this is back!! Drake is a d***...smh Can't wait to see what Chris is up to. Run It!

Run it :)

continued..... Chris 12:31 pm

I was in a mood. A listening to Old school songs throwback. I couldnt get Kaeloni outta my head.
"Let me lick you up and down till you say stop
Let me play with your body, baby, make you real hot
Let me do all the things you want me to do
'Cause tonight, baby, I wanna get freaky with you"
i was on my silk tip.
" Nigga, whats the matter wit chu? do you need some cheeks? i heard delilah free." My boy Tyga said.I gave him the finger.
" i do actually. "
"Then go and get some."
" I cant. she's untouchable."
" Who's she?"
I paused. " Kaeloni."
Tyga stared. " Kaeloni as in brace face nappy headed Tippy Kirko's baby sister?"
I nodded. " You should see her now."
" kirko will kill you. dont do it, breeze. if you value your life, you will ignore what your d*** wants."
Kirko was very protective of Kaeloni. I remember once, when Kaeloni was in Kindergarden and we in second Kirko threw a rock at the back of this one lil boy's head because he pushed Kae down. and lets not get into Middle School. He used a bat more than once.
" he dont have to know."
Tyga shook his head. " you're asking for a death wish."
Maybe. Maybe not. But i wanted a piece of that Kaeloni Pie.


" Why do you constantly put me thru this,Drake?" I screamed.
" Kae, im sorry. Listen to me. It will never happen again."
Its been 8 months. And hes only been faithful for the 2. the first 2.
" You keep sayin im sorry, but yet your ass still cheats!" I was finna to cry.
" Babe. I said im sorry."
i was tired of this. he couldnt wait till i was ready to give it up, so he would f*** random b****es. The most recent was A b**** named Delilah.
" f*** you drake. we done." i hung up.
I have one song that i play everytime Drizzy do me wrong. I blasted that s***. Kirko was bangin on the wall, but i ignored it.
" Yeah, ah, so we fighting, f***ing then we loving
In the AM baby we'll be nothing
Hey you say you like that real thugging
But you hate it when them niggas cuffin
Confused flow, for real though
Love came through the front, went out the back door
Emotions are running, depression is coming
Can't believe you love me, cause your feelings are funny"
I was crying. I gave him my all. And what did i get in return ? I got s***ted on.
"I'm so tired of going up and down, round and round
I'm so over it, I'm breaking down
I'm bout to call it quits, I done had enough of it
My heart is so cold, I can't find no love here"
This is the umpteenth time this type of situation has happened to me. What is so wrong with me that no guy can be faithful to me?
"My heart on broken, confidence stolen
Mind going crazy, should I stay or keep going
She don't love me, well I gotta embrace it
If I don't love her, baby girl you gotta face it
The thang about love you can't find it you need to trace it
If love was a test, you either fail or you ace it
Love me, for who I am,
If not, s*** I don't give a damn
You want the cars, house and designer things
I get it baby girl, you want the finer things
And I ain't hatin on you, go and get it now
Matter fact, go and get it, make daddy proud
Erythang change when you say the L world
Cause I can't say it back I don't know what to tell her
I can't find no love here
You say what is love, it's a powerful word
And it's more than great, man that s*** can hurt"
My phone was ringing. It was My brother. i ignored it.
"I got a lot of hard feelings, wall up
Love stuck, caught up, start up
Don't wanna fall cause,
I can't let another one in
Live on the web, we're shooting up the celebs
And I'm goin through hell, wanna release a couple shells
You wanna upgrade baby and that's a fact
But you don't get a nigga just like that
You don't throw away what we had, just like that
You leave a real nigga shawty I bet you come right back
And you say that I cheated in the past, that's true
And in the future I did erythang you asked me Boo
Yeah I cheated and you cheated
But in the end, it's in the wind baby where we meet
It's not the end, we pretend...
And make this our little secret
Emotional roller coaster, the pain is almost over
The monkey is off my shoulder

I can't find no love here"
My phone was ringing again. But it wasnt Kirko. It was a random number. Curious, i answered it.
" hello?"
" what you doin ma?" it was Chris.
" Laying here. how did you get my number?"
" Dont worry bout that. whats the matter?"
" Nothing."
" Liar. Something's wrong, you're crying."
" I'm fine."
" Bulls***. I'ma come and get you. "
" Nigga, im not even dressed."
" well then get dressed. i 'ont give a f*** if you in sweats, ima be there in 15 mins, your ass better be ready."
i sighed. " fine."
" good. see you soon."
" kay. bye."
i hung up. i found odd he had my number. i found it odd that he wanted to chill. I always had a crush on breezy but he was a f***ing d***. Now? Idk.


ooooo Chris naughty.... RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN IT LIKE USAIN BOLT!

Run It