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the Fires of Spring

<strong>This is a Blame Monroe & SoSo. Collaboration</strong>

Everything I was doing was against the rules. Everything I was doing was hurting her. Everything I was doing had me falling in love with her and nothing was going to stop my heart from dancing to her song.


Gi might as well get her life together cauuuuuuse Mike is not letting her get rid of that baby.

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if her bro still in that than hell no he still gonna have funk with him
trust me the streets dont forget ishh like that
as for gigi she is preggers! ohhh mann i sure hope she can make the right decision'
and i agree with chris he got to tell her about her brother or else he would look like the bad guy
than ask her to move in but be ready for the rejection
run it

Awwwwwww, RUN IT!

they tryna split us up...nahhh too early bruh
lol we still need our space and time before we
start separating just yet

damn mike...hopefully her brother have gotten
passed that though.

whaaaaaaaat?! im so happy for gigi n errthang
and mike gon' support that sht as much as he
want her to move in lol

I'm a start on my add y'all but i aint guaranteeing
it tonight. Maybe tomorrow...

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“Diddy? Wait, as in Diddy Dirty Money Take That?! As in Puff Daddy, Sean John Combs?” I inquired as Sofia was telling me about everything and her new connection.

She laughed and nodded, “Yes girl! That nigga, it’s BAAAAAADD BOYYYY!” she sung and we both laughed.

We lounged by the pool in Chris’s apartment building as the guys were over by the grill. We were barbecuing today for their return and their engagement. “Girl that’s big! Get that young internship. You be making the clothes and I put em on hoes! The designer and stylist team!” we laughed and sipped our drinks.

“Yeah, Gi. Like niggas can really get on the fashion map, starting out with one of the biggest black moguls in America.” She stared off into the distance dreamily.

I snapped my fingers in front of her face, “I feel you Sof. You deserve it boo. Everything that you’re getting. You’ve arrived girlfriend!”

“Wow, Gi. Exaggeration much?” she giggled, “I haven’t even met with the man yet. But I’m just hoping for the best with everything.” She shrugged.

I rolled my eyes and smiled, “Listen, when you meet with him it’s gonna be in the bag! Like I said, you deserve everything that’s coming to you. Chris, Diddy, fashion line, family. Everything.”

“I guess you’re right. But you gotta be right there with me. I can’t imagine my sister not being there to share in the success with me.” She smiled over at me.

I smiled back, like honestly she didn’t know how much that little statement meant to me. Like Sof was just like blood to me. “Of course Sofie. I’ll be right there. So let me see the paper weight one more time!” I grabbed her hand.

“Bam b*tch!” she laughed as she wiggled her finger in my face. The diamond was beautiful. I was so happy for her, that words couldn’t explain. She was the happiest I’ve ever seen her. Chris was definitely a wonderful addition to her life. Besides me of course.

I smiled up at her, “I’m so happy for you Sof. Like, you don’t even know.”

“Aww thank you boo!” she pulled me into a loving embrace.

I then looked at her and my smile faded slightly. I had something that I had to tell her. It had been bothering me ever since I had found out last night. Nobody knew, not even Mike. I didn’t even know if I wanted to believe it myself. “Sof, I have something to tell you. But don’t tell <em>nobody</em>, not even Chris,”

She looked at me concerned, “Gi, what’s wrong? You can tell me anything, you know that.”

I nodded, knowing it to be true. I then looked over at Mike and back at her. I sighed and prepared to tell her.

<strong>Professor Stevenson</strong>

“Man, fck them! If they can’t see y’all happy as fck together, then something’s wrong with them. Long as yo mom cool with it, then sh*t. That’s all that matters anyway. You, Sof, ya mom, and God. Fck everybody else.” I stated after Chris told me about his family’s reaction to the engagement.

He shrugged as he poked at the hot links and ribs on the grill, “Yeah man, I guess you right. But still, that sh*t was discouraging as hell. I was mad as fck. I must’ve repainted over the same wall about 50 times that night. Best work I ever did man.” He shook his head and handed me his phone so I could see the pictures he took of them before repainting over them.

“Yo, this sh*t it good. This anger could be channeled to help with your upcoming art shows and all that. Use the negative to make a positive yo.” I handed his phone back to him.

He nodded, “Yeah, I feel you. So what’s up with you and Gi? I remember you txtn me about the ambush at her mom’s crib. What happened with that?”

“Man, that sh*t threw me for a loop. I wasn’t prepared at all, but her mom is cool as sh*t.” I divulged.

He looked over at me, “Yeah, but what about the brother situation?”

“Niggas in New York. But her mom remembered me. I had to convince her I had grown up and sh*t.” I grabbed the pan for him to put the links in.

He screwed his face, “So what’s up with that sh*t anyway?”

“Nothing really, just being young and dumb. Used to sling drugs with her brother. Then there was a money discrepancy and there was beef. Like I said, young and dumb.” I shrugged as I put the pan down.

He looked at me and then nodded, “Hmmm, so you think he’s gotten over it like you have?”

“I mean, I don’t really care. He’s the one gonna look like an ass if he’s still mad.” I reasoned.

“You tell Gi?” he asked while outing burgers on the grill.

I shook my head, “No, haven’t gotten around to it. But check it, I’m thinking about asking her to move in with me.”

“Dude, you funny as hell. How you want her to move in with you and you won’t tell her that you know her brother? And you know she won’t because of Soso. Just like Soso doesn’t wanna move out.” He chuckled and looked over at the two. They looked to be in a deep conversation.

I sipped my beer, “I’m gonna tell her. But I wonder why they won’t move out?”

“Soso said that it’s because we’re occupying most of their time but they know they can always come home and see eachother. I don’t knoe dude, they’re like sisters.” He informed me.

I nodded, “Yeah, close as fck. But I’ma still ask her though.”

“Go ahead, but be ready for rejection nigga.” Chris laughed as I looked over at Gi and Sofia talking by the pool.


“I can’t believe….I mean are you sure? Like have you told him? Are you sure? We need to go to the doctor ASAP!” Soso spoke a mile a minute.

I tried hard to stop tears from spilling over, “I’m not ready Soso. Like, I can’t go through with it. Not now, I just can’t. this is supposed to be you, not me. I just can’t like….oh my gawd I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe.”

“Calm down! Stop it, oh my goodness please don’t cry Gi. Here, come with me.” She grabbed my hand and helped me up. “We’ll be right back!” she called to the guys as she wisked me through the doors of the building and into the pool access bathrooms.

Tears automatically started flowing, “I can’t do it Sofia!”

“Listen, you don’t even know if you are for sure or not. Just breathe.” She grabbed both my shoulders and looked into my eyes. Man she was always my rock. I don’t know what I’d do without her.

I tried deep breaths to calm down, “I took 4 tests Sofia. They can’t all be defective. I can’t do this.”

“But I thought you loved him.” She reasoned as her hands rested on her sides.

I nodded, “I do, but I’m not ready for that type of responsibility. I’m only young Sofia, I wanna travel the world. I wanna be the celebrity stylist I’ve always dreamed of being. I don’t have time for it to be holding me back.

“IT, is a child. Another life growing inside of you. You can’t be selfish like that. And you can’t make a decision like that on your own. You have to tell Michael.” She spoke strongly.

I cried more, “He’s gonna want me to keep it.”

“Well, maybe you should. You can still do all the things that you want to do. I’m sure Mike will support that.” She advocated.

“What if we don’t stay together? What do I do then? I can’t just bind my life to someone I don’t even know will be there forever.” I reasoned.

She sighed, “Well, whatever you do you need to talk to Mike. I’ll support you with whatever you decide. Stop crying, you’re ruining your eyeliner.” She smiled as she wiped my tears with some tissue.

“I love you Sof.” I smiled.

She hugged me tightly, “Oh Gi, I love you too.”

my computer erased my whole add
so I have to write it all over again
bear with me guys!!

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That's good that they're getting aliong, RUN IT!

<strong>Professor Brown</strong>

When I woke up in the morning, Sofia was gone. However, I could bet that she was downstairs in the kitchen with my momma cooking breakfast. Hopefully nobody would come over today. But knowing my family, they would be over here anyway seeing that most of us were out here just for the weekend and this is where all the home cooked meals would be all day.

After taking a shower and throwing on a t-shirt and basketball shorts and socks, I made my way downstairs hearing Cassie and Columbus' loud asses already. They were sitting in the living room watching a recorded episode of 106&Park. When I entered the kitchen, Sofia was sitting at the table stirring cake mix while my momma was at the counter fixing breakfast plates.

"Always," my mother says before laughing. "Chris know when to wake up! Right on time! Whenever I'm JUST finishing cooking and fixing the plates!"

Sofia laughs too, then looking up at me as I approach her and lean down to give her a kiss. "Hey baby," she smiles. "Good morning."

"Morning babe," I smile and look at the cake mix. As I reach my hand out to get some cake mix on my index finger, a hand comes out of no where popping me on the back of my head. "Ouch! What the f-" I bite my top lip and stand up straight looking around to see my momma walking away.

"Don't you put your hands in that cake mix," she yells. "Wrong with you, boy!"

Sofia laughs again and smacks my hand away. "Keep on laughing!" I grin and walk away to get a spoon. "You not gonna be laughing-"

"Oooh," Cassie interrupts as she walks in with Columbus tailing her. "I smell breakfast!"

My momma eyes me and takes the spoon away from me. "You don't need to be eating cake mix anyway when I made breakfast. Here," she hands me a plate with everything I like on it and pushes me away. "Shoo lil boy and have a damn seat somewhere."

I smack my lips and walk away towards the table, taking a seat on one side of Sofia. "How long you been up," I ask.

"Since like..." Sofia closes one eye and looks up at the ceiling, "uh maybe 8 this morning. I did fall asleep before you so..."

"Mm hm..." I nod. "Don't be tryna steal my momma. I got my eyes on you!"

"Boy hush," my momma laughs. "Cassie come get you and Sofie's plate."

"Okay," Cassie gets up from the other side of Sofia but not before handing her cell phone off to Sofia, "that's him!"

"Who," Columbus and I ask in unison.

"Nobody!" Cassie yells at us as she grabs two plates and comes back to the table.

I figured Columbus probably wasn't too hungry since he ate so much last night at dinner so after I finished grubbing we headed out to play some basketball on my court in the backyard.


After talking to Cassie's boyfriend who happened to be multi-mogul Diddy that she'd been secretly dating, I had gotten a new contact in the fashion industry. Hopefully he would really keep in touch with me and invite me out to events. Maybe I would get an internship because of him. Only thanks to Cassie first.

"I love you boo," I hug Cassie as we get done cleaning and wiping our plates.

"Love you too, girl!" She hugs me back. "You have to, have to, have to come to one of my runway shows though! The next one is in a month out in LA. Maybe you and your roommate..." she wraps her arms in mine as we step out into the backyard, "can come out and hang with me and my man?"

"Yes, I would love to! I'm sure GiGi would too! We're both in fashion so... Yeah girl! And I can't wait to meet him! He seems like a great guy and he funny as hell!"

"Gworl! He maybe old, but he everything. I love him, SoSo." She admits.

I stop and then turn to her. "If he's important to you and you love him, then how come you haven't told your family? I mean...I see WHY! Chris was talking all this and that about how great y'all family is, it because of his age or something?"

"No, no, no... Well," Cassie sighs. "I guess they <em>would</em> have a problem with that. But another thing is and I KNOW that this would be so irritating and annoying and just ugh! Asking for money," She counts on her fingers, "asking for free stuff. I mean I already bring home free clothes from photo shoots sometimes and that's how I get most of the things for family at Christmas or whatever. But my family is grimy and they're shady as fck. As you saw last night." She tucks her hair behind her ear and we keep on walking.

"Mm hm... So what about the chick he dated in college though?"

"Oh, they didn't know about that engagement. He was going to tell them, but then he found out she was cheating on him nsht so he just didn't tell them about it. He broke it off and came back home for a month before going out to LA and then finally finding a teaching job in Chicago."

"Wow," I shake my head. We stop at the edge of the court and I watch as Chris dunks on Columbus. "WOOO! GO BABY!"

Chris hits his dougie and then Columbus checks the ball, obviously mad that he was losing. "C'mon baby boy, step ya game up!" Chris says causing Columbus to play harder.

"Boys," Cassie sighs. "Lord, I do not want any boys if I have kids! Jebus no!"

"I actually want a boy. Just not a damn Taurus!" I laugh, "Them mafckas are hyper as sht! Bouncing from wall to wall all damn day! One Taurus is enough," I refer to Chris. "But I do want like...2 or 3 kids and if so a boy first, then a girl, and maybe another boy."

"Oh hell no. I would be fine with one boy," Cassie smiles. "I'd rather have girls."

"I wouldn't. You gotta deal with the attitude, the boys, them getting pregnant. Nah..."

"But you gotta deal with hoes and 'is the girl is really pregnant by your son' with having boys, too."

"My son is going to be a gentleman," I assure her. "He'll be determined, dedicated, and diligent. And I will teach him to find a nice girl who's a boss btch not a bum btch."

"I feel you on that," she slides me her hand and sit on the side bench. "Show me the ring one more time."

I laugh and flash her the ring. "POW POW!"

"Ooh, damn!" Cassie covers her eyes. "Btch you blinded me! Goddamn! I'm suing! Sht need to come with a warning label!" she joked.

We laugh together and then catch our breaths. I was so glad that all the cousins and aunts and uncles who didn't like me were out doing whatever. Also, I was super happy that I only had to deal with two cousins who did like/love me. It was a lot less people to deal with.

smh gigi sneak-surprised his ass lol
but it was good that he met her momma

i should be adding tonight...
tryna start on it right now

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I love this story...Uhhhhhh I'm pretty sure Mike would have said yes to meeting Gi's mom...she most def ain't had to trick him...but they mad cute yo.

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<strong>Professor Stevenson</strong>

We were in Whole Foods by Gi’s apartment, shopping for the weekend. If you ask me, she was just suckering me into buying groceries for her and Sofia. She said she wanted to sleep in her own bed this weekend because we’ve mostly been at my house, except for the nights she has school the next day. So she was at my house 5 nights out of the week. I feel like she should just move in, but then I know she’ll raise hell because Sofia was as close to a sister that she has. Being that her and her actual sister aren’t close. I wondered why, but she wouldn’t tell me. But it’ll come out eventually, just like her reason for watching the stars did.

I could understand how, or why for that matter, she’s so closed off to other people. She’s so used to being messed over by dudes who’s she’s opened up to. I finally realized that I would have to show her that I was different, not just tell her.

“Babe, you’re not even listening to me!” she giggled as we stood on the juice aisle.

I was so out of it that I didn’t realize we were on this aisle, let alone heard what she had said. “My bad baby, what you say?” I grabbed her waist from behind.

“I asked what kind of juice you want?” she repeated while leaning into me.

I shrugged as I let her go and held on to the basket, “Doesn’t matter to me.”

She sighed and rolled her eyes at me as she got some Ocean Spray and Hawaiian Punch. I chuckled at her, deciding to address it later. I took the juices and put em under the cart, “You think you bout done? You shopping like you got EBT!” I joked.

“I wish I had a fckn Link Card.” She laughed hard at that one. “But um, yeah just some ice cream, milk, and cheese and we’ll be done.”

I nodded, “Okay, well I’ll grab the milk and cheese while you get the ice cream. The lines are getting long.”

“Okay, get one red and one blue milk and two sharp cheddar Sargento shredded cheese and the pepper jack slices.” She instructed me on what milks and cheeses to get.

I nodded and headed to the dairy section while she headed to frozen foods. As I was headed up front, she had txtd me and told me that she was already in line and which one it was. I headed over to register 10 and nobody had gotten behind her yet. We weren’t that far behind.

After spending close to $300 on groceries, we went back to her and Sofia’s apartment. “Do you guys normally spend that much on groceries?” I asked as we drove.

“Yeah, but Sofia has a link card so she pays for the food and I pay for the cash stuff. Like, the cleaning stuff and paper towels and toilet tissue, stuff like that.” She shrugged as she drunk one of the many Naked juices she put in the cart.

I just chuckled a little to myself and continued to drive. It took us forever to bring all the groceries in and even longer to put them all away. Mainly because they had a system about where everything went and how it was placed. If you asked me, they were hella organized unnecessarily. But when you got a whole bunch of groceries, I guess you have to have some order to things.

After we were done, we were chilling on the couch in the living room watching a movie when her phone rang. I was pressed for her to ignore it, because I was just about to make my move to getting some sex.

“Hey mommy.” She answered, sitting up off of me.

I sighed a little because I knew this was gonna be a long conversation. I was really hoping that she wasn’t calling with anything work related, because this was the first weekend that Gi had had off in a long time. I didn’t care if I was being selfish, I love my girl and I love spending time with her even more.

A txt from Chris came through, which I wasn’t expecting because I thought he would be so wrapped up with Sof and his family. <em><strong>They love her yo! At least they act like it. I think I’m gonna do it tomorrow!</strong></em>

I smiled, knowing what he was talking about. Chris really loved that girl, but I know he gonna have to answer to his family for his decision. I’ve been around his family long enough to know that not all of em are gonna be down with that arrangement. But I say fck what another nigga think, it’s your life! <strong><em> That’s what’s up. Good luck with that bro. Congratulations in advance. Let me know how it all goes down afterwards.</em></strong> I txtd back. He replied with okay and I pocketed my cell phone. Just in time too, because Gi was ending her conversation with her mom.

“Hey.” She turned to me smiling.

I smiled back involuntarily, “Hey.”

“You like soul food right?” she asked, straddling my lap.

I looked up at her, “Hell yeah.”

“Well I know a place that has some good ass soul food. Wanna go?” she piped.

I looked at her with an eyebrow raised, “I thought you were gonna cook for me tonight?”

“What difference does it make if I cook it tonight or tomorrow? I told you I’ll cook for you and I will. Now, do you wanna go or not? My treat.” She pecked my lips and smiled.

I shook my head as I gripped her thick thighs, “You ain’t gotta do that babe. I always got you, no matter what.”

“You always got me baby?” she smiled as she repeatedly pecked my lips.

Sick of the games I deepened the kiss as I mumbled, “Mmhmm.” I moved my hands up from her thighs to her ass. She then started to grind her hips, causing me to rise a little. Then almost as abruptly as it had started, it ended.

“Come on, we gotta go.” She pecked my lips one more time and then got up, going into her room.

I sighed hard and then got up to follow her. When I got to her room, she had pulled a dress out of her closet. “Why you changing?” I asked, sitting on the end of her bed.

“Cuz, I’m not wearing fckn leggings to where we’re going.” She screwed her face and undressed.

I watched her intently as she did so. Her body was amazing, not an imperfection in sight. Not saying that she was perfect, no one was. But I accepted all of her, flaws and all. There was nothing out of place on her in my eyes.

After putting on her dress she looked at me, “You always stare at me!” she blushed.

“You’re beautiful baby.” I smiled as I got up walking over to her.

She put on some heels and we were the same height, “I love you.”

“I love you too.” I pulled her to me and kissed her lips.

She broke the kiss, “Let’s go.”


We pulled up to my mother’s townhouse up north in the Gold Coast. “Okay, so I kinda tricked you a bit.”

“Who’s house is this?” he asked looking out the window.

I killed the engine and looked at him, “My mother’s.” I waited for his reaction.

“Why couldn’t you just tell me?” he asked shaking his head.

I shrugged, “I felt it would be fun to surprise you.”

“Whatever, let’s just go inside.” He said as he got out of the car. He walked over to my side and snatched the door open.

I looked up at him as I got out, “Why are you so mad?”

“Because you don’t just surprise people with sh*t like this baby. I’m about to meet your mom, this is big.” He spoke calmly but a little stressed.

I sighed, “I guess you’re right.” I tasseled my hair while looking up at the house and back at him, “I’ll just call her and see if we can do it another time.”

“Nah, we here now. Come on. But you owe me for this.” He grabbed my hand but I stayed right where I was. He stopped and looked at me, “What’s wrong?”

I bit my bottom lip and looked at him, “I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay babe. Just think next time okay?” he kissed my forehead.

I couldn’t help but be offended at his comment. Just think next time? What the fck was that supposed to mean? But I didn’t wanna fight so I let it go.

We walked in, using my key, and found my mother in the kitchen. “Hey mommy!” I walked in with Mike trailing behind me.

“Hey baby. Enjoying your weekend off?” she greeted me with a hug.

I smiled, “Of course, especially with this guy right here.”

“Well let me get a look at you!” she said, giving her attention to him.

“Mommy, this is Michael. Michael, this is my mother.” I smiled and stepped back a little to watch thm interact.

Mike smiled while extending his hand, “Hi Ms. Monroe. It’s nice to finally meet you.”

“Boy, give me a hug. And call me Mama.” She smiled as she pulled him into a hug just as loving as mine.

I peeked in one of the pots, “Food almost ready?”

“I hate when you do that. And yes it is. Michael honey, can you pass me the wine out the fridge?”

I watched my mom. I knew she had something to say to him but was waiting on the right time to say it. Cuz oh, she was indeed going to say it.

“Ugh, I wonder what Sof is doing right now. I’m gonna call her.” I took out my phone and left the kitchen. I didn’t want to be around when mom started asking questions. I knew he was gonna feel like I was setting him up, but I don’t care. It was gonna happen sooner or later.

<strong>Professor Stevenson</strong>

“Your phone.” I rolled over in bed. I was still feeling some kind of way about her ambush last night.

She sat up and looked around before grabbing her phone, “Hello? Oh hey Omari.” She got up and walked out of the room to the bathroom.

“Damn.” She was talking to her brother. I was just hoping that her mother didn’t tell him about our meeting last night. Her mother remembered me from my Compton days and I could understand why she’d have some worries about me with her daughter. But I was young and dumb then; I’m grown and mature now. And in love. Her mother was happy to hear it but wanted to see it.

Gi came back into her room, pulled the covers back, and straddled me, “Good morning baby.” She kissed my neck.

“Mmmm morning.” I smiled with my eyes still closed. I know she was trying to make up for last night.

All in one swift movement, she put me inside of her. “Fuuuuuck.” She threw her head back and moaned.

“Ahhh sh*t baby, wait wait wait. We need a condom.” I gripped her hips, trying to get her off long enough to put one on.

She removed my hands and put them over my head, “Shhhh, just fck me good daddy.”

And that’s exactly what I did. It beat the p*ssy up so good that she squirted. She told me she’d never done it before, and that only gave me further confirmation that I was hittin it right.

“Fck!” she gasped for air. “I need a shower…and some new sheets.” She laughed struggled to get up.

I got up and carried her to the bathroom where we showered together.


I was in the kitchen cooking my man the meal he deserves when I got a txt on my phone. It was from Sof. I wiped my hands on a towel and read the message, <em><strong>Girl, this crazy ass nigga proposed!</strong></em>

I screamed and jumped a little as if she was right here infront of me, <em><strong>And yo crazy ass had better said YES!</strong></em>

“What’s wrong?” Mike came running in the kitchen.

I smiled, “Chris proposed!!” I read her reply, “And she said yes!! Oh my goodness, this is so exciting!”

“Yeah, I knew she would say yes.” He smiled, leaning against the counter.

I pushed him, “You knew?!”

“Yeah, but Chris told me not to say anything.” He answered.

I txtd Sof back, <em><strong>OMG!! CONGRATS!!!!! What his family say?</strong></em>

“What you cooking?” Mike leaned over me.

I pushed him back, “You’ll see when I’m done! Go sit down.”

He smacked his lips and walked out the kitchen and back to his spot on the sofa in the living room.

Sofia had txtd back, <em><strong>Girl, I’ll tell you when I get back.</strong></em>

<em><strong>Okay, well enjoy yourself! See you when you get back, love you!</strong></em> I replied back, trying not to think nothing of it.

She replied back, <em><strong>Love you too!</strong></em>

I put my phone away and continued to cook for my boo.

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OMG! They were all out of line
I mean, I understand their points but really
If they were able to throw all that shade
At that moment, then they were thinking that sh*t
When they first met her!
Smh but it be like that tho
Congrats to the happy couple!

I'll start on my add

It is never that serious...I hate my brothers girl but if that nigga proposed to his b**** in front of me I wouldn't say s***...them niggas got to chill...they love each other so let them niggas be damn smh...

Run it

dam are they for real?? they must not know him like his ma do bc she clearly saw how they feel about each other
im sad it wasnt a happy moment but hey it is a bit soon so thats why everyone all surprise /upset/happy..etc
whatevver it is but still Chris has the right to be happy
lets hope it gets better
run it


I could sense that there was something on Chris' mind ever since we had gone out with Gigi and Mike. And when they dropped us off, he was unusually quiet. Smiling, but it was just a front from what was bothering him.

However, something was boiling underneath my skin. My father was all too quick to accept him. And me wanting a baby... What the hell am I thinking? Of course, I do truly love Chris. Am in love with him.

But really, could we have gotten this serious, <em>this</em> fast? Or am I just dreaming in finding love this quick. It just couldn't be happening and now I'm spending the weekend with his mother and family.

We arrived at noon in Virginia. Seemed to be the country side around his mom's <a href=>house</a>. And crowded when we got there. A lot of his aunts and uncles and cousins cars were parked in the driveway and along the curb. Butterflies swarmed my stomach.

"Is it always like this," I ask Chris as we get out of the rental car. "A full house?"

"Yep!" Chris smiles and pops the trunk as I close the door. "My family loves to get together every weekend and just hang, you know?"

"I wish I did," I scoff and looked at the house. "My family...we don't get together like this or this often. At least, not anymore. It's just me and my dad."

"Yeah right," Chris smirks as he grabbed our bags out of the trunk. "C'mon babe, your family doesn't come around?"

"I'm serious. My family isn't as loving as yours. I rarely see any of my family. I'm telling you, my dad is all I know."

Chris looked at me as if he wasn't believing it, but whatever. I knew my family and they weren't all lovey dovey as his were gonna seem to be. All caring for one another, it seemed and the way his mother was liking me and wanting me to come hang, I could see this was going to hurt some.

I grabbed some of my bags and was quickly empty-handed once more as one of his cousins had snuck out of the house to help. "Hello, I'm Columbus." He winks and then nods at Chris. "Sup cuz!"

"Sup," Chris smiles and then looks at the door as a female walks out. "Yo, Cassie! Whas good, cuz?"

"Your highlighter ass," she smirks. "Heard you was coming out so we all flew in so we can get some love too. Not just your scrawny ass eating up all the food. Fck you thought this was," she walks towards me and smiles. "Hey girl. I'm Cassie. But it's Ventura. I'm not a Brown like those fools. I'm a classy human being," she joked.

"Nice to meet you," I giggle. "The both of you," I acknowledge Columbus.

"Come on," she nods towards the door and wraps her arm in mine as we walk up to the house and enter with Chris and Columbus behind us. "Aunty J said Chris had a surprise," she rolls her eyes. "I swear Chris' corny ass is always doing something! So I know I won't be surprised. Do you have any ideas?"

"Sorry," I shrug. "I'm just as clueless as you all are. How many people are here? You said...'we' all flew in? Who all did you mean?"

"Mostly all of us cousins who attend college or live out of state," Cassie informs me. "I go to NYU up in New York, however, I'm also a high fashion model so I travel a lot. But lately I've been kicking back in LA with my girls so it was nice to come back home. And to some food!" she walks into the living room where all of the young people were crowding the couches watching television.

I stopped in my tracks, even more nervous. What the hell was Chris thinking? What was the surprise? And with all of his family here... Lord Jesus. I've never been around a boyfriend's family like this before. My first boyfriend, all I ever saw was his mother in whom was Shad's. I snapped out of my thoughts.

"Come here girl!" Cassie waved me over. "Let me introduce you to everybody!" Quickly smiling, I walk into the living room and start meeting folks.

<strong>Professor Brown</strong>

"How young is that girl," my aunt Betty stared at me with one eyebrow raised. "She look like she's in high school!"

"She's 21 and she's about to graduate with a bachelor's in Fashion design," I inform them.

"Lord, lord, lord!" Another one of my aunt's sighed, "I was expecting one of those...older woman he's usually into. But this one...I am surprised. Was that the surprise you were talking about Chris? Not bringing home a cougar this time," she laughed along with the others.

I roll my eyes, smiling. "No. That's not the surprise. That'll be tomorrow when we go out to dinner."

"Hm... Where is she," Aunt Betty looked past me. "I wanna take a look at her. Bring that young thang up in here so we can talk!"

"Slow ya roll ma," Columbus laughs. "The young ones got her first! We'll be in the living room," he dips out.

"The young ones," Aunt Betty scoffed. "Sure is right. Our babies aren't babies anymore."

"Mmhm," Joyce agreed.

I followed Columbus and joined Sofia in the living room with all my cousins. She seemed to be enjoying herself. Hopefully my family wouldn't be too much pressure on her and scare her away. By the time she got to the kitchen, most of the men were outside and females inside. This weekend would be an interesting, especially with all my family here.

The next day, I watched as Sofia stepped out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her wet body. It was night and we were getting ready to go out to dinner and eat since my mom and aunts cooked yesterday.

"You know what you doing to a nigga, right?" I asked.

Sofia blushes and walks over to the bed where her clothes were laid out. "Shut up," she giggles.

Watching as she moves about the room, I wait for her to finish getting ready and then we head to the restaurant. The place was shutdown so my family could all be in the restaurant. It was like a holiday every weekend for us all getting together.

"Time is short. Might not be a tomorrow," Aunt Betty preached to everyone. "So we make sure that we see each other all the time," she smiles. "Mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, daughters and sons, aunts and uncles, grandmothers and grandfathers, grandnieces and grandnephews. Everybody. It's a blessing. Because you never know what'll happen next."

"Why don't you just do it already, Christopher?" Some cousins said unison. "Do it! Do it! Do it!"

"Yeah, show us the surprise," my mother stared at me with a smile on her face. "We're tired of waiting."

"Ugh!" I throw my head back smiling and then look at Sofia who was staring at me with a smile too. "Alright! Alright," I scoot my chair back and stand up. "Fine," he laughs and looks around. "Everybody be quiet!"


I stared up at Chris along with everybody else. We were all anxious to see what the surprise was. I already knew that he had gotten the other job and whatnot, but he already told his mom that and I'm sure she told everybody else. So that wasn't the news.

"Um," he starts off, holding his hands by his side, "I would first like to thank everybody for coming out to dinner tonight and joining us. I missed y'all seeming as I've been away too long according to Aunt Betty. Anyways, let me...get to the surprise." he looks down and then over at me.

Sitting there in my seat chilling with my leg crossed over my right, letting the dress I wore show a bit of skin on my thigh, I felt a chill and bumps rise as Chris turned towards me. He gets down on one knee and holds my grabs my left hand holding it in both of his. Plenty 'oh my gods' and 'oh hell no's' and 'what is he doing' were blocked as my ears were tuned in to the one voice that I listened for every moment.

"Sofia Margueritte," Chris looks up at me, nervous and scared, "This all might seem like a dream," he chuckles as I nodded. "And so unbelievable. All too real, but it's happening. I didn't think that I could find someone else to hold my heart, and as fast, but you did-"

"NIGGA PLEASE! I OBJECT!" one of Chris' cousin, Keri, yells. "BULLSHT! I OBJECT, I Object, i object!" she stares at me. "Aunty back me up! She probably forcing him to do this! And I don't believe none of it for a second! I ain't fooled!"

"RUDE," Cassie says, glaring at Keri.

"Keri, shut up!" Joyce sighs. "Chris, continue."

"No, I'm sorry," Harold, Chris' father, stands up. "Chris, I understand how you feel about Sofia and I like her myself. But...proposing is just too early. I can't stand for it. Joyce, I know you haven't lost your marbles. Tell this boy that this ain't right." he stares down at Joyce.

"I can't tell him if it's wrong or right," Joyce says. "I can't tell him whether he loves that girl or not. But I know from the look in his eyes, the smile on his face that he's found pure happiness. If he's happy, then I'm happy," she glances up at Harold. "Chris is a determined person and he knows what he wants."

"Thank you, Ma." Chris says, a little saddened by his father's objection along with others.

"Sofia, I'm sure your father wouldn't approve-" Harold is interrupted.

"But he did approve," Chris says and stands up.

"Chris..." Aunt Betty says, "Listen here, now- Now, we just met the damned girl. You just met her! How can you be so sure? You don't even know her."

"No, you don't know her," Chris says before clenching his jaws tight. "And if this is how you all feel, then we'll gladly leave."

"No," Joyce stands up. "You two aren't going anywhere."

"Just say yes already, girl!" Cassie stares at me. "I'm happy about the surprise! I love Soso! Come on Chris, don't let them down the mood!"

<strong>Professor Brown</strong>

"Chris," Sofia stands up. "You already know my answer, baby."

"Think about this son," Harold says. "You can't be serious. And she's one of your students for Christ's sake!"

"So what," Sofia questions. "We're both grown. We're not stupid and we know what we're doing."

"Mm," a few of his aunts shook their heads in disapproval.

"I've never seen you all so upset before," I say looking around the table at my family. He scoffs, "Wow. Y'all have always supported me in everything I've done."

Columbus clears his throat, "Look, if he wants to propose, then let him. Whatever. I'm happy for you guys. I need to get married my damn self, shid." he smiles.

Harold shakes his head in disappointment and walks towards the exit and leaves. Sofia grabs my face and puts my forehead to hers. I kiss her softly and then pull back to put the ring on her finger as a few tears fell.

"Is he serious," Keri asks. "He's serious? That can't be the Chris we know!"

They kept on talking saying rude and disrespectful things. I wasn't about to sit here any longer after this supposed to be happy moment and listen to what most of my family had to say about Sofia and our relationship. Surely they kept this all in since they first met her.

Hugging Sofia tightly, I then pull away and grab her coat. Without question, she lets me put it on. Grabbing my own and putting it on, we get ready to go.

"Chris, wait..." my mother says, causing me to stop. Sofia stopped a few paces ahead of me, but turns around. My mother walks up to us as I turn to face her. "I know it's important for the family to always put their two cents in. It's always been that way. We've always cared and supported one another. Been so close, and rarely disagree on things, but this time... This time you don't need anyone elses' approval. Not even mine. If you love her then you go ahead and do what the hell you think it's right. If that's what your heart is telling you. If this is where your head is at, in a serious state of mind. Do what you feel is right. I will support you 100 percent."

"Thank you," Sofia says for me as I stand there speechless and angry.

"Oh honey, I'm so sorry." she holds Sofia's hand. "They'll have to deal."

Sofia nods as I look towards the door to see my father coming back in. I hold my hand out for Sofia to take and she does so, grabbing it tightly. I was just too angry right now to stay and sit around and continue this night.

"Not everybody is going to agree with your decisions." My mother says lastly. "Don't be mad, baby. Only God can judge. Remember that. Go home and paint or something, please. I don't want you mad the rest of this weekend."

I nod and walk out with Sofia, brushing past my father to head back to the house and calm down by painting in the basement blasting music. Sofia sat back and watched me, somehow falling asleep on the couch. When I was done painting, I picked up Sofia and took her to my room to lay her down in the bed. Some of my family members had come back after the dinner but I had no plans on speaking with them or discussing anything. My mind was set. So I got in the bed and lay next to Sofia until I fell asleep.

Chris getting serious already?? Wow run it!



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OK this is my FAVORITE story on this board. I have read this story four times cause I have NEVER read a story like this and it's amazing. Whew...I wouldn't mind being Mrs. Stevenson. Right now I'm going crazy over Tyga because of this story. GiGi and SoSo are like me and twin sister it's beyond crazy. And thanks to this story I'm starting to look for guys that are at least 3 years older than me...

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Them b****es fly as f*** and I love every minute of this s***.

Run it!

Salute from the General

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