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Chris Brown's music? I'm new!

I'm new to this website so i don't get what's going on, but i'd love to meet some Chris Brown fans to talk about his music:-) <3


His music is wonderful!! I can name some of his songs u should listen to: Remember my Name, Stuck on Stupid, 4 Years Old, Don't Judge Me, Don't Wake Me Up, I Love You, Last To Know, Diagnosed With Love, Medusa, I can Transform Ya, Sing Like Me, Crawl, So Cold, What I Do, Famous Girl, I'll Go, Lucky Me, Fallin Down, Take My Time, I Should've Kissed You, With You, Without You, Fallen Angel, Nothing, Turn Up The Music, Yeah 3x, Aint Thinkin Bout You, Beautiful People, Best Love Song, Put You On, Kiss Kiss, Throwed, Wall to Wall, Damage, I Wanna Be, Down, Nice, All Back, Deuces. Those are just a few! Not all of them! I know more but listen to those first then you'll learn how awesome Chris Brown is!!!