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Chris on the way to save South Africa

I am calling upon all the provinces all 9 of them in South Africa to go on their nearest computicket and grab a ticket as we are on a mission to save the world with chris the main main. so for ma hommies in Durban, Moses Mabida Stadium is on fire on the 17th of December... shoooo... what a great way to start a festive season!!!!! dont miss out on CB turning up the music on the stadium....IT ON FIRE BABY....


I'm a huge chris brown fan and
iv been anxiously waiting for his tour to africa. I bought 3
golden circle tickets for all 3 towns (joburg, durban and cape town).
The joburg show was an extreme extreme disapointment. It was 1 hour
and breezy didn't interact with the crowd at all, not once! I'm in
durban now and just crossing my fingers that the performance will
be way better as I may have to cancel my cape town trip and return
my ticket. I just almost feel like its a scam really, I've seen his
other performances and they were not as half baked at the one in
joburg so is it because its africa? I don't know but I'm really
hoping that his next performances are 100% better than his last.

I'm an absolute HUGE breezy fan but I was soooo soooo incredibly dissapointed with his concert in johannesburg, south africa. The concert was just 1 hour and he did not once interact with the crowd. I've bought 3 golden circle tickets (1 for johannesburg, 1 for durban and 1 for cape town). I've spent my 3 years worth of savings to go to these shows, flights, hotels etc. And I'm very sceptical about continuing with the tour. I seriously hope the durban show will be better, with all my heart!
Still love you breezy but you have to follow through for your fans!
*crossing fingers that u do better for durban and cape town*

I love chris brown

Sim baby .... realmente estou correndo para a Computicket ... eu quero ver .. CB e salvar SA com ele .. :)

:) cant wait

Sooooo looking forward to you coming to SA its going to be great!!


Yea actually running to the COMPUTICKET...i wanna see CB..and save SA with him..:)