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Hi you guys, I'm bored, so what's up??? Its the first of November what you guys got planned for Thanksgiving?? :)


Man where is Taquilla? She in trouble or some s***? Lol

Isnt it small there? I kinda wanna move to a small city.
>>>>>> ratchet milwaukee wisconsin <<<<<<

I live in South Carolina, u??

They do? Omg Me & you gone have to go out there & tear some s*** up!
Lmao what city do you live in?

Texas got those BIG steaks & burgers :D

This will be my first time . I only been to Country Springs & Noah's Arc.
Lmao Btw I hate it here in wisconsin. I wanna move to New York or Texas so bad lol

Mines are always the same, ppl not knowing why the hell they came bit only to eat XD

Damn Wisconsin alright now lol I've never been to Six Flags & I wanna go. But I'm most likely going to Greensboro or somewhere xD

For thanksgiving Im gonna give my uncle the samething I gave him
last year for his birthday. Nothing! Lol
Im kidding we're going to wisconsin dells or six flags.