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I Wish I Never Met Him ~Finished 1/6/13~

This is my 1st story on this board. I dont know how to post pics so I'll describe every thing until i learn how to :) Let me know what u think.


Olivia Smith/U Draya Michele
Tori Jackson/ Jarell Houston
y/m Nicole Ari Parker
Ke-ke Ciara
Tremaine Neverson himself
Stacy Angel Lola
Christina Brown Elle Varner
Ashley Chanel Iman
Stephanie logan browning
Chris Brown himself

More will be added later.

U just moved from New York to Virginia because your parents (lawyers) got better jobs:( u r the only child. As of now you are 16.

The day before u start school u are in your room laying in your bed on skype with Tori your best friend.
Tori: its been 3 days how u liking it
U: iono nigga its only been 3 days (lol)
Tori: (lol) whateva ma u know I miss u like crazy
U: aww yeh I know I miss u too Tori (making a puppy face)
y/m: (coming in your room) Livie
Tori: Mommy!!
y/m: didn’t I just speak to u
Tori: (looking at his phone) that was 30 minutes ago on my phone this is skype ma
U: (lol) Tori ill hit u up tomorrow
Tori: cool (loggin off)
y/m: I have to run to the office they’re throwing a little get together and they’re bringing their kids u should come
U: (making a face) no thanks mom I’m going to finish (looking around at ur finished room) doing my hair for school tomorrow
y/m: ok call me if u need anything
U: k
* your mother left and u fell asleep the next day u woke up did all hygine. U put on a black polo shirt with some dk blue str8 jeans a red belt and some black red and white retro 11s :) Your hair is in a doughnut and u put on gold bamboo earrings with a neck lace and bangles to match…u grabbed your black PINK vs back pack and u went down stairs
y/m: u look cute
U: thanks (grabbing a piece of turkey bacon) am I driving today
y/m: no I have to enroll u
U: ok lets go
*yall went to your school and she registered you and she left. You got your schedule and had to wait for some girl to come show u around. After all of 5 minuets she came in
t/g: Hi Im ke-Ke
U”: im Olivia
keke: (smiling) can I see your schedule
U: yeh (giving hit to her and putting on chap stick)
keke: ok (the bell rings) come with me
U: (following her)
keke: you have algebra 2 next and im in geometry so I’ll meet u back here after class
U: iight
*U walked in the class and sat down as the class slowly started to fill up. Then the bell rung and this light skinned chick with pretty eyes and long hair walked in with the sexiest boy u ever saw
t/t: Stacy, Tremaine please take a seat
*U couldn’t help but to stare at him we was so gorgeous!!
t/t: I am Ms. Williams
Stacy: we know
Ms. Williams: not u smart ass im talking to our new student Olivia
e/b: (turns and look)
Ms. Williams: u got anything to say
U: no
Ms. Williams: Don’t be shy give us some basic info
U: (thinking “this b****”) uh--
Ms. Williams: come to the front
U: (thinking “s***” and getting up) Im Olivia im 16 and im from New York
Stacy: (lol)
U (looking at her with an evil expression)
Stacy: u got a problem (smartly)
U: no, but if u keep talking u might have one
e/b: oooh
Ms. Williams: everyone settle down , Stacy leave her alone, take out your books and turn to page 75 and do problems 1 through 18
*u sat down and did your work when the bell rung u got up and met keke
keke: how was your class
U: I met a b**** already
keke: who
U: stacy
Keke: ugh that’s my cousin I cant stand her
U: who’s the boy she be with
Keke: Trey?
U: I guess
keke: a boy she likes and follows everywhere. She’s a hoe, he doesn’t really like her
Stacy: Kiera you’re talking to Olive--
U: it’s Olivia boo boo
Stacy: it’s not important ma ma (rolling her neck)
U: (raising your eye brow) no u’re not important
Stacy; look new girl, I am important. This is my school if u don’t like it u can go back to new York
U: I don’t like it and im not going back to new York so u better get used to me (smiling) keke u ready
Keke: (lol and walking with u) u r crazy
U: (lol) I don’t care for girls like her
Keke: she really doesn’t like u
U: she don’t know me
Keke: I got gym with u this block so I gotta introduce u to my girls
*yall walked in the gym and the laid back teacher Mr. Johnson took attendance and let yall chill u and k eke walked over to 3 girls
keke: hey
e/b: wass up
keke: this is Olivia she’s from New York, Olivia this is Stephanie , Ashley and Christie
e/b: hey
Stephanie: what part u from
U: Manhattan
Stephanie: oh ok
Christie: so do u know anyone on va
U: just yall
Ashley: u should come party with us so u can meet people
Christie: ooh we should throw a party
e/b: (excited) yeh
U: sounds good as long as stacy doesn’t come
Stephanie: (w/an attitude) u don’t like Stacy
U: (sizing her) No
Stephanie: (cheesing) good u r going to be my best friend
e/b: (lol)
somebody: Yo Christie u need to go get your brother he’s spazzing in the parking lot
Christie: why
someboy: Jessica thinks she’s pregnant
Christie: (running out)
e/b: oh s*** (running behind her)
keke: come on u come too (grabbing u)
*Yall walked out to the parking lot to see a cute tall light skinned boy (l/s/b)mad as hell flipping out on this skinny brown skinned chick and the sexy boy from algebra holding him back
l/s/b: what the f*** r u talking about
t/g: im pregnant
l/s/b: by who? Because I haven’t been f***ing you
Trey: Chris chill
Christie: (pulling chris) what happened
Chris: that b**** cheated on me
Christie: watch ur mouth
Trey: no f*** that Christie she’s a b**** and u know it
t/g: f*** u chris and trey! Im filing for child support so get a job b****
Christie: (holding chris back) watch ur mouth Jessica
Jessica: f*** that Christie ur brother wanna play dumb. I hope we having twins So I can get all of yo money
Chris: b**** I will kill u (charging at her)
Trey: (pulling him back) yall want me to take him home before he gets locked up
Christie: yeh
Jessica: yeh take his b**** ass home
Christie: Jessica call my brother a b**** one more time
Jessica: and what Christie?
Christie: I will beat you ass like I did last year don’t act like u forgot how I get down (walking towards her)
keke: no Christie (grabbing her arm)
Ashley: I say u let her beat her class
Jessica: bye b****es (walking away)
keke: omg (gripping christies arm)
Christie: u better watch ur back u stupid hoe
Intercom: Students we are entering a lock down anyone found outside of their designated classes without permission will be suspended!
Trey: oh s***.. ok 2 people ride with me and 3 ride with Ashley
*U Keke and Stephanie rode with Ashley to this big ass house and yall went in. Trey Chris and Christie was already there when yall walked in and Chris calmer talking about the situation
Chris: oooh she lucky I didn’t (looking at u) who is this
KeKe: this is Olivia, Olivia this is Christies twin Chris and Trey
U: wassup
Chris: (smiling)
Trey: ok (not interested)
Christie: no u can’t date her
Chris: (looking guilty) what? I wasn’t tryin to holla (looking at u) she’s cute tho… u got a man
U: (lol) you’re funny
Chris: Trey she’s from the city u hear her accent
Trey: (nonchalant) yeh, she’s the same broad from my algebra class
U: broad?
Trey: (looking at u) yeh u got a problem
U: yeh that’s disrespectful
Trey: ok (looking away)
U: (rolling your eyes) ugh
Ashley: Trey stop being stuck up
Trey: whatever yo. im hungry (looking in the kitchen)
Christie: ignore him… how long r we staying here
Stephanie: until class is over
Ashley: we need to plan our party
Chris: where r yall doing his s*** at
KeKe: my house
Stephanie: r u comfortable in a swim suit
U: yeh
Stephanie: since the season is about to break lets do a pool party
Chris: HELL NO
Trey: I’m down to look at some asses
U: (thinking “he just need to stf up”)
Christie: (looking at u and laughing) Olivia u ok
U: yeh im good, so how many dudes and r they cute
Chris: u think im cute?
U: (looking at him) yeh u r cute
e/b: oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Chris: (blushing) u think so?
U: yeh, but I don’t talk to dudes with kids
e/b: (ltao)
U: im kidding, that’s none of my business (lol)
Chris: (lol) u cool, I like u
Trey: I don’t
U: who gives a f***
Trey: (looking a u stupidly)
Christie: oh s***
Trey: u talking to me
U: yeh
Trey: f*** u
U: (raising your eyebrow) f*** u too nigga, let me go he’s to negative for me
Keke: u wanna go back to school
U: yeh
Keke: iight ima go
Ashley: cool ima go too
*yall left ant went back to school.


OMGosh whhaaaatttt?!?! No he did not just left her all hot and bothered pahahaha jk He prolly doesn't want to mess up their relationship...Now that you said it's a reason maybe Trey likes her or something?? I guess I'm waiting for the next add...

*U got in his car and keke called u
U: wassup mama
keke: u ok
U: yeh im good
keke: u still coming over
U: nah ima go home
keke: r u going to the club
U: no I don’t feel like it, ill get up with yall later
Keke: ok (click)
Chris: u good
U: (lying) yeh
Chris: Olivia u r lying
U: ok, I try not to let him get to me but ever time I see him he always staring s***. And I dk why because i’ve never done anything to him
Chris: f*** him
U: yeh I know
Chris: where u wanna go home?
U: yeh
Chris: u want me to stay over for a little while
U: (looking at him funny)
Chris: what? I did just leave my peeps to drive u home
U: (smiling and pinching his cheeks) yeh that’s because u love ur new bestest fwiend!!
Chris:( blushing) yeh, I do
U: yeh (lol) u can chill with me
Chris: u better had to say ye
U: wtf ever nigga (lol)
*You got home and ur mother wasn’t there yall went to ur room and u stripped down to ur spaghetti strapped shirt and some short shorts (which is something u normally do)
U: u wanna watch a movie (looking through Netflix)
Chris: (taking off his shoes) yeh we can do that
U: or u wanna dance
Chris: with u (smiling)
U: yeh nigga I can dance
Chris: iight sounds better than some whack ass chick flick
U: I don’t only watch chick flicks
Chirs: whatever (turning on ur radio)
U: (sitting down) change of plans I don’t wanna dance with u
Chris: (lol) well u stay where u r and I’ll freestyle for u
U: ok
*A couple songs come on and and he showed out with his crazy moves then tshirt and panties came on and he sat on the computer chair
Chris: this all u
U: why
Chris: cause that what u got on
U: these r shorts
Chris: move something for me (smiling at u)
*u smirked at how sexy he was and u got up and started moving your hips to the beat as u kept eye contact and made your way in front of him. U turned away from him and started giving him a lap dance as the dance progressed u faced him and started grinding on him , he started grinding back and pulled ur face towards his.
Chris: (licking his lips) damn
U: (lookin at him)
Chris: (looking at u and smiling) livie baby(patting ur hips) I think its time for me to go
U: (getting off of him) why
Chris: it’s late
U: it’s only 9:45
Chris: yeh, I gotta go do that thing (getting up) I’ll call u (leaving)
U: omg (flopping vack on your bed)

lol @_I.AM.ShellyTalesha Hi and welcome to my story lol. There is a reason why Trey is acting that way towards Olivia. It should be in the add after the one im about to post. :)

uuuuugggggghhhhh TREY IS GETTING ON MY MTHAFCKIN NERVES!!! Why is he acting like that towards Olivia?? Meanwhile, I am so tired of Stacey introducting herself every time she enters a room I mean damn we see you..O_o


Thanks for reading :)

2 months later
You fit in with perfectly with every one except Trey. Its 3 other boys Terrance (Terrance J), Malcom (Driicky Graham) and Drake (Drake :)). Trey is so me to u. Chris is your best male friend there and k eke and Christie are your best female friends. Saturday morning u are at Christie’s house. U just woke up and used the bathroom and did basic hygiene and u walked to Chris’ room to see if he was up and he was so u got under his covers.
Chris: goodmorning
U: morning
Chris: Christie is still sleep isn’t she
U: yup
Chris: (shy) Trey is on his way
U: I don’t care
Chris: we about to play call of duty
U: (fixing your hair) I don’t know why he doesn’t like me
Chris: he thinks you’re in to your self
U: I am not
Chris: I know, maybe he just likes u
Trey: (walking in) was good
Chris: nothing
Trey: (looking at u) what is she doing here
U: why am I being talked about like im not here
Chris: I gotta piss (lol and going to the bathroom)
U: why r u so mean
Trey: (sitting in the chair) I don’t like u
U: why
Trey: I don’t have to answer u
U: (syh and getting up) f***ing bastard
Chris: (coming back) where r u going
U: home
Chris: why
U: because I don’t wanna be around him
Trey: (lol)
Chris: u still coming to applebees tonight right
U: yeh
Chris: iight (hugging u and pecking your cheek) drive safe
U: tell Christie to call me when she gets up
Chris: iight
* U went home and chilled until 8:30 then u washed and got dressed in some white ripped str8 legged jeans with a white spaghetti strapped shirt and with a black/white see through shirt over it with a black belt and some black 6 inch bootie (I wish I could post pics) and u put on white gold accessories and u just flattened your hair. You went outside and got in Christies car
Christie: u look cute
U: thanks mama
keke: ur moms ok wit u staying over
U: yeh
Christie: oh and Stephanie cant make it
Keke: so its only us Chris Malcom Terrance Drake and (coughing) Trey
U: (snapping ur neck towards Christie) I thought u said he wasn’t coming
Christie: oops
U: (sucking your teeth and crossing your arms)
Christie: if I woulda told u he was coming u wouldn’t have come
U: u damn right
KeKe: well just don’t converse with him
U: that nigga better not converse with me
*Yall got there and everyone was there except Trey. Yall was having a good time and then u had 2 order
U: I want a small proportion chicken basket with a tea
Trey: (walking in) WASSUP PEOPLES
e/b: (looking at him and seeing Stacy)
U: oh hell no
Stacy: STACYS HERE (smiling)
Ashley: Tremaine what tha hell
Trey: what
Ashley: u know we don’t like her
Stacy: Ashlynn its not that important
Ashley: u need better lines
Malcom: (looking at Stacy) even tho she fine… u shouldn’t have brought her
Trey: yall bring Olive everywhere we go
Chris: chill out
U: f*** u trey. Ive never don’t nothing to u and u always coming at me sideways. U got one more time

Stacy: or u’ll what
U: mind ur business
Trey: (smiling) is that a threat
U: no it’s a promise b****
Christie: ok trey leave her alone
Keke: yeh we’re her for Ashley
Trey: right (sitting in front of u just looking at u)
w.t: anything else
U: ooh yeh cheese sticks
Trey: u don’t need cheese sticks olive
U: Ashley im sorry but I can’t (getting up) cancel my order
Drake: why livie don’t leave
U: I have to because I don’t eat with b**** ass niggas
Trey: good cause I don’t eat with b****es
U: coulda fooled me u brought one
Stacy: (opening her mouth)
Christie: Trey what did I tell u about calling females out of their name when they don’t deserve it
Trey: she called me one first and she is a b****
Chris: (looking at trey) chill with that s***
Trey: she is
U: im leaving
Chris: I’ll take u
Trey: so u gone leave us? Let her ass go
Chris: trey u wrong (walking out with u)

I like her attitude!!
Run it

run it!