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Fan of a Fan. [FINISHED]

<em>Main Characters</em>


<a href="">Chris</a>.

This story is dedicated to you guys! The FANS! There is no picture for the main character because I want you all to imagine her being yourself. Her skin complexion, her eyes, her hair; imagine it to be yours. You are all beautiful and unique and deserve your opportunity to be the one Chris has his eye on, regardless of what the world defines as beautiful. You are <strong>ALL</strong> beautiful. ENJOY!


Please update!!! I love this story all the work u put into it was amazing!!! The way you wrote this story makes it seem like Chris really went through this! I love him & tink relationship ughhh

girl update this story i need to know whats gonna happen and where is Tink she is missing i been reading this story everyday and all night i def fell in love with it

Honestly heartbroken this story is over!!! I love it so much!

I think i've read it 8x and probably will again lol.

Butttt...WHAT HAPPENED TO TINK?!?!!? You can't stop here...please give us another add!!!

Also looking forward to your book :)

tf!! what happened to TINK!??? I NEED MORE!!!!!!!! u must run this again..puhleeeeeze

the games must CEASE jus gone head come on n do a part two i been having serious withdrawals b thinkin n reading this over n over im ready

HOLD THE f*** UP!!! IK I AINT SEE RIHANNA'S ASS INTHIS PICTURE!!!! I KNEW SOME s*** WAS FISHY WHEN HE WAS TALKING TO CHRISTINE THE WAY HE WAS!!! Ok, ok let me calm down. I just wanna know how his ass slipped up and f***ed with rihanna cause I needs my Crink back like PRONTO!!! I'm still a lil pissed tht he with her ass (in this story, cause best beleive tht s*** is over) I hope you got your stories wrote up cause you most definetly running this s***!!! Everybody know he aint supposed to be with her ass. We know it, the crew know it, mama joice know it, hell he know it!!! But Ik they gone be back together though so I aint sweating it. I wanna know if tink trynna f*** with Will now tht her and Chris aint together (for the time being) o.0 And dose this mean tht you're finished with your book??? If so where can I get it??? I'm soooooo ready for this sequel, I think it might get me in my feelings but I'm still ready!!! RUN IT!!!

im sitting here like whaaaa??? after reading that add, i need some answers! lol


Run it

run it !


Now, before I go in on they f***ery I just read, I want to say that I am SO HAPPY that you added and that now you have to keep adding! You HAVE TO because (I'm about to go tf in) WHAT TF HAPPENED TO TINK?! NIGGA TALKING ABOUT THE MISTAKES HE'S BEEN MAKING? NIGGA WHAT MISTAKES?! I SWEAR IF THIS NIGGA BROKE TINK'S HEART AGAIN FOR THIS FAT FOREHEAD ASS b**** RIHANNA UGHHHHHH!!!!!

*calms down* *breaths* *calms down*

Now Tiffany, my little heart can't take all this at once! I need some background information on what's been happening these past six months! Last I remember, him and Tink were going really well and he acted like "all the girls around me, don't have faces!"(Fine China) and they were being interviewed by like Oprah I think. Now like six months later he missing Rihanna? What is he trying to get used to? Where is Tink? Is she ok? She's not with Will is she?! Oh goodness I pray she isn't with him! Did Chris cheat on her with this b****?! I have so many damn questions and I want to just.....SCREAM!



How are you? How's the novel coming?

Run this

look now, you can't be teasing us with a post and not actually go through with a sequel..come on now lol

You should do a part 2...I'm mad too that he's talking to rihanna again...what happened with him and tink?? Sooo many questions and NOW WE NEED THE ANSWERS!!!! LOL ruunnnnn iiiiitttt!!!!

Ohhh you should defiantly do a sequel.
Wheres Tink?!
Why Chris bout to chill with Rih?
Why is Chris saying all that stuff to Christian!?
Sorry a lot of questions lol

OMG wat happend??!!..where's my girl Tink??..oh yes u MUST start this story again :)


Sequel???? 0.o yes!!!!!!
hopefully! i really enjoyed this story so im super excited if their is a sequel!
ok ok now for the run it...
umm i was hella expecting his gf to be the FaceTime call not rih
but it does add up to why he was talking to Christian like that
i immediately thought oh no he cheating
what happened to Tink??
uh ohh run it!

and yeah i was looking at the baby and i was thinking he kinda had some of the sam features as chris. Let me find out he has a love child lol.

but i hope you go through with this!

That baby really does have a lot of Chris' features now that I'm looking at them next to each other O_o

Hiiiii Tina! I'll make a new post if I decide to go through with it. If I do... I wanna have a few post already written before I do.

hold up! hold up!
what the f*** kinda s***?
what happened to tink?
why is rihanna in the picture?
i got so many questions that need answers!!!!
imma need you to run with this boo!!

Run It!

i screamed so loud when i seen 'possible sequel' i love your stories especially this one.

POSSIBLE sequel below. Not sure if I'm going to run with it JUST yet... It was just an idea after I heard the song *sly grin*

<strong>I Can't Win.</strong>

<a href="">Chris</a> was cradling a sleepy <a href="">Christian</a> in his arms as he walked up the stairs to his son’s bedroom.

“Come on baby boy, please go to sleep.” He said, bouncing the sleepy child softly, as small whimpers escaped Christian’s lip. The six month old had been fussy all night.

“Why you giving daddy a hard time tonight huh?” He questioned looking in the boy’s eyes that were blinking slowly. Still attempting to fight sleep.

“You want Daddy to sing?” Christian started whimpering again, a little louder, causing Chris to chuckle. “Ok Ok. No singing.”

He sat down in the small prince chair, a replica of the one he had downstairs, and placed Christian on his chest while lightly tapping his back. His son didn’t resist, so he knew he would be falling asleep soon.

“Daddy loves you baby. Don’t ever allow anyone to make you think differently about me, just because of the choices I’ve made recently. I want you to know, it has nothing to do with you. You’re the most important thing to me in this world. I need you to always know that.” He whispered softly, before kissing the back of his head full of hair.

“I never meant to hurt anyone in this situation. Especially you. That’s why I’m doing everything I can to make sure you’re taken care of first.” He sighed a little, while hearing soft snores coming from Christian’s little body.

He carefully stood up and gently placed the sleeping child in his crib. After making sure he was secure, Chris turned on the baby monitor and grabbed its counterpart before stuffing it into his pocket to make sure it was on him, and exiting out of the room.

He made his way downstairs and saw Hood and Keeis sitting at the dining room table, rolling up a blunt.

“Lil CB sleep?” Hood asked as Chris nodded.

“Yeah finally. He had no chill today.” He sighed while joining the two at the table.

“Just seems like he’s not used to everything yet.” Keeis suggested as an explanation, causing Chris to shrug.

“Seems more so that YOU’RE not used to everything yet.” Hood said looking directly at the somber expression on Chris’ face.

He was fixing to defend himself before his phone started ringing with a FaceTime call. He smiled at the name and answered it quickly, trying to avoid any confrontation.

“Yoooo!” He greeted playfully at the beautiful face smiling on the other end.

“Yooo!” She chuckled mimicking him as he smiled.

“You feeling better? You gonna be alright for Vegas tonight?” He questioned as <a href="">she</a> nodded quickly.

“Yes. My throat is killing me a little, but we have to party tonight for Melissa. I’ll be fine. Miss you already though..” Rihanna pouted as Chris avoided the stares from his friends.

“Miss you too.”

She looked as if she was trying to peek past him, “Thought you had your son..?” She questioned with a hint of bitterness as Chris quickly felt uneasy.

“Um, yeah I just put him to sleep.” He awkwardly changed the subject. “But aye, get ready for your show. Kill it girl!” He cheered as she laughed and nodded.

“Will do player. Call you later.”

He hung up the phone and took in a deep breath before placing it on the table. Both Keeis and Hood were staring at him, “What?”

Keeis shook his head, “What you doing cuz?”

“…..Trying to have a peaceful career.” He sighed while tapping his home key to look at the background on his phone. The screensaver was an album cover idea for ‘X’. And ‘X’ meant more than what he was trying to lead on to the media. X represented his past, which he was having a hard time letting go of to secure his future for his son’s sake..

Yes!!!!..PLEASE do a part 2!!!..I miss this story line :)

Met and took a pic with Will last night and he followed me on Instagram so now I feel like I have to read this story over lol. The people that read this story commented on the pic like "this makes me think of FOAF" and I missed it! So here I am! Lol

*crosses fingers that Chris is next*

Thanks for the love this story continues to get!! :) :*

I MAY get an idea for part two. Who knows.

After reading the last two posts, even though I want a part 2 I rather for the story to end with no cliffhanger with a happy ending. I pretty much prefer this alternate ending than the real one to be honest. I definitely wanna collab with you one day _tnicole_

Run iT! <3

&& you should def think about a part 2..just saying lol

I been a silent reader this whole time, but i couldn't keep quiet much longer. I've read this beginning to end and you are a talented writer. I felt every emotion in this story. God has truly blessed with the talent of writing. Many people wish they could move their audience like you do. I can only see you going up from here. I can't wait until you write that book. If its going to be anything like this then I smell a top seller :) please keep writing, its a blessing

Beautiful story, GREAT ending.. do I sense a part 2? Lol *crosses fingers*

<a href="">please Read </a>

im a newbie but i have read plenty of fanfiction on here i was just a silent reader i absolutely loved this story you are an amazing writer!!