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Why chris??:(

So i think chris deleted his twitter account


I agree with Ms. Young Luv but Kizzielovescb hit it on the head for me. Chris needs to learn to channel his anger in a different way. For me, I am personally upset with him for letting this woman get to him. Focus on you. These people only hate you for this night so let them live in the past. You are letting your anger outshine all the good you've been doing and it's messing you up. I personally believe that Chris has not dealt with the situation himself and that's why he allows people like her get to him. I think he should take some time off focus on himself and figure out who he is and what he wants and worry about his artists on CBE help them put some music out, focus on his clothing lines Mechanical Dummy and Black Pyramid and his foundation, Symphonic Love. He has a lot to keep him busy and out of the limelight for awhile that way when he comes back he knows who he is and these people can't get to him. 2 wrongs don't make a right and EVEN THOUGH she was being disrespectful to him that DID NOT give him the right to make sexually degrading remarks to her. I pray that he seeks true happiness, I don't think he's there yet. The other problem with the public eye is that everyone is entitled to their opinion and networks like Twitter make it easy for bullies to attack people. Yes Jenny is the bully in this situation. However, I understand everyone is saying it's nobody's business what they do, but once they put stuff like that on Twitter, Instagram, or any social media network it becomes everyone's business and they have the right (good or bad) to comment. This should be a lesson to BOTH him and Rihanna to be careful about what they are posting when it comes to their personal lives as a unit. People know yall are together but don't remind us because they will constantly remind you of 2009. I just wished people would leave him alone and see that he's still a young man growing up in front of our eyes and like everyone else he deserves his privacy. They have no room to judge we are all imperfect and I wish people would just use his mistake as an example instead of crucifying him for it.

That Jenny chick looks ugly af! If I was Chris I woulda bashed her looks and told
her straight up she looks like road kill. Chris deleting his twitter makes it even worse. I wish he would
show everybody how much of a man he is and learn to deal with things head up instead of running away.

Maybe deleting his twitter is best because he always finds hisself in a twitter hassle with someone. Idk.. But I only wish the best for him.

That woman was attacking chris for over a year and chris blocked her a looong while ago YET she was still disrespecting and taunting him. You can say chris shouldnt have reacted but if you hold your tongue about something for so long then you WILL lash out against that person.. He can be faulted because he is in the "public eye" but damnit he is human just like the rest of us and we can only take so much. *shrugs*

first off Jenny, who is 27 years older than Chris, should've just shut the hell up. You're 50 years old and you're taunting a 23 year old man over the Internet for the past year? And then on top of that you drag his mother into the mix? I would've went off on her myself. But on Chris's behalf he should've just ignored her, two wrongs don't make a right; Uggh it's so frustrating! Jenny was just being a bully period and everyone's taking her side on the issue? She instigated the attack first, not Chris! But you know how the social media is when it comes to Chris and this'll just be another backlash that'll hurt Chris's career even more. That's why I feel bad for him, it's kinda hard trying to get back up when everybody wants to kick you back down on the ground and place your foot on your neck you know? How do you expect to not retaliate and get upset? People are so caught up in this subject ( I shall not repeat 'cause it's taboo now) that anything Chris says or does will be used against him, whether it'd be bad or good. Uhh let's not forget the fact that you're not only hurting Chris but Rihanna in the process, she has to live with that pain for the rest of her life. It's cruel for people to keep re-opening that wound that's trying to heal on its own when you're always in the public eye. I'd say more but like I said it's taboo in my book.

Frankly, that's all I have to say, but hopefully things will clear up and Chris will come back on Twitter.

I definitely agree that she came at him ALL THE WAY sideways, but people do this to Chris everyday, so why did her comment affect him so?
When he said that comment about rihanna, I believe that he meant: if she's over it, and she forgives me, then why don't you?

For a person who condemned Chris for his past, they would take offense to that. If you think about it from the other point of view, it sounds like: I beat her up and she's STILL HERE, go suck on that.
And by the looks of twitter, it seems that everyone believes the second meaning....smh

I dont think he took it too far at all.. That b**** should have minded her business and let go of the past like his trying to do..

I understood what he meant by the "Ask Rihanna if she's mad tweet."

He was basically telling people to mind their own f***ing business..

People are so caught up with what happened almost half a decade ago instead of his talent.

So b**** on Twitter started going in on Chris and he was just defending himself..

But poeple are saying how disgusting he is for attacking her like she didnt start it..

Chris let someone get the best of him, unfortunately.
In the process, he led people to believe that hitting rihanna was okay....
One of his last tweets: "ask rihanna if she mad????" Really sent people over the edge. I've always loved me some Chris Brown, but I definintely saw how that could have been misunderstood. As a true fan, I can honestly say that he took it too far, possibly damaging his relationship with his fans, his mangagement/PR, and Rihanna. He needs to lay low for a while, and reflect.

Wait what happened ??


She doesn't have a purpose just another person trying to bring Chris down sadly.....people like that just irk my soul.

She really needs to stfu like wat is her purpose

I think it was because of what happened on Twitter earlier....but he should know his supporters love him no matter what! She shouldn't have gotten to him but maybe he just didn't want to see the drama....hopefully he will come back.

yyes im on there now & shes still going smhh

Why though?? Was it cuz of tht the thing on twitter today

Unfortunately he's just sad.