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Diary Of A Stripper (11-4-12) 'Chapter Six'

Chapter One:


I stood there waiting to be introduced to the crowded. Fear almost started to take over but i didn't let that happen. At least not tonight.

"Ladies and Gentleman. Please welcome to the stage Dyamond Kane"

The Dj said into the mic causing me to me to jump slightly. I quickly regained myself, and took a deep before the music started to play.

:::R.kelly "Seems like your ready":::

I closed my eyes and walked on to the stage, swaying my hips looking at everyone's eyes on me. I took off my trench coat revealing my black lace bra and pantie set and grabbed the pole.

I started grinding against it biting my lip while doing so. I kicked my legs up and was upside down watching as these horny mother f***ers threw bills at me. That made me hyper.

I made my way to the top of the pole and started twerking my ass the bills started to flow faster. It was getting near the end of the song and i was now just grinding against the pole again. The Dj said my name again letting me know that i was done. I quickly picked up my money and left the stage.


What you think?


I miss this story :''( ♥

Run it!

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that damn i feel so bad for it!

Chapter Six:

::No one's::

Breanna layed there on the bathroom floor unconscious. She had just been brutally raped and beat by Mike.

No one heard a sound simply because Ida was on stage so the music was blaring. The event that just unfolded in that bathroom will literally scar Breanna for the rest of her life.

Diary Entry # 30

September 28, 2010

Dear diary,

Today was my first day working at KOD, And I had to admit I think I did fine tonight. I made three thousand dollars, and belive me all of it is going to Kenny and Yona.

I also started looking into different community colleges, so I can at least get a degree. Oh yeah I also met this nice woman today her name is Joyce, but I call her Mrs. Joyce. She was sweet.

Other than that my day was normal. Well I write more tomorrow.

With love,
Breanna Kane.


Muffled voices filled my ears as my eyes fluttered open. I realized that I was laying in a bed and I completely opened my eyes to see my mother, Ida, and Chris, staring at me.

"Oh my god. She's up" Ida almost shouted grabbing my hand. I almost laughed but my throat felt like sand paper.

I looked down at the hand Ida was holding and say I had hundreds of tiny cut on my hand. "Wha- what happened" I asked as my throat began to feel worse, my mother passed me a cup of water, I drunk it.

"Baby, someone raped you and attacked you" my mother said almost in tears.

Oh my god. Mike did this.

"Bre. Do you have any idea who did this" Chris asked finally speaking a word.

*Mini Flashback*

"If you tell anybody what the f*** just happened. I'll do this s*** again next time it's gone be worse" Mike said roughly kissing my lips before leaving me laying on the ground to past out.

*Mini Flashback End*

"No. Can we please just leave already" I asked causing them to look at me as if I was crazy. And I know what your probably thinking. This b**** stupid. Yeah but you don't know Mike like I do.

"Bre. Maybe you shouldn't go" Ida said and completely ignored her and pressed the nurse buzzer I'm leaving regardless.


"Mommy wake up we here" Kenny said shaking me slightly.

We're here!


oooh i hope somebody comes to help her!! chris maybe? mike is so trifling jus left his kids! and he betta not lay a hand on her RUN IT!

run it!

his drunk ass needs to be dealt wit!

Chapter Five:


"Oh, okay. Anyway so when do you think we will be leaving" I asked as Yona came and sat on my lap. She smiled at me and then to Chris.

It seemed like he was thinking about it for a while. "Tomorrow afternoon. Make sure you have everything you need okay" he said and I nodded.

He gave me a small smile before kissing my forehead and leaving. I feel safe when I'm around him. Far from how I felt when I was with Mike.


Today was my last night working at KOD, And boy was I nervous. I didn't want to leave on a bad note so I chose that tonight would be my biggest and final dance. When I got into work Ida was grilling the shot out of me.

"So you wasn't going to tell me you was leaving" she asked standing behind me at my vanity, as I put on my make up.

I knew she was going g to be acting this way that's why I didn't tell her.

"Boo. Please calm down I was going to tell you but I was thinking how I would tell you" I said looking at her through the mirror. She pouted before walking off.

I sighed, maybe she'll get over it.


"Ladies and gentlemen please bring help welcome for her final King of diamond's Dance. Mrs. Dyamond Kane" the Dj said for the last time, and everyone in the audience claped.

::Silk"Meeting in my bedroom"::

Blared though the speakers as I walked out on stage. I looked over the crowd once before dropping my leather jacket. I started moving to the beat making sure to make my ass shake as I walked towards and unsuspecting man.

I sat in his lap my back facing him and grinded to the beat. I felt him starting to get 'Happy' so I got up as he placed several hundred dollar bills in my bra.

I went back to the stage and grinded against the pole. I slowly started to spin around and jumped on the pole. I got all the way to the top and did a split on the pole. I guess that really made them happy because next thing you know all I saw was green.


After I was done I grabbed my money and went to my vanity. To my surprise I made more money than I thought. I had five thousand dollars, and that was only from a five minute dance.

I was putting away the money when I heard a deep voice call my name. "Huh" I said turning around to see Mike standing in front of my locker.


"Well well well. Look who finally let the hoe come out of them" he said clapping his hands and smiling.

"What are you doing here" I asked through clenched teeth.

He laughed and sighed.

"I was just here with some friends and just so happens I see you're ass on stage being the hoe I knew you was" he said with a chuckle.

"Please just leave me alone" I said trying to just leave the situation alone but he grabbed me.

"I want what you be given them other niggas" he said kissing on face.

That was then when I smelled the liquor.

Oh my god!



Oooooo Chris likes her! I can tell!
Erm , mike better chill that s*** tf f*** out talking about " quick f*** " .
She doesn't deserve to be treated like that. She cares about her kids & this
Ole bucket head nigga bumpin' his gums. Keep running it. <3


Chapter Four:


May 5, 2010


I sat here watching as my children's father played with them as if he's been with them since birth. I wouldn't refuse he right to see his kids but I'll be damed if he thinks he can just come and go out their life as he pleases.

"Mike. Can we talk" I asked as i stood in my kitchen doorway, he nodded.

I didn't know how he was going to react but i don't care my kids come first before any nigga. "What up" he said taking a seat across from me, I took a deep breath.

"Are you going to be coming around often. Cause if you're not i don't think the kids should be around you" I said as nice as I could, but he just stared at me.

"What the f*** is you talking bout Bre" he yelled making me jump. Mike had always had anger issues, but never wanted to face them.

"You know what. f*** this. Those bastards ain't my kids noway. I just came over for a quck nut, and I figured might as well play with you're kids. You know be nice"

As soon as those words left his mouth the vack of my hand collided against his cheek. "You b**** don't ever talk about MY kids again" I said looking him in his eyes.

I never woulda thought the man 'Loved' would say some s*** like that.

"f*** you Breanna. And don't come running back to me either" he said leaving slaming the door.

It took everything in me not to break down crying. But what stoped me was MY kids.


That was the last time i seen Mike. People keep saying he moved out to New York, good for him. I personally can give two f***s but in my mother's eyes i still care. But i know i don't.

I told my mom about the whole Chris asking me to work for him stuff, and of course she gave me the third degree but she said she supports anything i choose. And i chose to work for Chris.

I'm packing up my stuff now. "Ma. Where to put this" Kenny asked holding a picture of me and their daddy up.

"Umm. I'll take boo" I said and he gave it to me and walked out the room.

I looked at the picture for a moment before placing it in my suit case. I know i couldn't just throw it away because it their father no matter how much i hate him. In the middle of my thoughts my phone started ringing.

:::Trey songz"Can't help but wait":::

"Hello" I said into my phone.

"Hey Bre. Im outside" Chris said on the other line.

I replied ok before hanging up and going to open the door. After Chris walked in i finished packing up the rest of the clothes and things. "So. What brings you by" I asked sitting across from him on the couch, while the kids played in front of us.

He smiled.

"Nothing just wanted to see you"




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Mike(Twins Daddy)
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<a href= > Ida >/a>

Chapter Three:


"Okay" i said as i wrapped my robe around my body and walked to his office. When i got there i noticed a tall light skin man sitting in front of James desk. "What you wanna talk about" i said standing next to his desk. He pointed to a seat next to light skin and i took it.

"Well associated here would like for you to come work at his club" He started, I nodded for him to countinue. "And well that means you have to move out of state...He will be paying for everything. Including Kenny and Yona's things" he finished looking at me then light skin.

This is a good deal but how would i tell my mother, and Ida and the kids. "So what do you say Ma'" mystery dude said breaking me from my thoughts. "Umm. Can i get some time to think" I asked Looking at him and James. They both nodded. "Im Chris by the way. What's you're real name, and not you're stripper name" he asked giving me a dimpled smile "Breanna" I said simply before getting up and leaving, going back to my locker.


Tonight's performance was normal, i got my usual 2500. And was thankful for that. But i had to admit my mind wasn't completely there, it was, still stuck on that question. I stood at my locker thinking of how i would tell my mom. Maybe she would be happy.

I brushed those thoughts aside a made my way out the club. When i got outside i realized i left my keys on my vanity, I was about to turn around but bumped into someone. "You forgot these" he said holding up my car keys.

"Thanks. Umm how did you know these was mine" i asked grabbing them and unlocking my door. He smiled. "I just thought they was yours" he said as i got in the car and nodded my head. "Well get home safe. And don't forget about my question" he said closing my car door and walking away.


omg! She had twins!!!!!!
I feel bad that she has to raise them alone, because having a relationship with 'dad' is important to young children, even if they don't admit it....then they have to grow up with that heartbreak...smh
She must be a bad b**** to be working at KOD!! Shiieeet I wanna know what she looks like!
I wonder what her boss wants to talk to her about....hmmmm
It's so weird, but my Pandora just started playing Bands a Make Her Dance!!! hahaha

I would been like, " oh my goooooood! Talk about what?"

word? two kids & a stripper.. somethings gonna happen in this story.
I don't know what yet.. But its something lol
Any mom wouldnt approve of a stripper as a daughter. But hey, sometimes you gotta
do what you gotta do. Whatever that means lol

Im about to add chapter two. (:

Chapter Two: Why im here

Entry #1

May 11, 2009


"Today was a pretty awkward day for me. My dad left out family today to be with a woman he's been having ab affair with for the past several years. Yeah several. And what i found ouf today also isn't making anything better. I'm three months pregnant with a child, and its father wants nothing to do with it. s***ty right?

Other than that lifes normal besides the fact that im seventeen, and pregnant."

Reading over my old diary brought so many tears to my eyes. Just thought of my past f***ed with my mind. Back then i never would've thought that i would be a stripper, let alone a mother of two three year olds.

Breaking me from my thoughts was Kenyon and Kenyona running into my room.

"Mummy...Kenny keep ushing me" Yona said pouting. Its funny to me how she can't really pronouce her words.

"Nu uh" was all Kenny said making me laugh.

"Stop pushing your sister. Ok" i said and he nodded. I swear i thought i would never be here.


I dropped the kids off at my mother's house because i had to work tonight, and im great full because she doesn't mind watching them. I pulled up at King of Diamonds, and made my way in the building.

My mother disapproved of my 'Job' but it was the only other choice i had. Im putting my way through college and raising two kids by myself, and regular job wouldn't cut it. I made my way to my locker to see my friend Ida. "Hey hoe" she said giving me hug, i gave one back after saying hey.

I've know Ida for three years she's my kids godmother. We started working here around the same time. "How are my godbabies" She asked with a big smile on her face as i started getting dressed. She loves them to death.

"Their fine. Just being a little hard headed" i said laughing, and thats when our boss came out of his office. "Dyamond...Come here. We need to talk"


working on next add now!

Her body sounds like its banging lmao
Yeeees! Update this I wanna know what made her pretty ass strip (:
I like the way you wrote this cause other girls would get straight to the point.

& yees! Im doing a update for you! :D
I'll dedicate the next chapter to you lol