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~ I Married a Loser~

For me to only get a sense of peace when going to my therapy sessions highlights how I seriously I need a major change in my life. The sessions were supposed to be for my husband and me but after he refused to go to any of them with me they turned into a place for me to go and vent out all of my frustrations to someone who wouldn’t judge me.

“Rissa I wanted to bring to your attention that it might be better for you to do some group sessions” My therapist said to me five minutes after me sitting down for our session.

“I don’t like that idea, I don’t need other people knowing my business and judging me” I said starting to feel uncomfortable.

“I assure you no one will judge you, there are a lot of women are going through the same things you’re going through and I think it would be much better for your progress if you attended them.

I sighed knowing that she probably wasn't going to drop the idea but the thought of having the embarrassing details of my life exposed to strangers left me standing firm on not doing group sessions.

“I’ll tell you what if you agree to come to one group session and you still feel the same I’ll never suggest them again plus I’ll make your next session free of charge” She said trying her luck at striking a deal with me.

I reluctantly agreed and she gave me the details about where and when it would take place. After I got all of the details our sessions began and she started by bringing up a sore subject.

“Last session you told me about your son Adrian’s arrest and how that affected you, so today I wanted to get into how close of a relationship you and he have” She said while pulling her note pad out to take notes.

I bit my lip and took a deep breath while trying to get all of my thoughts together “Well Adrian is my first born and even though he’s sixteen he is still my baby, since I had him when I was really young he was all I had so me and him were really close”


I didn't forget about this story I've just been kind of busy I'll update as soon as I can.

I want more!!!
Awe, that;s sweet the relationship she has with her son! What he get aressted for? Ohhh, pritail...

She funny, she all like Noooooo *Kevin Hart voice* I don't wanna go! If you don't man up, you mind find that you enjoy it! Sitting over there complaining, you might make some friends, you ain't got nothing else to do, and Michael don't wanna come!

Please add sooon?....Please don't end it?

Thanks for the comments and the runs!

Ooops, I forgot to say Run it 2x!!!

Round of applause! I like this. Its very different, I see where your going with this ♥
Keep it coming. (:

What did he do?! Oh God, niggas think I got money to bail they asses out, when I don't. I should leave him in there, he'll be good. Jk, but he isn't allowed any other place except for school and home until he graduates high school.

Will add more probably later tonight so that ya'll can have a better understanding of the story

will be posting the story tonight sorry for the wait

Hey Nani!! I'm not really sure when I'm going to post it I might do it later today.

Name: <a href="">Rissa Stevenson</a>
Man: <a href="">Michael Stevenson</a>
Describe yourself/character: I'm funny, blunt, goofy, wild, immature, R.O.D, loud, and independent.
Do you want kids?: Yes, a boy named <a href="">Kaden</a> (4) and another son named <a href="">Adrian</a> (16)
Do you believe you can change someone?: Yes, but then again no. You can always change a person's ways, but never the actual person.

Name: Laila or Summer
Man: Ian Somerhalder
Describe yourself/character: Is real shy and timid til opened up, real laid back and chill. Tries to be the peace maker doesn't want any trouble, has a long fuse, can be loud bubbly funny, loves jokes!
Do you want kids?: Yes, Please
if so how many and what are their names?: a (4) year old baby boy Christian, a (2) year old baby girl Nyla, and a (1) year old baby boy Joshua
Do you believe you can change someone?: I think it depends, you can't make them change

D !!!!

you bck
i missed you !!!
i wld sign up
buuuuuut yeah nah
i will TRY to read it
whn you starting ??

Name: Kay Graham

Man: Drake

Describe yourself/character: Honest, Humble & Funny.

Do you want kids?: Yes, Two.

if so how many and what are their names?: Levi Graham & Mayleen Graham.

Do you believe you can change someone?: Honestly, yes and no. But I have before.

Chris brown
Really out going loud at times i talk alot when i get nervous friendly
Yes 8 months prego with a boy
It depends who and what is changing

Name: latesha

Man: trey songz

Myself/character: im shy until i get to no u,silly,loveing, careing,not mean bt if u try me i will go off,cant stay mad at no one for lng jus wnt trust u no mo, live life wit no regrets or worries it is wat it is

Do u wnt kids: no kids aint ready

Can u change sumone: i fill if im tryn to make someone a betta person or see things in a betta way its there choose to change bt ima try my best to help them move forward to sumn betta

Name: Ayanna Benjamin
Man: <a href=" ">Donnel Benjamin</a>
Describe myself/character: Loving of everyone, Silly, loves to have a good time, can have a pretty bad temper at times, you cant help but to still love me even after I cuss you, I enjoy the little things in life.
Yes I want kids. Twin girls: Veronica and Valerie Benjamin
Change can only occur if a person is willing to accept it