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'Nose Candy. (Repost FINISHED!!!)


DISCLAIMER: This is another story that I will attempt! I will not hesitate to drop this if it doesn't get the attention it deserves because this is a good story. I am not c**ky but confident in this story. This is the 2nd shot at this- some may have read something similar because 'Broken Mirrors was the start of this story. Me and Bree have collaborated outside of the broad but she choose to take it under her wing! it was unsuccessful and now Im giving it a try. Also with writing in 3rd person for the first time. So... here goes nothing!

He wasn’t the type of guy you’d high five while skipping down the street on a nice sunny Vegas day. Not everything was royalty as you may think. There was always the good parts of a city and the bad parts. Some may look as it as the “rich” and the “poor”; “high class” or “low class” whatever you prefer. Cannan (cayn-nan) Burose was a 23 year old man who was apart of the low class in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada. You’d think that since he was in that million dollar state he’d have it made. Wrong, he had the opposite which was nothing. Cannan was a ruthless young man who didn’t care about anyone but himself. He despised close relationships with anyone or even having a social life. “Caine” which he preferred to be called wasn’t your favorite type of guy. Because caine went through a lot in his past it caused him to cut off a lot of people who were previously in his life. For an example, Caine at one point in his life had a great relationship with God, but that suddenly changed.

Caine nicely put on an act to impress his boss and greet the costumers that walked in and out of his exclusive Verizon Wireless job. He didn’t enjoy talking to people, standing on his feet, or the work that he had to do, but they provided him with more then he had such as money, more clothes, and a temporary phone. Caine walked to his station and finished ringing up a costumer that had just brought a new cell phone and couldn’t quite understand what he was doing. A near by employee sensed that because of caine’s length of time being employed that he might of needed some help. “this…is how you do it” the female employee said. Caine stared at her and finished with the costumers “your welcome” the female employee said before walking away. Caine didn’t really care about her name but he did want to put on an act just to stay employed so he went to her station and introduced himself properly. “im sorry ma’am im Cannan Burose and im new here as you can tell…thanks for helping me and you are?’ She smiled and nodded her head. “its cool im lauren and anything you need help with you can just ask don’t have to hesitate” She flashed caine a warm smile reassuring him.

Caine nodded his head not really interested in her help at all and walked back over to his station. He took out his new phone and played around with it. He was amazed by the electronic and couldn’t help but to figure it out. Its been a while since he’d have something so nice and to have an iphone4s was huge to him. More costumers came in and he looked at his manager that was on shift who gave him confirmination to assist the customers. By this time Caine was ready to leave work and attend to his regular duties which was doing absolutely nothing. Its not the fact that he didn’t want to do nothing its just the fact he didn’t have anyone to do anything thing with or no where to go. Caine had nothing to claim except his body, soul, and mind if that. Meanwhile, Lauren admired caine and his etiquette with the customers from a distance. It made her smile on the inside to have another great employee on their team. The cool thing at the job was that in their Bluetooth they got to talk to whoever they want or listen to music. Of course Caine couldn’t get away with that just yet. Lauren took her phone out and decided to brag about her new co-worker to her cousin Zoey or Zoe to some. “so…theres this lil cutie in here working J” - “whoopy tooy do! b****” Zoe replied. Lauren laughed at the message she received and proceeded with her conversation with her long lost cousin whom she just reunited with a few months ago. “girl if I didn’t want to seem stalker-ish I’d send you a picture of him lol” Lauren send. “smh that’s a damn shame!” Zoey replied instantly.

Lauren wanted to take a picture of caine really badly to show him off but like she told Zoey she didn’t want to seem like a freak. So instead she studied him and wondered her eyes around him trying to capture his features from a far. “well… he’s light skin, tall, a nice smile, look like he got freckles a lil, low ceaser cut no waves lol and umm… he looks mean when he not smiling but lets not forget fine as f***”. Zoey sat in her room shaking her head at the message she received. She knew that her cousin could be extra at times when the situation wasn’t that serious. Zoey read the message over and over and tried to create her own canvas painting in her head of whom this nigga may have been and it was one dude that came across her mind. “If my mind wasn’t playing tricks on me I’d think you were talking about Cannan Burose I had a crush on that nigga in high school” Zoey replied to their conversation via text message. Lauren prop her elbows on her desk in front of her computer looking at her phone when an incoming message came. She thought for a moment and then replied. “Cannon? that’s what the dude said he’s name was …Cannon Burose YUP! that’s him lol” She quickly replied.

Zoey was stunned because she hadn’t talked or seen this nigga in about 5 years. Zoey went to school but didn’t finish. She wasn’t really feeling school like she thought and don’t dare try to judge her. School wasn’t for everyone and that’s a popular quote that stuck with her. “wow…” she replied with a instant reply by lauren. “that’s all you got to say? You still like him?” This caused Zoey to laugh [center]because how could she possibly liked someone she hadn’t seen in forever. “look b**** I haven’t seen the nigga in forever just tell him who I am and give him my number okay?” , “oooo… I know what u trying to do but okay, what u doing later?”, “ thanks but nothing…”, “drinks?” Zoey rolled her eyes not really interested but thought why not she didn’t really have nothing else planned anyway. “ok…why not” , “okay! Call you at 10”. With that Zoey left her phone unattended and hopped into the shower to finish up her daily duties.

Caine sat in the break room and finished eating someone’s sandwich that they left in the microwave. He was starving and made sure that no one was watching until Lauren came in and caught him off guard causing him to jump. “sneaky aren’t we?” Lauren laughed which wasn’t at all amusing to Caine. “Cannon isn’t it?” Lauren chimed in before he could even answer her first statement. “Its not cannon its cannan” he corrected her. “cannon, cannan whats the difference?” Lauren stated confused. “the difference is that you will call me Caine and s*** else understood?” Caine blunted retorted. “woahh… okay then, anyway im Zoey’s cousin and she wanted me to give you her number…” Lauren got straight to the point. Caine screwed his face confusedly unsure who she was talking about. “she said you and her went to high school together and yall haven’t heard from each other in a while…but that she wanted you to have her number and If I were you I’d use it she’s a hottie” Lauren winked at the last comment. “uhh…. Zoey..zoeeyyyy” Caine tried to remind himself. He was definitely someone who forgot things quickly. I guess you can blame that on the weed and all the other things he liked. “she’s brown skin, pretty, look like a lil tom boy” Lauren tried to help. Caine actually chuckled and knew exactly who she was talking about at that moment. Lauren gave him zoey’s number and went about her business leaving Caine where she found him. Caine clocked out and walked out of the store happier then ever even though his facial expressions showed it. He walked the streets until he made it all the way to the place he called home which was outside of a shelter called “Hope” there they tried to encourage the homeless that there was always hope no matter what. Caine didn’t believe in that bulls*** and just used the place for a place to rest his head and with this new job as long as he got in line by 5pm everyday he was sure enough to get a room. If not, then outside he was, but it wasn’t like he wasn’t used to that either. This was who he was and he was fine with that.


im mad you silent read :/ but i have another story on a different board! I don't know... silent reading is really discouraging so I don't know if people are enjoyin the other I have now but its okay! Might not finish it


im glad you read and enjoyed the story! :)

OMG...I have been silently reading this story. WOW is all i can say about this story. I got my favorite stories on here, but this i must say is one of them. I loved the complexity of Cain and Zoey's toxic yet addicting it was. i just loved how neither one was mentally stable in some way. It brought a new dynamic in the relationship. I love the role faith played in the story and the fact that Cain got saved at the end. I figured he sold his soul to the devil. Makes the whole story have another meaning. AGAIN I LOVE THIS STORY. Please write another one...i like the idea of a story about Caiden growing up..and Miracle :)

Noo :(
Ok well looks like I gota make a new account

Noo :(
Ok well looks like I gota make a new account

I have a story that I have on a different board but I won't post it on here lol 2 many sleeping on me

Aww man well true I don't wanna be left with more curiosity plus it was a good ending great story overall :D
You should post the other story here too ??

run it

i wont finish if i start and I don't want to do that lol!
I like that i have you wondering *muuuhahahahaha* lol

part two! caiden grown up and off to find her a boo
i wanna see what type of person she becomes with a bipolar mom and tramuaize father!
pleeeaaaassssseeeeee with a cherry on top

:) thank you!
n lmao nobody liked alexis lol even on the other board i posted on lol!
Welp lol hopefully she'll get saved 2 lmao

Noooooooooooo!!!! I'm so sad that you ended this :( I didn't want to read these last post because reading it makes it real. Well I guess all good things come to an end but whyyyyyyyy! Love this story! Thank you so much for writing it. Ugh I'm so happy everyone is ok... I thought Caine was going to die because he said his goodbyes. Bow Wow mother and the sick f*** little sister was behind it all smh I just knew it was Alexis' b**** ass. I'm glad she saved the day, but I still don't like her. I like how at first Caine was all against God and now he wants to get saved :) Omg again I loved this story!!! His untold stories were sad like that sick ass old man molesting him I wanted to jump through my phone and into the flashback to beat his ass ugh!!!! I'm so sad this is over....

Well at least I got Loud to look toward to reading... I'll be reading that sometime this week :)

lol they will live a good life now lol Caine was f***ing with the devil lol thats why

yeah i remember the evil sister i just forgot her name
i cant believe she teamed up with her step- aunt
dam alexis just got away with murder! but she did save their lives so ill let her slide
i just hope poor lil caiden dont get traumaize!

thank you for your kind words :)
and candace is caine's lil. sister. If you go back to chapter 12 or sumwhere around there I think there's a chapter that takes you back to his past and thats when's she's first introduced.

But I'm glad you enjoyed the story and yes Alexis really loved him lol. She is just crazy with showing it

omgosh i freaked out when i saw that it ended! i was like noo theres much more
of course you posted long lenghty adds and dam you really are great writer! the way you plotted everything out like that ishh was unexpected! who would have thought shad mom would kill her own nefew?? and who is candance? she sounds familiar but who?
i cant believe she was really gona kill caiden ugh
im so glad alexis came (didn't think i would say that)
but how dam she must realy like caine.
and she actually got rid of everyone who was screwing with their happiness (trigga, Ty, Tersea)
im still in shock of that unexpected scene and ending actually i should be expecting any unexpected things! you are really good at that!
i swear you should have had more readers! this story is just attention grabbing!
as for Nick and kiely im so glad Miracle survived! im glad nick decided to stay for his son bc in the end they can't fight everyone else's battle
i love this story!
man i wish thier was like a part two....
gonna definalty read the other story you have posted
the last add of Caine was a great one to include
i now understand his pov more
and i like your morals
im not really religous but that really hit my heart
<3 this story! and thank you so much for taking the time to finish it :)

<cite> Sugar Caine: The Untold Secrets of Cannan Burose

Fumbling, tossing and turning I awoke from my sleep drenched in my own sweat. What time is it? I thought to myself and then checked my alarm clock that read 5:11 am. Oh, my God, I have to be at school in 2 hours and I don’t feel myself going back to sleep. I looked at my batman painted ceiling and thought about the crazy dream I had. Why was I dreaming about this boy? I wasn’t supposed to like boys but yet this same boy from my class continued to pop up in my dreams. I overheard my mom talking which I hope was only in her sleep. What was she doing up at 5:13 in the morning? I asked myself that question, but I guess waking up from a nightmare could be my answer. What could a thirteen-year-old boy know anything about love? Not only did I wake up in my sweat, I noticed my friend hanging out freely. What’s he doing up? Everyone seems to be not getting any sleep I guess. I tried tucking him back to bed but he stood up again refusing my request. I sighed and examined him with light from my night light. Since he didn’t want to lie down, I guess I’d have to play with him in order for him to go back to sleep. I took my friend in my hand and moved it in an upward and downward motion. A rush came over my body that I quite enjoyed so I continued to play. We were starting to have fun so I went faster. Why am I breathing hard now? Why has my heartbeat increased? Well duh I chuckled at my thoughts. I was racing… ready to finish. I filled my room with my voice as I felt the warmth on my stomach. He always made a mess that I had to clean up for him, but this time I had to be very quiet or I’d get in a lot of trouble. I hopped out of bed and opened my door quietly. I tiptoed to the bathroom, grabbed some tissue, and wiped my stomach off. I hurried back in my room and looked at my alarm clock that read 5:18am. I rolled over and hoped to get at least two more hours of sleep.
I woke up to my door being closed and noticed my dad at the foot of my bed. “Morning Dad,” I greeted while wiping the crust out of my eyes. Damn-it I thought. I was tired and it was ready for me to go to school. I silently prayed now that God would give me the strength to get up. “Cannan you think I’m slow?” my dad spoke. I felt the wrinkles in my forehead create, confused as to what his statement meant. “Boy I know what you did this morning and right now you’re going to get it,” he remarked. I swallowed a lump of spit larger than my heart and felt as if I stopped breathing. I didn’t like the tone in my dad’s voice or the way he demanded that I was going to get exactly what I thought- pain. “I thought you said last ti-ti-time was the last time,” I stuttered frightened. “Turn around,” he ordered. “But da- My words stop flowing when a stinging sensation came across my face. He punched me and tossed me around aggressively as he entered in me. This wasn’t the first time I was molested by my dad and it was sad to say that I grew accustom to the way it feels. I winched in pain because I thought that this phase was over, but apparently, it wasn’t. I could feel him as he breathed heavily. Where’s my mom? Why does she never come to rescue me? “Boy you getting the hang of this aren’t you,” he chuckled and went faster. I closed my eyes as tears fell. Oh No.. I can’t have him see because he’d only go harder. I wasn’t getting the hang of this nor did I like it. I didn’t want to admit that it felt good or that I enjoyed it because it wasn’t right. God was going to hate me and I didn’t want him hating me. After a few more minutes, my dad stopped and grabbed my face. “You keep your mouth shut you understand?” he sternly spoke. I looked at him and then nodded my head even though I was sick of this s***.

One day I actually collected my balls that I left lying around and stood up for myself. Of course, my dad didn’t like that but I didn’t care anymore. I had a “sister” who was pure evil, a mom who pretended not to give a s***, and a dad who only worried about busting nuts inside my worn out ass. I didn’t like that and I didn’t want that life anymore. I went to school not knowing whether to be attracted to the girls or the guys. Some days I caught myself looking in areas that I shouldn’t and I hated feeling like that. That’s not who I was supposed to be or who I wanted to be. The day I put my foot down everything changed. My family no longer treated me like I was a part of the family or as if I existed. Candace was the center of attention and if I stole the spot light then I would be in trouble. I woke up one day with her over my boy and she spoke demonically asking me to join her and “come with us”. I didn’t know what that meant and I damn sure wasn’t about to go anywhere with this girl. Before I could scream for help she choked me and tried killing me. I knew that after that I had to get away I no longer wanted to be with them. I ran away three times and was threatened to die if I didn’t come back. School was the only place I felt safe because I had a few girls who loved to flirt with me I even had a few suck my d*** and I was a class clown, so everyone found me funny. At school, I was the center of attention just how I wished I was at home.

The day I came home with a hickey on my neck was the day I got kicked out. It was right before graduation and both of my parents said they weren’t going to come. That night I made sure I had everything I needed to walk across the stage. Zoey Davis approached me at the end of the ceremony, congratulated me, and wished me luck. Who knew near four years later I would get in touch with her again. I was a bad boy; I was no longer someone who might have appeared to be a happy person in some people’s eyes. I was ruthless, homeless, a coke addict, and I truly didn’t give a f***. I was introduced to coke by this girl name Alexis for the first time and didn’t really care for it until I was later on my own and was re-introduced from this crack head who stayed at the same shelter I did. I got myself a job for once and thought I was going to be able to keep it, but I honestly hated it. I didn’t like helping people because what did I need to help them for? No one ever wanted to help me out. There I met Zoey’s cousin and grabbed her number. At first I wasn’t going to hit her up, but boredom changed my mind. I’m glad I picked up the phone because she soon took my virginity and became my girl. I f***ed around and cheated on her while we were together because I didn’t really too much believe s*** she was saying to me. I wasn’t on that lovey dovey s*** she was on nor did I really believe she was in love with me like she claimed. We were complete opposites and often argued, she brought out the worst in me, and I decided to hit her. I didn’t know what was going on in my head at the time because I probably was high, but she made me mad and I wanted her feel how mad she made me. I wanted to be in control of her, she was my property, and if I didn’t make that clear beating her ass was going to make her fear me. I loved it so I didn’t stop after the first time, I continued to hit her and hit her whenever I felt like it because I had it like that. She was mine and I could do whatever the f*** I wanted to. The sex however was always good. But, I still didn’t believe she loved me, so I started to pretend that I loved her back just so she could stop being so worrisome, but then she pissed me off again and I just told her the truth.
You see, there were many things going on in my head and Zoey just didn’t understand. I thought that by making a deal with the devil I’d become rich and I would no longer be homeless. However, they didn’t like Zoey at all. They talked to me all the time on when to beat the f*** out of her and don’t stop until she was dead, but there was always a part of me that felt bad and I could never do it. When I started falling for her for real that’s when things got worst. I attempted suicide many times because I no longer wanted to have the deal with the devil, but God wasn’t doing s*** for me either so I was confused. Zoey on the other hand didn’t like God either so I was drawn to her by that. I secretly loved that about her until she started finding faith in him. I didn’t want her to do that s*** because she was supposed to be mine and not his. I wanted to control her life not God. I had everything planned out for us and not him. The day Zoey had a seizure I felt like it was me that caused it because my deal with the devil. I didn’t want that s*** anymore because it wasn’t worth it I didn’t want to lose her and at that point I REALLY loved her because of Zoey. Later, I started struggling with not knowing who I am. God was mad at me and the Devil was to. Therefore, he sent me on a mission to get Zoey pregnant and I passed. Then I had to sacrifice her in order to be fulfilled with everything he promised me. I then saw how she loved me so much. I never felt love before until I looked into Caiden’s eyes. When she got taken away from me I felt horrible. I definitely didn’t want the devil taking her away from me then so I wanted out. I got into some other s*** to make fast money since I didn’t want to do anything to do with the devil anymore. I was going to end up dead eventually if these untold secrets weren’t revealed

a/n: I hope that lil teaser put a lot of things together for you as you look back on the story! I appreciate your time! Thanks!

<cite>Chapter 43: Miracle</cite>

“HURRY!” Kiely yelled as Nick sped to the hospital. “I’M HURRYING BABY! I CAN’T DRIVE ANY FASTER OR WE’LL CRASH,” he yelled back. Kiely gripped her seatbelt as she felt the escurciating pain for her 5 minute apart contractions. Nick drove as quick as he good to get her to the hospital and prayed that this was just a false alarm because they still had almost three more months to go until she was due. “Sick and sick and sick and sick and sick of this s***!” Caine spoke aloud to himself as he continued driving. Caine took his phone out and then dialed Zoey’s number quickly and repeated his actions several times with no answer. “f***!” he yelled at him. He hated himself because if it wasn’t for him and his crazy lifestyle then he’s <cite>life</cite> would be safe. They were his life. Nick pulled up to the hospital Emergency side and quickly took her inside and then quickly moved his car to park. He grabbed her over night bag just in-case and ran as fast as he could back inside. “Baby? Have you told them?” he asked Kiely as she exhaled in and out quickly. “EXCUSE ME! I THINK MY WIFE IS ABOUT TO HAVE A BABY!” he yelled. The nurse responded quickly and fetched Kiely a wheelchair while some others ran to get a doctor. “Okay I need you to stay here while I take her up here to the labor floor. Someone will be back to notify you on what’s going on,” she instructed. “But I’m her fiancé why can’t I come?” he wondered. “Sir it’s just procedures excuse us,” she began rolling her away. “I’LL BE RIGHT THERE BABY!” he spoke loudly as she rolled Kiely away. “Please….I’ll give you all I have now,” a teary-eyed Caine spoke. “Sorry we accept cash only,” the employee told him. Caine bit his lip as tears started to roll down his face. “Would you take nose candy?” he asked. The guy from behind the glass looked at Caine and chuckled finding him very amusing. “Son gone on and get out of here now,” he laughed some more. “My girl and child are in danger and I need whatever you’ll let me have to protect them.. p-lease,” he cooed he said wiping his face. “Sir I’d beg you until Jesus came back, but unfortunately my time is limited right now,” he pleaded again. The employee looked at Caine and sighed and then pulled out <a href="">a revolver </a> and handed it to him in exchange for all of the cocaine Caine had. “Good for Russian roulette right?” he chuckled and left and hopped in his car to zoom off. Nick sat in the waiting room sweating anxious to know what was going on with Kiely. He took his phone out and decided to call Caine. “Hello?” he answered after the fourth ring. “Yo! Kiely in the hospital,” he informed. “Bro don’t tell me that,” Caine shook his head not wanting to believe it. “I’m serious her water broke when I came back from Zoey place,” he mentioned. Caine took a deep sigh and continued driving “I’m so sorry man…I swear all of this Is about to be over. You and everybody’s worries will be free. All this bulls*** going on got my life missing and now Kiely about to give birth to a baby because of the f***ing stress on yall. Yall can’t even plan s*** for yall future without MY s*** IN THE WAY!” he grew mad. “Caine just calm down everything is going to be fine,” Nick tried to be positive. “f*** THAT NICK YOU KNOW IT’S MY FAULT YOU f***ING KNOW IT,” he yelled while growing more angry than before. Nick quickly walked out of the hospital after getting a few stare downs from the staff. “Listen to me bruh. EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT DO YOU HEAR ME?” he stressed. Caine shook his head not agreeing at all. “It’s too late…” he lowered his voice. “Caine quit talking crazy!” Nick snapped. “Nick I know you’re sick and tired of me, but I need you to look after them. Take care of them for me…. Do that for me,” he instructed. “Caine….you know I got your back,” Nick replied. “Thanks always been there for me. I never even thought I could ever find a friend. But keep Kiely happy like you been doing don’t be a f***ed up individual like me man. I’m proud of who you are and what kind of person you are. Matter of fact I look up to yo ass because you are a f***ing man bro! Don’t ever change dat s*** Nick. Never. Just know I know love all of yall to death and I wish I could go back and change everything but I can’t. Oh and make sure those niggas don’t hurt my lil girl either. Iight? Take care of them Nick. I’m counting on you,” Caine requested. Nick shook his head as a few tears fell from his eyes listening to how sick his friend was and there was nothing he could do to help him. “You don’t have to do this. Not like this,” he cleared his throat. Caine sighed and looked at the phone and then put it back to his ear. “Do what I said….don’t worry about me,” he said hanging up his phone followed by powering it off. Nick look at his phone and called him back twice and noticed that he was getting sent straight to voicemail. Nick shook his head while staring at the ground as tears hit his face once more. What was he to do? Leave his fiancée who was about to go into premature labor or help his best friend who was able to abolish his life? He was stuck and mostly hurt.

Caine sped up as night started falling and decided to stop and get everything over with. He hoped out the car while grabbing the gun and stood in front of the street light so he could see the gun. He took all the bullets out except one and put the rest in his pockets. Caine took a deep breath and c**ked the gun getting ready to end everything once and for all. He knew that Zoey would hate him and he also knew that God wouldn’t forgive him. He always knew that God wasn’t too found of all his decisions anyway. He felt it was only right to just put himself where he had been along which was hell. Caine slowly put the gun to head and bit his lip as tears traveled from his eyes to the bottom of his chin. This was it..he thought. “God… we tried this before so…let this be a winner,” his shaky voice stated.

<cite>Caine sat on the couch rocking back and forth. “what’s wrong?” Zoey asked concerned. “just leave me alone Zoey…” he stated. “No I wanna know what’s wrong with you” She wouldn’t give up. “the voices” he replied softly. Zoey screwed her face in confusion. “what voices Caine?” she searched his face. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” He screamed getting up and throwing things. Zoey jumped as she was frightened by his actions. “THEY WON’T SHUT UP! THESE VOICES IN MY HEAD…” Caine blurted.</cite>
<cite> Zoey didn’t hear from Caine and decided to check on him. She walked to her room and didn’t see him then walked in the bathroom to see an unresponsive Caine over the tub. “CAINE!!” She panicked. Zoey grabbed his body and laid him on the floor making his face more wet with her tears. Zoey shook her head back and forth crying and begging for him to wake up.</cite>
<cite> Caine gripped her cheeks tightly together making her face him. “Keep crying and Ima give your a** something to cry about. I know your mom use to tell you that well right now I’m daddy and you do what the f**k I tell you to do.” He ordered. Zoey sniffed and stared at him and saw someone she had seen before, but hated coming in contact with him. This person he became was furious and cruel. Zoey thought the more she stayed around the more her life was at risk. Caine took Zoey’s shirt and ripped it leaving her with her bra on. Zoey bit down on her lip trying to manage her tears from escaping. Caine grabbed Zoey’s phone and went to the camera and pressed record. “Tell the camera something baby” He laughed and waved it in front of her face. Zoey sniffed some more and let a tear escape feeling it land in her ear. “You know baby….” He pulled her pajama shorts and panties to the side and stuck two fingers inside of her. Zoey scooted back a little resisting him, but he went deeper. “Ima miss this P***y the most…” He finished. “Please stop Caine…” She pleaded. Caine ended the video and put her phone on the dresser the opened it. He reached in and took out the gun he hid in there and c**ked it. Zoey watched the gun aiming at her and stopped crying. She started preparing herself to burn in hell because she knew that’s where she’d go. “Do it… go ahead and pull the trigger” She challenged him. “SHUT UP!” he sternly said as he fought back tears. “YOU HATE ME SO DO IT…. KILL ME CAINE!” She challenged him some more. Caine aimed the gun and stared at Zoey on the bed. His heart raced rapidly as his palms became sweaty. “Any last words?” He questioned. Zoey looked at him and swallowed hard. “After all of this… I still love you” She stated truthfully. Zoey closed her eyes waiting for him to kill her. Caine turned the gun on himself and shot himself in the stomach. Zoey opened her eyes quickly and screamed as her heart jumped. She saw Caine lying on the floor and cried. “CANNAN!!!” She screamed.</cite>

Caine bit his lips as he mind wondered and then pulled the trigger to hear a click. Caine began panting as he amost felt his life flash in front of him. He tried pulling the trigger two more times but it wouldn’t budge. Dropping to his knees Caine cried like a sailor unaware of what was next for him in his life. Wondering why God gave him so many chances. He knew he was far from perfect and wanted to be at peace but he knew he had a lot of cleaning up to do, but didn’t have the time to. “I need you to stay with her and comfort her because she’s going to be ready to have this baby in about an hour,” the nurse informed and walked out the door. Nick swallowed hard and looked over at Kiely.”Babe your going to do great okay? Don’t worry…I know your scared and I am to, but were going to make it through the storm,” he reassured her. “Wh-eres Zoey and Caiden?” she asked. “I don’t know baby that got all of that working out right now okay? They will be fine,” he said while thinking about how he needed to be strong for her. Moments later, the nurse soon put Nick out so that she could give Kiely the apiderual . “Okay…you’re 9 cm dialted and so we will start in about the next 30 minutes okay? So lets make sure everything is going alright so far,” the nurse said while rubbing the jelly on her tummy. “Okay we’re going to be looking to see how he’s doing here,” she remarked. “I wan- my mommy,” Caiden whined. “Shhhhh….” The female voice spoke. Zoey heard the familiar voice but couldn’t put a face to It and just wanted to hurry and get out of the vehicle and get to her daughter. Caine pulled up to the next destination and walked <a href="">inside</a> and looked around. “We need to do an emergency C-section because the umbilical cord is wrapped around him and his heart rate is failing,” she announced. “Oh my God.” Tears immediately fell down from her face. Not only was he so little, but he wasn’t getting the oxygen flow that he needed because he was being choked by the cord. The nurse walked out of the room and got her doctor and informed Nick as well. The only thing he did was start praying for everyone. He needed God more than ever before right now to just cure everyone’s pain and bless everyone. Caine walked up to the pole and saw another note that read

Follow the trail like Jack and Jill

Caine put the revolver in his waist and made sure he took the safety off and followed what seemed to look cheerios on the floor. Zoey felt the car come to a stop and looked wondered where she was. She heard footsteps come around and swing the back doors open. She saw someone who had on a black ski mask and quickly blind folded her. “Nooooo,” Zoey cried out and quickly felt tape being put on her mouth. Now not only could she not see, but she also couldn’t speak. “Mommy,” Caiden called making Zoey’s heart drop. “Thank you,” Caiden said softly receiving a lollypop from the lady. “Can- open it,” she shook the lollypop up and down. The mysterious lady took the lollipop and opened it for Caiden and gave it back. She grabbed her hand and walked with her inside. “You try and resist me and I’ll shoot your brains out,” he threatened in Zoey’s ear. Tears rolled down her blindfold while taking little steps forward due to her feet being bond along with her hands. Caine continued following until he got into a dark room with a chair in the center. “REMOVE THE GUN!” someone spoke loudly while Caine looked around. “REMOVE IT NOW!” They shout over a loud speaker once again. Caine took the gun out and slid it across the room. “Sit in the chair and wait, You make any sudden movements and your gone,” the disguised voice spoke. “What if I don’t want to sit down?” Caine challenged. He waited for someone to reply and then soon heard footsteps and headed to the entrance of the room and heard what sounded like Caiden. “CAIDEN!” he cried out and started to run, but heard what sounded like a gun being c**ked and turned around and saw Candace. “Ca-Candace?” Caine screwed his face in confusion. “Sit in the chair NOW!” Caine chuckled a bit “How di- Candace took the gun he slid across the room earlier and shot at the ceiling. “IM NOT HERE FOR GAMES NOW SIT YOUR f***ING ASS IN THAT CHAIR OR I WILL KILL YOU!” she demanded. Caine took a good look at her and then headed to the seat and then sat down and heard a beep go off and noticed it was bomb. “I have 20 minutes to talk until you are no longer alive,” she laughed and walked in front of him. “Baby everything is going to be fine,” he encouraged Kiely as looked at him. “Alright we’re about to get ready,” The doctor informed. “What do you want from me?” he asked Candance. “I want you to know that you could have done a lot better oh and Caiden she a lil cutie,” she stated. Caine got up from the seat and she fired shooting him in the arm as he hit the ground. “AHhhh…” he winched in pain. “Daaaaa?” Caiden walked in with the lady and man. Zoey heard Caiden and thought Caine? She wished she could see everything that was going on so badly, but she didn’t want to disobey the rules and end up dead. “Give me the gun Candace,” the lady spoke. Candace handed over the gun to her and then took Caiden’s hand and went and took her to the side to play. Caine looked up and then saw the lady reveal <a href="">her</a> mask. Caine screwed his face confused as to why she was here. “Why are you doing this?” he asked. Teresa chuckled and then walked over to Caine and kicked him as hard as she could. “You are a pathetic little piece of s*** do you know that? You know my sister wasn’t s*** either,” she talked. “WHY THE f*** ARE YOU DOING THIS? I DIDN’T DO s*** TO YOU!” Caine grew furious as he watched Zoey stumble in. “Zo-ey and Caiden?” he struggled to look up. “LET THEM GO!” he screamed while he could hear Zoey trying to say things through the tape. “DAAAAA,” Caiden began crying. “DON’T TOUCH THEM!” He yelled while Teresa kicked him again. “SHUT THE f*** UP YOU c***!” she barked causing Caine to winch in pain again. Zoey had tears stream down her face hearing everything that was going on and couldn’t understand why. “WHAT IS IT THAT YOU WANT?” Caine didn’t understand. “I’m taking you out because you is what matters most to her,” she pointed to Zoey. The guy that held Zoey removed her blind fold and continued to hold her tight. “CAIDEN BE QUIET!” Teresa yelled at her. Caiden fell to the floor and started a tantrum as she watched her parents in a situation she knew wasn’t good. She was smart enough to sense that and all she wanted was her mommy and daddy. “Hey you wanna play a game?” Candace asked her. “NOOOOO I WAN- PLAY GAME! I WAN MOMMY AND DADDY!” she whined and cried some more. “Give me a minute with her…please,” Caine begged. “You think I’m that stupid? HUH?” she yelled. “What are you doing this for… my da-ughter needs me,” Caine began crying as he heard Caiden scream as if she was in pain just like him. “THAT b**** TOOK MY SON FROM ME. HE’D STILL BE HERE IF IT WASN’T FOR THAT b**** SO NOW I’M TAKING WHAT MATTERS MOST TO HER!” she confessed. Zoey tried getting out of the man’s grip as tears continued to fall from her eyes, but he only held her tighter. “THAT b**** WILL WATCH YOU AND CAIDEN DIE,” she remarked. Caine took his legs and made her fall over as he tried to get up, but the guy with Zoey quickly came over and helped her up before he could get her. “YOU SON OF A b****!” Teresa screamed pistol whipping Caine sending him back on the floor. “Now…I think I’ll kill this petty little b**** first,” she headed toward Caiden. “Candace finish him off,” she instructed and then walked over to Caine. Kiely took Nick’s hand and squeezed it as tightly as she could. Nick kissed her hand and then kissed her forehead. “You’re going to do great baby,” he whispered in her ear. The doctors and nurses got everything ready and began cutting Kiely and soon grabbed the baby out and released the umbilical cord from around his neck and went to go clean him off and get all of the mucus out of his nose and heard a cry. “OH MY GOODDD….” Kiely began crying. Nick looked up and thanked God and continued stop thanking him. The nurses and doctors smiled and passed over their 3lb baby. “He’s so beautiful….” She stated while holding him. “We made it babe,” Nick said kissing her forehead. “What will his name be?” the nurse asked. Kiely looked at Nick and Nick looked up to God and couldn’t think of anything other than “Miracle..” he reported. Kiely smiled and kissed her baby’s forehead. “I believe that even though he’s premature he will make it because he already made it this far and if It wasn’t for him being a miracle I don’t know if we would have had a child,” he stated. “Very true.. Congrats to you guys,” the nurse said. Nick took him and held him and soon had to give him back to the nurse so he could be taken off for special care because he was premature. “Nick I love you. Such a strong man,” Kiely told him. “And I love you because you are such a strong woman. I wouldn’t and couldn’t live another day without you. You and Miracle are my world and I mean that,” he informed as he wiped her happy tears.

Zoey brought her head forward and whipped it back really fast causing the man to scream out. She hopped quickly over to where Teresa was. “ZOEY!” Caine screamed and quickly knocked the gun out of Candace hands and shot the dude that was with Zoey and limped quickly over to where Teresa was and hopped in front of the bullet that she fired. Teresa walked over to Caiden while Caine looked up and lifted his gun almost losing conscious from the blood he was losing. Zoey nudged Caine to help her get unbounded but he didn’t even feel it as his body was starting to numb. “So bye bye Caiden!” Teresa laughed. “DROP THE GUN!” <a href="">she</a> walked in. Teresa looked up and laughed “Who the f*** are Candace get her,” she demanded. Alexis pointed her gun toward Candace and then back at her. “Put your gun down now,” she instructed. Caine fell back and went unconscious as the gun stayed in his hand. Teresa looked over at Candace who got the hint and Alexis was too smart and caught it. She looked over at the dead man and then back over at the two of them. “So is that what you want? You want to be a child murderer?” Alexis questioned her. Zoey looked over at Alexis and didn’t know what to think as she tried her hardest to let loose from the cables that tied her up. Teresa looked at her and chuckled. “And are you suppose to a hero?” she inquired. Alexis laughed “I just came here to get my money…and right now. You’re interfering with my time,” she remarked. “b**** you have two seconds to get out of here,” Teresa warned. “Or what?” Alexis challenged. Zoey look over at Caine unresponsive and started getting so upset she wasn’t about to do s***. Candace tried moving and that when Alexis fired and shot Teresa in the head and then shot Candace. Alexis quickly ran over to Zoey and unbond her and helped her up. Zoey got up and ran to Caiden and hugged her tightly as tears streamed down her face. Alexis looked at Caine and then called 911 for an ambulance to come and get him. “Hey… he’s going to be alright,” She said getting Zoey’s attention and begin walking off. “Wh-Where you going?” Zoey asked with fear someone else would get them. “ job here is done. Ambulance is on there way but until then.. you need to put pressure on that wound he already lost a lot of blood,” she said while walking out. Zoey ran over to Caine and put pressure on the wound and held Caiden close to her. “Caine… please don’t leave me,” she cried. Caiden looked down on her father confused and hurt and didn’t know what was going on. Soon the paramedics arrived and revived Caine and lifted him on the stretcher and took Zoey and Caiden with them in the back of the ambulance. “Mommy I wan- fru snacks,” Caiden looked at her during the ride. Zoey nodded her head and wiped her tears while Caiden laid on her chest. The dispatcher in the back wrapped Caiden up and gave her some fruit snacks and a juice to snack on while they rushed to the hospital. Caine fluttered his eyes open and close for a second and looked over at Zoey who was the love of his life from the very first time he saw her even when he was in denial. Nothing was going to change that he loved her. “Zo-ey…” he spoke softly. Zoey looked over at Caine and smiled and was happy to see him. “Shh babe you’re going to be ok,” she told him. “I want to be saved,” he cooed as tears fell down his face. “Alexis saved us baby… can you believe that? We hated her and she saved our lives,” Tears formed once again in her eyes. “I wa-nt to be saved by God,” Caine cooed again. Zoey bit her lip and closed her eyes as she nodded her head causing her tears to dance and prance down her cheeks. “He will save you…just like he saved me,” she cooed back and kissed his hand.

The End.

Lessons that can be taken away from this story:

Faith: Keep all faith in God and never doubt what he can do. The devil only comes into lives of those who feel doubt within their relationship with God. The devil tried to knock down Zoey and Caine’s relationship no matter what type of happiness they had. But, because they didn’t pray together ALL the time it reflected how much faith they had. Sometimes God will use the devil to test you only to test your faith. The devil was once an angel and he was sent on a task to test Job’s faith. Even though it may sound cliché but it is true when they say that God may not show up when you want him but he’s always on time. He didn’t show up into Caine and Zoey’s relationship until the very end when they both realized that they were nothing without him. Even though they never thanked him it was the acknowledgement that God can save lives was the turning point. No matter what happens remember that there is no mountain you can’t climb and there is nothing harder for God. He wouldn’t give you anything that you can’t handle. All the addictions that Caine had could have been cured, but he didn’t get over it because he was too busy trying to fight his own battles in life and same for Zoey. God doesn’t like when people tries to do his job. Let God fight your battles and everything will be okay. Kiely and Nick in this story was an example of how God works. Although they wanted to give up many times they continued to stay in the RIGHT mind and give all thanks back to God. In the end God rewarded them with a healthy baby because during the storm they STILL praised God and they STILL never lost TRUST IN HIM!

Patience: Nick and Kiely didn’t give up no matter what which displayed a lot of patience they had with one another. Lauren wasn’t patient and was steady forcing a relationship with Zoey which didn’t end up working out because you can’t force things that can’t mend together on its own. Tyga wasn’t patient with Zoey and was very aggressive to have something with Zoey that wasn’t mean’t to be.

Trust: in the end. Always watch who you trust because everyone doesn’t have good intentions. Caine couldn’t trust Alexis and neither could Ty or Trigga. Zoey couldn’t even trust Caine, ty, or Trigga. Analyze your circle and the company you keep.

a/n: thank you to my faithful 2 who stayed with me throughout the whole story and didn't give up reading. It took hard work trying to get this story finished and I thank you guys for not silent reading and giving this story a chance. I am happy with the ending and the overall story. So with that being said I have a lil treat coming!

<cite>Chapter 42: Time's Up </cite>

“Let’s go,” Alexis said shutting off her surveillance. “Where we going?” her boyfriend asked. “I don’t know but we have to get on the move now,” she told him. “Wow…and you couldn’t tell me that when I asked you in the hospital who did that to you? WHY WOULD YOU KEEP THAT FROM ME?” Zoey grew angry. “Because I didn’t want you going to go and try to be ‘bout that life’ and get hurt Zoey. I’m a man and I can handle it. I don’t need you out here dying over f***ed up s*** that I caused. Not you. You need to remain safe at all times because you’re Caiden’s mom. She needs you,” he told her. “No! WRONG!” she shouted. “She needs US!,” she corrected him. Caine sighed deeply and walked up to her and grabbed her face making sure her eyes met his. “I know that and I’m going to do everything in my will to be here for you both. Don’t be mad at me please,” he stared in her eyes. “I’m glad you’re staring at me because I’m about to beat the f***ing breaks off Alexis ass …..AGAIN!” she yelled. “You think you’ll ever marry me if I proposed….again?” he switched subjects. “Really?” she laughed. “Hell no Caine you are not fit for marriage. You’re first proposal should have been the only proposal…not three times,” she stated. “I was just asking. I understand you don’t have to marry me as long as I have you now that’s all that matters,” he spoke from the heart. “Caine…stop trying to switch things because right now I wanna f*** that b**** up,” Zoey stated. “Babe I know but I’m alright now,” he responded. “NOW! But that cruel evil b**** tried to kill you and she probably killed Trigga to unless it was Ty stalking ass,” Zoey shook her head repeatedly. “I understand that the beast is on the lose and I just want you to stay out of it because I have it under control,” he told her. “Yeah you had it under control when she shot you Caine?” she questioned while searching for his answers. Caine grabbed her face and brought her into a passionate kiss. He didn’t want her stressing over the whole Alexis situation even though he knew it was far too late for that. “I put through you so f***ing much and I don’t think I could ever do s*** to make up from all the hurt I caused you but I just want you to know that I’m not leaving your side….ever. I’m not getting any younger and if I have to be your boyfriend for the rest of my life than I’ll be that,” he stared in her eyes. “I would love to be more but I know you don’t trust me with that right now…” Caine continued speaking. Zoey backed up and went and took a seat on the couch as Caine followed. “You don’t deserve me,” she stated. “I know I don’t Zoey…I don’t deserve life,” Caine added. “You have a beautiful voice by the way.. I love it when you sing even though you don’t like to,” she cooed looking at the floor. Caine lifted her face by her chin making her met his eyes. “You mean so much to me…I would die for you any day and I don’t want you to forget that. I own every bad thing that I’ve done. I’m not a good person I understand but I want to love you. I’m going to tell you ever chance I get how much you mean to me because I want you to believe it. You crushed me outside thinking that I didn’t love you anymore when I do…very much. Earlier I said that I made you who you were today but you made ME who I am. Well.. I’m still working on who I am honestly, but I’m definitely not the same because of you ” he stared in her eyes. Zoey chuckled “I believe this is the most you’ve ever expressed your love for me,” she stared back. “Because I know that I don’t have many more chances,” he continued looking. “I’m tired of talking about me and you now,” she got from the couch and went to the kitchen and got ice for hand. Zoey wrapped her hand thinking about the words he said “I know it wasn’t my fault..I’m sorry” and shook her head. Who fault was it then? She thought.

"Hey babe I'm bout to go and catch up with nick... please make sure you keep your phone on with you so that I can keep in touch and stuff," he remarked. "I will be fine I'm going to head to the doctors and get my hand checked out," she sighed. Caine looked at her with a distraught look and then nodded while heading out the door. Zoey walked into her room and grabbed her stuff nd headed out the door after him. "Bring my baby home at a reasonable time,"she instructed. "I will," he said getting in his car and taking off. "Why did you have to hurt her huh?" Caine talked to himself. "Where's my money as well?" He spoke aloud to himself. Zoey couldn't help to let her mind wonder as she drove to the doctor. Is this what she wanted? She knew that she deserved better then Caine but she knew she'd never find anyone else like him. Caine pulled up to nicks house with unanswered questions that he wanted to know. "Bout time nigga this ain't the daycare," Nick joked as he opened the door. "I'm here to get her out your hair anyway thanks for keeping her for me," he said while walking in. "Where you and Zoey go?" Kiely said walking down the stairs. "You about to pop ain't it?" He laughed and went and got Caiden. "Nigga I know you heard me," kiely stated. "Ms. Davis you are all set," the doctor spoke while handing her a prescription. "Thanks," Zoey said while walking out the hospital. Zoey looked at her hand and thought about the story she just told the doctor on how her hand got slammed by a door. She knew she couldn’t tell the truth or Caiden wouldn’t have a dad. “How’s my baby doing?” Caine spoke to Caiden. “I wan eat eat,” she looked at him. “They starved my baby?” he wiped the crust from her nose as she whined. “Yall starved my baby?” he asked no one in particular. “Caiden didn’t say she was hungry I kept asking her and she kept telling me no,” Kiely said. “She shake her head no to everything,” he laughed and grabbed her baby bag and headed toward the door. “Thanks yall… Aye I’ma call you later Nick,” Caine informed. “Iight bro,” he closed the door behind him.
“Is that all for you?” the employee asked. “Yes..thank you,” Zoey said while watching him ring up her medicine. “That’ll be $9.80,” he told her. “$9.80?” she questioned as he doubled checked. “Yup,” he chuckled. “Lucky girl,” he added. “Wow… thank you Jesus,” she stated. “You’re a very beautiful girl I hope everything is okay,” he said referring to her hand. “Yea my little brother slammed the door on my hand I was screaming like hell,” she lied. “I bet…well you should definitely let me take care of you,” he stated. “I already have that job filled,” Zoey smiled. “Oh okay, well… I wish you luck,” he remarked. “Thanks…..John,” she said looking at his name tag. “You take care Zoey,” he winked. Zoey walked off laughed and then left CVS to head home. She couldn’t wait to see Caiden and then decided to go and get some books to read to her as soon as she got home. Caine pulled up to Zoey’s house and got Caiden things and noticed something on the door.

<cite> To Whom This May Concern:
You have had your time and now your time is up! Your next note will be at this destination. Please remember that you’re time is limited. -Anonymous</cite>

Caine look at the back of the note and held onto to drive to the destination that he was set to go. “Daa I wan eat eat,” Caiden told him. “I know I know baby mommy is coming okay?” he told her. Caiden nodded her head and laid it on his shoulder as she waited. Caine picked his phone up out of his phone and called Zoey. “Hello?” she answered. “Hey I got Caiden and she’s hungry. Where you at? I can meet you,” he told her. “I’ll almost at home what you need to meet me for?” she questioned. “It’s some place I need to be,” he responded. “Oh well I’m almost there,” Zoey hung up and sped a little faster to her place where she found Caine and Caiden waiting for her arrival. “I’m here mommy’s baby,” she talked in a baby voice as she got out the car. “What the doctor say?” he said looking at her wrapped up hand. “They took x-rays and nothing is broken thank God and I have some medicine they gave me for pain,” she grabbed Caiden from his arms. “I’m glad that you’re okay I’m really sorry,” he mentioned. “Caine please drop it okay?” she looked at him and then walked inside. He followed and gave Caiden a kiss and then walked up to Zoey. “Thought you had to go?” she stated fixing Caiden some food. “I do… but I want you to know that I love you very much no matter what,” he stared in her eyes. “Why are you talking like you not coming back?” she looked at him in his eyes. Caine sighed and stood back. “I’m in a lot of trouble Zoey and it’s a lot you don’t understand and a lot of things I did when I wasn’t with you for that long period of time,” he confessed. “What kind of trouble? Trouble with the law?” she wondered. “No… I think this kind of trouble is a little worse,” he looked down. Zoey shook her head and put Caiden in her high chair and started watching her eat. “Did you know she likes feeding herself? Everytime I tried to give her chopped up apples and stuff like ground beef she likes to pick it up herself and eat it,” she informed him. Caine shook his head and sighed “No I didn’t know that,” he stared at them. “Yea well she knows she can’t feed herself oatmeal. That’s her favorite right now,” she continued speaking trying to lighten the mood up. “Well.. I have to get going can I have a kiss?” he asked. “Not until you tell me what kind of trouble your in Caine,” Zoey looked at him. “I can’t,” he told her. “Why f*** not?” she look at him with tears in her eyes. “Please don’t cry Zoey,” Caine began kissing her. “No..” she pushed him away. “What did you do? What did you do?”she repeated. Caine sighed and looked down.

<cite> “So glad for you to join ,” Alexis laughed. <a href="">Caine</a> sighed and walked inside the warehouse where all of the business was handled. “What do you want now?” he asked. “You’re suppose to have my money now where is it?” she asked. “I’m getting it just give me a little more time you know Christmas is like if a month so… I’ve been trying to keep what I have fro-. Just then you know he was cut off by <a href="">him</a> putting him in a head lock. “We want our money,” he spoke. I’ll ge-t y—ur money,” Caine struggled trying to speak. Alexis shook her head and walked around Caine and felt his pockets for any money. “You know the deal we had!,” she spoke. Caine decided to join a business with Alexis to get quick money. He was required to take young girls and bring them to Alexis for her to make them her submissives and control them. Caine only searched for the girls he felt who was naïve enough to be consider the sumbmissive type. “The deal was YOU FIND THE GIRLS AND I PAY YOU! WHAT HAPPENED TO THE MISSING MONEY CAINE? YOU f***ING THEIFT YOU COULD HAVE ASKED BUT NOOOOO YOU WANTED TO GO BEHIND MY f***ING BACK HUH?” Alexis punched him in the stomach. The dude that freed Caine and pushed him to the ground as he started catching his breath. “Look at you… looking all f***ing pathetic. You with that b****?” she spoke referring to Zoey. “No… I’m just trying to have a good Christmas for Caiden,” he pleaded. Alexis chuckled loudly and stooped to his level. “You know what a real man would do Caine?” He would get a f***ing job.. but you didn’t go to college to receive a degree in order to have that good job did you? I WANT MY MONEY ! IF you don’t have my money by new year’s it’s gonna be your ass,” She threatened.</cite>

Zoey stared at Caine and took Caiden and began rocking her to sleep. “That’s why I’m in trouble… I have money I owe her and I don’t know if she’s gotten more people involved in this deal I jus t want to do whatever they say before things get extra crazy. I don’t want to put you guys in dager and I know that’s what will happen if I don’t do as I’m told,” he truthfully expressed. Zoey put Caiden down and looked at him with shame in her eyes. She wasn’t ashamed of herself but ashamed in him. “I would have rather you tell me you couldn’t get Caiden s*** for Christmas then to put us in this s***. WHY CAINE?” she yelled. Caine grabbed her by her arm pulling her out the room so she wouldn’t wake Caiden. “I’m sorry Zoey I’m sorry… you can either be for me or against me. I’ve laid out everything,” he looked at her. “Everything huh? Did you f*** any of those b****es?” she wondered. “A few of them… I got more money that way,” he added. Zoey shook her head and just couldn’t believe everything she was hearing. “What else Caine?” Caine stood back and had something else he wanted to reveal but decided against it because it wasn’t important in his eyes. All he wanted to do was focus on the future and trying to make sure he was a protector for the only family he had. “Zoey I will make sure everything is alright you just have to trust me,” he told her. “Just go…” Zoey spoke disappointed. “I completely understand why you’re mad at me but this doesn’t concern you Zoey…” he remarked. “Get the f*** out before you piss me the f*** off Caine talking about this doesn’t concern me. We are ONE! When you hurt I hurt! When your in trouble I need to make sure Caiden is going to have a father to come home to at the end of the day.” Hurtful tears left Zoey’s face as she spoke. Caine looked at her and then kissed her cheek as she slightly moved away from him. Caine looked at her once more before he left not even knowing if he’d ever see her.
“Caiden your dad does some stupid ass s***,” she spoke as she slept peacefully. Suddenly she heard a noise and looked all around the room and then examined closely to where the sound had been coming from. Caine looked at the note again and headed toward the location he was told to go and didn’t know what he was about to get himself into, but he had to be prepared for anything. “Lord I know we don’t speak very often and I know you’re not happy with the lack of faith I have in you, but this prayer isn’t for me. I’m asking you to watch over Zoey and Caiden right now and protect them as I know you will. In Jesus name.. Amen,” he prayed and continued driving to his destination. “Kiely…I have’m being watched.” Zoey stated with fear in her voice as she whispered to her. “What? What the f*** is going on?” she questioned. “Caine owes a lot of people money,” she whispered. “Why are you whispering?” she questioned. “Because I don’t’ know whose watching me,” she remarked. “You need to get you and Caiden out,” she instructed. “I know that’s what I’m doing right now. If I don’t call you back then call the police,” Zoey ordered. “Please don’t speak like that I’m about to send Nick and please call me once you’re with him,” she stated and hung up the phone. Zoey put her phone inside her pocket and started getting Caiden some fresh clothes to put in her bag moving as quick as she could. Caine pulled up to what look liked an abandoned church that had another note attached to it that read

---Pray to the lord and ask for forgiveness…. This many be your last chance to speak to him before you burn in hell with me!---

Caine swallow hard and turned the note around as it lead him to yet another destination. He was tired of ripping and running already but he knew that he had to continue to obey all the rules. He got into his car and took off and got a call from Nick. “Hello?” Caine answered. “Nigga you got a lot of ezplaining to do do you know that?” he preached through the pone. Caine sighed and continued driving. “Man it’s a lot of s*** going on that I cant quite explain yet,” he told him. “You need to be coming up with some type of explanation because I’m on my way to Zoey house right now,” he informed. “For what?” Caine didn’t understand. “Because Kiely told me that Zodey called talking about cameras being in her house and she don’t know why but right now she don’t feel safe so I’m on my way to get her,” he stated. “f***!” Caine yelled. “Bro I don’t know what the f*** is going on with you now-a-days but you know I got your back,” Nick reassured. Caine took a deep breath with Caiden all on his mind. “Man get off the phone with me and keep them safe you understand? You do that for me! YOU KEEP THEM SAFE NICK!” Caine shouted over the phone as his voice began to break down. Nick hung up the phone and sped up trying to get to Zoey’s house as quick as possible. Kiely insisted that she went but he didn’t want her getting in the way or being stressed because it wasn’t healthy for their baby boy. Caine shook his head as angry tears hit his freckled cheeks. He gripped the steering wheel firmly and sped up to his next destination. Minutes later, Nick pulled up to Zoey’s house as it appeared to be broken into from his view. He quickly got out the car before cutting it off and ran in to find no one. “ZOEY…..CAIDEN!” he screamed searching everywhere for them. He noticed that Caiden’s baby bag was on the ground as well as Zoey’s phone. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,” Nick hollered with rage boiling in his body. How was he going to tell Caine this? He knew he’d flip. He was more mad at the fact that they were never happy and something was always happened. The devil was always winning with the two of them.

Zoey felt movement as if she was going over bumps in the road and heard Caiden laughing. She quickly opened her eyes and saw what seemed to be a male figure in the front of the van along with Caiden in the front seat on the lap of someone else. Zoey noticed she was binded and unable to move let alone speak with the tape around their mouth. All she could remember was someone covering her nose and mouth with a cloth that instanstly knocked her out. Everything else was a blurr until now. The female didn’t look like Alexis and she couldn’t see who the male was from her point of view. Either way she knew that she wasn’t going down without a fight. Caiden spoke freely as she sat on the strangers lap bringing tears to Zoey’s eyes. She tried her best not to make any noise because she watched a lot of movies and didn’t want to draw any unneccesarry attention to her. All she wanted was Caiden to be safe and with her. “SHE WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!” Caine came to a sudden stop causing other passagers to honk their horns. He quickly started driving again and drove to a gas station and stopped. “Her and Caiden are gone man and I don’t see no cameras… I been looking everywhere,” Nick cooed feeling horrible he didn’t get there in enough time. Caine froze as his body went numb unable to speak. Nick called his names a few times and no reply escaped his mouth. Caine stared through his windshield for what felt like eternity. “THIS YOUR f***ING FAULT! YOUR f***ING FAULT! YOUR f***ING FAULT!” He yelled to himself and slapped himself a couple of times as <a href="">he</a> sat there feeling worthless. Nick called the police and explained to them what happened and headed back home to his pregnant fiancée. “Nick what is going on?” she stressed. “Everything is going to be alright okay?” he told her. “YOU ALWAYS SAY THAT! WHERE IS ZOEY AND CAIDEN?” tears formed in her eyes. “Please baby I don’t need you stressing over th- “ Nick cut himself off as he gasped watching Kiely leak. “My water just broke it-s so early Nick,” she began panicking. Nick got on his knees at the moment and began praying for Zoey and Caiden and their safety. He prayed that God would dispatched his angels and let them be a fence over wherever they may be he also prayed that he would touch and heal Caine’s mind. Nonetheless, mentioning the water breaking. “Baby I’m getting a bag together lets go…” he ordered. “Young lady what is your name?” the police officer asked. “Candance,” she told him. “What are you doing here? You can’t be at this home it’s under investigation,” he reported. “Oh…what kind of investigation?” she wondered. “Um… do you live here?” he questioned. “No.. but my friend does…do you know where she is?” she looked up at him. “Who might your friend be?” he asked and then turned around to answer his pager and turned around to see Cadance gone. “I don’t get paid enough for this…” the officer mumbled to himself.

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Everyone is right caine needs to be more involved in caiden life
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Chapter 41

Alexis peeped from around the corner at Caine’s room door and then walked out of the hospital quickly. Zoey glanced over there at Caine and sighed. “Did you need the docter?” she asked. Caine shook his head and knew that Alexis was already up to something and far gone beyond anyone’s reach. “Where’s Cai-den?” he wondered. “She’s with Kiely. If it hurts for you to speak then you shouldn’t,” she walked up caressing his cheek. “I’m so sorry that you had to go through this Caine,” her eyes watered quickly as tears fell. Caine looked at her and wiped her tears away and put his index finger across her mouth signaling her to be quiet. “Shh…”, he whispered. Zoey closed her eyes as she nodded and kissed his finger. Zoey couldn’t believe she was considering becoming someone’s partner that was capable of actually trying to kill someone. “I love you too Zoey,”Caine cooed. Zoey opened her eyes and nodded her head and kissed his hand. “I know Caine…I know.” Caine and Zoey looked up at the sound of a knock on the door. “Caidennn…” Zoey smiled as Kiely walked in with her. “How did you know?” Zoey looked at her. “The nurse called,” she said. Caine’s eyes drew to Caiden as a smile swept across his face slowly. He loved her so much and wished he could give her the world and soon he was planning on doing that.

“Caine…what the hell is going on?” Kiely cut striahgt to it. “Got shot,” he answered. “Caine you ain’t got to answer no damn questions from Kiely ass rest your voice,” Zoey laughed. “Whatever b**** because you still got to tell me your damnself what the hell is going on,” she said. “I will but now’s not the time,” she remarked. “Well when will be the time?” she questioned. “Not while Caiden is around,” Zoey answered while picking her up and bringing her toward Caine. “DAAA,” she spoke loudly and smiled. Caine’s eyes widened as he saw some teeth coming in and laughed softly. “Baby,” he cooed and stroked Caiden’s hand. Caiden reached out for him and laid on his chest as soon as Zoey let her. “Aww..thats such a cute picture,” Kiely smiled and pulled her phone out and took the picture. “Where Nick?” Zoey wondered. “He’s at work and he wasn’t answering the phone so I know they probably really busy and stuff,” she responded. “Yea I know...I feel like I haven’t been to work in forever, but now that I’m officially okay I can go back,” she looked at the floor. Kiely lifted her chin and looked in her eyes. “We didn’t pray and worry….now look at you,” she smiled. “Thank you,” Zoey mouthed to her. Kiely nodded her head and then looked at Caine who was dosing off right with Caiden. “They are so cute,” she whispered. “I wish he would build his relationship back with her….it’s just not right how he stopped coming around, “ Zoey shook her head. “DIdn’t you tell me that he was on drugs again?” she asked. “Yea but don’t say that too loud because someone might take test and s*** and he won’t ever probably get to see Caiden,” she sighed. “So about this baby shower…” Kiely quickly changed the subject. “We can get started on that next week how does that sound? Do you have the people that you want to come on a list or something?” Zoey asked. Kiely nodded her head. “Okay then I won’t let you down,” she reassured her.

Weeks Later…

“Thank you…glad to be out of there,” Caine said getting into a cab. “I bet,” Alexis turned around causing Caine’s heart to jump out his chest. “W-what you doing here?” he stuttered. “Came to pick you up duh..” she laughed and started to take off before Caine can hop out. “What the f*** do you want from me?” he questioned. “You know what I want…” she sternly spoke. “I don’t have that f***ing money yet Alexis damn why the f*** you gotta try and kill me over something you know that if I had I’d give it to you,” Caine screwed his face getting frustrated. “You got a d*** that you can give me but you don’t give me that do you?” she looked in the rearview mirror waiting for him to respond. “Are you f***ing kidding me? Alexis we will never be anything and I don’t think you understand that. Do I need to speak sign language or what? We are NEVER going to be anything,”he remarked. Alexis gripped the steering wheel tightly and then drove faster. “Take mne home now or I’m calling the police and telling them everything,” Caine threatened. “Like you can’t go to jail behind me? You’re a cocaine abuser and you molest little girls Caine so you calling the police wouldn’t be such a good look now would it?” she chuckled. “b**** I DIDN’T MOLEST NO GIRLS AND YOU KNOW IT!” he yelled. “Then what was that on my phone Caine?” she retorted. “b**** I don’t f***ing know but you know damn well it aint me that’s why I threw your s***. You’re such a f***ed up twisted ass b****,” he stated. “Thank you for telling me the obvious bro!” she laughed loudly. Caine thought for a second as he attempted to open the door of a moving car knowing he’d be risking his life, but he also knew staying in Alexis’s possession would put him at rish as well. “I’m going to have so much fun with you,” she smiled. Caine pushed the door back and rolled out and quickly hopped up as people honked there horns. Alexis gripped the steering wheel angry at the fact she didn’t put any child locks on like she started to. Caine got up and started running as he could while Alexis tried her best to run over him. Caine panted and looked back and continued runnin until he finally found a way to get rid of her. Zoey looked at her phone for the time and then decided to walk away from the table and call to check on Caine. “I think we should do this one and that what you think?” Kiely asked Zoey. Zoey ignored her as she waited for Caine to pick up.

“b****!” Alexis screamed. “Zoey…” he answered. “Caine I need you to go to the store and buy Caiden some diapers please,” she instructed. Caine sighed softly and knew he had to find some type of money to get Caiden what she needed because the money he had went to the hospital bill. “Ok,” he told her. “Why you sound out of breath? You are out the hospital now right? You ok? You need me to come and get you?” Zoey asked. “Zoey I’m fine I’ll bring Caiden some diapers,” he continued catching his breath. Zoey screwed her face and didn’t quite like the way he sounded and decided to just let it go. “Okay..thanks,” she said. “Welcome,” Caine hung up. Zoey looked at the phone and hoped that whatever was going on that he was okay. “ZOEY I NEED YOUR HELP!” Kiely hollered. “Hold on girl damn,” she walked toward her. “What’s up what’s going on?” she wondered. “I just got off the phone with Caine and I asked him to buy Caiden some diapers… he sounded like he been on a race or something. Almost as if he was panicking… I’m really worried about him,” Zoey’s eyes fell to the floor. “What are you worried about?” Zoey sighed and shook her head, “He’s ….we’ve been through a lot Kiely and I just want him to live and I just feel like everyday it’s something else that’s happening either to me or him. Why we have to suffer like this? I’m tired of it,” she remarked. “I understand completely Zoey you know you don’t have to explain to me, but just look at it from this stand point. Throughout everything that you and Caine have been through together and separately. You guyes are both still alive and have Caiden. Other people in you and his situation probably would have lost their minds already and been in the ground buried,” Kiely mentioned. Zoey nodded her head and tied a knot on a goodie bag she made. “You’re right I just want him to be happy at the end of the day. I STILL can’t believe that Trigga would want him dead and I trusted him…. I really trusted him Kiely,” her eyes began to water. Kiely took Zoey and wrapped her arms around her and let her express everything out. Zoey was confused on why Trigga would do such a thing and what bothered her most was her emotions. Zoey wasn’t angry the way she wanted to be; she wanted to hate Trigga’s guts, but truth be told she missed him. She missed the person she THOUGHT he was, but was too blinded to see who he really was. All over her? She thought. She wasn’t special she was just a regular girl trying to live a good successful life-Zoey pictured. “Okay so… Trigga called you that day and said that Caine was trying to kill Alexis right? Then Alexis so happened to pop up at the hospital and no sign of Trigga?” Kiely analyzed. Zoey sat up “He’s hiding…” she remarked. Kiely shook her head “Let’s go find his ass!” Kiely retorted. A giggle slipped from Zoey’s mouth as she looked at Kiely’s distraught look. “Your pregnant ass ain’t about to go and find no one,” she laughed. Kiely rolled her eyes playfully as she finished the last goodie bag for her upcoming baby shower. “I guess that’s it…” She remarked. Zoey looked over at all the bags that they finished and smiled even though her mind was still racing with a million thoughts.

Caine walked the familiar streets of Nevada as his mind revist is past. Caine didn’t want to admit he changed but the truth was that he did. Although, his nose candy was sweet he wasn’t on it like he use to be. Zoey of course thought he was and everyone else as well, but Caine sometimes wasn’t even in the mood for it. “I love you Caiden…stay with auntie Kiely really quick,” Zoey said and waved at her and left. Caine searched the streets for his boys to try and bribe to get money from. He wanted to be there for Caiden and buy her diapers like he was suppose to. Zoey looked at her phone and saw time flying and no sign of Caine. In the meantime, she decided to pay a visit to Trigga’s house and went to his door and knocked on it. “May I help you?” some lady answered the door. Zoey cleared her throat and looked at the woman. “Um, I’m here to see if Trig- if Trey is here,” she announced. The woman looked at Zoey as sadness approached her face. “I’m sorry we all wish we could talk to Trey, but he’s was murdered a few weeks ago an- “WHAT!” Zoey raised her tone of voice. “Oh please!” she began to sob. Zoey was taken aback by the sudden news. “I’m so sorry..” Zoey joined her as tears started leaving her eyes. “He was such a great son,” she continued crying. “I’m so sorry for you lost..” Zoey turned to leave. She couldn’t believe she was faced his mother and so puzzled she looked. Something wans’t adding up and she had to figure out something. “JUST GIVE IT TO ME!” Caine yelled. “YOU NEED TO PAY ME FOR IT JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE!” a crackhead spoke. Caine punched him in his stomach causing everything he had in his possession to fall into Caine’s grip as he took off. “COME BACK HERE YOU SON OF A b****!” he yelled as he ran after him. Caine picked up the speed and continued running as if his life depended on it. He didn’t want Caiden to go without and if it meant getting money the hard way then that’s what he was going to do. He didn’t want to ask Kiely or Nick for anything because he felt like the burden he put on them should be lifted already. Zoey drove off and wiped her tears that continuously fell and decided to call Caine again. Caine felt his phone ring and looked back at the man who continued to shout at him. He looked forward and picked up his phone without seeing who It was. “Not now,” he answered. “Caine…. I need to talk to you,” a sad Zoey reported. “Not now,” Caine repeated out of breath causing Zoey to fuel with rage. “WHAT THE f*** HAVE YOU BEEN DOING ALL DAY CAINE?” she wondered. “ZOEY CALM DOWN I’LL BE THERE AT YOUR HOUSE WITH THE DIAPERS!” he raised his voice and hung up. “I have to say that you’ve been doing an awesome job what happened to uhh ms…uhhh,” “Ms. Davis?” Nick chuckled. “Yes..Ms. Davis does she plan on coming back?” his manager asked. “Yes she does she just got through going through a tough time but she is back and ready,” he reassured them. “Great because she was an awesome worker and I would hate to hire someone and then she comes back and we’re all full,” he told him. “I will definitely remind her,” Nick said while clocking out. He took his coat and slipped it on as he exited. Nick got into his car and thought about the baby and how exited he was. Kiely was his life and he had to make sure he worked extra long so that he could prepare for the wedding and the baby. “Thank you so much,” Caine said exchanging his product for his profit. “Thank you! You’re a life saver,” some lady stated. Caine knew exactly what type of person he could bribe in order to retrieve the amount he was hoping for. He walked by the shelter that reminded him of the old him and Zoey. He smirked to himself as some memories flashed his brain. Zoey wiped her face and then headed back to Kiely’s house to get Caiden. Caine walked out of the store with Caiden some diapers,wipes,and other things that she needed and headed to Zoey’s place. “What’s wrong Zoey?” Kiely inquired. “Trigga’s dead someone murdered him,” she cooed quietly. “WELL HELLO HELLO HELLLLOOO my beautiful fiancée and son,” Nick smiled walking in as he approached Kiely and noticed there wasn’t any excitement on her face. “What’s wrong baby?” he asked. “Trigga is dead…” she told him as he looked at Zoey. “Serious?” he questioned. Zoey nodded and got Caiden stuff together and went to the room she took her nap in and picked her up. “Kiely we’ll start with more decorations later this week okay?” she suggested and walked out. “Wait…What?” Nick confusedly stated. Kiely sighed and shook her head “I’m lost just like you baby,” she mentioned.
Caine sat on the hood of his car as he waited for Zoey and pulled out some of his nose candy that he kept. Caine made a line on the hood and heard a car pulling up and figured it was Zoey and quickly sniffed it. Zoey shook her head from inside her car and then got Caiden’s things together. “Thought you’d never come,” she remarked. “Yea well I’m here now,” Caine looked past her and at Caiden. “Daddy’s girl sleep …aww,” he laughed. Zoey noticied the pampers and tried reaching for them, but Caine pulled his hand back as his eyes met hers. “I’m coming inside so chill,” he told her. Zoey looked at him for a quick second and then went towards the door and opened her house. Caine walked in after her and put Caiden’s things in her room. Zoey followed and placed Caiden on the bed so she could change her. “I want to start potty training her,” she spoke softly. “Well potty train her,” he remarked. “Are you going to be around?” Zoey looked at him. “I don’t know…” he truthfully stated. Zoey shook her head and sighed. “Say it! Just say it damnit,” Caine grew angry quickly. Zoey looked at how his temper was rising and didn’t have the energy to fight with him. She been doing that for too long and that was no longer her job. “Don’t worry about Caine… if you don’t want to be here for Caiden then that’s okay, just don’t be surprised or hurt when she no longer cries for you or bonds with you. You’re her best friend and you’re never here,” she expressed. “You took her from me,” he boldly retorted causing Zoey to shoot a glare at him. “Are you serious right now? You know what I’m not going there with you because I saw you out there before I pulled up,” she shook her head referring to the coke. “AND?” he hollered. “My baby is asleep now get the f*** out,” Zoey sternly spoke through her teeth as she finished changing her. “Your baby?” he chuckled and grabbed Caiden and a blanket and wrapped her it around her. “Caine what the f***! You’re trippin’,” Zoey spat. Caine walked out with Caiden in his hands and headed to the front door. “WHERE THE f*** ARE YOU GOING CAINE!” Zoey screamed and followed behind him. Caine walked out of the house and started walking. “I’M ABOUT TO CALL THE COPS CAINE STOP NOW!” she threatened. “I don’t care…I got to get Caiden safe,” he retorted. “Safe?” Zoey ran after him and stood in front of him. “Give her to me now,” she grabbed Caiden waking her up. “Daaa..” she said looking up at Caine. Caine smiled and kissed her forehead and walked away. Zoey picked up her phone and pretened to call the cops. “Yes there’s this man that trying to kidnap my child,” Zoey spoke. “I’m her FATHER not a stranger you dumb b****!” Caine snatched the phone from her ear and threw it. “Bad word..” Caiden said staring at Caine. Zoey tried picking up her phone but Caine walked over and stomped on her hand. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” she screamed. Caiden didn’t know what was going on and became frightened as she started to cry. “Shhh its ok baby,” he wiped her tears while he kept his foot on Zoey’s hand. Caine took his phone out and called Nick to come and get Caiden for a second because he wanted to take Zoey out. “Let’s go inside,”he ordered removing his foot and grabbing her by her hair and walked inside. “Go fix yourself, “ he demanded again and then played with Caiden until Nick came and got her.

Zoey ran cold water over her purple and red fingers and shrieked at the pain. She looked at the internal bleeding in her finger and bit her lip holding back her tears. “What’s taking so long,” Caine burst through the door causing her to jump. “Old Caine and Old Zoey!” he stated. Zoey screwed her face confused as to what he was talking about and quickly reminded herself by looking at her hand. “You have fun hurting me?” she let her tears escape. “OOOOOOOOH GODDDD!!!” he stressed while wiping her tears. “Punks cry! I hate it and you know that s*** why the f*** hasn’t it stuck in your head yet dumb b**** you that dumb huh?” he shook his head. “I can’t believe this is what I love,” she shook her head. “b**** you won’t be s*** without me! I made you into the person you are today. Without me you’re nothing,” he degraded her. “Where’s Caiden?” she asked. “He’s with his REAL GOD DAD!” he laughed. Zoey swallowed hard and thought about Trigga. “Caine di-did you?” she asked. “Did I what b****?” he screwed his face. Zoey cleared her voice and before she can say anything else he grabbed her and then dragged her outside and heard thunder. Caine and Zoey both looked in the sky and knew exactly what that meant. “It hasn’t rained in a while…” she spoke softly. At that moment, rain poured down on the two of them as they stood outside. “Cai- His lips pressed against hers as she melted in his warmth. Caine traveled his hands around Zoey’s body as he deepened the kiss pouring his soul into her. “Please…” she whispered in his ear only giving him one more option. He picked her up and sat her on the hood of his car and took off his shirt and removed her. He took the handful of her breast into his mouth and caressed his tongue across her nipples. Sweet moans joined the sound of the rain as Zoey laid there enjoying every single moment even though she was still upset about her hand. Caine traveled his tongue toward her navel and created wetter circles than the wetness from the rain unto her. “You’re so beautiful Zoey..” he cooed. Zoey wanted to believe that but how could she after he just made her feel like gum on the bottom of his shoe. “Wait…” she stopped him. “What’s wrong?” he questioned her. She stared to see if his eyes were dilated and saw that he was no longer high. What happened? The old Caine just comes and goes when he desires? Apparently is what Zoey thought. Zoey shook her head and laid back and let him continue as he soon started devouring her as if he was living his last days on earth. “Ooohh,” she quietly moaned. Caine continued motioning his tongue around her clit making sure she felt everthing. She was quickly taken from earth toheaven as he continued to send her into bliss. Zoey felt the rapture and splashed the eruption in his mouth and caught her breath. “Sweet like I like it,” he licked his lips and kissed her lips making her taste her own candy. “I want you to make love to me,” he whispered in her ear. “You want me? To make love to you?” Zoey didn’t understand. “Don’t act like that,” he chuckled. “Caine… my hand,” she grew sad suddenly. Caine glanced down at her hand and then looked at her. “I know that wasn’t my fault I’m sorry…” he kissed on her. Zoey closed her eyes as tears filled with shame ran down her face. She was happy the rain was disguising them. She didn’t want him to slip back so easily. No- not this way. She deserved way more than this and her hand and all the emotional and internal wounds were there to represent that she was worth so much more. “Caine…I want to go inside and get dry,” she told him. “You don’t wanna make love?” he looked at her searching her face. Zoey shook her head slowly “You don’t l-ove me anymore Caine,” she tried her hardest not to cry. “What?” he stood back looking at her. “You’re just….different and I wanted this really bad and now that you’re some what offering… I don’t even want it,” she admitted. “I do love you Zoey… with all my heart. No one can ever take your place. Sometimes things have to fall apart to be put back together even stronger than what it was beofore. I’m not the same…I’m still struggling on who I really am Zoey and I need your help with that,” he expressed. “I can’t help you anymore Caine…you have to start helping yourself,” she remarked and went inside and got out her wet clothes. Caine looked at the house and thought for a second and went inside and kneeled down infront of Zoey and looked at the ground. “Caine…what are you doing?” she said blow drying her hair. Caine continued to look down at the floor and didn’t speak. “Caine…” she called with no reply again. Zoey stopped the blow dryer and kneeled infront of Caine who stared at the floor and look…..possesed almost. “Caine you’re starting to scare me,” she grabbed his face.

Alexis blew the smoke into the air as she watched Caine on the floor and laughed. “You are one silly one,” she laughed and then turned to look at her tv. “Hey baby…you need anything?” he asked her. She shook her head and then turned from the tv and continued watching. “Caine please talk to me,” she stressed. “Don’t leave me,” he pleaded soundlessly. Zoey sighed out of relief and hugged him tightly. “Me and Caiden miss you so much… you have no idea,” she reminded him. “round and around and around and around we go…. “ he began singing as she stood back and looked at him. Caine took a deep breath and continued. “Oooohh now tell me now tell me now tell me now you know… “ he sang. “Baby,” he looked up at her slowly and began singing once more. “Not really sure how to feel about it…something in the way you move….makes me feel like I can’t live without you annnd it takes me all the way. I want you to stayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…. Ooooo- hooo…. The reason I hold on… ooooo-a-hooo cause I need this hole gone. Funny you’re the broken one but I’m the only one who needed sa-ving… cause when you never see the light is hard to know which one of us is ca-ving.. Not really sure how to feel about it…something in the way you mOove. Makes me feelll like I can’t live without you and it takes me all the way. I want you to stayyyyyy –aYYYYYYYYYYYYYayyyy… Stayyyyyyy yeaaaheeee…I want you to stay hoooooooo….” He stood up and hugged her tightly. “We’ll see how long you’ll stay,” Aleixs laughed loudly. “Babe what you talking about?” her boyfriend asked. “Oh one of my many victims,” she truthfully told him. “Oh s***… am I one?” he laughed. Alexis rolled her eyes playfully and laughed. “Never let me slip away again,” she cooed in his ear. “I want won’t baby I promise…we we’re meant and I’m fighting for us,” he told her. Zoey smiled and kissed all over his face causing him to blush. “YES!” she screamed. Caine immediately screwed his face out of confusion and wondered what was she hollering about. “You’re blushing…please smile Caine. I haven’t mad eyou smile in a while,” she chuckled. Caine raised his left eyebrow at her and poked his lips out as if he was thinking of a way for her to get him to smile. “I think you can start by…taking that off,” he bit his lip slightly and smirked. Zoey took off her shirt and smiled “Anything else daddy?” she bit her lip. “ssss” he hissed. “mmm baby..” he cooed and kissed her. “mmm,” she moaned softly as he trailed his tongued across her neck and up to her ear. “Tell me what you want baby,” he ordered softly in her ear as he sucked on it. “oohhh you,” she order. “Tell me,” he spoke in a suddenly hoarse sexual tone. “oh my God… I want that d*** Caine,” Zoey felt her panties flooding. “Good answer,” he flicked his tongue on her earlobe and blew on it sending her over the egde and almost combusting already. “You know what you do to me?” he asked while staring at her. Zoey bit her lip and shook her head as she watched him take his shirt off. “You don’t?” he tilted his head looked at her questionably. “Caine please f*** me…” she whined. “Patience is a virtue baby… good things come to those who wait,” he smirked and winked at her. Zoey watched as he got up and removed his pants along with his boxers and revealed cj fully alerted. “He said he can’t suck himself,”he bodly stated. Zoey started to get up but he stopped her. “nu uh… crawl to dis d*** b****,” he demanded. Zoey crawled as fast as she could so she could take him whole in her mouth. Caine wrapped his fist with her hair and helped her by f***ing her mouth. “Just like that…mmm take it,” he spoke and then let out a loud grunt as her loud smacking turned him on more. Zoey continued deepthroating as much as she could without gagging and then paid his balls some attention. “Mmmm baby I love you,” he groaned. “Mmm I love you more,” she stared at him as she took him back in her mouth. “f***!” he shouted as the loud doorbell ring stardled Zoey, which caused her to stop. “Baby please don’t stop,” Caine plead while jacking himself off. “Someone is at the door Caine,” she got and headed toward it. “Baby PLEASE… I need you now,” he went faster. Zoey looked through the peephole and didn’t see anybody and then quickly walked back and put her shirt on and quickly bit her lip at Caine playing and then went back and opened the door to see a package. “Baby it’s a package…” she said.

Something went off in Caine’s head and as horny as he was he knew something wasn’t right and went downstairs quickly. “Who is it from?” he asked. “It doesn’t say..” she told him. Caine took it and threw it and closed the door and locked it. “Don’t open anymore doors…let me handle that,” he insisted. “What? Why? Caine…stop talking like that,” she screwed her face as fear developed inside her. “Baby…I can explain things later but right now I wanna f*** the s*** out you,” he said looking at his semi-hard d***. Zoey was slightly out of the mood and was about to get started again but was interrupted by the doorbell once again. “Go upstairs..” he ordered. Zoey looked at him and then did exactly what she was told to do and began texting Kiely about everything. Caine went and grabbed his clothes quickly and put them on and answered the door to see yet another package at the door. He slammed the door as his anger started rising. “STOP f***ING WITH ME b****!” he yelled as Zoey hopped up to see what was his problem. “Caine what’s wrong?” she wondered. “Another f***ing package,” he paced back and forth. “Who’s messing with you?” she looked at him. Caine put his hands on his hips and took a deep breath and stopped pacing to look at her in return. “Alexis,” he confessed. “Why? What the f*** does that b**** want? She pisses me the f*** off Caine I strongly dislike her and it so close to hate and I don’t really want to hate anyone,”she retorted. Caine sighed and decided to be truthful. “She’s the one who shot me…”

Chap. 40 contd..
“What the f*** is wrong with you?” Ty asked. “Sit down now!” she ordered. “Okay okay…” Ty sat down. Alexis quickly got her gun out and it as her body shook. “Call Trigga and tell him that Caine killed me and he’s he has you hostage. Tell him to bring the money,” she demanded as she aimed the gun at him. “Alex- “DO IT NOW!” she screamed through her teeth. “Someone get his family on the line and tell them to get here now!” the doctor instructed. “Yes sir,” one of the nurse spoke and left. “Alright Miss. Caiden time to eat eat,” Zoey smiled and threw away her diaper. “How old is she?” Candace asked. Zoey jumped not expecting to see Candace just yet. Zoey turned to see her drenching wet wrapped in the towel she provided her. “I see you’re out the shower,” Zoey looked back at Caiden. “Yeah, I wouldn’t have gotten in if I knew you didn’t have any clean clothes for me,” a distraught look swept across her face. Kiely stepped out her bed and then decided to stride to the shower. Trigga rolled out of his bed by the sound of his phone ringing loud enough for the bird to fly away. “What’s up?” he answered. “Yo Trigga it’s Alexis..” Ty spoke into the phone while Alexis stared at him intensely with the gun to his head. “What about Alexis?” Trigga screwed his face while grabbing his toothbrush preparing to do his morning routine. “Caine got her man… He got me hostage up here and you need to get here quick and make sure you bring everything,” Ty spoke quickly as fear rised and almost jumped out his soul. “Wait Where?” Trigga questioned while Alexis hung up in his face. “f***!” he stated while he started to brush his quicker than he ever have before. Zoey got into her car and drove out of her driveway. “When I pull up into the parking lot I’m going to run into the store really really quick to get you some fresh clothes okay?” she informed while looking at her throught the rearview mirror. Candace remained quiet and looked out the window.
“I told him now let me out of this chair you got the job done so now we can all go home and be happy,” Ty retorted trying to regain his breath. “Are you….scared?” Alexis began roaming the gun around him. “I ain’t afraid of s***,” he retorted. “it doesn’t quite seem that way baby,” she kissed his neck. “How was lauren to you?” she continued talking. “Why the f*** are you doing this?” Ty wanted to know most. “shhhhh…everything will be alright soon,” she murmured mysteriously in his ear. “Don’t move!” she ordered and stepped away to retrieve her black bag. “Now…you can’t speak and tell all my little secrets,” she chuckled and put the duct tape over his mouth then binded him to the chair. “You were great for the time being…but I don’t like your WORK ETHIC,” she threw empthasis as she spoke sternly in his face. Alexis laughed and put on a ski mask and hid as she waited for Trigga to arrive. “Did you find everything okay?” the Wal-mart employee asked Zoey. “Um yes thank you,” she expressed a warm smile. “22.15,” she announced. Zoey put Caiden on the other side of her hip and then digged in her purse to retrieve her wal-mart and smacked her lips. “Ugh.. I’m sorry I think I forgot it in the car I’ll be back though,” she sighed and walked off while the employee nodded her head. Trigga continued driving and decided to take out his phone. “Come on Come on pick up,” he recited. “Hello?” Zoey answered on her way back to her car. “Zoey! Where’s Caine?” he hounded. “Woah… hello to you to Trey.. and I don’t know where he is, why?” she continued walking trying to keep Caiden on her hips. “He f***ing killed Alexis Zoey! You see what kind of f***ing monster he is. Is that who the f*** you want? Huh? Someone who is dangerous enough to kill people? That’s exactly why I didn’t want you with him Zoey. I don’t trust him and I swear if I see him…. Zoey I have to go,” he hung up suddenly. Zoey looked at her phone shocked at the things she learned and approached her car to see Candace gone. “Wha- CANDACE!!!” She screamed. Zoey smacked her lips and sighed becoming more frustrated than ever. “f***,” she said to herself and strapped Caiden in her carseat and got inside the drivers seat.

Kiely sat on the couch watching tv, eating an apple, and heard her phone buzz. “it’s lazy pregnant girl you speak too,” she laughed. “Kiely where is Nick?” Zoey’s voice read serious. “What’s wrong and he’s at work,” she began to worry. “Look I need you to call Nick and ask him about Caine’s whereabouts and call me back and if I don’t answer its because I’m on the phone with the police. This damn child isn’t with me anymore,” Zoey sighed. “Wait WHAT? Where the hell the girl go? And what’s going on with Caine?” Kiely’s suspicison rose. “I will tell you details later I gotta go,” she hung up leaving Kiely clueless.

Trigga sped to the only place he could figure where Alexis may have been and rolled up armed. “Here we go,” he spoke to himself and locked his car. Trigga approach the abandoned farm house and walked in to see Ty bonded in the chair. He quickly aimed his gun and became moving around waiting for any sudden movements. “911 what’s your emergency?” the dispatcher greeted. “Um yes I would like to report a missing child,” Zoey reached behind her and put the pacifier in Caiden’s mouth. The last thing she wanted to do was hear her ramble in the background. “Okay who is this child ma’am?” he asked. “Her name is Candace.. I just know her first name. She came to my house yesterday and she told me that her mom was dead and that she didn’t have any relatives to speak to or go with. I felt bad for her and let her stay with me for a night and I offered to buy her new clothes because she looked pretty bad. So I’m at wal-mart and I leave her in the car for a few minutes and when I came back she was gone,” Zoey began to become overwhelmed by everything that was happening. “Ma’am how old is the child and can you give me a description of what she looks like?” he questioned. Zoey closed her eyes tightly and revealed the information to the dispatcher and continued talking to him realizing that if know one found her in a couple of hours that she’d have to downtown for questioning. “We’re going to get our forensic artist to come up with a composit sketch to put up and let them know it’ll be an award for any information leading up to her disappearance. But ma’am I must remind you that this may be a common run away that most kids tend to do so call us back within 24 hours to see if she will return, and if not we have you come to the station for questioning, have you look at the sketched, and we’ll have the search go up,” he informed. “Okay thank you so much,” Zoey then hung up after he responded.
“Where is he?” Trigga whispered. Ty’s eyes grew wider as Alexis approached Trigga and shot him in the back watching him fall to the ground. She quickly kicked his gun to the side and picked it up as he rolled over. “Aww..Trigga,” she chuckled. Trigga winched in pain and took deep breaths as he managed to talk. “Al-e-xiss..why?” he struggled with speaking. “Poor baby… you owe me a lot of f***ing money. Did you think that I wasn’t going to retrieve it?” she laughed as she took off the ski mask. “Yo-u we-re go-nna get you-r money,” he stuttered and tried moving. Alexis kicked him in the back. “WHEN? I have warrants unlike you trigga man. I have s*** to do other than SAVE YOUR ASS FROM BEING IN JAIL….just like Caine,” she started to laughed. “Silly… one down and now it’s your time. Sorry we couldn’t be anything love!” she said and fired multiple times as blood gushed from Trigga’s body on the floor. Zoey knocked on the door repeatedly waiting for Kiely to answer. “Zoey wha-,” Zoey stepped in without question and put down Caiden’s baby bag and her as she sat in her carseat. “Did you get in touch with Nick?” she looked at her. “Yeah and he said he hasn’t talked to Caine. What’s going on Zoey that you’re not telling me?” Kiely stressed. Zoey sighed and dropped her hands to her sides. “I don’t even know what’s going on Kiely. Trigga called me while I was walking out of wal-mart trying to buy some clothes for Candace and he told me that Caine killed Alexis and when I get to the car Candace is gone so my mind has been racing okay? I can’t even keep up. I need to find Caine and talk to him before he hurts he’s own damn self. You know that motherf***a is crazy so please watch Caiden for me? I owe you and I swear you’ll have the biggest and most beautiful baby showers ever. Mwah,” Zoey kissed her cheek and left quickly leaving Kiely shocked once again.

“Welcome back Mr. Burose…. Thought we lost you for a second. It seems like you were shot in the stomach and the bullet almost pierced the back of your lungs but missed them, but it did hit a nerve and hopefully your walking will be fine, we’ll test that out in your days to come okay? We have some people we’re contacting to let them know that you’re doing okay. Have some rest Mr. Burose,” the doctor explained. Caine sighed and began to drift off hoping to escape from reality. “CAINE OPEN UP THIS f***ING DOOR RIGHT NOW!” Zoey hollered as she banged on the door to his house. With no respond, Zoey turned around and then went to the place she thought he’d been hiding which was the mountain view. Zoey drove up closer to what looked like Caine’s vehicle only except she saw police “cation” stickers around it. She felt as if her heart fell to the ground and quickly reversed her car. She tried dialing Caine’s number and it continued to go straight to voicemail. “f***!” she yelled and hit the steering wheel in fear of what was going on. Alexis fumbled through Trigga’s pants for the keys to his car and then put them in her pocket and sighed. “I almost forgot that you were still here,” she walked toward Ty and snatched the tape off his mouth. “Alexis what the f***?” he panted. “Shh.. it’s okay. Two down and third strike you’re out right?” she raised her eyebrows questioning him. “Look man we got the job done and I’m sure the money is in the truck. Just give me my half…I know Caine and Trigga owed you and now that they’re gone we’re all set,” Ty laughed. “Good points but….I have to do your dirty work for you Ty…sorry baby,” she fired a single gunshot to the head. Alexis rambled through Ty’s pocket and took his wallet as well as Trigga’s to keep them from being identified. She decided to drive Trigga’s truck to another part of the mountain view and crashed his car, but not before wiping her fingerprints off.

“Are you Ms. Burose?” the nurse wondered. “Yes!” Zoey quickly answered after entering the local hospital. “Good we’ve been trying to contact you all afternoon,” she said escorting her to Caine’s room. That’s when it dawned on Zoey that she was beginning to stess. It was already noon and not to long ago it was morning. She also figured that Caine got rid of her number or maybe they just didn’t get around to it. How would they know she was Ms. Burose if she wasn’t in his phone though? Zoey wondered but shook off that one out of million thoughts that taunted her brain as she entered Caine’s room. “No bears, no candy, no flowers..but me,” she walked up to him slowly. Caine fluttered his eyes open and shut until he set his gaze into Zoey’s beautiful brown eyes as they began to drown in tears. “Caine…you can’t continue to scare me like this…Caiden needs you. I need you,” she expressed as tears fell. “I know…” Caine murmured in a painful like tone that almost sounded like it hurt for him to speak. “Aww shhh… I’m so glad that you’re okay. I found your car in the mountains and that’s how I knew you’d be here,” she wiped her tears. “I’m just glad your okay…what happened?” she wanted to know. “A lot..” Caine mumbled. “Huh? A lot? Like what Caine? I know I’m not your girl but I really care about you and I will never stop caring about you,” Zoey expressed. “Got shot..” he told her. “Oh Thank God you’re okay,” she hugged him catching him off guard. “ahh,” he winched causing Zoey to fall back. “Who…wanted you dead?” a painful lump created in her throat again. Caine looked at her and looked away skeptical if he should tell. The last he wanted was her to end up like him or worse. “Some guy..” he lied. Zoey shook her head and bit her lip and wiped her tears. “I don’t know what I would do if I lost you. You may get on my nerves but you will forever be apart of me. The more I try lying to myself that I’m over you the more I become hurt, more angry, and more stupid. I love you Caine and I know you might not want to hear that but it’s the truth,” Zoey poured out. Caine looked away once again drinking up the information she was pouring out. What could he say? Did he feel the same or not? But he knew one thing. There was only one Zoey and no matter who came after her she was always his Zoey.

“Sooo….” Zoey took a seat next to him. “What did this guy look like because I swe- “Please…drop it Z-oey, don’t” Caine wished. Zoey stared at him and then gave up and figured that the hospital wasn’t the best place debate about their differences in this situation. What she did know that whoever tried to kill her everything was going to get theirs. “Ugh… Caine you wouldn’t believe what kind of day I’ve been having though… I wish I could lay there and hold you but…. I think that would be too much,” she giggled to prevent awkwardness that was already present. “Caine if you want me to leave I can,” she blurted. “Zoey shhh..stay,” he demanded. Zoey nodded her head and grabbed a magazine and started reading it since he wasn’t that much engaged into their conversation. She didn’t want to talk herself to death let alone bore him. Alexis walked in with a bouquet of flowers and a teddy bear and waited on the elevator. She smiled once the doors opened to the floor she wanted and headed down to Caine’s room and entered to be stunned by Zoey’s appearance. “Aww Caine I heard what happened,” she approached him and kissed his lips. Zoey put the magazine down and wiped Caine’s lips and screwed her face at Alexis. “I thought you were dead…what are you doing here?” she questioned. “Ba-“Shh Caine let her speak,” Zoey folded her arms waiting for her to say the wrong thing and Alexis was going to be someone’s next door neighbor. “Yea Caine… don’t want to say to much and you wind up hurting something. You don’t want to do that do you? Be in a lot more pain? Nah…” she shook her head. “b**** you got three seconds to explain why the f*** you in this room and u better hurry up before I knock those f***ing McDonald shape ass lips off your f***ing face for kissing him like that you c*** ass b****,” Zoey stepped closer to her face. “First off who told you I was dead? I didn’t know I had any enemies?” Alexis chuckled while folding her arms. Caine tried reaching for the emergency button and struggled trying to reach it while they talked. “Trigga called me and told me that Ca-Caine killed u,” Zoey said looking at Caine. “CAINE NO… you shouldn’t be moving,” Zoey walked over and moved his arm into place. “Why would Trigga lie like that?” her attention switched to Alexis. “Couldn’t you see? He want you and only you what better way then to get rid of what was stopping him? Get well Caine…todos,” Alexis left quickly. “WAIT b****!” Zoey went after her and saw that she was gone just that quick. She walked back into the room and sighed and tried to thinking about everything. “ <cite> . . Is that who the f*** you want? Huh? Someone who is dangerous enough to kill people? That’s exactly why I didn’t want you with him Zoey. I don’t trust him and I swear if I see him….</cite>” replayed over and over in Zoey’s head until it dawned on her that Trigga had planned to hurt Caine along.

and @shestayfly did you ask me about my story "Loud"? before because I MIGHT be thinking about bringing it back but if I do it'll be on a different board!

Caine had Caiden the entire time with out telling Zoey! That's messed up. I understand her being mentally unstable but geez I thought he would've said something. Omg Keily's pregnant awe. I'm happy her and Nick got it together. You had me thinking Trey was going to beat her ass the way she got all scared. Hell I'm reading it and I was scared for her. Caine is spiraling down. He's back on drugs and molesting little girls smmfh. That's some bull. Every time in think I can predict something you throw another fast one at me lol. Who is the little girl? Is Zoey going crazy??? I think Ty and is going to die next... Humm can't wait to find out if I'm right.

omg... that break up had me teary :/
whhy cant they be happy??
ughh i thought trey was cool
but no he in on the plot to kill caine >:(
wtf?? caine? no no that has to be a mistake... caine doesNOT moleste little girls. Especially bc he has a lil daughter... besides hes hot he can have tricks. so therefore i refuse to believe the drugs led him to that.. it was photoshopped the video.
stupid alexis i hope he doesnt die nor goes to jail...
cant caine zoey caiden keily nick just move like ny or something far like california even to get away
dam caine made his aunt feel bad about not taking him in..
did i tell you that you're a great writer??
cuz you are!
run it

Chapter 40: Motive pt.I

Trigga walked into the room as Zoey waited. “Is that how you
feel?” he asked her. Zoey turned her attention to Trigga and swallowed hard. “What are you going to do?” she questioned back as fear spoke through her voice. “What the f**k you mean Zoey? I’m not him! I won’t put my hands on you. I don’t need to do that to express how I feel,” his facial expression softened. “I hate that you were up here scared,” he continued. “I’m sorry I-i-didn’t know you were watching over me email him,” she spoke embarrassed by her actions. “I just thought that we were building something… you made your choice clear in the email Zoey. I only wanted a chance but,” he paused. “I know who you love and that’s clearly not me,” his eyes fell to the floor as he murmured. Zoey’s eyes flooded with tears as she set them free. “I don’t want to lose you as a friend okay to call you that?” Zoey paused for a second and continue. “I want him to be apart of Caiden again. Nothing ever seems to go right. He had an incredible bond with her im sure while I was loosing my mind now he’s loosing it. I just don’t understand why can’t we ever be happy and get a break from this sh*t?” she wondered. “You can have a break…I’ve been trying to be that break for you Zoey, but you won’t let me. I love you.” he stated truthfully. “Please….don’t” she warned him.. “More than you will ever know. I know that Caine is a big shoe to fill and I’m honestly not even trying to wear his shoes. I want you know that I want my own position with you. I have a job to make you happy and I intend to do just that if you will allow me. You are so beautiful and deserve to be treated like the queen you deserve to be treated as. Please…let me be that for you. I want to see you smile, happy, giggle. I want that for you… let me love you Zoey,” he pleaded. “I just need time to think alone,” she told him. Trigga looked at Zoey for a second and nodded his head and walked out. Zoey followed him swiftly downstairs and didn’t see Caiden. “Caiden?” she called and heard the door close from Trigga walking out. Zoey looked in the kitchen and found Caiden with sugar everywhere on the floor and in her hair. “CAIDEN! NO…YOU DON’T PLAY WITH THE SUGAR DO YOU UNDERSTAND?” Zoey hollered and popped her hand causing her to cry. “DAAAAAA DAAAAAAAAAAAA,” she cried loudly. “Shhhhhhh….Caiden you don’t play in the sugar okay? That right there,” Zoey pointed. “You don’t play with that okay? That’s a no no! I love you so stop crying,” she continued and wiped her tears. Zoey felt her horrible she cried for her dad and he wasn’t there for her.
“Why haven’t you gotten the job done already?” she wondered. “I’m trying the best way I can…now I need your help!” he suggested. “With what? You get the f**king job done or I’ll to take you out myself,” she scolded. “You better have my cut,” he warned her. “Or what?” she challenged. “I took Lauren out and I can take you out as well don’t f**king test me,” he threatened. Alexis laughed loudly as she stared at Ty. “I am not threatened by your statement sure. Trust me… if I wasn’t giving you half of what I’m getting from Trigga then you have been gone a long time ago,” she chuckled. “How sure are you to believe he will give you anything?” he wondered. “Because him and Caine both OWE me f**king money and since he chose me over Zoey then I thought why not take his stupid a** out?” she shrugged. “Why won’t Trigga just do it?” Ty questioned. “You’re asking a lot of questions Ty…just know that? if you don’t get this job done in three days then it’s your a**.” Alexis stated and walked out.
“Merry Christmas Caine,” s he said. “What you doing here?” he questioned. “I just was driving around and I saw your car and I thought that I might stop by and say Merry Christmas,” she smiled. “You know what kind of car that I drive?” he screwed his face trying to understand. “I mean…I’ve saw you around Vegas sometimes and I ki- I’m sorry Caine I just haven’t been able to really tell you how I feel since we’ve reunited,” his aunt expressed. Caine sighed “It’s alright Teresa, I just was talking to Zoey about Caiden seeing if she got her presents.”A warm smile swept across Teresa’s face when he spoke about Caiden. “That’s really nice, how has she been?” she wondered. “Caiden? I assume she’s fine.. I don’t get to see her much,” he responded truthfully. “And why is that?” she questioned. “Zoey is doing her thing and I’m doing mine can I go now?” he retorted. “Do you feel like your mother would be proud of you right now Cannan?” she searched his face for an honest answer. “Caine! and no I don’t but I never knew her and she never knew me so that sh*t right there doesn’t matter can you please leave now?” he insisted. “Caine please….my sister loved you and you were too young to remember her but she would always hold and sing to you. It was the only way you knew how to sleep,” she giggled trying to lighten the mood. “Do you think that I want to hear about my dead mother on Christmas? Really?” Caine screwed his face trying to hold in his rising anger. “I-I’m sorry I ju- “Yea you’re right your sorry because you had a choice to take me in and you didn’t,” Caine sternly spoke causing Teresa to gasp. “Caine I wanted to take you in but you were already in the custody of DHR and it was a lot trying to deal with that and Shad at the same time,” she expressed. “It’s alright… you gave up on me just like everyone else did,” Caine cooed while closing the door on her. “CAINE!” she screamed. Caine listened to her behind the door and then walked off.

“Look what this nigga gave us,” Nick smiled as he showed Kiely the money that Caine gave him. “WHAT!”she screwed her face. “What’s wrong with you? We’re rich,” he chuckled. “No you need to give that back now! What the hell! How did he give that type of money?” she wondered. “Kiely you act like I know. You better count yo blessings girl you know we gotta boy on the way so s***ttttt,” Nick chuckled. “Drug money,” she mumbled under her breath and walked to the kitchen. Nick stuck his tongue while making a funny face behind her back. “Hormones,” he mocked her tone of voice. Zoey finished giving Caiden a bath and put her to sleep and heard her doorbell hoping that it wouldn’t be Trigga. “Hi.. can I help you?” Zoey greeted. She looked up at Zoey and looked at the ground. “What’s wrong? Where’s your mom?” Zoey wondered. “I don’t have a mom anymore,” the little girl defeatedly spoke. “What happened to your m-mom?” she inquired. “She’s dead…” the little girl began crying. “Awww..shhhh…come in,” Zoey held her hand and closed the door. “Would you like some ice cream?” she offered. The little girl shook her head and continued to cry. “Do you want to play with some toys or something?” Zoey tried asking. “No.. I just want my mom,” she cried. Zoey felt bad for her and didn’t really know what to do so she decided to call Kiely.

“Hello?” She answered on the third ring. “Kiely…what are you doing?” Zoey questioned hoping to get her undivided attention. “Girl nothing laying my fat a** down. I need you to help me with a baby shower if you don’t mind,” she smiled on her end of the phone. “Yeah I don’t mind Kiely… guess what though. There’s this little girl that came to my door and she didn’t say anything and I asked her where was her mom and she told me that her mom was…dead,” she reported. “What the hell…that’s odd,” Kiely chuckled. “Poor girl,” she added. Zoey looked at the girl who got comfortable on the couch and looked away. “She’s singing now Kiely, I don’t know what to do… do you think I should call the police to come and get her?” Kiely shrugged, “I think that you should first try talking to her to see if she has any nearby relatives to see can go with them or something. Let them deal with the police,” she thought. Zoey nodded her head agreeing and sighed. “Okay well… I’m excited about your bundle of joy in a few more months. To bad your not having a girl or you could have had some of Caiden’s clothes she can’t fit anymore,” she chuckled. “That’s true but I don’t know what I’m going to do with Nick he been driving me crazy. Girl he came up in here with money that Caine gave him. What the f**k is he doing?” she rambled. “I don’t know gi- “ Zoey quickly stopped talking as Caiden started to cry and realized that the little girl was no longer on the couch. “Hold on Kiely,” she said fastly as she ran upstairs into Caiden’s room and saw the girl with her in her hands. Zoey hung up her phone and put it in her pocket and walked up to the girl abruptly. “No… noo… let me take her from you,” Zoey remarked taking Caiden out of her arms. “You have a nice baby,” the little girl responded. “I always wanted a little sister,” she finished. “When she cries…just let me handle that okay?” Zoey told her. “I just wanted to play,” she looked at her hands. “I offered you to play with toys and you told me no,” Zoey looked at her weirdly. “I wanted to play with her,” the girl pointed at Caiden. “Caiden is still a baby so you can’t,” Zoey stated. “I’m 9 years old not 5 so don’t treat me like that,” the little girl scolded and walked out of the room leaving Zoey speechless. “Thought you forgot about me,” Alexis laughed and gave Trigga a hug and kiss. “So whats up?” he said sitting down. “Well.. I met with Ty today and the job isn’t done yet,” she confessed. “Oh I know because she was emailing him today… I was pissed as sh*t because he isn’t dead yet,” he sternly spoke. Alexis shook her head “I know I know…it looks like were going to have to take out Ty as well,” Alexis suggested. “Why would we do that when he’s going to take him out?” Trigga didn’t understand. “Because he’s not moving fast enough that’s why and besides…I heard that he has a little surprise up his sleeve but I don’t know what it is,” she told him. “How come you didn’t kill Caine a long time ago?” he wondered. “Because I still loved him that’s why!” Alexis rolled her eyes. Trigga chuckled and bit his lip. “I hate that motherf***a…what is that he has that I don’t?” he retorted. Alexis chuckled at him while shaking her head. “Honestly? Everything,”
“Do you have any relatives that you think you could call and tell about what happened to your mom?” Zoey asked. “No…” she answered. “What’s your name?” Zoey questioned. “Candace,” she mumbled. “My name is Zoey… are you sure there isn’t someone that you could call?” she wondered. “I said NO!” Candace shouted. Caine fumbled with his nose as he looked over the mountain top view. He hadn’t been there in a while and wondered what Zoey was up to. He hoped that her Christmas was everything that she hoped it’ll be. Kiely looked at her phone wonder why Zoey hung up and figured that she’d call her back. “Kiely,” Nick cooed. “I know that Christmas is almost over,” he chuckled while dawn started to fall. “I want you to know that you’ve been the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I never met someone as special as you. I talk about you to my co-workers, my parents, and other close friends. I don’t know what it is about you but you make a nigga want to thank God every second for your parents for creating such an amazing person. Your spirit uplifts me and I know that you may be afraid of everything that’s going on right now, but I want you to know that with me and God you don’t have to be afraid. I want to know if you would," he spoke while getting on one knee. “Take my hand in marriage and marry me,” he proposed while opening the very last gift. “Yes..” Kiely said with tears pouring down her face. “Yes I will marry you,” she chuckled and watched him slip the ring on her finger. While things were looking up for Kiely and Nick, Caine wondered when was his next step in life. He blew the smoke into the air and watched night time arrive.

The sun beamed through the curtains causing Zoey to wipe the crust that covered her eyes. “Had a good night?” Alexis smiled. Caine shoot up and found himself on his hood and looked at Alexis confused. “What you doing here?” he inquired while wiping her eyes. Alexis yawned and stretched and got down from his hood. “I saw that you were lonely and thought that I should join you…you sleep like a beautiful baby Caine,” she smiled. “You’re f**king crazy. How do you even know I was up here?” Caine screwed his face feeling uncomfortable as ever. “I’m always with you Caine… even when I’m not with you. I’m always here in spirit,” she smiled. Caine got off the hood of his car and quickly got into the drivers seat followed by Alexis quickly getting into the drivers seat. “Get the f**k out of my car Alexis,” he warned her. “Baby…I don’t know why you treat me the way you do. What does she have that I don’t?” she truthfully questioned. Caine sighed and bit his lip, “Alexis…please get out of my car. I don’t know what kind of sh*t you’re on, but whatever it is you need to be that outside my f**king car,” he retorted. “I need your help with something,” she informed him. Caine looked forward and started his car hoping to depart soon. “I’m not interested,” he shut down. “Oh really? You know…I can get you sent to jail for life this time with all of the drugs you keep in here and not only that, but the way you go about things now,” she held up her phone playing a recording over him molesting a girl. Caine bit down on his lip hard trying to control his anger from flaring. “Zoey doesn’t know you’ve been molesting little girls does she?” she laughed and continued to watch the video. Caine took her phone and threw it over the cliff. “GET THE f**k OUT b****,” Caine yelled. Alexis punched Caine which caused him to knock her head against the window. “GET THE f**k OUT b***h!" he yelled again while reaching over her and opened the door. Caine pushed Alexis out and she quickly grabbed her gun and pulled the trigger.

“Morning my fiancée,” Nick smiled and kissed Kiely’s stomach. “How are you this morning?” he looked into her eyes waiting for an answer. “I wouldn’t be any happier. Waking up next to you,” she smiled. Nick searched her face thanking God he created such a beautiful woman in his eyes. “Welp…I gotta get up and get ready to go to work and I will see yo’ beautiful a** when I get back okay?” he leaned in to kiss her. “Hello Zoey!” Candace stood over the bed watching Zoey. Zoey jumped a little bit as she was caught off guard by her presence. “How long have you been right there?” she asked while sitting up. “For about 10 hours,”she answered while climbing in the bed and rested her head on her chest. Zoey looked around to find anyone else that thought this girl was more than weird. Apart of her felt really bad for her situation, but another told her that she shouldn’t be here. “Candace I think that I’m going to call the police and let them know that you don’t have a home or any relatives to call. I should have done that yesterday,” she told her. “WHAT! YOU CAN’T!” she sat up and looked at Zoey surprised. “Why not? You don’t have a place to live and your mother is gone.” She blurted. “I thought this was my home,” Candance looked down at her fingers and started developing tears in her eyes. “I have one child and don’t need another. Plus this isn’t your home Candace. I don’t know you, you don’t know me and you don’t know what I am capable of. You shouldn’t be comfortable with strangers. I only let you stay for the time being so that you wouldn’t feel abandoned,” Zoey informed. “So you’re putting me out just like my mom?” she began to cry. “Oh God…you don’t understand Candace…you’re not suppose to be here with me and I have to go with gut regardless of what you say. I’m not trying to hurt your feelings,” Zoey stated as she wiped her tears. “Why did she have to leave me on Christmas?” Candace cried more. Zoey stretched and got out of bed feeling extremely bad for her realizing she was meeting herself. “Hey..” Zoey kneeled down infront of her. “I was that girl... I was that lonely and afraid girl that you are now. I understand how you feel, I’ve watched my mom die right before my eyes and not only her but I’ve witnessed other people die and some others try and hurt themselves. Please..don’t grow up to be like me. I’m pretty sure that you’ll be a bright young girl in the future. I know it may be hard but someone will help you get through it. When I get done talking to the police we could go out and eat breakfast and then go shopping, I don’t know if I could give you your dream Christmas, but I would at least like to break a smile on your face,” Zoey searched her face and stood up. “I don’t want to do none of that unless I could stay with you,” she announced. Zoey exhaled deeply and looked away then moments later looked at Candace. “I’ll make a deal with you. I will look after you only until the police find somewhere for you to be and when that time comes you have to go okay?” she expressed. Candace looked up with hopeful eyes and nodded her head. Zoey sighed in relief she finally agreed to something and smiled. “I’m going to make Caiden’s some food and in the meantime you could take a shower and I’ll set all that stuff up for you okay?” Candace nodded her head, “Thank you” Zoey smiled a little and got all the things that she was going to need for a shower and waited until she was settled in the bathroom and then decided to go make Caiden some breakfast. “DOCTOR…..he’s not breathing!”

to be continued..

typos in here just like ever other chapter that im too lazy to correct!!

Chapter 39: All over the place

Caine laughed as he wiped his tears. “Yeah…we had good times,” He reminisced as he thought about Zoey. “Wow…I really had high hopes for you guys…but there’s something that still there…” Dr. Newman figured. Caine shook his head, “I cry sometimes looking at Caiden…she didn’t know I got custody of her and she hasn’t seen her yet. I don’t know I just don’t want Caiden witnessing the Zoey that I left and I feel horrible for it but…I just don’t know if she will ever forgive me for keeping her away.” He confessed. Dr. Newman mouth dropped at the news and tried to collect herself. “Okay…let me get this together…So you haven’t seen Zoey in a year, you’ve moved out a year ago, got custody of Caiden and didn’t let her know that you were even thinking about it? Do you know that she probably found out by now? Did you not think about her going to these meetings trying to get her back?” She questioned. Caine sighed heavily, “The social workers don’t think she’s mentally stable for Caiden just yet…and that’s what they told me six months ago. I don’t know about now but back then they informed her that Caiden was going to remain with her foster mother and that they would notify her when there were meetings. Zoey never showed up to rest of the meetings after they told her that Caiden wouldn’t be with hers. I feel so bad.” Tears developed in his eyes again. “So if Zoey was to be reunited with her mom…is she allowed to see her and be near her without supervision?” She wondered. Caine nodded his head, “She believes things are still the same because she thinks that she’s still with her foster mom she was with. I basically fought for the both of us and get her back for us. I just decided to take custody because I felt like it was best because I don’t know if Zoey is stable just like her doctors,” he admitted. Dr. Newman nodded her head in agreement to his decision, “I understand how you went about this, but I just don’t understand why you couldn’t just be upfront with Zoey and tell her what your plan was.” She remarked.

Caine wiped his tears and sighed, “If me and Zoey got Caiden back and then we weren’t together it wouldn’t be like a family like I wanted. We started falling out of love with each other and I feared that she wouldn’t let me bond with her as much.” He stated truthfully. “So even if she might have stated that you could see Caiden anytime you want you still felt the way you do now?” She inquired. Caine nodded shameful of his decisions. “I’m sorry..” he cooed and wiped his tears again. “I believe you don’t owe that to me but to Zoey,” she remarked. Caine nodded his head, “I know…I’m prepared to die,” he stated. “I believe we should meet back here in two days and when you come back I want to see Caiden with you then we’ll meet Zoey here okay? That way I can make sure you don’t die.” Dr. Newman chuckled. Caine nodded his head and got himself together. “Alright…take care Caine until next time,” she announced and watched him leave.

Caine strapped Caiden up in her car seat and drove to his new house. When he wasn’t working he was painting out of boredom. Caiden was his life and that’s all who mattered to him now. “We’re home princess.” Caine smiled as he retrieved Caiden out her seat. “Well hello Caine…” a female voice came from his porch. I didn’t even see anyone Caine thought to himself and looked up to see Kiely. “He-hey Kiely,” he greeted nervously. “Wow…I thought that I would never see you ever again. It’s funny how I had to beg Nick to tell me your address..” she said. “Hey Caiden” she continued. Caine stared at Kiely speechless. “You got so bigggg…” she continued and picked her up. Caiden took her nose and tugged on it. “Owww…” Kiely laughed. Caiden kicked her feet trying to get down “Eat eat!” she whined. “Aww..” Kiely cooed and put her down. Caiden walked to Caine and hid behind his leg. “I’m sorry Kiely…she’l l see Zoey in a couple of days.. please don’t say anything to her. I want to tell her personally,” he expressed. Kiely’s mouth dropped taken aback by the sudden news. “Wow…I won’t. I-I hope that you take care Caine bye Caiden I love you,” she said turned around and walking off. “Eat eat daaaa…” Caiden began to cry. “Shh shhh babe,” he cooed while picking her up and taking her inside. Caine took Caiden to the kitchen and put her in her high chair so he could focus on making her oatmeal. Caiden kick her legs back in forth as she recognized her dad getting her food ready. She began excited and made baby noises and spit bubbles. Caine looked over at Caiden and chuckled, “alright princess…” he walked over and took her out her seat. Caine put the oatmeal down to cool and took Caiden upstairs and got her a bib that read ”Daddy’s Princess and put it on her. Kiely got walked into a loud house noticing Nick on the couch. “Just came from Caine’s new place…” she shook her head.

Nicks focused on the game ignoring Kiely until she sat down and made him listen. “Why did you help him keep that secret that he had custody of Caiden Nick? That’s not right,” she scolded with angry rising inside her. “I just respected his wishes Kiely…”Nick sighed. “But that’s not fair you know how many times Zoey cries a day? You know how much she’s been hurting and this bastard goes a whole year without letting her see her own f**king child she carried for 9 months. That’s some selfish a** sh*t and if wasn’t for Caiden I would have knocked the f**k outta him earlier,” she retorted angrily. “I haven’t even seen her I just wanted to respect my friend’s wishes Kiely I didn’t say I agreed with his decisions..” Nick responded. Kiely shook her head and decided to excuse herself. “What have you been up to?” Zoey said plopping on Trigga’s lap. “Nothing just trying to pick up the pieces to your heart,” he smiled. Zoey searched his face and didn’t see anything compared to Caine and smiled to herself. “I’ll find it don’t worry about doing that,” she cooed while staring at her hands. “Oh but I want to if you’ll let me Zoey…we’ve been hanging just like old times and I’m not letting you slip away from me. Not this time,” he expressed honestly. Zoey bit her lip trying to hold her tears. “Are you still in love with him?” he inquired curiously. Zoey asked herself this question more than anything throughout the year with no Cannan to come home to. Was she or was she not. She had her days when she missed him dearly and her days when Caine never crossed her mind. “Well…” Trigga looked at her awaiting an answer. “I’m better,” she looked at him. “What does better mean?” he questioned. Zoey sighed trying to find the right words to say. “I believe that I’m falling out of fall more and more every day, but I can’t sit here and tell you that I don’t dwell on what we use to have or think about it,” she admitted. Trigga nodded his head at the information he learned and didn’t have a choice but to accept her honesty. “I understand completely what you mean, I just want a chance to love you Zoey… I want you to be my woman” he confessed staring into her eyes. “I understand you’re afraid of being hurt all over again, but you just don’t understand the way you warm my heart up when you wake up next to me, the way you smile when we’re having fun. Seeing you happy makes my world alright and we’re so close to getting everything complete and the only thing I’m missing is you,” he expressed wholeheartedly. “I-I don’t kno-w ,” Zoey stuttered nervously. “Trust me….that’s all you have to do,” he pleaded. Zoey closed her eyes and exhaled deeply while nodding her head. “I’ll trust you,” she soundlessly spoke.

The rest of the day Zoey felt weird accepting that she’d be Trigga’s girlfriend. What about Caine? What about Alexis? Those were questions she wanted to know answers too. Caine put Caiden off to bed and then picked up his phone to call Zoey. “H-hello/” Zoey said surprisingly. “Hey Zoey,” Caine smiled to himself hearing her voice for the first in a year. “Caine?” Zoey didn’t understand. “Yeah.. it’s me. How you been?” he wondered. “I-ive be-en good,” she stuttered trying to get her mind from racing with thoughts. “I was calling to see if you were interested in seeing Dr. Newman for a follow up meeting she would like with us. I told her I was down with it and she wanted me to see if you were,” he informed. “Umm..okay when?” she asked. “This Saturday at 1pm you don’t have to work do you?” Zoey shook her head “No..I’ll be there,” she cooed. “Alright see you then…” Caine said hanging up. Zoey looked at her phone and sighed. Saturday came before she knew it as she looked at herself in the mirror. A few miles away Caine strapped Caiden in her car seat and got into the driver seat. He looked at himself in the mirror and exhaled deeply then backed out the car. “1…2…” Ty bit his lip before he could blast on his next victim. “I’ma get you…” he recited to himself. “I love waking up to such a beautiful woman..” Nick cooed. Kiely rolled over feeling sick and ran to the bathroom before she could respond to him. “You’re pregnant aren’t you?” he murmured while watching Kiely over the toilet.

“Hi Miss. Caiden” Dr. Newman smiled as Caine walked in with Caiden. Caiden waved at Dr. Newman shyly while Caine took off her coat. “Is Zoey on her way?” she wondered. “Yes..I believe so,” he thought. Zoey ran her hand down her face as she exhaled outside of Dr. Newman’s office. She took a look at the text from Trigga reading Hope you have a wonderful day baby . Zoey looked outside at the window at the building then back at her phone and sighed. “I hope I do to.” Caine looked at his fingers nervous for what was to come. “It’s going to be okay,” she reassured. Zoey knocked on the door and waited for a response. “Zoey!” a surprised tone left Dr. Newman’s lips. “Come in,” she invited. Zoey walked in and heard baby gibberish. Her eyes shot straight to Caine holding Caiden in his hands. “Ca-CAIDEN,” she shouted in a whisper as tears fell from her eyes. “Zoey..I wanted you and Caine here today so that you two can communicate. It was brought to my attention that you guys haven’t talked or seen each other in a year and Zoey he has custody over Caiden,” she informed. “WHAT?” she roared surprised. “Please…have a seat Ms. Davis,” Dr newman stated. “I don’t think I can…here I am sitting here stressing out and you took Caiden away from me. HOW COULD YOU DO THAT CAINE?” she screamed. “You weren’t stable Zoey I just wanted what was best for Caiden,” he defended. “HOW? BY TAKING CUSTODY OF OUR CHILD?” she scremed in a cry. “Ms. Davis please calm down he- “Dr. Newman if your child was taken away from you for more than a year would you be calm? Huh? I don’t think so,” she retorted. “Daaaaaaaa….” Caiden whined. Zoey looked at Caiden and broke down on her knees. Caine and Dr. Newman’s eyes met feeling horrible for Zoey. “She doesn’t even know me…YOU KNOW HOW IMPORTANT IT WAS TO ME TO GET HER BACK CAINE I HATE YOU!” she announced causing Caiden to start crying. “Please Ms. Davis Caine underst- “LET THIS PATHETIC BASTARD SPEAK FOR HIMSELF!” she cut her off. Caine swallowed hard and tried calming Caiden down. “Zoey I’m sorry, I was only trying to help. I thought that if we got Caiden back that you wouldn’t let me create a bond with you. You’d be so wrapped up in trying to make up the time you lost and forget about how important she is to me to,” he confessed. Zoey shook her head repeatedly as more tears fell down her face “I can’t believe you would think of everything that way Caine,” she sobbed. “Zoey do you accept his apology?” she inquired. “I just want Caiden,” she cooed while staring at her. Caine wiped her tears and sat down. “Caiden..thats mommy tell her you love her,” he murmured. “No..” she hid her face in his chest. “Caiden stop it,” he stated. “Nooo,” she whined. Zoey shook her head and turned to the door feeling empty. “Zoey please seat and talk this out,” Dr. Newman desired. “Talk what out? Caiden doesn’t know me, I don’t know who the hell Caine is, he has custody, and here I am losing my mind more and more everyday and I still lost,” she remarked. “GOT DAMNIT I SAID I WAS SORRY ZOEY!” Caine shouted. “NOW YOU GUYS LISTEN THE HELL UP! I WILL NOT LET YOU GUYS DISRESPECT EACH OTHER ANYMORE IN MY PRESENCE OR IN THE SIGHT OF YOUR DAUGHTER. NOW YALL EITHER COMPROMISE OR I WILL LET YOU GUYS LEAVE HERE TODAY WITH THINGS UNACCOMPLISHED. ZOEY I KNOW THAT YOU ARE HURT AND YOU HATE CAINE RIGHT NOW. CAINE YOU’VE EXPRESSED TO ME AND HER THAT YOU ARE SORRY! FORGET ABOUT HOW YOU GUYS FEEL. CAINE THIS ISN’T ABOUT YOU AND YOU FEELING HOW YOU THOUGHT THINGS WOULD YOU BE. YOU SHOULDN'T OF ASSUMED AND JUST WEIGHED IT OUT TO FIND OUT. ZOEY THIS ISN’T ABOUT YOU EITHER SO STOP BEING MAD AND SIT YOUR a** DOWN AND TRY TO FIGURE OUT A WAY TO GET BACK IN THIS CHILD’S LIFE. YOU GUYS BOTH NEED TO UNDERSTAND THAT WHAT YOU ARE DOING IS HURTING THIS CHILD’S LIFE. YOU GUYS NOT BEING ABOUT TO PUT THE PRIDE AND EGO ASIDE IS KILLING HER INSIDE. YOU MAY NOT SEE IT NOW BUT YOU ARE PLANTING A BAD SEED INSIDE OF HER AND I DON’T THINK EITHER ONE OF YOU WANT HER GROWING UP RESENTING YOU GUYS FOR THE BULLs*** THAT CAN BE BURIED HERE TODAY RIGHT NOW! NOW SIT THE f**k DOWN AND LETS TALK!” Dr.Newman lectured.

Zoey looked at her and took a seat next to Caine. “Shhh… it’s okay alright?” Caine murmured as he tried consoling Caiden. She looked at him with puppy eyes and nodded her head. Zoey sighed, “I understand everything you just said Doc. I know that this isn’t about me or Caine but Caiden so I’m willing to do whatever it takes make things right on behalf of Caiden,” her voice cracked a little. “I just want you to know that the only reason why I went and got custody of our daughter was because you were mentally unstable at the moment and I’m okay now and I didn’t want to keep her with her foster parents. I understand you might feel like you lost a lot of time in her life and I do too. I’m still making up for it and I want you to know that just because I have custody of her doesn’t mean you can’t love her like you need to or be the mother that you know how to be to her Zoey. You can still read to her at night, wipe her tears, potty train her, and everything else you want to do. Don’t let me having custody over her stop you. As of right now I will just be in charge of important papers and things that have to do with the law that comes to Caiden until we can get you and the court situated, so don’t stress alright?” he spoke sincerely. Zoey wiped her tears and nodded her head, “Thank you.. I needed to hear that,
“ she remarked. “Well… that good that we have it resolved correct?” Dr. Newman wondered. Caine looked at Zoey and then back at her and nodded. “Well… I would like to se eyou guys again in about a month from now is that okay?” she questioned. “Sure,” Zoey agreed. “Alright then I will see you guys then,” a smile swept across her face. Caine let Caiden down as he gave Dr.Newman a hug. Meanwhile, Caiden walked over to Zoey and looked at her in her eyes. Zoey kneeled down on her knees and opened up her arms hoping she’d fall into her embrace. Caiden played with her bottom lip with her fingers as she walked slowly to her; eyes never leaving her. “Don’t let her go without seeing her mother again you here?” Dr. Newman cooed in Caine’s ear. Zoey wrapped her arms around Caiden and hugged her tightly and stroked her hair. Dr. Newman and Caine pulled away and watched the two of them. Dr. Newman gave Caine a warm smile knowing that everything would be alright. “See you next time,” Caine said grabbing the baby bag and walking out as Zoey quickly followed behind him with Caiden in her arms. “Bye Caiden..” Zoey coed sadly stopping at Caine’s car. Caine grabbed Caiden and put her in her carseat and turned to her face. “Would you um… like to go out to eat with us?” he offered. “Uhh-uh sure,” she stuttered. “Alright well just follow me,” he instructed and got into his car. Zoey walked off and got into her car swiftly and followed Caine once he pulled off.

“What are we going to do now?” Nick inquired fearfully. “I-I don’t know,” Kiely sobbed. Nick bent down to reach her level and kissed her tears away. “Shh… you know that I’m here for you and love you. We can keep the baby and I can get two jobs, We can make it work…” he encouraged her. “I’m just scared everything is happening so fast,” she said. “I know..I know babe, but we’re gonna make it work,” he reminded her. “Thanks for inviting me..” Zoey looked at the menu as she sat across from Caine. The dining area was nicely lit as smooth jazz music played through the speakers. “Oh it’s cool bruh,” he chuckled. “Bruh?” she raised her eyebrow questioning him. “What’s wrong with bruh?” he screwed his face in confusion. “Nothing,” she laughed it off and looked at the menu again. “Ordering margaritas?” he smiled while looking at her. “Nope,” she quickly stated with no enthusiasm . Caine’s smile faded and then looked at Caiden. “Daddy loves you…” he smiled. Zoey glanced over at Caiden and saw how her face lit up whenever Caine would talk to her. She wanted that bond with her but felt like she already failed as a mother. She felt in her heart it was too late despite what Caine back there in the meeting. Zoey knew for sure Caiden wouldn’t love her the same as before. “You know what you’re going to eat?” Caine asked. “I-ii- think I’ll just go.. I’ve seemed to have lost my appeitie,” she lied. “Zoey sit yo a** down,” Caine demanded. Zoey raised her eyebrows surprised at him and remained standing. “Excuse me?” Caine rolled his eyes “Stop thinking about yourself and sit yo a** down for Caiden. I didn’t invite you to rekindle sh*t or be buddy buddy, but I thought it would be nice if you would come and enjoy dinner with us,” he retorted. Zoey sat down aggressively showing him she was angry. “Look “bruh” you don’t tell me what the f**k to do Caine and I will not sit here and let you talk to me any kind of way,” she rolled her eyes. “I’m not speaking to you any kind of way except for the way you need to be talked to. Just sit your a** down and try bonding with your daughter,” Caine remarked. Zoey bit her lip and laughed to cover up how harsh his words were breaking her. “Don’t sit here and act like you got your sh*t all together Caine just because you have custody of her. I’m still her mother you know, so don’t sit on the other side of this f**king table like you have the upper hand on things. I can leave this restaurant with Caiden right now and there wouldn’t be sh*t you could do about it because I’m her f**king mother just like you’re her father. So if you can do what the f**k you want then SO CAN I,” she expressed. “NOBODY SAID YOU COULDN’T SO CALM THE f**k DOWN,” he sternly spoke through his teeth. “The reason why I told you to sit down is because I can read and see the jealously all over your face Zoey. It’s alright…you want to spend sometime with Caiden then go ahead. I only did what was best for her and you shouldn’t look at it as a competition,” he told her. “OH REALLY?” Zoey voice raised as well as her eyebrows. “Weren’t you the one afraid of me taking her away from you if I was more stable? Sounds like you took her away so that you could furfill your selfish needs and have her to yourself. COMPETITION!” she analyzed. “f*** you Zoey. I’ll give you all of Caiden’s sh*t once I’m done eating my damn food so you can sleep tonight how does that sound?” he smartly stated. “Still the same ol’ a**hole I see… and yes I would LOVE that,” she declared. “Great! now shut the f**k up, so I can eat in peace,” Caine ordered. Before Zoey could fix her lips the waitress came and took their orders and for the remaining of the dinner they were silent. “Here, she takes naps everyday at 1pm. I take her to daycare because I work. That’s there address and if you need an- “Caine..I got it,” Zoey looked at him. Caine searched Zoey’s face and sighed then handed her the baby bag. “I always knew you’d be a great dad,” she mumbled to herself. “Call me when you need a break, bye Caiden… daddy loves you,” he kissed her. Caiden began crying as she saw Caine walk away. “Shhh it’s okay mommy has you, “ Zoey told her. Caine waved one more time at Caiden and then got into his car and drove off. He didn’t know when was the next time he’d see Caiden by the way Zoey acted.

Time flew all the way to the Christmas season. Caine predicted correctly and he hadn’t seen Caiden since the day he let her go with his mom. It wasn’t Zoey’s fault it was Caine’s. Zoey wanted him around Caiden as much as possible she even texted him telling him how much she missed him, but the drugs held Caine up. “Bruh you straight?” Nick asked a high Caine. “Pshh what you mean bruh, I been smoking how long? You know I am,” he laughed loudly. “Kiely’s 6 months pregnant now…” He announced. “Oh sh*t! Have fun bruh…have fun. Don’t wanna end with a crazy a** babymomma with mental problems and sh*t that got you stressed out. Then hold hold on nigga,” Caine laughed as he blew smoke in the air. “Nigga shut the f**k up with yo high ass, take this damn present and gone on somewhere lay yo a** down,” Nick chuckled. Caine smacked his lips and put the present down. “hey…I got everybody something,” he laughed and pulled out a wad of cash. “That’s for you my friend,” he gave some to Nick. “Nigga where the f**k you get all this money?” he wondered. “Shhhh… we gone be out of here in no time bruh I swear. I’ll get Caiden and her momma out and we all gone live good. Well..they’ll be living good and I’ll just watch on the outside,” he stated. “I’m gone nigga…please take care of yoself,” Nick said exiting Caine’s house. Caine put his money on the table while Ty focused his lens strictly on the cash he put down. Ty put his binoculars down and smiled sheepishly to himself. He was going to have a wonderful Christmas. He was ready to wrap a lot of body parts and send them straight to Caiden as a Merry Christmas from her real dad. Caine got up and headed to his computer and exited out off the porn browers he had up and went to his email and composed a message to Zoey.

Cannan Burose :
Merry Christmas to you and Caiden.

Zoey twirled around with Caiden in her livingroom and laughed as she fell down. “Uuh oohh..” Caiden said. Zoey giggled and felt her phone vibrate and then looked at it. She looked at the email Caine sent and shook her head.

Zoey Davis:

Smh. Merry Christmas Caine

Caine looked at the message and was surprised that she even answered.

Cannan Burose:
I got her presents in the mail….n thanks

Zoey Davis:
She got her gifts thanks…

Cannan Burose: Cannan.
iight den tell her that i love her and dat ill see her soon....

Zoey Davis: Davis.
you tell her

Cannan Burose:
the f**k you can’t?

Zoey Davis:
Because deadbeat she barely knows you

[b]Cannan Burose:
deadbeat? lol dats a 1st. and watch dem niggas you got round her den maybe she will....

Zoey Davis:
Niggas?! Oh my God! What niggas? I don't even f**king date. Who has time for that sh*t when I have to play mom & dad? You losing yourself man.

Cannan Burose:
you still talk a bunch a sh*t. i dont know what the f**k you do to be honest and don't try n f**king play me. Im there for Caiden as much as I can. Im doing sh*t to but I gotta work on your f**king schedule and mine so take several f**king seats with dat sh*t talking bout you miss me..u can shut dat lyin a** sh*t up now! u losing yourself. even if you really do "miss me" u shouldn't. point ________ .

Zoey Davis: Davis.
Several seats? Baby you sound like a queen. Let your balls hang boy. You a trip for that sh*t but listen here muthaf***a, I do miss your stupid a**. And no YOU are losing yourself. I found my damn self. And I'm telling you what I do. I don't let her be around no niggas cuz I don't even talk to them. So that was just dumb as f**k to say. And that's fine Caine. Sometimes I wonder what the f**k I saw in you. Like, really? I procreated with this muhf***a? You pitiful but I still love you.

Cannan Burose: Cannan.
well i know that the caine dat left you isn't lost dat nigga is just gone forever lol just like you said "goodbye forever". yea... taken for granted, unappreciated, and etc. I ain't losing myself i'm just living how i wanna live my life and if dats being a deadbeat, crackhead, a**hole,b****,dumbf***, "queen" , and etc. then dats cool lol idgaf.

Zoey Davis: Davis.
Lol good for you man... As long as you content with your life, that's all that matters. Unappreciated? Taken for granted? Wow. Just wow. You're just hmm... I won't allow you to even make me react. All I will say is that sometimes people change Caine. Sometimes it's intentional & other times it's not. I didn't try to neglect you or your feelings. I wish you stop tryna paint me as a bad person. Yes, I am not the most perfect woman and I have all my flaws, but I am not bad. I don't know why you just can't see that the mind has a way of tricking the body. I may have not or shouldn't have had emotional attachment to those skeletons but my mind said I did. As a woman.. A grown woman, I apologize wholeheartedly. I'm sorry for coming at you that way. I shouldn't have even shot off at the mouth like that. I should have kept it cute & kept moving but my feelings get the best of me this time. And I won't even blame it on my disorder. I know better. Even meds can't cure what your heart truly feels. I don't know where I went wrong. I don't know how I allowed you to slip away. All I can say to you is that I'm truly sorry. I don't practice in the mirror tryna make sh*t sound sweet. I would never sugar coat anything or paint sh*t with sugar for you. This is 100% me. I'm just speaking from the heart. I really hope in the future, you'll forgive me. I just pray. But take care of yourself Caine. Please. Not even for me but for Caiden. She needs her father more than anything in this world. Some things a woman just can't do on her own.

Cannan Burose:

you know what....i think your right. I am losing myself lol. I don't know who the hell I am...never did lol probably never will. and yes I felt like i was unappreciated Zoey damn! i did a bunch of changing for you! and you fell out of love with me so why the f**k would I stay? You didn't want me beating your a** again and then when a nigga learned how to respect you it was like i wasn't even there. You forgot how to f**k a nigga and everything lol... So why stay? just cause we have a child doesn't mean sh*t. I thought I was finally happy but yea u right u did change but who knows if it was intentional or whateva else u just said. Zoey...i just don't really care anymore about none of this its just like whateva to me. If were friends dats cool if we not dats cool too. A lot of sh*t stressed me out too. im a bad guy too.IM f**king SORRY FOR THE 139385340954309853TH time. I only tried to help u by getting rid of the problems....& i finally got rid of the last one! and if i wasn't you wouldn't have changed and i wouldn't have left. But...dat sh*t don't even matter lol this conversation is so irrelevant because we won't ever be sh*t again. Im sorry im holding a grudge...I'm not trying to but i want to f**k yo up really badly cause you hurt me. I don't want to experience dat no more. Dats why i never wanted to bring myself into this a long a** time ago. Afraid of being hurt, afraid of loving, afraid of being loved, afraid of risk, afraid of falling. All of that...for exactly what i knew down the road what it'll be. I'm back at square 1. its like i gotta meet you all over again.. i'll let you throw drinks on my head...smh... I'll call Caiden sometime soon and tell her that I love her still....

Zoey Davis:
Well, I still apologize. I said everything I felt :/ Caine, I'm not mad about the past anymore. You don't have to apologize for that. It's like... I don't have anything else to say anymore. I said all I can say but I guess I'll just stop responding since it's irrelevant to you now. And I never said you had to stay with me for Caiden. Where are you even coming up with these things? I f***ed up Caine. I get it. I really get it. But you just won't let it go. All this sh*t you hate about me is becoming heavy on your heart. Breana messed up! She did and she apologized and owned up to her mistakes. And whoop my a** Caine if it'll make you feel better, but at the end of the day until you find time and space in your heart to forgive me, you are only hurting yourself in the end. All this... Everything we been through... I'm not judging. I will not judge. I'm hearing you out and I'm now understanding why you resent me so bad but you have to let it go.

Cannan Burose:
I forgive you... lets keep conversations on other things other than us and mostly about Caiden.

Zoey Davis:
Ok I will try.

Caine shut his computer and hit his blunt and blew the smoke in the air thinking about Zoey how things used to be. “So you’re lying now?” Trigga looked over Zoey’s shoulder. Zoey jumped frightened that she didn’t even know he was right there. “I didn’t even know you were right there, but what do you mean?” she stated confused. “I read everything while you were typing…you do have Caiden around me and you’re not dating now?” he clenched his jaws furious. “What the f**k you doing emailing him in the first f**king place it should’ve been Merry Christmas to you too and THEN CONVERSATION DONE!” he yelled. “I-m so- “Meet me upstairs now…Caiden doesn’t need to witness this,” he aggressively spoke. Zoey swallowed hard and then did exactly what she was told and waited nervously.

Chapter 38: Final pt. 1

Kiely walked over to Nick, grabbed his plate, and tossed the dishes in the sink. “That was more than good girl,” He chuckled while wiping his mouth. “I was thinking…that maybe I can give you a massage.” Kiely smiled and walked over to him. Nick looked up at her and smiled, “I’d love that,” He remarked. Kiely nodded her head and escorted him to her room. “Zoey?” Caine soundlessly called as he sat up against the wall. “I wish you would just open this f**king door..” She roared. Caine shook his head “You’re scaring me Zoey…I can’t believe you snorted that…that’s not good for you.” He spoke to her through the door. “Why did you do it then Caine? Stop talking to me like I’m a child.” She rolled her eyes. Caine looked at his hands, “We’re not getting married are we?” he wondered. Zoey chuckled, “If you think that I want a wedding right now when I can’t sleep at night because I don’t have my child here then you can hang it up.” She retorted. Caine got up and then opened the door, “Stab me…” He ordered as he stared in her eyes. “Oh now you want me to kill you huh?” She chuckled. “Zoey…you’re not the same…we’re not the same…never gonna have Caid- “DON’T f**king SAY THAT! I WILL HAVE CAIDEN!” She shouted. “We’re not happy anymore Zoey…..face it.” He looked at her. “So what now? Me and you are over?” Zoey spoke, as she seemed to calm down. “I don’t know Zoey… I just don’t know if I can handle all of this anymore..” He said as tears developed in his eyes. “Look what you’ve done to me… I f**king changed my ways for you to love me and you barely touch me, you barely smile, you barely do anything anymore…you’re slipping away from me more and more every day and I just don’t know how long I can sit here and take this.” He told her. “I have a lot on me right now and you’re being selfish…you can’t have me to yourself right now Caine you just can’t. But, do what you think you need to do…” She dropped the knife on the floor and walked off. “I will…” He mumbled and walked into the room and closed the door.

“Yesss Nick..” Kiely moaned as he created wet circles around her neck. “I love you so much Kiely… “ He expressed looking into her brown eyes. “Do you trust me?” He continued to express. “Yes…” Kiely whispered as she gazed into his eyes never wanting this moment to end. Nick proceeded and continued to seduce her as he made his way from her neck to her chest. Kiely’s plan was only to give him a massage, but saw that her touch had an effect on him. “I want to make love to you Kiely…do you trust me?” He asked again. Her heart quicken with fear as she listened to him speak. “If you’re not ready then I completely understand.” He searched her face that was full of horror. “I wa- “ She sighed and collected herself. “I want you to make love to me Nick…please,” She instructed. “You sure?” He questioned. KIely nodded. “WAIT!” Zoey ran upstairs and looked at Caine. “What?” He asked her. “You’re really leaving?” She looked up at him as tears threatened to escape. “Them damn tears don’t mean sh*t to me Zoey…you should already know that.” He reminded her. Zoey smiled, “Yes…I know,” Caine looked at her as he searched for apartments on his computer and shook his head. “I don’t see what the f**k is so funny,” He screwed his face irritated. “You’re being the Caine I know…” She whispered and kissed his neck. “Zoey…you’re not gone get sh*t hard so just stop! Everything is just gone in the dust with us…” He announced shaking his head. Zoey stopped and stared at him, “Looking for a place?” She cooed. “YUP!” He spoke bluntly. “Caine…I want you to hit me.” She demanded as she took two steps back. “I should knock your a** out for trying to kill me. f**k is wrong with you? And If I wanna have my Nose Candy here then I can like I told you I haven’t snorted that sh*t in over a year and you tripping? Get off a nigga nuts,” He declared. “HIT ME!” Zoey screamed getting in his face. “For what?” He backed up and looked at her confusedly. “Because…. I ju- Zoey shook her head as tears came down. Caine shook his head and started gathering his stuff. “I’ll just….get a hotel room tonight.” He suggested and gathered his things. “What can I do to make this right Caine?” Zoey wiped her tears quickly before he could yell. Caine sighed and looked at her. “I don’t know Zoey…I don’t know I need time to think.” He truthfully remarked. “You’re coming back right?” She said softly showing off her wary expression. “I’m going away to think… that’s all I can tell you right now.” He looked at the floor then met her eyes. Zoey gazed into Caine’s eyes and felt horrible. He had a right to go and think she believed so she wasn’t going to put up that much of a fight anymore to keep him. “I love you very much Zoey…I never want you to forget that. You will always be in my heart no matter what. We have been through soooo much together and I never met someone like you. I was afraid to let you in, afraid to show my vulnerability, afraid to be loved, afraid of falling hard, afraid of getting hurt, afraid of being left, and afraid of changing. I was afraid of all of those things and I still took a risk. You’re not the same, I’m not the same…we’re not the same and I just don’t know if there’s any more hope for us.” He reported. Zoey facial expression showed much pain as she glared at Caine speak. The only thing she could do while she ignored the lump in her throat was nod her head.

Grabbing his things, Caine walked up to Zoey planting a kiss on her cheek. He searched across her lost face and tried looking for her soul, which was gone as well. “I love you…I’ll let you know,” he whispered against her ear. Zoey closed her eyes listening to his soothing voice as her tears spoke for her. “Please don’t leave me Caine…I need you,” she cried softly. Caine looked at Zoey weep and wanted to put his bags down. He understood she was going through a rough time and that it was just going to be just a second for him to consider his feelings and just be there for her-again. Caine wrapped his arms around Zoey as she fell into his embrace breaking down. He grew sad as he listened to her sob. He couldn’t imagine losing someone as many times she did in her life and not feeling like anything was getting better. Caine took his hand and caressed her cheek as he wiped away her tears that continued to fall. “Shhh.. I’m right here,” he reassured her. Zoey wet his shoulder and nodded her head trying to be reminded of the good news. She couldn’t stand someone walking out on her. Once again, she wasn’t close to Lauren at all, but Zoey didn’t feel anyone’s life was worth taking no matter who they were regardless of the poor or great relationship. “Whoever did that will get what they deserve so smile baby…things of positive things. Caiden will be with us in no time I feel it.” “You feel it?” Nick questioned as he drove Kiely from earth to heaven and back down again. “YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” she exploded. “I love you Kiely,” he expressed. “I love you too,” Kiely shed tears.

The sun shined brightly through the curtains causing Zoey to remove the crust from her eyes. Stretching her limbs, she felt the bed sheets next to her. Zoey looked to see no sign of Caine in the bed with her. She got up and took a shower knowing for sure he was downstairs or somewhere around the house. After bathing until wrinkled, she hopped out and headed back to her room. Before leaving, she didn’t notice something that should’ve have been brought to her attention before- a note.

Dear Zoey,
Today I realized I wasn’t worth sh*t. The way you look at me isn’t the
same, the way you touch me isn’t the same and the way you smile…is
only for a lil while.

I know I drove you insane but….thats just Caine. I’m sorry I couldn’t
treat you as my main, but at that time I was just trying to ease my

What happened to us? I don’t know just dig it up…along with the hurt
and the trust….something I thought was a must.
Guess I really…..f***ed up.

Big time…I thought you were mine. You go ahead and get ready to tell
me all your lies.

Yea I did cheat…yea I did abuse!

Yea I know that no news for you

I can’t fault anyone else, but the man in the mirror
Learning from my mistakes as my ending is coming nearer…

Girl when I laid eyes on you, I never wanted to admit it but you were beautiful
You still are, but times and things have changed….
I was hoping that you would take my last name…

I guess I have cold feet
You say I’m always running so I guess it wasn’t meant to be.
I love Caiden and you very much
I just think that our relationship as a whole and all my stuff
Has brought us to the dust….of nothing.

I’m slowly…falling out of love
Something I never wanted to experience with you
But …. At least I’m telling the truth.

Yea I snort & yea I smoke
I can’t stop it…I’m addicted to the coke
Rehab helped, just for a min.
But once u started slipping away I didn’t know how to take it.
I picked it back up and I love it again
I know it’s a bad habit but…s*** happens man
I’m far from perfect and never will be
I hope that one day you can forgive me.
You and Caiden are my babies
I knew this from the start
Forever yall will be in my heart

p.s.- please don’t hate me for my decision….I still want to be friends
and I will always be there for Caiden so you don’t ever have to worry
about that. I wish you the best in everything you do babe. I will
always love you
-Love Caine

Zoey took her phone out and decided to texted Caine.

Zoey: Dang Caine! Lol but that was good.

Caine: I don’t really see what’s funny but ok… Glad you like my poem!

Zoey read the poem over and over feeling horrible. Of course it wasn’t really funny to her, but laughing was covering up her tears from falling. She was tired of crying so if Caine wanted to leave then that was it. She was determined not to take him back this time and that it’ll be Caiden and her against the world.

Zoey: We can be friends Caine and we I get Caiden you are welcome to see her anytime you want.

Caine: Cool! I’m still attending all the meetings until we get her back.

Zoey: Okay Caine….wow. Well just know that I will always love you okay?

Caine: same here

Zoey sighed and decided not to text. If it wasn’t for Caiden then his number wwould’ve been deleted. “I’m not going to cry…not this time.” She recited to herself. Caine walked out of his hotel room feeling as if he made his mistake the day at Waffle House when Shelly sat across from him. “Someone will appreciate me one day…” He mumbled to himself. “You were amazing last night… I’m so happy that you are with me. Please don’t give up on me.” Kiely cooed in Nick’s ear waking him. Nick turned and greeted her with a kiss on plump lips. “Good morning beautiful..” He smiled. “Good morning handsome,” she smiled. “I’m so honored to wake up to such an amazing woman. I am the most happiest man on this earth. You’re so breath taking. Your flaws excited me because I love how imperfect you are,” he expressed. Kiely smiled and pecked him on the lips. “Last night…I told you that I loved you Nick and I meant it,” she informed. Nick blushed speechlessly. Zoey grabbed her keys and tried calling Kiely but she didn’t answer. She pulled up to Trigga house and then knocked on the door. “Zoey…” Trigga stated. “I need to talk to someone…” Zoey cooed as she fumbled with her fingers. Trigga opened his door and let Zoey in.

“How come you don’t like Caine?” she asked as she took a seat. “Who said I didn’t like him?” he sat beside her. “You never liked him….for me…why?” she wondered. Trigga sighed, ran his hand down his face, and shrugged. “I don’t know Zoey… I just felt like you always deserved better. You didn’t seem 100% happy all the time and that’s how I wanted you.” He confessed. “What was better at the time?” Zoey asked. “What is all of this Zoey?” he chuckled. “I just want you to be honest with me..” she stared in his eyes. “At the time…I felt I was better Zoey,” Trigga admitted. Zoey nodded her head and looked down at her hands. Trigga took his finger and lifted her face making their eyes meet. “What is it?” he inquired. “Caine and I broke up…again. So I guess I won’t be Mrs. Burose after all.” she spoke sadly. “What’s the reason this time?” he questioned. Zoey exhaled deeply and shook her head as she spoke “He said he’s slowly falling out of love with me and that I’ve been slipping away from him…..he also started doing drugs again.” she confided. “Zoey…no matter what always follow your heart,” Trigga told him. “He wants to be friends so…I’ll be his friend. I’m not ever going back this is just it….”she sighed as she tried holding back her tears. “You really feel this is the end for you and Caine?” he asked. Zoey closed her eyes tight thinking of Caiden growing old without a father in the home with her as tears fell down. “Yess..” she whispered.