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nani said not to do it but damnnit niggas need to be civil obviously theres issues and problems sooooo address this s*** build a bridge and get the f*** over it im not the one to bite my tonuge or sneak and say wat i have to say bout someone it hurts my soul to do so so if i see niggas being fake and liein sayin theirs no problem their will b a problem lay that s*** out and let it yas lol


Awwwee noooo! I kinda figured this post was about me.
Okay well, your all friends --- waaaay before me so dont get made at eachother.
Um , Why does everybody keep calling me mysterious? I try so hard
to tell & show everything about me. Its hard.

But I wasn't trying to get slick , Its just a way I act when I feel rubbed the wrong way.
I have been through s*** like this with this ol' ratchet wisconsin girls so I hang out with guys alot.
Im not trying to take anybodies friends or start drama or whatever.
Im getting used to the site so making friends was a step for me.

Its not a problem here---i removed myself from the chat because it felt akward like I wasnt being liked
or my presence wasnt wanted.

But thanks for telling me how you felt. I rather people do that than leave me sitting there
like wtf?

We all need some big bars of soap.

im not tlkin bout u sneaking that someone else but anywhoo

i need some penis -_-

Lexi child. It is what it is. Ain't no damn sneaking. It doesn't have anything to do with me anymore.

I said what I had to say to the people involved. I'm done with this s***. I'm tryna see where I'm going in my life. I'm jobless and ain't in school. f*** some Internet s***.

This not high school lol. Everybody not gon' like everybody. That's life. I'm not mad at anyone for how they feel. I'm done.

Ana really? I ain't slipped on no damn big bar of soap lol. I can keep my balance.

imstating my piece n then im done with it

i said kay is weird but she;s okay to me i aint buddy buddy yet kus im still tryna figure her out and that we all got some slick ass mouths but shes the type of slick that makes u have to 2nd guess ya self n b lik "whoa is she tryna get smart w me" and that she could grow on nani n that maybe its that they both just have strong personalities

now niggahs can feel any type of way they want im being upfront & honest bout my s*** kus imn not phoney fake or none of that s*** i'll tell u just wat i think bout u all i ask is dnt switch up on me just kus u get a new friend or kus i feel some type of way wen it really doesnt effect u kus everyone shud kno how i am im a smartass but i'll tell u wat tf i said n i wnt sugar coat s*** niether so tke it how u want i just think its ridculius now everybody should b ble to tlk on the same damn post with out the bulls*** fr fr but i guess im done now i spoke my piece now niggahs can speak theres no sneakin goin bak n forth tryna play sides or wateva the case maybe tuh!✌

hell yea get off them big ass bars of soap and
RUN IT lol

Lol I really should.

you too

Lol Ana... Get to typing.


wait tha just gave me an idea
omg i think i have an idea for my add but then again
i really dont but we will see where this
takes me

think back to chatzy ana then it shud sink in lol


im trying im trying

You need to think harder! Lol.

im trying but its like trying to milk A SKUNK

What kids? Lol... I have none.

Ana Tf? Ugh.

lol @ana yu shudnt b

n it may not be but its turnin out that way why u think theres seperate post lik niggas need to civil so wat if u dnt lik eachother think of the kids my god

guys uhmm i know for sure there will be no adds tonight
my head is not working no matter how much i try lol

im confused

Smh. I'm done with this s***. It's not that gotdamn serious. Did she murder somebody? Damn. Then it's not that serous. Lol f*** this s***.

maybe they be doiing something u just dnt see it cause u all caught up in yo emotions u gotta look at things frm both perspectives at times just not one ya diggz

wat yu grrr about ana banana

grrrrr 0_o

Yeah but some hoes don't really be doing anything. Just being themselves & people still don't be wanting them. I can see if they took they nigga or tried to fight them but damn!

Leave them hoes be! Lol.

lmfaoo u not suppose to thou suppose to let them b thats how u get mixxed up in s*** u never really shud of been in the 1st places

hoes gonna b hoes so just let em

Yup! You know I be saving these hoes!!!!!!

captinsaveahoe really bree really lmfaoo


gtfoh lol

WTF are you talking Bout? Ho you came out the wood work! Lol.