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Chris Brown, come to OZ now for a punch up.

Listen here Chris, or should I say Piss, I want to organize a fight NOW. You wont reply to me on Facebook but yo, I'm gonna get it cracking. Rihanna is my girl now aye, and she told me about you and your police loving ways but I aint hearing it. Give me your Bentley or there is BIG TROUBLE home boy. Come to OZ and lets punch on dogboy.



Australians are so backwards.

Who do you think you are? BRA BOYS!?!?!.. Shut up already!

End of story!

No one gives a f*** about Rhianna damn and i would like to see his punk ass try to fight Chris-_-

??????? No comment

TOUCh MY uncle AND YOU'LL DIE im serious his body guards and crew proallly will whoop ya ass until well your dead oh and p.s Chris has a gf so why he is worried abut Rhi Rhi idk