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Don't Judge Me

The girls and I began to get ready for the Chris Brown concert. It was my 18th birthday and I've always been a die hard Chris Brown fan even through all the bad stuff he went through and all the changes. I did the finishing touches on my hair and make up then put on my sexy baby blue dress and the silver heels. I did the accessories and checked out the ending results in my full length mirror. Just looking at myself all I could say was DAMN!! I confidently walked downstairs and all eyes landed on me. I heard my step brother's friends whispering about how sexy I looked. He snapped himself out of the lil trance he was in and hit them.

"Well damn girl just make us look like some Goodwill swap meat rejects!"

Sasha yelled out and we all laughed. I hugged my mom and step dad then my step brother and we left.

The girls and I sat front row as Chris Brown performed 'Dont Judge Me', 'Countdown', 'Biggest Fan', and a throwback 'Invented Head'. In between songs he would clown, dance, and bring on other artists. The show was coming to an end in about 15 minutes. I swear those 2 hours went by as I glanced at the time on my iPhone 5.

"Now for this last song I'm gunna need a special lady up here. Where's my special lady at?? Let me hear ya!"

The girls began screaming at the TOP of their lungs. Chris looked around the audience then his eyes landed 1 place I thought they never would. On me.

"Shawty right there. I wan you."

My girls screamed as he pointed at me. The security guards came and escorted me to the top of the stairs then Chris gently took my hand in his and brought me to a chair.

"What's ya name gorges??"
"Well Ms. Kiara I hope you don't mind this."

He said as he pulled my body close to his and wrapped his arms around me from behind.

"Can I hold you like this??"

I nodded my head and bit my lip.

"What about if I do this??"

He began kissing on my neck and lightly sucking on it. I moaned a little and he smirked.

"Do you mind that??"

I shook my head no unable to speak fearing that another moan would escape. The beat to '2012' dropped and the crowd went wild. He sat me in the chair and gave me a sexy ass lapdance sneaking kisses in and sucking on my neck. After that song came on they came and took the chair then the 'Sweet Love' beat dropped and the crowd really went wild. He serenaded me as we grinded and he was shocked that I could keep up and move like this. After a lil while he laid me on the stage floor and humped me. I bit my lip and flopped him over so I was humping me. I rubbed my hand on his abs and I could feel him hardening. We stood up and he kissed me as the song ended and we disappeared under the stage.

"Damn. How old are you??"

He asked examining my body closely and biting his lip. Damn that man does things to me!

"As of today 18."

He nodded his head.

"You here alone??"
"I came with my girls."
"Well do me a favor. Let them know you're not leaving with them tonight."

I smirked and did just as he said then found him again and we left to his hotel room after he took pics with fans and signed autographs. From the time we hit the limo to the bedroom neither of us could take it anymore. Let's just said we definitely did it like it was the end of the world. ;-}

As much as I look back on that night and think about it I was not expecting the events that were to come ..


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No love?????

We pulled up to a beautiful home and got out leaving our bags in the car. Diamond held onto my hand and I gave it a light squeeze then we walked up to the door. Ricky rang the doorbell and a minute later a woman version of Chris appeared. She smiled brightly at us and allowed us to enter her home. The inside was even more beautiful than the outside if that was even possible. She led us to the kitchen where she was cooking dinner.

"So what brings ya by here??"

She asked the guys.

"Well on our way here we ran into someone. Mama this is Kiara."

She smiled brightly at me.

"You're absolutely gorges!"

She said and I smiled shyly.

"Thank you. You're quite beautiful yourself."
"Uh mama there's someone else you should meet."

Mikey said. She only saw Diamond's hands because she had been hiding behind me since we arrived.

"I'm guessing it's the little lady behind Kiara. You can come out sweetie I don't bite."

I gently pulled Kiara around me and Ms. Joyce mouth dropped as did the utensils in her hand she was cooking with. She stared in awe for a while.

"Mama this is Diamond. Chris' 2 year old daughter."

She fainted. We rushed to her side as I told Diamond to get pillows and I put them under her head. She wouldn't wake up so we called an ambulance and was rushed to the hospital. They brought her to the back while we sat in the waiting room. 3 hours later we heard voices and at the sight of the 1st person my heart sped up. Chris was coming in along with a lot of other people.

Ohh s***! I hope she likes her.
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awwww s***

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Update after school. Keep the runs coming!!!!!!

Hmmm chris mama bout to meet her grandbaby ...runnnn

"How about ya take a ride with us to get something to eat."
"No disrespect, but ya are basically strangers to me. I don't know ya like that to have my daughter or myself in ya car."
"I understand. Look my name is Mikey and that's my half brother Ricky. We're Chris' cousins."
"Nice to meet ya."

We shook hands.

"Ya daughter looks like she could use some food and rest."

I looked down at Diamond. I contemplated my next move then finally agreed. They put our bags in the trunk then we all got in. We drove to a diner and ate. They paid for us then they said they would take us to their house for a little so we could shower and change. Again I was skeptical, but we didn't have many options. We drove to their condo then they showed us to a guest room and the bathroom. I bathes Diamond and got her dressed then did her hair. I showered, got dressed, and did my hair as well then we went back downstairs. I looked at pictures of Chris and them along with other people around the house.

"Somebody wants to meet ya."

Mikey said.

"... Chris' mom."

I was silent.

"Does she know about us??"
"I just told her I have a surprise for her."

I sighed and we all headed to her house. I prayed she would accept us and not pass off any judgement. I prayed for a miracle.

I like this story it suck how shxt is turning out for her but i hope it turns around for Diamond's sake.

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this is good
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The bus ride seemed to take forever, but eventually we made it. I found a city bus stop and we sat there waiting for it.

"Mommy where are we??"

Diamond asked looking around at the friendly faces.

"What's Virginia??"
"It's where your daddy is from."

Her eyes sparkled with hope as she looked up at me.

"Are we going to see my daddy??"

I hesitated.


2 boys stopped at a red light in front of us. 1 glanced at me then did a double take.

"Aye lil mama what's ya name??"

I rolled my eyes.


His eyes darted from me to Diamond. A few times before he told the driver to pull over. I pulled Diamond to me closer and held her tight as the guys got out and walked over to us.

"How old are you??"
"Ya daughter??"
"2. Look what's with all the questions??"
"I know this is going to sound kinda crazy, but do you know Chris Brown??"

I stayed quiet for a lil while.

"Uh kinda."

He shook his head in pity.

"I know you. I remember you from 1 of his concerts. Ya daughter is the spitting image of him except for the long hair and hazel eyes."

I swallowed and looked down at her as she looked at the guys.

"You know my daddy??"
"Uh yeah we do."

He turned to me.

"What ya doing here??"
"... I need to find Chris."
"He's touring. He's in Miami."

I looked down.


I barely had enough money for 1 ticket back hope. Plus when I got back I would have no place to go. I was screwed.

For some reason it posted 2x, but I'm writing on my phone now! =]

Update after church. Keep the runs coming! =]

She better beat Tina ass, I would. I hope Chris doesn't treat her like a random ass groupie.
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Update after church. Keep the runs coming! =]

awww hell yea run it need to no more

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ill beat tina's ass!!

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I spent the night having sex with Chris and we woke up to banging on his room door.

"Chris get up! We have to be out of here in a hour!"
"I'm up Tina."

She walked away then Chris looked at me. He looked me up and down then carried me to the bathroom. We brushed our teeth then took a shower. I was sooooooo sore it was crazy. He helped me get dressed then grabbed his already packed bags and we walked down to the lobby. There was a crew of guys there dressed in sweats. They commented on how "badd" I looked and licked their lips. Chris called me a cab then slapped my ass when it got there and I left.

As many of you probably guessed it I did end up pregnant. I was shocked because not only did we use a condom, but I'm also on the pill. It didn't make any sense, but I'm not a hoe so the baby was definitely his. I got in touch with Chris' manager Tina and she didn't believe me. Her exact words were 'Chris has so many groupies and hoes claiming they're his baby mama. This time is no different and I doubt you're really pregnant by him. Even if you were Chris has an image to keep. Don't you EVER dial this number again.' She hung up on me and I never called back. All I did was cry then on top of that my mama kicked me out. I'm living with Sasha and her boyfriend who keeps tryna have sex with me. I'm 18 with no job, broke, living with a friend, and basically alone. I cried myself to sleep every single night.

I laid down with Diamond and rocked her to sleep.

"Mommy can you play 1 of daddy's songs for me??"

Yes she knows Chris is her father. She loves him so much. I had to lie to her and tell her that Chris has a lot of touring which is why he isn't around.

"Sure sweety."

I played 1 of his old songs 'Yo' as she drifted off to sleep. I left her there and locked the bedroom door as I walked down the hall and got into the shower. Like I said Sasha's boyfriend always tried to have sex with me and wouldn't take no for comments. He's even gone as far as forcing his fingers into me and he's made comments about how Diamond is growing up. I'll be damned if he touched my babygirl as long as I'm alive. As I showered I heard the door open and close then lock.

"Damn Kiara you couldn't wait for me??"

I cringed at the sound of James voice.

"James please. I've had a long day."
"That's nothing daddy can't take care of."

I heard his pants unzip then I tried to grab for my towel, but he beat me to it. He climbed into the shower and pressed his body to mines. The tears blended with the water as he groped my body. I thought of my daughter. I had to do this for her. I managed to get my leg free and kneed him in the balls. He doubled over in pain as I hopped out. I put a chair against the door from the outside and ran to my room. I quickly packed all of our things and threw something on. It was the middle of December and snowing, but I had to get us out of here. I woke up Diamond and got her bundled up. I heard him trying to get out the bathroom so I grabbed all our bags and dragged her outside. Luckily a city bus was coming and we hopped on. After a few connections, many calls, and lots of crying we ended up at a bus station and I bought 2 tickets for Tappahannock, Virginia. We were going to find Chris.

Thanks ! =]

Yay I'm happy your writing another story I love your stories run it

Writing =]

damn straight like that
thats all it takes for chris to notice somebody
s*** im about to find a fly ass blue dress and
hit up a concert.. im getting some of that lol

good start


Sorry about the typos I'm writing from my phone.

Good start!!! Keep goin i likey!!!! :))) runn n