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<strong>Present Day</strong>
<em>November 27th, 2012 10 PM
Tuesday - Los Angeles, California</em>

<a href=>Bluey</a> and I pulled up to our penthouse. I stared out the window the whole time in deep thought. Tonight, we'd gone out with our friends who were also couples, some married, others engaged, or just together but with kids or no kids at all. The dinner went fine up until the near end when my ex Shad showed up with the same btch he cheated on me with the last time. That sht pissed me off, because I fell for his ass, again. I felt so stupid, but I guess I live and I learn. That the past has made me a stronger person. The last time I was with Bluey and dealing with Shad is nothing compared to what happened after I broke up with Shad a few months ago.

<em>September 28th, 2012 9 AM
Friday - Chicago, Illinois</em>

<a href=http://f***>I</a> sat at my computer working on my fashion and art blog while my best friend <a href=>Benjamin</a> lay in my bed eating cereal and watching Cartoon Network in my <a href=>room</a>. "Niggas is comin' in hard this morning," I sighed after reading a text from Bree letting me know that the gang was on their way to my parent's house. "Uh oh," Ben snickers, "They comin' for yo ass!" "Shut up," I rolled my eyes. "I'm mad you're working this weekend, Ben." "Yeah, me too, SoSo. But i'm off on Sunday, which is actually the day of your birthday so you'll be good hanging with your friends today and tomorrow." "Yeah...I doubt that we're gonna be hanging more like gettin' in my ass," I chuckled. "Well whose fault is that?" "Not mine. Man, I'm not even gonna talk about it," I smiled. "You're so indecisive," Ben shook his head. "I know. That's what so hard about me. I'm complicated and that's annoying as sht. I feel like a flip-flopper," I stared at him. "Well..." Ben tilts his head and scoops up some cereal, "ain't nobody fault but yours, but i'm flip floppin right witchu," he smiles and puts the spoon in his mouth. "We being stupid together, huh?" "Hell yeah," Ben says with a mouth full of Captain Crunch, "That's what best friends do!" Moments later, I hear a group of voices downstairs. "Sht," I mumble and get back to typing up an article about a few pieces I like of Chris' clothing line and recent artworks. Soon enough I hear footsteps stomping up the stairs. "Niggas got the heavy foot this morning or sum sht," Ben smiled. "I guess so." "Look at you scared," Ben shook his head. I spun around in my rolling chair to watch television until my friends entered.

"The hell is going on up in chea," I hear <a href=>J</a> says, walking in. "Who is this new nigga?" he points to Ben. "C'mon Sof! You got a new nigga already!" he stared at me with his eyes bulging out. "Nah," Ben shook his head with a serious face. "Got me twisted, fam. I'm the old nigga." J glared at Ben. They had a staring contest until Chris walked in between them. "Chill bruh," <a href=>Chris</a> says, heading over to me. “Whassup cuz,” he opened his arms. “Hey Chris,” I smiled as I stood up and gave him a hug. We let go of each other and I look towards the door to see <a href=>Ty</a>, <a href=>Trey</a>, and <a href=>Kirk</a> lollygagging in. I smiled at J, “hug?” “Man, you soft af SoSo,” J snickers as he walks up to give me a hug. “Missed you bro.” “Missed you too lil sis,” J let go and sat on my dresser. “Hey,” I wave at the rest of the guys. “SoSo we need to talk to you, man…” Trey said as he rubbed the back of his head. I knew that if the guys were here then the girls would soon be up after getting them something to sip on or eat. “I read…” I looked at my phone. “Tssst,” Ty shook his head with his hands in his pocket, “Bree was talkin’ the whole way about what she was gon’ say.” “Yeah,” Kirk leaned in the doorway, “Lexi was too mad. You just ghosted on our asses.” I chewed on my bottom lip, fumbling with my fingers, and then looked to Benjamin. I inhaled with a half-smile on my face. “Fck you lookin’ at me for,” he chuckled. “I ain’t the one that left some mafckas with a hurting.”

“BLOOP!” <a href=http://f******yeahprettygirlsrockkk-pgr>Dany</a> walked in, “Ain’t nobody hurt!” “Btch if you don’t shut the fck up with that sht,” <a href=http://f******yeahdarkgirls>Lexi</a> says, walking in behind her. <a href=http://f******yeahprettygirlsrockkk-pgr-click-here-for>Bree</a> sighs hard, “if both of y’all don’t shut the fck up. My fckin’ head hurt! Chris blastin’ all that got damn music, shid! I can’t even remember what the hell I was gon’ say.” “This btch…” <a href=http://f***>Nani</a> says, walking in with <a href=http://f******yeahprettygirlsrockkk-pgr>Ana</a>. “Shut up, my speech was decent af!” Bree laughs. “Btch YOU shut the fck up! Ain’t nobody got time for dat,” Nani grins, “Fck outta here,” she rolled her eyes to me, "Sof, what the fck?!" "Ahhh," J groaned, "You bout loud as fck." "Yeah turn that sht down a notch," Chris agreed. Nani glared at Chris and he stared back. "Look," Bree steps up, standing next to Nani, "Yo ass was wrong! Just gon' leave Nsht! But we love yo ass so we still came out to check on you for yo birthday, rude ass btch!" "Bree, chill," Dany sighs and continues to say, "She's just hurting and needed some space." "How much that she couldn't even speak to no damn body," Lexi yells. "Bout rude af!" Bree stared at me, "I want an apology." "Sorry but I'm a bit unapologetic, right now," I smirk. Just as Bree was about to throw a punch, Ty grabbed her arm and pulled her back. "Step outta yo place, again, hoe!" Bree pointed at me. "Sweetie, please. You aint gon' do sht." I laughed. Bree smiled and rolled her eyes as Ty wrapped his arms around her arms and torso. "Nigga you really think can hold me back," Bree laughs. Ty grinned. "Chill baby." "Aughhh," bree rolled her eyes.

"Real talk tho," Ana speaks up, "what the fck? All we know is Shad's side of the story and that's he really really really sorry like times a million." she stares at me with curiosity in her eyes. I looked to see Chris sitting in my computer chair now with Dany joining him on his lap. Benjamin gets up and walks out already knowing what happened, "Deuces." Lexi and Kirk sit on the bed along with Trey, Ana lay behind them. Nani joined J, leaning against the dresser and Ty leaned back in the doorway with Bree still in his arms. All eyes were on me. "Okay, the nigga cheated," Kirk shrugged, "it's not like you wasn't used to it." he shrugs. Lexi smacked Kirk upside his head. "AH SHT! WHAT THE FCK LEXI!" he scrunched his face up. "Shut the fck up before I have to pull yo ass outside and have a side discussion," she rolled her eyes at him. I sat back on my computer desk and made a long story short. "What I thought we still had, faded...and yes I love Shad. But," I shook my head. "just because I love him didn't mean that he needed to be in my life. I'm in love with Bluey, but he won't talk to me so...I'm just ridin' solo. Yes, Shad cheated on me, again, and I forgave him, but then he did it, again talkin' about how she seduced him and he couldn't resist. Nigga no. I'm not about to deal with that again or no more. So I left man," I folded my arms over my chest. "Who was the btch he cheated on you with so I can whoop that stank hoe ass; she ain't worth sht anyway," Lexi says. "I'm sure Shad won't mind us knockin the fck outta the two-dollar hoe," Ana laughs. All the guys shook their heads.

Bree busts out of Ty's hold. "Fck that! I want an apology! Had me callin you, wasting my goddamn minutes! Fckng worried bout you! Ain't know where the hell yo ass went! Thought you was kidnapped or was killed! Say it or I'm a fck you up, SoSo! I swear man! Sht was not cool at all!" she yelled with tears building up in her eyes. "Damn Bree," Lexi says. Everybody then stared at her as she stared at me. "Never knew this hoe could cry," Ana snickered. "I'm sorry that I left y'all without saying anything," I apologized, "I'm sorry that I didn't answer your calls, but I just needed <strong>time</strong> to think things through without anybody else's opinion, just me myself and I." "We forgive-" Trey started to say, but Bree pointed her finger to him and he shut up. "Nahhh!" Ana sat up, "She don't control you!" she stared at him. "We forgive you, SoSo," Trey said again. Bree's nose flared. I know she wanted to whoop my ass. She truly did care as much as she played around. "Nani you weak," Lexi says. I looked over to Nani to see her lightly crying. "I'm sorry y'all," she wiped her tears away, "Bree got me all emotional and sht." "Nah, that's SoSo got us all outta pocket. Got us on our feel sht," Dany says. "I should slap the fck outta yo stoopid ass," Lexi says. "I apologize," I stepped up to Bree, "that I left but you have to understand." "I forgive you, but the next time yo ass leave, don't come back crying, asking for help. I'm not gon' give a fck what the hell happens to yo ass," she turns away and walks out.

"I forgive you," Nani comes up to me and gives me a hug, "And I'm sorry. I kinda feel like we pressured you into going back with Shad." "WE?" Dany looked Nani up and down. "Na'll that was YO ass. We wanted- Mm mm..." she looked at Trey and then down at her fingers. "We what," Ana looked at Trey, "WHAT?" "Nothin," Trey shook his head. "IT BETTER..." Ana pushed Trey's head as she got out the bed, "Be nothing." Lexi comes to me and gives me a hug, "Are you okay now," she asks. "I think so," I nod, "I just would love it if Bluey talked to me." "So that's all you want for yo birf day is a dread headed nigga?" Kirk asked. "Well alright!" Chris smiles, "Mission accomplished." "Dumb ass niggas," Dany laughs as she got up and walks out. Chris soon left along with Trey and Ana. "I hope you're sure this time," Lexi says before she leaves out with Kirk. J hopped off the dresser and grabbed my hand. "You know we love you, SoSo." he says, "No more disappearing acts. Had a nigga scared." "Sorry," I said, again. "It's iight," he gives me another hug and leaves out. Nani sighs, scratching her forehead. "You didn't pressure me. Y'all just had a lot of more interest in Shad. And I can understand. But sometimes it's nobody's business of what happens when I'm with Bluey. It's just we like to keep our relationship." "I know," Nani nods, "I should know by know how conservative you are. I guess we all were just used to you being wild and outgoing with Shad that when you got with Bluey we felt like he was taking you away from us." "Yeah..." "Well, get ready. We're going out for breakfast." "Okay," I nod. Nani smiles and walks out. I was single and still had my good friends. I was kind of happy that they all forgave me. But it was Bluey who i really wanted to hear those words from. I made some bad decisions, but then again who doesn't.

<strong>Present Day</strong>

Bluey opened the car door for me and I got out holding his hand. We hurried inside and hopped on the elevator. I stood in front of him and wrapped my arms around his torso with my head buried in his chest. He wrapped his arms around me, too, and I closed my eyes breathing in his cologne. I'm so glad that he forgave me and took me back. But we were still working on our relationship. There were lots of things to be talked about. But tonight, I would not let what happened at the dinner marinate any longer. I would enjoy all the time I had with Bluey alone and be happy that he continued to grace me with his presence.

Sorry it was so long. i aint have sht to do today. This is a short. So i'm guessing it'll be about 4 or 5 adds, maybe six. Idk yet. Run It.


whoa whoa damn

but nah fr tho
idgaf Hoefia cldve sent us a text
tolld us she was aight && just wanted to be alone
she making us feel bad for being good friends
nah hell nah im all for relationship privacy
but yo asx dipped tfout on us

idc abt the boys but we yo girls nigga
you better open ya mouth && say you aight
Thuggie dnt playy tht shxt
nope . .nah uhn NO MA'AM

oan let tht nigga come at J likee tht again
bxtch udk us !
luckyy i wasnt up there or he wldve got his shxt bust !
hmph !


&& thts ALL i gotta say

bree can cry no way i don't believe it
but then again our soso left us high and
dry not knowing what the f*** was up and by
the way i WILL KILL shad the next time i see him
for doing the same s*** again i was going for his
ass but he f***ed up again ..
poor bluey i feel kind of bad for him now..
dany don't bring up trey and somyafria again or
that is your ass lol
aww the gang is all back in they crazy ways
i love it soo much now all we have to do
is send shad back to his pot of gold
and rainbows with his leprechaun ass
and find bluey and have soso swinging then dreads
by her birthday :)


Aw, reunited and it feel so gooood. On some real s***, you better not do no s*** like that again because Bree will probably beat your ass on some real s***. We all know she about that life. Why are all the guys so dumb? Sometimes they frustrate me.

Run it

awwwww we're so cute lol

& who know bree zilla could cry lord jesus its a miracle lmaoo

& thats right trey bree dnt run you or no body f***ing else

kirk & chris r just plain retarded so hey lol

but run it

lmaooo ok
i changed it

Please change my pic. That's first off.... I'm not being rude or intending to be but uhn uhn lol.

I'll be back with a real comment.

Run it