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If yall haven't heard the announcement Chris had one tonight, which was for any girl in TB over the age of 18 to suck his long ass d***. You might can even ride if you good enough ;)

But on a serious note if y'all haven't seen it, then watch Chris' Special Message about the Symphonic Love Foundation <a href=>HERE</a>

Also: The Symphonic Love Foundation has just launched their website! Go visit <a href=></a>, sign up, and explore the great opportunities to spread positivity amongst each other!


Whoree is better than a hoee
but still nastyy lol

Soso you needa be reading
&& cut all this chit chat anyhow !

Umm damn Soso... I was there for him after Rihanna and s*** so don't do that lol.

bree you always ridin' chris first if not dany. harlem just pure wife, she support him and dany is wifey taking care of him. but you can go ride ben from the New Boyz i hear he's available

nana it's whore-fia now, lexi downgraded me from a hoe or is whore an upgrade? lol

@sherbet yes he's doing a beautiful job i didn't even know he was so involved in so many organizations just a few, but he's helped out a lot.

im so proud of our boo.

Ooooooooh !!!
I likee helping !!!!!

Thanks for reminding me Hoe-fia

I just signed up for it. I think that Chris is doing an amazing job with this foundation. I just love him so much. Keep doing what u do Chris.

Dammmit! I wanted to ride him too! Lol but anyway I wanna help him somehow.