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'Loud. (Oct. 31)

WARNING: I haven't posted a story on here since AbNormal soo... I will try to come back with this story. I really miss the way the board used to be when "Seven Things" and a lot of other good stories where on here. I will try to become more active with this board and I hope that i can receive some active readers. If not then that's okay too :)


<cite> 2 years ago..</cite>

“Hey…..Excuse me? Can you hurry up? Damn… Leave some for the fish” She said looking at him drink from the school’s water fountain.

<a href=",r:11,s:0,i:110&biw=1366&bih=667">Elan</a>[(pronunciation: (ee LAHN)] sighed and watched the boy continue to drink from the water fountain. She was sure there wasn’t any left for her.

“Ugh! I wish you would take yo thirsty ass somewhere to a different water fountain. Can’t you see that you’re holding up the
line” Elan spoke to the boy again.

“Ma calm down” the boy behind her laughed “He might be thirsty”

Elan looked at the boy behind her and rolled her eyes.

“Apparently I can see that jackass.”

Elan looked at the boy at the water fountain and shook her head and then tapped his shoulder. “HEY! AM I SPEAKING Loud ENOUGH FOR YOU? MOVE AWAY FROM THE f***ING WATER FOUNTAIN AND GET YOUR ASS ON.” She retorted.

Elan pushed the boy out the way and heard him walk off. The chilling ice cold water ran down her throat as she finally relaxed. She was a senior at Hicksville High School in Long Island, NY. Elan was a teenager with a lifestyle every teenager wants. She had her own car, expensive clothes and much more to name. She took everything for granted but of course didn’t want to admit it. She was so stuck in her ways that whateva anyone would tell her would go one ear out the other. She never appreciated what she had and always wanted more.

“You’re late Miss. Cosby “ Elan’s teacher spoke.
Elan sighed and sat in the first seat she saw available.

“I would have been early if it wasn’t for f*** face drinking so f***ing long at the water fountain.” She said pointing at the boy from the water fountain.

“Miss. Cosby don’t talk to me like that or in my class. Now you apologize to Jessie and the rest of the classmates.” The teacher strictly enforced.

Elan rolled her eyes “Why should I? I mean this nigga literally had a line full of people waiting for some water I don't give a f***” She laughed.

The teacher shook her head. “See me after class Elan” She stated.

Elan continued to laugh and focused on her work. She was someone who didn’t like to do her work, even though she was very smart. Yet again she was a spoiled teenager who didn’t like to do anything, but gossip and act a fool with friends. Jessie looked up at the teacher and tried to pay attention. The only thing that played in his mind was the girl pushing him earlier. He didn’t like the fact that she did that and felt it was rude. But, Jessie was someone who knew what he wanted in life. He knew how to appreciate the things that were considered blessings. He knew things weren’t given to you on a silver platter and if you wanted something you had to go and get it. Elan was the opposite. Mrs.Johnson taught for the remaining of the class period and told Elan to stay. Once she saw Jessie headed out the door she got his attention to stop.

“Now Elan , apologize to Jessie” She signaled for him to stay put.
Elan rolled her eyes “For what and why the f*** can’t he speak he has his own mouth!”

“Elan you couldn'tt even speak Loud enough if you wanted to. He hasn’t spoken up for himself is because he’s deaf. But, he can read lips NOW APOLOGIZE!”

Elan stared at Jessie feeling stupid and felt bad for pushing him earlier when all along he couldn’t hear her. But, as stubborn and immature Elan was she didn’t want to.

“Nope… f*** that. His stupid ass should be in a disabled school of something. I’m out of here” Elan said walking out leaving the teacher there sighing.