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One More Night Wide Awake *cast needed*

i'm combining my two favorite songs one more night by maroon 5 & wide awake by katy perry s*** gonna be super short but still need people dnt feel lik coming w names so



Name: Shardonnay

Age: 22

Pic: Rita Ora

I can be naive but i still don't take s*** from people, i have a short temper and i hate females, expect for my close circle, I love having fun, shopping all time, i love to party and drink (maybe a little too much), and imma bit of a nympho lol.

Anastasia Jordan


<a href=" ">Clicky</a>

I’m an upbeat person who enjoys having fun, very random says whatever comes to my head if that means bust out in a song... I will do it lol. I have a lot of confidence, not c**ky though there is a difference. I Enjoy difference so anything to make me stand out I probably will do it. I’m super easy to talk to if you’re a stranger and you look interesting I will talk to you. I don’t tolerate bulls*** if it sounds dumb odds are I will tell you that. I’m always down for whatever the moment asked for so I guess you can call me an adrenaline junky. The one you normally come to for advice because I DO NOT have a filter, does that cause damage at times, of course, but at the end of the day you will only have to respect what I brought to you. Will go to war for anyone I hold in my circle.

Kyannah Jones
Tae Heckard
Sweet,funny,caring, gives great advice, hates drama, speaks my mind.

Name: Rissa
Age: 19
Pic: India Westbrooks
Persona: Im smart, funny, wild, blunt, silly af, i'm a R.O.D to anybody that has my back, i don't talk things out I usually just fight with the hoes that get on my nerves at that moment.

Name: Bre'Na

Age: 23

Pic: Ciara (blonde hair)

Personality: Nice, funny, very sexual, speaks mind, friendly

Shaminique jackson
Pic: raven Symone
Sweet heart, optimistic, loving, intelligent, prankster, fashionista
Tyga aka t RAWR aka aka XD