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"This some ole bullsht!" Mike said as he walked into the lecture hall with a security guard on his heels. "Fck this school!" he chose a seat closest to the door and sat down. "AYE MY NIGGA," Chris threw his hands up in the air, "Welcome to the party bluh!" "Aw sht!" Mike grinned as he looked across the room to see his friend, "Whassup bluh!" "QUIET!" the female teacher, Mrs. Gabrielle Union, yelled as she stared at the two male students. "Either you do that or I add another page to the essay on what you'll do to become a better person and student at Wembley Academy." "Ugh," Chris rolled his eyes. "I'm all out of paper, Mrs. Union!" "Sht, me too," Trey sighed. "Well, I don't supply paper. You should have your own," Mrs. Union smirked. "Ask one of your schoolmates." "I have some paper that you can use," Ana spoke up. She sat a couple of seats down from Trey. "Here," she handed him a couple of sheets of loose leaf paper. "Thanks lil mama," Trey winked at her and took the paper. "Aye Ana, lemme get some guh," Chris grinned. "Ew," Ana snickered, "don't nobody wanna see yo yuck mouth! And you all the way up there, so sorry boo! You can't get none! I'm not walking all the way up there and I know your lazy ass not coming down here." "Damn Ana. It's like that? Don't be asking me for no lunch money," Chris slouched in his seat and folded her arms over her chest. "She don't need your lunch money no more," Trey smiled. Ana stuck her tongue out at Chris, "Nah!" "Here," Nani sighed as she handed Chris a few sheets of paper. "Thanks," Chris snatched it. "AH! Nuh uh," Nani snatched her paper back. "Don't be snatching from me, Chris! Boy i'll slap the stupid out of you!" "Someone please do," Mrs. Union mumbled. "I heard that Mrs. Union!" Chris pointed down at her.

Dany walked into the lecture hall followed by Sofia and Bree plus a security guard behind them. "So this where the party be!" Sofia smiled. "Heyyy," Bree danced and Sofia joined. "Whassup boo," Bree nodded at Nani. "Hey babyyy!" Chris cheesed. Bree rolled her eyes and passed by him to sit next to Nani. "C'mon Bree, quit ignoring me!" Chris smacked his lips. "Nigga I don't want you, okay?!" Bree glared at him. "So keep it pushing bruh!" "My nigga," Sofia snickered, "meet my friend Dany. She a sophomore, but she real cool. We missed gym Nsht fcking around in the lunch room." "Sup," Chris nodded at Dany. "Hey," she smiled shyly and sat down next to Sofia, "Chris, right?" "You know it, shawty," Chris smiled at her. "What we doing," Bree whispered. Nani sighed and explained to Bree the assignment, "You need some paper, girl?" "Yeah, you know I don't never carry my own supplies. I got my hoes for that," Bree giggled. "Is there something funny," Mrs. Union looked up at Bree and Nani. "No," the two girls both said. "Yo, who the fck is that though," Bree stared across the room. "That's Mike," Nani whispered. "He's in my last block. Just transferred from Compton LA, California." "Ooh, a nigga who bout my life! I need me some him!" Bree licked her lips and stood up to go over to him. "Sit down," Mrs. Union sighed, "We are not here to socialize." Bree sat down and sighed. She took the paper Nani sat on her desk and took an extra pen from Chris. "How you got pens but no paper nigga," Bree questioned. "Cause..." Chris chuckled. "My girl got me." he stared at Dany. "And who yo girl be," Sofia questioned while chewing on some gum. "She know who she be," Chris grinned, staring at Dany. Dany blushed and took out some paper, handing some to Sofia. "What's the assignment?" Dany asked Chris. "If you give me some paper, I'll tell you," he winked at Dany.

"Mrs," Mike raised his hand. "What are we supposed to do after writing the page and a half on why and how we will be a better student?" "And he intelligent!" Bree grinned. "Oooh, Nani, I know what we doing when we get out of here. I need you to reel me in." "Btch please. J coming to walk me to gym. You're on your own." "Btch...fck you then. He sitting over there all lonely. And this btch got a damn attitude. I swear i can't stand Mrs. Union. They stay putting her in charge of detention lately. It's why I been dodging this sht and making it to class on time. Can't stand this hoe!" "You sit there quietly," Mrs. Union answered Mike, "and wait until the bell rings for your next block. I will be going around to check ID's and finding out what and when your next block starts so you can't just leave. I think I'll do that now," she stood up. "Aw dammit Mike," Nani smacked her lips, "THIS NIGGA!" Chris threw his hands in the air. "Good looking, Mike!" Sofia smirked. Bree glared at Mike and then smiled when he glanced at her. She waved and Nani elbowed her as she sat there finished with her paper. Chris glanced at Dany when she wasn't looking and drew on the paper instead of writing. Sofia shook her head as she watched Chris waste more paper, and then quickly wrote her essay. Dany was in her thoughts and then started to write. Ana lay her head on the desk half finished with the assignment. Trey had written an extra page, but was finished and secretly text messaging on his phone. This was all the usual to be in detention for these kids. "Yo where Lexi at?" Bree shouted. "I just forgot her ass usually be in here!" "You all can add another page onto the assignment," Mrs. Union says as she walks around checking students ID's, "thanks to...Breana," she stared down at Bree while checking her Id and writing down her name on the roster.

"GAHHH DAMN!" Nani slammed her hands on the desk and glared at Bree. "I just finished writing my damn paper btch and here you come and fck it up!" "Well excuse the HELLL outta me!" Bree laughed, "Better be lucky I'm here! I'm giving yo ass sumn to do and look at, fck you mean!" "Btch please!" Ana rolled her eyes and picked up her pen. "Keep talking, I'll add another page," Mrs. Union walked back down to the front. "Now get to writing! And Chris and Sofia stop drawing on every thing! Sofia, I know you drew on a few desks last week! I better not catch you drawing on any today!" "SNEAKKK!" Bree yelled causing Sofia to laugh. "AYEEE!" Sofia grinned and dapped Chris up. "That's another page," Mrs. Union said sternly. "Now start writing. Trey, I know you've written nearly 3 pages. You're good. Ana, you've barely written anything. You better start on it before I talk to the Cheerleading Coach." "Ugh, I'm trying!" Ana sighed. "I can't think of nothing!" "Well, try harder. For those of you who just walked in here, that's about three pages and a half now for the assignment. Get to it. We still have 45 minutes in here." Everybody groaned and moaned. "Ain't nobody fckng with mah clique tho!" Lexi walked in. "Hey y'all!" she smiled. "SHUT UP!" Everybody yelled. "No talking, Lexi," Mrs. Union eyed Lexi as she walked over to Mike and sat down. "Okay, but right quick, Mrs. Union. Can we do homework?" "If your done with the assignement," Mrs. Union says. "Aw sht, how many pages we got," Lexi snickered. "3 in a half," Nani stared at Bree. "Thanks to this btch!" "Y'all welcome," Bree smiled. "Thanks bae," Mike nodded at her. "Oh fa sho," Bree played with her hair. "Shut up, Bree before she add on another page!" Trey yelled. "Nigga shut the fck up! Yo ass already done about ten goddamn pages!" Bree spat. "Aye chill out y'all," Sofia sighed. "Another peep out of anyone and that'll be another page," Mrs. Union declared. "Is that clear?" "Crystal clear," everyone said.

"Can I borrow some more paper," Chris asked Dany. "And when you recieve that paper, come sit up front with me so I can baby sit you," Mrs. Union tells Chris as she patted her desk. "BTCH," Trey coughed. "Me and you nigga," Chris said as he got up and took the paper from Dany, "at lunch! Thanks baby," he said to Dany and headed down to the front desk to sit down in a chair next to Mrs. Union, "you know you inspire me," he says. "Boy shut up and write the damn pages," Mrs. Union stared at her laptop. "Ooooh," Mike snickered. "Me and you at gym nigga!" Chris pointed at Mike. "I done heard quite a few peeps tho," Bree sighed, "guess I found my number one hater today." "AND another page!" Mrs. Union says, "You know, make that two pages! You all can now thank Breana and Christopher, as well." "DAMN," Sofia sighed, "I just finished the three in a half pages! TF!" she threw her pen at Chris. "AYE GUH!" Chris glared at her. "Thanks," Nani said to Sofia. "Volleyball team reppin, ayeee" Sofia mumbled. "You better had not thrown that sht at me," Bree smiled at Sofia. "I would never pimp," Sofia gasped holding her hand over her chest. " many pages is that," Dany asked coming out of her thoughts, "Five in a half?" "Yes," Mrs. Union agreed. "WHASSUUUUP!" Shad walked into the room, "A nigga missed the bus! Guess where I'm chillin'!" "In the hallway. This room is full," Sofia said. "DENIAL...Denial...denial," Mike echoed. "Good one Mike," Nani laughed. "Sup baby," Shad winked at Sofia. "Shad," Mrs. Union smiled, "have a seat up front. No talking. You have five in a half pages to write on how and why you will become a better student." "Aw shiiet," he smiled, "Mrs. Union you know I love you, right? Real beautiful this morning." "Thank you, but I'm not cutting the pages down just because you're an A student and the best in my English class." "That's okay," Shad shrugged. "Ugh," Sofia grimaced at Shad. Dany giggled, "What, you like him?" "Oh hell no," Sofia whispered, "I do not like him." "There go yo boo," Nani giggled, "SoSo." Sofia rolled her eyes.

"Mrs. Union, can you play some music?" Lexi asked. "No," Mrs. Union sighed. " hell," Trey blurts out, "dont you know detention is where we suffer?" "No more peeps, you guys," Bree joked causing everyone to giggle. "30 minutes left," Mrs. Union said, "Trey, Ana, Nani, and Mike you all can turn in your work in about ten minutes to head to lunch or class." Bree pouted and stared at Nani. "Thank God," Ana folded her hands and acted as if she was praying. "The rest of you, not another word." Everyone continued to write and listened to Chris hum. "No humming either," Mrs. Union stared at Chris. "I'll be coming back around to give you passes and checking the essays." Everybody rolled their eyes and listened as the bell rung while students filled the halls talking and do other such things. Dany got up to close the door on her side and Mike got up to close the door on his side. "Thank you," Mrs. Union said. "Not welcome," they both mumbled. Ten minutes passed. Trey, Ana, Nani, and Mike all gathered their things to leave detention and head to their next block. "Hey Mrs. Union," Jermaine said poking his head in, "You gon see me soon, bet!" "I hope not," she smiled back. "Hey baby," Nani smiled as she walked over to him and out the door. "What's your next class," Trey asked Ana as they walked out the room. "Statistics," Ana sighed. "Aw ok," he walked her to class and said he'd come get her after class. Mike got up from his seat and walked along the row. He stopped in front of Bree and set a piece of paper her ripped from some loose leaf and set it on her desk, "if I don't see you later. Call me," he smiled and walked out the room. Bree grinned and stared at his number. "20 minutes left," Mrs. Union stated, "If you're finished writing, just do some homework or something." Everyone went back to work or started on homework, listening papers turning over, the clock ticking, and sighing from random students.

<em>Was bored af, as usual, especially this early in the morning. Couldn't sleep, didn't feel like doing anything else so I wrote this. I kinda like this story so I might add again. I don't know, but I'm sure it won't be soon. <strong>Run It</strong></em>


can i slap christina like b**** did
you think s*** would be daisies you fake ass b****
get the f*** out of here before i know your ass out
with a bag of spinach
chris is kind of bummy for putting kae out there like that
but s*** if you a hoe please keep your mouth shut
no sympathy for tears
i still dont f*** with leg so he better not try anything
top 20 hmmm
boys are so childish lol


Christina, yous a fake ass ho!
Go somewhere with alla that.
Im glad Soso can see real from fake.
Kae boo boo, you are now dismissed.
I kinda felt bad tho because Chris made her cry.
But she deserved it for being a ho.
Soso and Teyana were happy as s*** when they found
out they were in top 20.
See, even chris said the girls and that list were girls that
were cute beautiful or the ones theyd f***.
Im on that list and thats what Legacy wants.
He is a jerk for real.
Ugh, im pissed
I knew that all he wanted.
Niggas are dumb ass hell.

Run it

I caught tht last part about the "jerk"
Leg is a def jerk I'm sure

Anyhow whaaaaaaaat AYYYYYYYYE TOP 20
Lol I can def putt ha on a resumé lol
But um Christina thought s*** was all gravy
Nah B*TCH SWERVE go kiss Kae asx
While she trying to kiss Chris'
Then her asx tried to get with Bluey smdh dumb broad

I see fights in the future
A whole bunch


*before I read the new add*

Lmao Chris uuuuh with Kae running behind your asx
And !eg all on D
Looks like you it getting no anything from Dany lol

Look at Bree all over Ty lmao
Like a lil puppy but anyhow
China and Lauren better watch that s***
Who tf they think they are dont nobody want them

Ummmmmm I think that's all. Ave to say
Oan every time I read this I rap Clique in my head

*goes back to read*

Sofia finished her test and got up to take it to the teacher. “Hey Sofie,” Christina whispered sitting next to Sofia, “lemme see your test right quick.” “Maybe if you wouldn’t have tried to come at Dany, then I’d passed it to you,” Sofia rolled her eyes and took her test up to the teacher and went back to her seat. “Why you actin’ like this? I thought we were cool?” Christina stared at Sofia. “Oh you thought I was jokin earlier?” Sofia tilted her head, “Honey, you about as fake as a bumble bee in a wasps nest. You used to talk hella s*** about Kae because she was a lame and a newbie, but now all of a sudden she goes with Chris, the head basketball player, and y’all best friends? TF I look like not seeing what kinda games you playin?” “It’s not even like that,” Christina chuckled, “you know we’re girls! Since the 6th grade, Sofia. C’mon now. Don’t even.” “Yeah and since then I realized how fake you are. I only was cool because you had my back some times.” “And when have I not had your back? I’ve never done you wrong so why you doing me like this for that b**** you don’t even know. Y’all only had a few classes together since the start of this year. What the f***?” “Christina, I know you tried to push up on Bluey during gym today knowing that I like him, and I know you been talking mad s*** about me behind my back as if I ain’t gonna hear it from Robyn.” “You don’t even like Robyn! C’mon, she doesn’t even like you!” “Yet she’s the one who text messaged me telling me about it! Katy and Nicki confirmed that s*** too so BOOP b****, you’re busted! Don’t lie now that I caught yo ass!” “SoSo, you know Nicki is the last person you should be listening to! She’s the fakest b**** in this whole school right along with Robyn and Katy in the top 3! You’re gonna believe her over me? Really?” “Christina don’t act like Bluey ain’t tell me either, okay?” “Bluey doesn’t even want you and you know that so why you stay going after him?” “Look, turn the f*** around and get out my face, Christina. I’m done.” “Fine,” Christina sighed and turned around. “Tssst,” Kae shook her head. “I know right,” Christina said. “Christina, you wouldn’t know right if there was a sign in front of you telling you to go right!” Chris said, “So shut the f*** with yo grimy ass!” “Chris, please, stay the f*** where you at,” Christina sighed. “N’all, you think you slick tryna get at Bluey when SoSo not in gym, but you ain’t that smart sweetheart.” “Chris thanks, but I ended the conversation when I dismissed her ass.” Sofia looked out the window. Christina folded her arms over her chest, shaking her head.

Chris sighed, “Kae stop droolin over me, damn. Say hi to my dck for me in your sweet ass wet dreams baby because I know you miss it.” Kae rolled her eyes and sat forward sighing hard. “Should’ve thought about that s*** before you got drunk and f***ed Drake,” Chris blurted out. “OH MY GODDD,” Kae groaned, “I DID NOT, CHRIS!” she got up and headed to the teacher’s desk. “Can I go to the bathroom?” “What’s wrong Karrueche,” the teacher asked looking up at a teary eyed Kae. “I just need to go to the bathroom, please.” “Okay, you can go,” the teacher agreed. “Can I go with her,” Christina asked getting up. “Don’t mess around in the bathroom or stop at your lockers,” the teachers sighed and gave them two passes. The girls hurried out of the classroom. “Man,” Chris smacked his lips. “f*** them hoes,” Teyana said while laying her head on her desk. “They just tryna get you trapped, Chris.” “I know man, but-” “Don’t you dare say it!” Teyana sat up straight, “Kae is just a homie, bro. You smashed that and she passed that. Don’t feel sorry because she messed up. I know you like her, but she’s not worth the trouble.” “Is everybody finished with their tests,” the teacher asked. “No,” a student said, “there are still some tests on people’s desks.” “Well those of you who are done can head to lunch. I know the bell rings in ten minutes, but you all can leave now if you want.” Sofia, Chris, and Teyana all gather their things and leave together. “Y’all going to your lockers,” Chris asked. “Nah, I’m good,” Teyana said. “Me too,” Sofia smiled, “I got my sketchbook with me so I’m straight.” “Aye SoSo you saw the list the senior boys made?!” Teyana asked. “Hell yeah I snatched that s*** from Sean this morning and looked at it. Guess who number one?” Sofia smirked. “Who?” “Draya!” “What!” Teyana smacked her lips, “You gotta be f***ng kidding me! She the leader of the hoes!” “That’s why, duh!” Chris tapped Teyana’s temple with his index finger. “So everybody on that list a hoe?” Teyana stared at Chris. “No! But everybody on that list is either cute, pretty or beautiful!” he cheesed. “They had tally marks next to every name and EVERYthing,” Sofia said. “You take a picture of it,” Teyana asked. “No! Nicki snatched it and then drake took it and finally Sean got it back and ran out!” “Damn!” Teyana asked, “What number was I?” “Man I can’t remember! I only got a glimpse of it! But we were in the top 20 though. Me and my clique. Ayee,” Sofia stopped to hit her dougie. Teyana smiled as she walked into the cafeteria. Chris shook his head, “why y’all only care if y’all on the list? Y’all should be mad! We put y’all on the list not only because of looks but because we’d smash if we had a chance!” “f*** that,” Teyana shrugged, “Top 20, nigga holla at me baby!” she laughed. Chris smirked while Sofia smiled. They all headed to the lunch line to get something to eat.

Dany sat in class working on the assignment sheet when KeKe pulled up a desk next to her, “Hey Dany!” “Hey KeKe. Whassup?” she glanced at her friend. “Tryna get these answers!” “I’m almost through, but you can’t just use my paper though. At least try.” “Girl…” KeKe sighed as she opened up her book, “I been trying all day! I’m tired of trying! But I did answer some. It’s just a few answers I can’t find.” “Aw, well okay. You can see my paper after I find this next answer.” “Okay. …Hey, I heard Chris was arguing with his girl about you. What’s that about?” “I was in detention-“ “Whaaat? Dany was in detention? What you do?!” “I got caught up talking to Legacy in the lunch room and doing my homework so they closed the gates to the gym halls.” “Ohhh… Damn girl, you gotta get your head outta his ass!” “KeKe, shut up!” Dany giggled. “But I saw him drop you off, too. So y’all together?” KeKe probed. “No, but we’re going out tonight.” “Oooh, where to?” “I don’t know. Probably to the movies.” “Perfect,” KeKe sung as she glanced up at the ceiling, “Sean is taking me out to the movies! Double date?” “Big Sean?” “Yup,” KeKe grinned. “Okay then!” Dany smiled, “But anyways I guess Chris was gonna ask for my number, but then Kae popped up hollering Ns***!” “Man that b**** is SO insecure! Ever since Robyn treated her ass in front of everybody in the lunch room last year, she’s been getting the sympathy pat from everybody! I applaud Robyn for that, too, s*** cause Kae thought she was too cute to talk to any damn body! Stuck up ass b****!” “And she thinks she popular? No b****! The only reason why you even got a name is because you go with Chris and b****es will be your friend just to get close to him so the can f*** him when you’re not around.” “Why don’t b****es think these days yo?” “I don’t know.” “So you gonna give Chris your number if he ask you, again?” “I don’t know man…he real cool, but he dumb as hell,” Dany snickered. “Man, he is smart though! It’s just his country boy swag that got him acting up!” “What you know bout them country boys, KeKe?” “s***, nothing! What you know bout em?” “Girl…” Dany smiled, “so you wanna go to the mall after school?” “Hell, I think everybody gonna be at the mall after school. But yeah I’ll go with you. I need to hit up Victoria Secrets.” “Me too.” “Spsh, you ain’t giving nothing up to Legacy and he damn sure ain’t gonna pressure you.” “You think he won’t?” “Nah, he’s too good to be like these other niggas. He’s a real gentleman.” “Good lookin,” Dany smiled. “Yeah I gotchu Dany. I’d never let you get with a jerk.” KeKe smiled and they got back to work.

I swear I commented before.

I will be back with a FULL comment!!

lmaooo ana
adding 2ma
run it

sooo much drama lol run it

damn chris control your flunkies they all on your
d*** knowing they might not be the only one naw idk
if i want dany to talk to him until he get his s*** together
cause if he play me g i will bust a cap in his head
SOSO mack mizzle she be on it she got shad bluey ben principle tutieskin
lol the whole damn school.. but she better pick and soon before
she mix up to many emotions
leg idk about him im trying to decide now while it is still early
but as of right now i have a bad feeling about that kid
trying to down play our studying skills
lexi and kirk would be the crazy people lexi wont let him breathe and
he loves it lol
chyna lauren rita
all yall b****es better back the f*** up mad cause we taking over
s*** that yall want... step your s*** up
play with it... matter fact im too cool for this s***
*finds my jump rope* b****es

in love


lmao @dopey

bad vibes from legacy? Nahhh
he just lookin out for da future
wifey lol you gon' see how he really
is real soon.
them hoes swear they got sumn going
for themselves smh especially lauren,
but she gon' learn today lol

awe thanks @cartersmommy

<strong>Run It</strong>

This is good! They funny as hell especially the boys and Bree

Damn, Chris is a hot damn mess with all these groupies he has around campus. Like, control your hoes bruh. Look at Sneak getting her mack on. Why she playing? She know she wants Shad. As for Bluey, that nigga needs to stop being so damn conceided. Acting like he too damn good for Sneak. Aw, look at Ben. We know damn well he's feeling Sneak. Damn, everyone tryna get a the younging huh. What can I say, I do like older guys. Legacy gives me bad vibes. Like nigga if you liked me like you say you do you wouldnt mind missinv basketball. Who tf he think he is tho telling me who I should and should not kick it with. You aint my daddy! I'll do what I want. Oh, so thats why he wanna be with me! Because i'm somewhere in the top ten of prettiest girls. I see you playboy, you aint getting none of this. Lexi and Bree are wild. Robyn would know everything thats going on around campus. She look like that b**** that would find that type of stuff out. Damn lexi, let that nigga Kirk breathe. All up on him, suprised he aint tired of your ass. Aw Ana and Trey are so adorable. Lauren aint about that life so she need to sit down and shut the f*** up like the dumb b**** she is. Chyna needs to do the same. Obviously Mike dont want your dumb ass.

Run it

had a bit of free time today so i added early. <strong>Run It</strong>

“You all may leave to your next block!” Mrs. Union says after collecting all the papers the students wrote. “I DO NOT want to see you back here later on today or tomorrow. Not for the rest of this week. If I do, you can believe that I won’t make the next time any easier whether you talk or not. Just for you not being a responsible, young adult. So be prepared and be on time. Don’t mess around in the halls, lounge in the lobby or lunch room. Get to class, alright?” “Yes, Mrs. Union!” Everyone agreed with smiles on their faces. The bell rings. “DEUCES!” Chris yelled as he stood up. Dany gathered her things as Sofia stood up stretching. “My back hurt,” Sofia groaned. “Yeah,” Dany chuckled, “maybe we shouldn’t have been talking to Bluey and Legacy while trying to do our homework then we’d made it to gym on time to exercise!” “Trueee!” Sofia smiled. “Yo baybee!” Shad yells walking up the steps to Sofia’s row. “Lemme walk you to class.” “Actually-“ Sofia tried to say but was interrupted. “Nah, Dany good!” Chris said as he stood next to Dany, “I need to ask her about something anyway.” “Um, no you don’t need to ask her s***, Christopher!” Kae stood in the doorway with her hand on her hips, “we need to get to class for this test, remember? So c’mon, let’s go.” “Kae, I broke up with yo ass months ago! f*** away from me!” Chris waved her off. “Boo, y’all are still together,” Christina smacked her lips, “don’t front honey cause you tryna get with some freshie.” “But was I talking to you tho!” Chris stared at Christina, “f*** up out the conversation.” “Correction, I’m a sophomore!” Dany rolled her eyes and left with Sofia across the room towards the other day. “SAME THING b****!” Christina yelled. “And it's the same thing to get that ass beat with these slick ass remarks! Come say that to my face, though!” Dany turned around. "Little girl, don't even try me okay!" Christina yelled, "Don't even! Please!" “SHUT THE f*** UP CHRISTINA!” Sofia yelled, pulling Dany along. “SOSO MIND YOUR OWN BOO!” “YOU AS WELL! DISMISSED, TIS ALL HOE!” Sofia rolled her eyes. “If I wasn’t on the soccer team I’d beat her ass,” Dany mumbled.

“Give the nigga some room to breathe, damn Kae!” Shad shook his head and hurried after Sofia, “Aye SoSo, wait up!” “Lord Jesus, help me now,” Sofia mumbled as she slid out of the class with Dany. “Hey, what happened?!” Bluey said coming to a stop in front of Sofia in the hall, “I thought we was gonna race in track?!” “Man, the security guard caught me slipping!” Sofia giggled. “Yeah, they closed the gates on us!” Dany shook her head, “we ran and everything, to and from our lockers!” “Damn, y’all gotta do better than that yo!” Bluey smirked, “Aye, Leg lookin’ for you too, Dany! He was mad you ain’t show up to play soccer today! And you KNOW that nigga don’t miss basketball for nothing!” “s***!” Dany closed her eyes. “SoSo I’ll see you later,” she jets off, ducking and dodging in the crowded hallway. “Let’s go,” Bluey walked off and Sofia followed leaving Shad in the doorway, “So…fia,” Shad said watching as she locked arms with Bluey. “Ugh!” He groaned. Sofia glanced over her shoulder at Shad with his head thrown back. “Man, niggas be flockin, son!” she smiled. “That nigga Shad been tryna get witchu since freshman year. Let up on him iight. You damn sure can’t get with me,” Bluey stated. “Why not!” Sofia stopped. “You know I gotta have sum on the daily SoSo. You know this,” Bluey smiled. “See, this why I be thinkin about Shad sometimes! I know he wouldn’t do me like this!” “SoSo, I got needs! You know this mannn!” “Nigga boo please,” Sofia giggled as they went to her locker. “We all do. BENNN!” Sofia unlocked arms with Bluey to hug Ben, “Ready for that test in Physics?” “Yeah,” Ben sighed. “Geek ass nigga… See you later, Sofia,” Bluey hugged Sofia and walked away. “Wow,” Ben shook his head, “the guys that you like are really disrespectful,” he said pushing up his glasses. “Ben, they’re boys. It’s in their stupid ass nature to act like that.” “I don’t.” “Yeah, because you’re a gentleMAN and not a bad boy.” She grabbed her books and walked to class with Ben.

Dany made it to her locker where Legacy waited at her locker with an angry expression upon his face. “I am SO sorry!” she apologized opening her locker. Legacy smacked his lips and leaned on the locker next to herrs, “don’t ask me to play soccer no more, Dany. You know I-“ “I know! I’m completely sorry! What can I do to make it up to you,” she stared at him. Legacy smiled and watched as Dany switched books for next block. “Go out with me tonight,” he asked. Dany froze and then smiled, “Sure. I’d love to.” “Great. C’mon lemme get you to class. Obviously SoSo isn’t the person you should hang with. She’s cool people, but she’s not a complete good girl like you. She may seem innocent, but she’s bad man. Juniors and Seniors don’t give a f*** about nothin. Their happy just to get a D or C if possible except me,” he grinned. “I know that,” Dany walked off with Legacy hurrying to her class, “but she’s an A student and has been on the honor roll. We both have the same AP classes for math and English so I think she’s pretty cool and we’re both on sports. Nani and Ana, too!” “I guess,” Legacy shrugged. “But do you need lunch money?” “Legacy,” Dany asked stopping in front of her class, “I always wanted to ask you this.” “What,” he stared at her with curiosity.” “I know you’re a junior and you’re really cool. You’re a great guy, but why do you really like me?” “Are you really asking me this, right now?” “I know a bunch of guys made a list of all the prettiest girls in the school. I know I’m somewhere in the top ten.” “Damn, how’d the girls find out about that s***!” “See! Do you only like me because I’m one of the prettiest girls in the school?” “Dany, that list means nothing. I like you because of who you are as a person. You’re a lovely girl and I appreciate how you aren’t like these other females in the school. You hold your own and I love that about you.” “Thanks,” Dany smiled, “and thanks for walking me to class,” she walked in. Legacy bit down on his lip and jetted down the hall. “s***,” he stopped. “Forgot to give her some money,” he sighed and kept going. “NO RUNNING IN THE HALLS!” the security guard yelled.

Lexi and Bree walked out the other side of the room. “Ugh, that b**** is always poppin up on Chris ass,” Bree laughed. “s*** be too funny!” Lexi snickered, “That’s what his ass get tho for tryna pimp these hoes! Some hoes you just can’t f*** N go! They tend to stay attached to yo hip and never wanna come leave!” “Damn, can you at least yank them type of b****es off?!” “You the pimp! I should ask you,” Lexi smiled and then faded, “Man Kirk ass better not be lollygagging talkin to none of these hoes! He better be at my locker with some lunch money. My momma trippin Ns*** wouldn’t even give me five dollas!” “Shid, you should’ve asked Chris for some! You know his ass ballin’! Hell, I should go back and interrupt they little drama show right quick!” Bree started to turn. “Girl,” Lexi pulled Bree, “C’mon. You know we gotta make it to gym and if we don’t get there to be first in line for bikes Nani will yell our ears off during lunch!” “Nani’s counselor wrong af for f***ing up her schedule like that.” “Yup! They gave me art twice! I had to cuss my counselor out!” Lexi smacked her lips as she stopped at her locker, “b**** thought she was being funny! I almost beat her ass!”

“Hey Bree! I been lookin’ for you!” Robyn sighed, standing a foot away with her hand on her hip. “I almost beat that b**** Kae’s ass during gym! Girl, lemme tell you!” “Damn! What happened,” Bree walked off with Robyn. “Girl!” Robyn sighed, “So I was sitting in the benches because you KNOW I wasn’t about to break my nails! I just got these b****es done and so I ain’t get dressed or whatever, you know they put us in the bleachers and make us do homework, right?” “Mm hm,” Bree nodded as she stopped by her locker getting her gym clothes. “And so Kae is walking on the track with Christina and Seiko talkin mad s***! Katy and me are ignoring em. So I get tired and was ready to pounce on that b**** when Christina bumps into Nicki and they get into an argument! So I sat back and watched, but Nicki didn’t even touch Kae or Seiko. I would’ve jumped in but the security guards were on it!” “Damn! I’m always missing the good s***! I heard about Draya and Nicki supposedly being together too, and Draya cheating on her with some b**** named Erica!” Bree shook her head, “But I ain’t missing nothing else today! I will be up on the next fight! Trust and believe!” “Why you so happy?” Robyn smiled, “You finally gave in to going out with Chris?” “HELLL NO!” Bree rolled her eyes, “I went with him one time! That was back in the 6th grade! Lemme tell you! Never again! I swear that nigga jealous than a mahf***a! All a nigga did was let me cheat off his paper on a test! Chris think I’m flirting Ns***! I ain’t dealing with that no more!” Bree laughed along with Robyn. “I feel you. I be jealous too, and two jealous maf***as together is not good. It’s why I broke up with his ass freshman year. Nigga thought he could play me.” “b**** you blind! He was playing yo ass since the 7th grade! Thought you’d never notice!” “Yeah well, we live and we learn.” “But I’m happy cause I got Mike’s number!” Bree did a little happy dance. “Aw shiiet! Gone head playa playa! But I gotta go.” “iight,” Bree grabbed her gym clothes and jetted off.

“Baby, don’t be mad, okay?” Kirk said rushing through the crowd up to Lexi’s locker, “My teacher kept me behind to talk to me about something!” “About what, you talking to them hoes in your class!?” Lexi rolled her eyes and closed her locker holding a book bag full of clothes. Kirk takes it and walks her to the girls’ locker room, “I swear that’s not what it’s about, Lexi. He just wanted to let me know that I was the only one with the highest grade in the class, but I need to be on time more.” “So? You should know that already!” “Yeah, but that means I can’t walk you to class anymore.” “What!” Lexi stopped, “Nigga you better run to class then! Without you’ll I’ll set loose on one of these hoes! s***, with you I will, but you get me! They know better than to f*** with me when I’m with my man!” she keeps on walking, “well go on then. I guess I should want better for you, baby.” “Thanks for understanding,” he reaches in his pocket and gives her ten dollars and a kiss, “See you later,” he runs off. “Bye!” she smiled and put her money away headed down into the girls’ locker room.

Ana and Trey bent the corner right around from the girls’ locker room. “I’ll see you in jump ropes, right?” Trey licked his lips. “Yeah,” Ana nodded. “I’ll see you in basketball?” “Yup,” Trey licked his lips and watched as Ana started to go down into the locker room only to see Lauren and Chyna coming up the stairs, “Yeah excuse you,” Lauren rolled her eyes at Ana pushing pass her. She smiled at Trey who was staring at her with disgust. “Hey boo!” “Lauren, don’t even try that s***!” Trey rolled his eyes and ran down the hall to the boys’ locker room. “f*** is his problem,” Chyna asked. Ana scoffed and headed down into the locker room. “You better stay away from my man hoe!” Lauren yelled. “b**** WHAT!” Ana stopped at the bottom step and turned away, “I COULDN’T HEAR YOU OVER TREY AND I KISSING AT THE MOVIES CAUSE THAT’S WHAT HE’S GONNA BE DOIN WHEN HE’S IGNORING YO THIRS ASS TONIGHT!” “AHHH IN YO FACE HOE,” Bree pushed passed Lauren and hurried down the stairs. “I got that b**** in class, bet” Lauren mumbled. Ana quickly got undressed as she told Nani what just happened. “Don’t even get pressed over that hoe, Ana,” Nani talked as she sat on the bench already dressed, “Trey is done with her after she screwed him over for that 6th year senior Wayne.” Bree laughed as she walked into the locker section, “Nigga bout as dumb as a bag of rocks, too!” she set her things down and put in the number for her lock. “Aye, but I heard Lauren just say that she got you in class Ana!” “That b**** don’t got s***!” Ana groaned as she changed, “f*** her man! Ever since I became head cheerleader after she had Wayne’s baby and got back on the team, she’s been jealous af! Don’t be mad at me cause yo ass got knocked up and f***ed up your chances with Trey! I’m not the one opening my legs for every nigga who throw money my way!” “Fa real tho,” Lexi said walking into the locker section already changed, “these hoes stay trying us y’all. I can’t wait to lay some hands today!” “Shid, you know I can’t stand Chyna ass!” Bree yelled, “Let her try to jump in on Lauren and Ana’s fight! You better believe that I’m a yank that hoe and her crooked ass weave! f*** you mean, ain’t nobody f***in with us!” “Yup,” Nani agreed. “b**** you ain’t sacrificing your precious spot on the volleyball team so what you agreeing for,” Bree smirked. “Yeah, but I’m a be there recording!” Nani joked. “I’m a be there stomping one of them hoes into the flo!” Lexi laughed as she stomped the floor, “Bet money!”

“NANI!!!” J called. Bree snickered as she walked out of the cage and stood by the door, “What J?!” “Bree, I ain’t call for you! I called for Nani!” “This is Nani,” Bree mimicked her friend. “Aw, damn you sound just like Bree baby!” “J, that is Bree!” Nani pushed Bree out the way and jogged up the stairs, “What bae?” “Bree, I’m a get yo ass for foolin me!” J smiled. “Ain’t my fault yo dumb ass believed me!” Bree laughed and walked back to the locker section next to the door. “You want me to ditch class to sit in lunch with you?” he asked, “I honestly don’t feel like going to Statistics. I can just go to tutoring after school and-“ “J, don’t be missing class to be with me.” “Man…” he sighed. “What?” Nani scrunched up her eyebrows. J rubbed the back of his head, “Man its Rita. She’s been annoying as s*** lately. Ever since I made the basketball team Ns***, she flocking a nigga! I be tryna get away from her but she just follow me and the teacher be thinking I’m rude Ns***!” “Don’t worry, I got that b****,” Nani promised. “Nah, Nani.” “Nah J! I’m a handle her, okay? She may be knew and on the volleyball team, but she gon’ learn today!” “iight… I love you,” J grabbed Nani by the waist. “I love you, too,” Nani smiled and kissed J. “Let the WHOLEEE world see why don’t y’all niggas, huh?!” Bree asked as they waited for the couple to finish. Nani pulled out of the kiss covering her mouth, “Sorry.” “Yeah wipe that slob off,” Lexi snickered as she walked pass with Ana. “Gone J! Stop hogging Nani,” Ana yelled. “iight,” he walked off down the hall towards the lunch room. Nani sighed and walked next to Bree towards the North fieldhouse where their class met. They waltzed in behind Lexi and Ana, scoping the other students out. “Damn Chyna staring mad hard at you,” Nani noticed. “And I know why,” Ana nodded. Bree, Nani, and Lexi all looked at Mike who was in their class now, staring at Bree. “Damn I thought he was joking when he said he was transferring out of Spanish class,” Nani chuckled. Their teacher blew his whistle, “MY CLASS GET IN OUR AREA, NOW!” A bunch of other whistles went off along with gym teachers yelling for their class to get in order. Bree, Ana, Nani, and Lexi joined their class and listened to what their teacher had to say before gym started.

aw thanks y'all :)
i'll try to write sumn
up to add on Friday or

yes b****es there is a new sugar daddy in town
and his name is tremaine.. f*** chris and his
petty ass lunch money he tried to bribe with me

aww we bad as f*** man we all landed in the slammer
acting up and s***,, chris would be the worse

well him and bree old trouble making selves
we just are going to pretend like soso dont like
shad.. *whistles in the air* (im telling bluey)
mike old lowkey smart ass
chris checking dany out you better leave her alone
she is a good girl well from what i know
trey smart ass... f*** out of her buddy lol
lexiiiii awww i miss that bisshhh she would
come in that b**** and make me miss her so much more

yea turn this into something i am


Lol.. This was funny SoSo.

Damn, we like the motherf***ing breakfast club.
Why Mrs. Union a b**** tho? She just mad because
she aint us! b**** needs some f***ing d***, maybe she
wont be so angry. Oh, so Mike is a smart nigga, huh?
Okay, I see him. Look at Bree tryna holla. Chris is one
dumbass nigga. How you gon carry a damn pen and no
paper? Same goes for Trey, but atleast Trey is smart, that
nigga got his work done on time and s***, he even did extra.
Look at me all innocent and s***. Tryna get my mack on with Chris.
Nani and Sneak are wild. Lmao Sneak know she wants some Shad.
Oh, so hes a smart nigga too! Damn, why I feel like the niggas are
smarter than us females? Anyways I wanna see where this leads.

Run this.

I like it and it was funny
Run it