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• — Important. Messege.

I haven't been on lately because Avory was hurt really bad in an incident, that I by the way dont feel like explaining. Im been taking care of him. Thats number one. Number two, I most likely---probably have a suckish report card, so Ill most likely unsurely get my phone took which means no updates or social siting because the computer we own doesn't have wifi. So I'll be adding out the ass until thursday. Thats when I'll know my progress in school. But finishing off, I have two new stories to come & at least 3 updates a day.

Goals for this month:
• Finish Welcome Home Mayleen.
• Eat
• Tell Dany a secret
• Eat
• Add the new story
• oooh look ------ EAT ! >

Well, im done speaking about that. Wassup with ya?


Here's another one. I found this one funny.

To dream of being raped suggests a subconscious desire to be sexually abused or humiliated. You might be conveying a hidden desire to be violated, conquered, or forced.
Some women secretly wish to be sexually overpowered without being battered. Also, it may indicate hatred and ill-feelings toward the opposite sex.

Alternatively, it indicates you are feeling violated or your well-being and self-esteem is being impinged. You dream may also be a sign that you are being forced to do something against your will.

Dreams of rape are mostly experienced by actual rape victims. The dream is usually a manifestation of their traumatic encounter.

To witness a rape being committed denotes sexual incapacity or ambivalence.

There you have it.

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To dream that you have been raped indicates vengeful or resentful feelings toward the opposite sex.  You feel that you have been violated or that you have been taken advantage of. Something or someone is jeopardizing your self-esteem and emotional well-being. Things are being forced upon you. Dreams of rape are also common for those who were actually raped in their waking life.

To see a rape being committed in your dream denotes sexual dysfunction or uncertainty.

Google rape. It's not that damn deep lol.

You call that basic? A basic dream to me is dreaming of sheeps and cows.
This is the 4th rape dream this month.

I think that was just a basic dream.

* signs it * OMG! OMG! Im your biggest fan xD

I had a dream last night that Chris was the new boy and I was letting him copy off my project. We flirted some ( throws up ) but yeeeah. Then I went to him and some of the meanest bous in school basketball practice. I ended up getting them — not Chris, suspended from the team for two weeks. they chased me around the school until they caught me. then they raped me.

Im gonna look this dream up..

Sure you can sign it. *hands you sharpie*


Soooo.. Do I get to sign your cast? Like put something really dirty on it. It could be "Dany and Chris sitting in a tree KissLMNOP." Or even better -------> Kay is a dirty slut (:


Im changing this school im at (Vincent High) to Nicolet or Lake Country Lutheran High School.

Why wont you be there?

Oh no! He'll come back feeling raped and stuff.
Soccer tryouts are going to be early this year, but I won't be here -.-

Send him to Ana.

Cause I offered it to him to be nice. Its not my fault he pms'n. Ungrateful bastard.

NO! She gone put something in his drink and food. She just might stomp a hole in his body. Im trting to scare the boy, not KILL him lol

Just send him to Lexi with his overnight bag.

Im going to beat his ass for that. Why tf he do that?

I feel raped -.- Drake just shoved a tampon in my ear O.O
Noooo come get Levi ! :'(

You can have him tonight Dany..... He keep beating up my dogs so he got to roll lol.

Okay, i'll tell him.

Bree, when is Kingston coming home? I miss my son.

Fine. ill just lock him in our dogs cage. big deal. Oh yeah! Tell chris that Levi's gonna swing over there personaly to say sorry. & Grrrr .. where are lexi with those adds.

Wait, im lying. After that incident, Chris will probably kill him

Hey! My kid isn't the ONLY destructive one here. Look at yours! Lol
Thanks Dany at least SOMEBODY can control that heffer :D

I'll be happy to take him

Lol nope. I can't deal with Levi bad, destructive ass.


Someone come borrow my kids too -.-

By you two have the best sex to forget about it lol

You coulda came and got Levi ass. Ima need you to beat his ass like you did your kids. Bet his ass gone change then. ^.^

Yup, Kingston has been with Bree and Haven and Saf are with my parents.