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•Beautiful Soul•

•Chapter One•
"911 what is your emergency?" The
dispatcher lady asked nonchalantly as she
responded to the emergency call my mom
was making.
"My daughter!...sshee, she's struggling to
breathe again, hurry and come please!" She
told them frantically. I was suffering yet
another attack; I have been suffering from
this respiratory disease for 16 of my 19
years of living and this disease was much
worse than asthma, bronchitis or any other
respiratory illness.
"What exactly is the problem ma'am?" The
dispatcher asked
at the dispatcher angrily because in her mind
she had made herself clear from the
"Ohkay ma'am, I'm gonna need you to come
"Don't tell to calm down! Just send an
ambulance now!" My mother shouted
"What's the address to your residence
ma'am?" The dispatcher asked trying to get
this over with as quickly as she could. My
mom told her the address and she would
send one right now; she hung the phone up
and turned to me
"It's gonna be ohkay baby, just hang in
there" she said as I nodded slowly, still
struggling to breathe, my eyelids getting
heavy as I slowly closed them, my world
turning black.


Awwwwww :-( I'm caught in between them telling her & then not. Cause you don't want her to think about it. Smh Chris is so romantic.
Run it

Thank you guys a bunch for the comments. Mwah!!!

•Chapter Three•
Immediately after my shift I went to the
Atlantic Ocean Restaurant to wait for
Ara. I had texted her earlier to tell her
the time and directions of the place, in
case she got lost. I was waiting for her in
a table on the restaurant's far corner of
the right. I wanted us to be a little
secluded from everyone else, I guess I
wanted us to have some intimacy. After
about 5 minutes of arriving I thought of
Ara's sickness; today I spoke to my
mentor, and asked about epiglottitis, the
disease that Ara has and he confirmed
that since it was discovered at a later
stage, within 5 or 6 months. the tissue
that covers her windpipe
will be swollen and actually prevent air
from entering the body, resulting in her
dying. My heart broke into pieces just
thinking about that. I called her mom,
and she said she wouldn't tell her until
the right time came.
"Chris?" I looked up and saw her
beautiful face smiling at me and looking
at me with relief washing over her face,
guess she
was looking for me. I stood up and smiled
back at her
"Hey" I said kissing her cheek, "I'm glad
you could make it" I told her sincerely
"Me too. I'm sorry if I took so long, the
bus got delayed"
"It's okay, I'm just happy that you're
here. Come let's sit down and get this
night started" I told her excitedly and
opened the chair for her so she could sit
down. She giggled and thanked me.
"So, how's work treating you?" I said and
took a sit, starting up the conversation.
"Out of this world. I thought it'd be tense
and all since it's such an elite place, but
I'm glad everything going good" she
said, never dropping her smile as she
spoke, which made me smile too.
"I'm happy to hear that, I love that joint
so much, I'd be sad if you didn't" I said as
she chuckled a bit and tucked in a strand
of her hair behind her ear looked at the
menu. I admired Ara, she was like a
breath of fresh air for me. In short
matter of time she had managed to
make my heart jump and swell
everytime I thought of, heard and saw
her. I just hope and prayed she felt the
same way. My thoughts were interrupted
by the waitress who came to take our
orders. After she finished taking them
she left and we continued with our
"So Chris, tell me more about yourself"
she said inquisitively
I laughed a bit, "Well, there's not much
to say about me. I grew up with my dad
mostly, born and bred in Virginia." I told
her proudly
"Cool, my granny lives there" she
"For real? I'll have to meet her when I go
there again"
"Yeah. Where's your mom?" She asked,
looking unsure whether to ask or not
"She died when I was 5. That's what
inspired me to become a doctor, cause
that's what she was also." The waitress
came with our food and drinks, and she
left after thanking her.
"What about you? Tell me about
yourself" I said to her as I dug in my
food. I looked at her as she just shook
her head.
"My life has been one big blur. I've been
in and out of hospitals for the past 16
years. Every year I think I get better,
but..." Her words trailed off and she
quietly ate her food, "but" she said
smiling again, "now that you were the
one who worked on me I'm pretty sure
my disease is gone now" after she said
that I immediately looked down and
played with my food.
"All we can do is pray Ara" I told her
honestly. I felt like telling her everything
concerning her disease but her mom was
adamant about her not knowing, maybe
she knows what's best for her daughter.
After our dinner together, Chris and I
went to the beach and took a walk hand
in hand. I had forgotten all about Justin and his c**ky self, it's as if he didn't exist and we never became an "us". That's what Chris did to me, that's the effect he had on me. We had taken off our shoes so
we could feel the sand on our feet and
not ruin the shoes. Throughout the
whole night Chris had been the perfect
gentleman, and I realised now more than
ever that I really liked him.
"This is my favourite time at the beach.
Everything's tranquil and the sky looks
beautiful. I wish it could last forever." I
told Chris and he looked at me with
passion in his eyes.
"It's beautiful Ara, but I don't think it's
comparable to you." My face turned a
shade of red and I looked away
"Stop it Chris. You're no good at lying"
We stopped walking and he stood in
front of me.
"I'm serious Ara. It's breathtaking to see
the beauty that stares at me whenever I
look at you. Ever since day one, when I
first laid my eyes on you. I..." He couldn't
finish that sentence. He became too
nervous to. I touched his face with my
hand and caressed it along his cheek.
The stars made his face glisten and
seem perfect at this moment.
"I don't think you have the slightest clue
what you do to me." I told him in a soft
"If it's the same thing you do to me, then
I think I do." He responded in low raspy
voice. He then leaned down and planted
a kiss on my lips. It started out soft and
sensual, with us getting a feel of each
other's lips. It turned passionate and he
deepened it by parting my lips with his
tongue and I gladly accepted it. After
kissing for what seemed like forever, we
both ended it and breathed heavily. Our
foreheads rested against each other and
looked into each other's eyes. He
pecked my lips once more.
"I don't think you have the slightest clue
what you do to me" I repeated as he
smiled at me, with me returning the

Justin's a a**hole if only he knew that she was talking to a fine doctor. I'm annoyed with him that I can't wait til you get off the bus xD

Justin is annoying as hell and needs to go lol. I'm glad Chris asked her out on a date. :)
Run it!

The next day I got up and prepared for
work. My mom was already gone for
work and that relieved me a lot, I didn't
want to deal with her at the moment. As
I was about to leave to catch the bus, my
phone rang and I quickly looked through
my bag searching for it. Once I found it, I
looked at the caller and my heart smiled.
It was Chris.
"Hello?" I spoke softly through the
receiver. I wanted to punch my gut
because that was not my voice at all
"Hey Ara, how are you doing gurl?" His
voice was deep and raspy, making him
more sexier than he already was.
"I'm good, great actually. How are you
"I'm a bit better now. Ya know I was
kinda disappointed you didn't answer my
calls last night. I figured you didn't care
anymore." He responded in a low voice
"I wouldn't do that Chris. It's just that I
was tired; way tired than I imagined" I
answered him now walking to the
window and looking through the window
to see if the bus hadn't arrived yet.
"I understand" he paused before he
continued, "I would like to see you, if you
would like that"
I cheesed and responded to him, "I'd like
that a lot Chris"
"How about today? Say in the evening;
around six?" He asked in a nervous and
uncertain way
"That sounds perfect to me"
"Good, I'll probably call you later then.
Goodbye Ara"
"Goodbye Chris" I said and ended the
I squealed in excitement and
immediately texted Lavender to tell her
about the good news; I told her I'd meet
her up for lunch so we could plan my
evening properly. I had on a goofy smile
as I walked out of my home and walked
to the bus stop. Arriving at the stop, I
noticed a guy sitting on the bench
looking through his phone. He looked up
and noticed me as I took a seat on the
other edge of the bench. I rolled my
eyes and looked away as I realised who it
"Oh really Ara? That's how you greet
your first love now?"
"Shut up Justin" I responded in an
annoyed tone, "you weren't my first love
"Ha ha I wish I could believe that Ara---"
I cut him off before he finished talking
"What are you doing here anyway? Did
mommy and daddy take the oh so highly
Jeep because they discovered all your
dirty little ways?" I asked now looking at
him with disgust in my eyes. Justin came
from a very wealthy family and one of
the things he liked to do was flaunt his
affluent lifestyle and lured girls using his
family's wealth.
He scoffed, "That's none of your damn
business Ara. See that's one of the
reasons I broke up with your ass, you
always have to be in my business and
s***! I ain't having none of that"
"You seriously must be high because if I
remember correctly I broke up with you
because you're nothing but a spoilt
cheater and liar!" I lowered my voice
before I continued, "I almost gave up my
virginity to you...thank God I didn't" I
finally away looked from him and noticed
the bus approaching our stop
"Yeah thank God you didn't" I heard him
mumble and I stood up to get into the
bus, not before glaring at him. I got on
the bus and noticed the bus was full,
there were only two seats left and
immediately became annoyed with the
entire situation; Justin was going to sit
next to me. I went and sat down and
about 3 seconds later I felt a presence
sitting next to me. 10 seconds passed
before he started talking
"Just admit you still want me Ara, you
still want me" he repeatedly said
wearing a c**ky smile on his face,
"You're the only one I've dated because
of anything either than sex...a little. I
went out with you because I thought
your name was a major turn on Ara, the
hell does it mean anyway?" He laughed
and scrolled through his phone. I was still
looking at the window
"Shut the f*** up Justin" I said lowly and
looked at my watch, realising I had 10
minutes to get where I was supposed to

Run it

I'll take him too xD lol and I can tell already that Mr Robinson is gonna be trouble
Run it

That's a sign that they would be good together and he's a doctor too. Shot if ara don't want him ill take him lol
Run it!!!

That's a sign that they would be good together and he's a doctor too. Shot if ara don't want him ill take him lol
Run it!!!

After taking a well deserved nap, I woke up
and stretched. Now dressed in black boy
shorts and a white tee. I looked out the
window and was a bit surprised to see the
sky now dark; I didn't realise I had slept that
long. Instinctively, I went for my phone
which was underneath my pillow; partly
because I wanted to know what the time was
and mostly because I wanted to see if I
hadn't receive any calls or texts from the
one person who promised to call today;
Chris. I was somewhat disappointed when I
saw no missed calls or messages from a
foreign number.
"He will call" I told myself, reassuring myself
that the day has not yet ended.
I sighed and threw my phone on top of the
bed and made my way out of the room and
descended downstairs. As soon as I hit the
last step my nostrils became aware of the
smell of appetizing food being cooked, which
only meant that my mom was cooking up
one hell of a storm. I approached the
kitchen and saw her chopping up onions
looking sad and nervous at the same time, if
that made any sense.
"Hey mom", I said and kissed her on the
She looked up at me for a milli second after
I backed away from her, "Hey my baby. I
was thinking you were going to wake up
tomorrow now. I figured you and Lavender
had a pretty long day" she replied putting
the onions in a pan, allowing them to get
"Yeah, it sure was" I said smiling thinking
about today's events.
"Yeah well please help me by setting the
table for three."
"Three?" I asked her confused
"Yes three. I invited Mr Robinson for dinner'
he should be here any minute now"
"Mr Robinson? Your boss." I questioned even
more confused, "Why?"
"Ara, please don't ask questions and do as I
say" I reluctantly obliged, too afraid to
question anything further than what she had
already told me. I knew better.
The doorbell rang right on que and I rushed
from the dining room to the room where the
knock had come wrong. I opened the door
and behind it stood my mom's boss. He
stood a few inches taller than my mom and
had chocolate skin, he smiled as he came in
face to face with me and started
"Good evening Ara." he said warmly and I
couldn't help but to return the smile.
"Mr Robinson" I nodded and opened the
door wider for him to get in, "Please come
"Thank you"
"Ara who's at the door?" my mom asked
coming from the kitchen and once she saw
who it was, relief became evident on her
face. "Go and change into some decent
clothing sweetheart. Dinner will be ready by
the time you get back."
I looked between them and shook my head,
wondering why on earth my mom decided to
invite this man for dinner. I got to my
bedroom and changed into black jeans and a
sky blue t shirt. I looked into the mirror and
fixed my hair; I then looked at my phone
again and still saw nothing. My heart broke a
little as I waited for Chris' call. I don't know
why I'm so eager about it because when he
did call I'm pretty sure I'd have nothing to
say from being nervous. I proceeded to go
downstairs to join my mom and her guest
for dinner. I saw them laughing about
something Mr Robinson had said. I furrowed
my eyebrows and broke up their happy
"Mom" she looked at me.
"Ah yes Ara. We were just waiting for you.
I've already dished up for everyone so let's
all go and eat shall we?" I nodded and we all
went to the dinner table and sat. We bowed
our heads and Mr Robinson offered to say
grace. After we said Amen we all dug in
"So Ara" Mr Robinson started off and I
looked at him, "Your mom tells me that
you're in need of a job and no one wants to
hire you." I almost chocked on my veggies as
he smirked and I looked at my mom
shocked at how she told him about
something so confidential.
"He wants to help out sweetie"
"I'm fine mom, I don't need help. And Mr
Robinson--" he cut me off
"Please, call me Oliver" he said as ate
another piece of his chicken and I just looked
at him blanky
"Well Oliver I have already found a job.
Matter of fact I start tomorrow."
"Oh?" They both said in unison
"Yes" I stressed out and looked down at my
plate, having lost my appetite.
"Well if you don't feel satisfied with your
job. You could always come and work at my
school. Wouldn't that be nice?" he looked at
my mom for approval and she nodded
"We'll be one small happy fa--" I looked at
him disgusted before he could finish off his
sentence and couldn't stand another sight of
"Excuse me." I said getting up from the
"Ara, you haven't even touched your food."
my mom said calling after me and I just
ignored her, as I entered my room I heard
Oliver saying "just leave her and enjoy
dinner". My insides felt hot and my chest
felt like it was being clogged, I felt my
breath getting shorter and I sat on the bed
trying to regain my breathing. I couldn't
handle another attack, not now.
I held my right hand near my chest and with
the corner of my eye I saw my phone's LED
and picked it up with the left hand. I saw 3
missed calls from a number I wasn't familiar
with and a text message from the same
number. I opened the text and read it
•Received: 7:40 pm•
•Sender: 555 212 5979•
[Goodnight Ara <3...Chris]
My breathing returned to normal again and
immediately I felt at peace.

Aww shucks this is soo cute I hope he calls her
Run it!!!!

Run it!

Thank you to all for bumping the story. I truly appreciate it <3

Mrs Osborne is very smart. I feel like the elderly can sense anything lol I know that was random but its true. Anyways I knew they were gonna meet back up, it's fare. And awwww he being all shy & stuff to cute.
Run it sis

After I had finished my pizza last night I
watched more t.v and slept at about 11 pm,
forgetting that my shift would start at 3 in
the morning the following day. I was tired
and already looking forward to getting out of
here. I mean I loved my job as a doctor but
right now I was beat. My shift would end at
3 in the afternoon, and after glancing at my
watch I realised I had 50 minutes more to
"Thank God" I quietly said to myself as I
entered one of the patient's room for her
daily routine. Entering I smiled softly and
sang out her name; "Oh Mrs Osborn"
She looked from the t.v to me and returned
the smile. It surprised me that an 84 year
old still watched WWE SmackDown and still
found it interesting.
"If it isn't my amazing healer. How are you
doing this morning?" I laughed and helped
her sit up straight
"Well the 'amazing healer' part was
unnecessary" I chuckled as she rolled her
eyes, "don't butter me up Mrs Osborn, I'll
still have to inject you" I watched her as she
"It was worth a try" she mumbled.
"And I should be asking the 'how are you?'
question. I'm pretty sure you miss your
family right now"
"It's better if they don't see me like this.
They are used to seeing me all energetic and
all. I'm just happy I'm left with a week here"
she finished off with a sigh
"'re left with two weeks Mrs
Osborn. But rest assured, I'll keep you
company" I told her and prepared her
"I'm sure. Although Marcus could do a better
job" she said and looked out the window
with a sad expression on her face. Marcus
was her husband of 60 years who passed
away on their 60th anniversary two years
ago. The stories she told me about them
made me realise that true love did indeed
exist out there
"All I want to do is to join him" she started
I looked at her in confusion, "I'm sure you
don't mean that"
"Oh I do Dr Brown. There's nothing else to
live for anymore, when you lose that kind of
love, you feel all empty inside." she looked
at me from the window; "just promise me
Dr Brown that when you find that special
someone, you won't let go of her"
I looked down at the set of medication I had
set for her. She grabbed my hand and I was
forced to look at her
"You have haven't you?" she asked even
though she sort of knew the answer to her
question. I didn't answer her, I proceeded
and injected her arm. She winced a little
before asking, "What's her name?
I took out her set of pills, "Ara" I said as I
gave her the pills.
"Beautiful name. D'you know what it
means?" she asked before taking the pills
and gulping them down with water
"I have no idea" I answered as we both
chuckled at my answered. "But I'm sure it
means something beautiful, just like her"
"Don't lose her Dr Brown" she said and
focused her attention back on the t.v
My phone beeped and I knew that it was five
minutes before my shift ended. I grabbed
everything I came in with and prepared to
leave, I looked at Mrs Osborn again and
thought about what she just said. "Yeah" I
said as I responded to her previous
statement, feeling like I had already lost her
I entered an upscale restaurant, Le Republik
with Lavender in toe. We both were beat
from job-hunting the whole day. All the
places we went to had no vacancies.
"I'm so tired Ra. Look at my feet, they're
breathing in and out" Lavender whined and
sat down once we were inside the
restaurant. I asked for the manager and the
cashier agreed and went to call it.
"Hang in there Lavender. We're almost
done. Trust me if I don't get this one, we're
done for the day" I told her as the manger
approached us. I put on the best smile I
could for her
"Good afternoon ladies, my name is Angela
Goodman. How may I help you?" she gave us
a warm smile
"Actually I'd like to know if you still give jobs
away..." I drifted off not knowing what to say
next. Her eyes shone bright like she had
found the secret to end poverty in the world
"You're in luck Miss---"
"Powa, my name is Ara"
"Well you're in luck, one of my employees
quit today for no apparent reason. Oh my
you're heaven sent Ara, I've been wrecking
my brain trying to find a replacement for
her. We can't be short of employees,
especially at this time of the year"
"Thank you ma'am. When can I start?" I
asked with excitement building all over me.
"How about tomorrow? At 8. We'll discuss
the salary and hours tomorrow when you
start, how about that?" she asked still holding
that smile
"Sounds great" I said shaking her hand, "I
can't wait to start working here"
"Can't wait to have you here" she said and
we said our goodbyes to each other
"You see? Everything works out for the best"
Lavender said emerging from her seat
I smiled and looked at her, "yeah it does.
Now let's get out of here, I'm so beat" I
told her as we made our way out of the
restaurant. As we went out the door, I
accidentally bumped into someone
"Oh sorry" the guy replied and we looked at
each other; I then realised who it was.
"Chris..." I said barely above a whisper
"Ara" he said looking down at me with his
chocolate brown eyes that I drew me in. The
way we were close to one another made the
situation more intense
"Chris..." I repeated, never taking my eyes
off him, "I didn't think I'd ever see you
"Me neither. Where are you going?" he
asked absentmindedly using the same tone
as I did
"Home...and you?"
"To eat here, this is my favorite place to eat
"Uhm excuse me but Ara we have to go.
We're tired remember?" Lavender
interrupted us and I looked her, taking note
of her hair all over the place and her sort of
tired, bloodshot eyes. I then looked back at
"She's right, I have to go" I said somewhat
disappointed that our encounter was short
"Before you go" he fumbled in his pocket
and took out his phone and held it in his
shaky hands, "I was wondering if I could get
your number, maybe we could do something
together sometime."
I looked down at it and smiled as I took his
phone, "sure" I responded as I typed in all
my digits in his phone and saved it.
"Here you go" I said as I gave it back to him
"Thanks, I promise to call" he said in a shaky
voice and said goodbye to both of us before
walking inside the place we just left.
"Wow" I said as l looked at the hand that
held his phone
"That's the doctor? That's enough reason for
me to stay out in the cold" I looked at
Lavender and rolled my eyes and laughed a
"You're crazy. Now let's get out of here
before I get tempted to go back there to
him" I told her and she agreed. We called
out for a taxi and got inside once we found
one. I looked back at the building that I
knew he was in, praying that he indeed will

I'm loving it so far :D and Ara girl if only you knew. I have mad respect for her friend, that's a true friend. Chris should just tell her how long she has, but then again just cause Nurse Gold said she only has 6 months doesn't mean anything.
Run it sis

im sure they will meet again...!

run it!

I arrived late after working the night shift at
the hospital to my apartment. More than
anything I was tired. Walking to my big living
room I threw my case on the couch and
grabbed the remote and turned on the tv;
settling for my favourite show, World's
Dumbest. As I was about to sprawl myself on
the couch my stomach grumbled indicating
my hunger and I remembered that I didn't
eat anything good all day, and since I wasn't
too big on cooking, I ordered some pizza, my
almost daily dinner. I really need to find a
companion to cook for me; I chuckled at that
thought. I started to think about Ara, just the
thought of her made me smile. I frowned as
I thought about her limited time her on
earth. She was so beautiful and had so much
to offer the world and on top of it all I was
feeling her in so many ways. But it was so
wrong in so many ways; I was way older than
her and even if we'd pursue something, I'll
end up getting hurt because in a few months
she'll be gone, taken away from me...
"Ara..." I quietly said her name and smiled
"Ara!!!!" My best friend Lavender screamed
and came up and hugged me as I we met at
the Red Square Breakfast Café
"Lav, how are you doing gurl?" I asked with
half her enthusiasm, partly because of the
medication I took and mostly because of
Chris. The waitress came to take our orders.
"How do you know me Ra? Your gurl always
in a good mood, especially after getting
some play play from Carter last night" she
said and I laughed
"Before or after you texted me?" I asked
now a bit disgusted
She looked away; "I think it was during"
"Lavender Johnson!" I gasped in shock
"Yeah well I tend to gather my thoughts well
when I'm in the moment, ya know?"
I squinted my eyes at her, "you're insane"
"Whatever. Anyway what's been up? What did
the doctors say this time?"
I sighed and looked down at the menu in my
hands; "Same old, same old..." I drifted off
looking at some muffins on the menu that
seemed appetizing
"Ra? Tell me what's up gurl? I've known you
for so many years now so spill it out gurl"
she said as she drank the ice tea
she bought before coming here
"Well I met someone" I said and looked at
her, she looked shocked
"As in another patient?"
"Gosh no Lav, the doctor who was treating
"Whoa, I mean I didn't know you went for
older men now" I glared at her
"No, he's 26 and gorgeous too" I said
"Wow look at you, all happy and s***" she
laughed and noticed me frowning.
"Ohkay...what's wrong with him?"
"I think he lost interest in me" I sighed, "I
sound mad dumb right now, as if we were
actually dating. We've known each other for
2 days for crying out loud!" Lavender
"Well I can see you like him Ra; so why not?
Just call him and arrange a date" I looked
down and she looked at me
"Tell me you asked for his number" when I
looked at her she knew I didn't.
"Ara---" I cut her off
"Do you really expect me to ask for his
number? Really Lavender?"
"Whatever. You just lost a good man Ra"
I sighed and looked away, "yeah"

•Chapter Two•
When I arrived home my mom immediately
dished up what she had cooked for me, it
was my favourite, lasagna. After that I said
goodnight to her and went and took a shower
and went to bed. As I was to sleep my phone
beeped indicating I had a text message
•Received: 9:48 pm•
|Sender: Lavender|
[Hey gurl! I heard about your hospitalization,
I was working double shifts so that's why I
couldn't come.]
I smiled at my best friend's text. She was
the only person who tolerated me and my
illness, she understood. She was 19 also, and
we met in high school through a fight.
Everyone else became my friends and then
would abandon me as soon I became sick. I
typed my response to her
•Sent: 9:50 pm•
[No problem hey. Just don't forget to go with
me downtown so we can find a job for me.
Plus I want to tell you something]
She quickly texted back
•Received: 9:52 pm•
|Sender: Lavender|
[Oh I will! Hmm can't wait for what you're
gonna tell me. I hope it ain't about that
Justin dude]
I rolled my eyes at the sight of Justin's
name. He broke up with me last year when I
wouldn't want to sleep with him. He got
angry and told his friends that I had herpes
and cheated on him and that's why didn't
want to sleep with me. Apparently him and
his friends have this rule that if either of
them didn't sleep with their by the 6th
month, they're considered a pussy. And I'd
been with him for 6 and a half.
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I put my phone next to me and I laid down
and closed my eyes, drifting off to sleep
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run it

Aw I hope they get together one day
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I sat quietly on the bed as I watched
t.v, waiting for my mom to come and
pick me up so we could go home. I was
so hungry I could eat a whole buffet at
this moment, I've been avoiding eating
the hospital food, it tasted pretty much
awful. I just wanted to get out of this
hospital! The one thing I could
compliment the hospital on was the
fine speciman that came to check up
on me every hour. I liked seeing Chris'
face and he just made the hospital stay
worthwhile. He would come and crack
me up with his lame jokes or
encounters he had with other patients,
especially female patients. He was
extremely nice and I had learnt that it
was his first year as an official doctor.
The problem was that he was 26
though. He was way older than and out
of my league. Here he was, a black
man who graduated with honours at
the top of his class and was now a
doctor, and a good one at it; and here I
was., 19, and still trying to figure out
what to do with my life. Everytime I try
to do something with my life, it always
gets hindered by this damn illness, so
that meant I stayed with my mom and
was unemployed...
"Are you ready Ara?" I looked towards
the door to see my mom standing by it
smiling at me
"Yes mom. I've been ready for the past
2 hours." I said now standing up and
grabbing my things
"Sorry, the principal called an
impromptu meeting for all the
teachers" she rolled her eyes, "I swear
that man has a zero fun life. I also
cooked up a meal for you..." she
beamed and my eyes sparkled, no
matter what I loved my mom's cooking
"You did? Ahh thank you mom, you
didn't have to" I said as she stared me
with that "yeah right" look and I
giggled at her actions.
"Uh huh. Well the food will get cold let's
The door opened and in entered the
man I was starting to really like.
"Good morning Mrs Powa" my mom
gave him a friendly nod and he turned
and looked at me, "Ara"
"Hey" I said shyly as my mom grabbed
my things and headed towards the
"You're not going to tell us anything
else right Doctor?" my asked, clearly in
a rush
"No ma'am. Everything I said to you on
the hallway was everything you needed
to know" he answered smiling at her,
my insides melting at that smile
"Good! Thank you so much for
everything doctor. Ara, let's go sweety"
my mom said
"Okay mom I'll be there shortly" I
answered her and she nodded and left
Chris and I alone in the room
"Really thanks Chris for everything." I
started and he looked at me with
passion in his eyes
"It was no problem at all. I was just
doing my job" he replied in a low voice
"So..." I shrugged and waited for him to
complete my sentence
"So...I guess I'll see you around" he
completed it and my heart slowly
shuttered. Deep down I knew he would
say that, it's just that I didn't want him.
I wanted him to ask for my number and
tell me he'll call and we'll chat later, but
that was all fantasy
"Yeah...bye Chris"
"Goodbye Ara" he replied warmly as I
walked away from him heading towards
the door. I looked at him and smiled a
little as I opened the door and went out
of the hospital. Once I was out I sighed
"Who was I kidding really? He's 26 and
you're 19 Ara" I quietly said to myself
as I walked away

Aww noooooo smh shes gonna beat this disease
Run it!!!

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I woke up to an all white room that I had
become all too familiar with, I was at the
hospital. My breathing was back to normal
again but my body was sore. I looked to my
left and saw my mom sleeping on one of the
room's chairs, using her jacket as a blanket
for herself.
"Ma" I tried calling her, my voice sounding a
bit hoarse. She wasn't responding so I tried
"Ma!" And that's when she startled and woke
up looking at my direction. She wore a smile
that made everything okay.
" baby" she said now standing up
and coming my way to hug me
"Good morning mom"
"Morning baby, how are you feeling?" She
asked brushing her hand along my forehead
"Okay, better than the last time." I frowned
thinking about my last encounter with this
disease, my mom's heart was aching too, I
could see it in her eyes.
"It's all my fault Ara, I should've been a
better mom when I was---"
"Mom, it's not your fault. What's done is
done ma, please don't blame yourself"
"How could I not?" She argued now sitting to
the chair that was adjacent to my bed;
"You're permanently sick and it's all my
fault" she said looking down. I was about to
respond to her argument when the door
opened to reveal a man in a white coat. He
was gorgeous; he was black and stood at 6'4
inches; he also had caramel skin, which
complimented the coat perfectly, he had
beautiful brown orbs which glowed when he
smiled at us, I also took notice of his teeth,
beautiful white teeth.
"Good morning Mrs Powa and your daughter,
my name's Dr Brown. I'm glad to see your
daughter all well today. I was a bit skeptical
last night when they brought her here." He
finished his sentence now looking at me
smiling, I looked away before I turned red
infront of him and my mom
"Well, Ara is a fighter Dr Brown" my mom
said proudly as he nodded in agreement and
looked at me again
"She is isn't she?" He looked at his clipboard
which contained all information about me
"Well we can discharge her tomorrow
morning, we have to keep her here tonight
to make sure she is perfectly fit"
"Thanks Doctor." She then turned to me,
"Ara baby I have to rush off to work, before
those kids in the class kill themselves" Dr
Brown chuckled and I smiled at her
"It's okay mom. As long as you'll come back
after school" I said to her
"Of course I will Ara" she said standing up
preparing to leave
"Please keep an eye on her doctor"
"Yes ma'am" and then my mom left
"You look worried" I turned to look at him
"I just don't like hospitals doctor" I said
"Well don't worry, I'll make sure you like
this one" he said smiling showing off his
beautiful ruler straight pearly whites; "and
you can call me Chris" he said coming closer
to me. I felt some sort of tension or pull
between us that I couldn't understand at the
I gave him a smile and managed to breath
out an okay to him
"I'll be back shortly to check up on you" he
said pulling away from me. He looked back
one more time and then left. "Gosh he's so
sexy" I quietly said to myself
I walked down the hallway as I left Ara's
room. I smiled just thinking about her name,
it was so beautiful, just like her. I only met
her last night when she came here and I was
already feeling something between us, that
can't be good.
"Dr Brown" my thoughts were cut off by
Toni, this nurse who had this huge crush on
"Yes Nurse Gold?" I answered her trying to
power walk avoiding her
"I have some news about your patient, Miss
Powa" she said making me slow down and
turning to look at her
"Ara?" She furrowed her eyebrows in
confusion as to how I knew her name, usually
we call our patients using their last names
"Yes doctor. Her respiratory disease has
become fatal, much more fatal and she's not
given much time to live. In about 6 months
or so her disease will have spread
throughout her body and..." She shook her
head and discontinued, she didn't have to
cause I didn't want to hear her continuation
"Are you sure about this?" I asked swallowing
a lump in my throat
"Nurse Gold, we need you on the ER unit"
one of the other nurses came and told her
"I'll keep you informed Dr Brown"
"Yeah..." That's all I could say at this point. I
looked at her room and on the floor and

run it

run it

run it

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