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Blame Game [Justice&Cayden]


Justice-Waka Flocka
Cayden- India Love Westbrooks/YOU
Codie- Kim Kardashian
Jerimar- Kanye West

Chapter One: Looking && Cant Find You

Justice P.O.V

I woke up to my alarm going off on my phone. I removed the covers from my head and sat up. I shook my head around a little trying to wake up. My thoughts were interrupted by my dad knocking on the door "Get up boy" he said as peaked in to look at me. I instantly got irritated but tried to ignore it "Im up" I replied as i threw the cover back and slowly got out of bed and headed to the Bathroom. I took a quick shower and wrapped the towel around my waist to brush my teeth. I checked the time on my "Seven-O Five" I looked in the mirror one more time and headed back to my bedroom to put on my outfit

I headed down stairs to go out the front door. before i opened it i heard my phone ring. I walked to my car and answered the phone while getting in. "Wassup?" i said to JR on the other end. "Nothin Brah. Tryin to see if you got some Perks? They askin for em." I took a long deep breath and replied "Yeah. i got it. 5,10,10" giving him the code. The first number represents how long it'll take me to get there. The second number tells how many pills or whatever i got. and the last one is how much i want for one. "Yeah" He said before he hung up.

Today was gone be a long day. I wasn't complaing because this s*** gave me a rush. I don't give a f*** what concequesnce come with this life. Im trying to live as long as i can. I was born alone. Imma die alone. I pulled up to the warehouse. I waked in and JR was there with a couple of jugs waiting to buy somethin. I sold to em and they left. While waitin on people to show up we decided to play the X-box. "Brah. We goin out tonigh?" i said while trying to stay focused on the game. "Hell yeah. Im tryin to f*** somethin" I laughed. Ive been knowin brah for Twelve years now and he stll act the same. "Well s*** lets get the mutha-f***in money and go then." He srugged to agree. We was gone be here for while and we had this make this paper. I wasnt down with being broke. Can't be, Won't be. I shook my head. Never again.


Run it

Justice POV

I've been beating myself up for as long as i can remember about her. About that. The situation that has my life out of wack. The emotions that I keep held deep down inside of me. The moments when i wanted to find her and beg for her forgiveness. For her to hear mu side of the story. For her to understand. I sighed a heavy sigh as all of that passed through my mind while walking out of Jays house. I couldn't deal with this. Not now. Not ever.

I got in my car and drove to the spot where it all happened. Where my old friends and I use to hand out. Where we sold our souls just to make a dollar. I rolled my eyes. Because I was still doing that. I was still running streets. I shook my head "f*** that" I said not giving into my thoughts. "This is me" I walked down the alley where My homeboy Travis did the most horriable thing. "Im sorry man" I said for the hundredth time. I looked around and i shivered at the thought of her screaming. I sighed again. Realizing again that i have nothing to live for.

My mother was gone. one day she just picked up and left. The last thing she said was "Im not coming back" and she didn't lie about it. I havent seen her since. It was my Fathers fault though. He never showed her he cared. He never hugged her or kissed her. I know she felt alone. Even though i tried to make up for it, it didnt change anything. She wanted to leave so she left.

As i walking back to my car. To erase all emotions of that event my phone rang. I debated on answering, Only because it was Victoria. This Trick. "Wat up?" I said very blandly "Heyy" She squealed in my ear. I moved the phone and just looked at for a minute then placed it back on my ear just in time "I want you daddy. Where the F**k are you?" My D**k jumped a little. She did have a nice lil body on her that i didnt mind lookin at naked. I smirked a little. "My house.. in 30?" trying to let he know it aint nothin but a F**k. I coulld hear her smiling through the phone. "Im on my way" as im driving home i cant help but think this b**ch can deffinatly make me forget my problems tonight.

Damn run it

run it!!!!!

Justice POV

Why did she have to do that. Make me remeber all of the horriable things ive gotten myself into. The life that i live isnt easy. But its something that i feel is nessesery and i believe its also Karma. Im suppose to live eachday like im going to die. I deserve it after what i did. After what ive done. I walked off and headed down the hall to the bathroom. I need space. The truth was reeling in on me so fas i just needed a jolt back to my pretend world. The world that makes me feel nothing. A world that dosent allow any pain to enter. I stood in front of the mirror and rested my hands on the sink. My dreads feel to my face as i looked up in the mirror. My body began to tense up as anger read all over my face. This was the person I knew. This was the person i am.

I opened the bathroom door to see her standing there. I guess waiting on me to Come out. "Say something Please?" She looked up at me with her small 5,1 Frame. I looked away and tried to walk away. but she grabbed my hand "Dont" i said with a stern face. I didnt wanna caught this feeling again. I wanted her forgiveness but i couldnt take all these emotions she brought up in me. She let go "What do you mean Dont. Im just trying to tell you thank you. You saved.." I cut her off. and shook my head while pushing her away. "I didnt save you" Now walking down the stairs and headed for the door "I cant even save myself."

**Sorry So short. I just had to explain his trama. Ill be writing more when i get off of work. Thanks for the LOVE guys!**

Cayden POV

I walked up stairs where my bestie was. I did not need another awkward moment. Before i opening the door where Codie was i took a moment to smile to myself. I cant believe that u found him again. I opened the door and i guess Codie could see me thinking about something "Aye? What you thinkin about?" i smiled "Its him" She titled he head to the side "Its who?" She said with a weird look on her face. "Codie. You know.. I never thought i would see him again." She scrunched up her face "Who?" she asked a little louder. I gave her a b**** you know what im talkin bout. Then she said "That is not him" she asked looking to make sure I knew. My eyes kind of glazed over with tears. "It is. I know it is."


I was home alone. Again. Even though i was 16 I knew how to cook and make sure everything was okay. I walked to the fridge to see if there was anything to cook. "Mannn" I said with disappointment "She never cook" I was referring to my Mother. I loved her and my Dad
but they were never here. Do you know how it feels to have silence surround you everyday. It can truly break a person. Sometimes i get happy to hear my Mom and dad fight. Just because i know that there home and safe. If my mom is gone you know she is out showing her ass somewhere and if my dad is gone that means her chasing her and probably whoopin her ass. I sighed a big sigh as my head started to hurt from all this worrying i was doing. I walked in my room and looked under my mattress to get a Twenty-Dollars so that i could walk to the corner store. It was right down the street. "10:32pm" I said out loud I shrugged and decided id be okay to walk.

Im walking down the street on the side walk. "Wat up ma" Some dude says outta the alley way i just passed. I ignored him and continued walking. I started to hum a song so my nerves would calm down. Then i felt someone grab my arm "b**** i know you heard me?" He said to me as if it was a question i was suppose to answer. I tried to snatch my arm back but it was too late. Some other dude came out of no where and helped him push me in the alley they came out of. I was just about to scream when he looked me dead in my face with a gun pointed at me. "Scream if you want to" my eyes got watery instantly. His friend just laughed at me. "Aye brah. she cute. Let me get ha" i shook my head frearfully. Before i knew it i was being held down and my virginity being taken. SOmething i can never get back. being stolen. All because i was hungry. "Aye what the f***?" i heard someone say. Then i saw them run. "Im so sorry" He said as he backed away and walked off.

End FlashBack

I got outta my daze to feel tars rolling down my face and Codie holding me. "Its okay. Im here" i heard her say. I nodded my head. I looked around and saw Jay looking at me crazy "Im okay brah" He nodded "Are you sure man. You aint did that in a while." I agreed. its been a minute since i just blacked out like that. I looked to my left to see Him looking at me. I moved away from codie's embrace. I walked up to him as he looked in my eyes. I looked in his. A tear fell and he looked away. I gently place both hand on his face and finally said the two words ive been wanting to say since i was Sixteen. "Thank you" he looked at me confused and walked off.

Jerimar POV

I opened my fridge door and looked around. "Mann there aint s*** to eat in here" I heard laughter behind me. I jumped a little "What ya heart beatin fa?" Justice said announcing himself. "How the f***?" I started to ask him how the hell he got in my living room but he help up my house key "Stop leaving yo s*** under the mat" I shook my head and went to sit on the couch. "What you tryin to so tonight?" I shrugged my shoulders "whateva. All i know is. Im tryin to get some pussy and smoke" He gave me a look that let me know he agreed with me. "Shiiit i just got off the phone wit my lil baby and she said she gone come over with another lil baby sooooo" Justice shook his head "You always stick me with the ugly b****es" I laughed and got up "Brah .. Shut the f*** up"

We were interrupted by the door bell. "Who is it?" I yelled as i walked to the door "Open the damn door" I heard Codie Say from behind the door. I opened it and she brushed past me. I grabbed he hand "Damn Bae?" She looked back at me playfully "Dont be answering the door for me like that" She said while leaning in and giving me a Kiss. I smiled. That one thing that she can do that nobody else could. "Now be nice" I said while slapping Her ass. "Well damn. I just walked in to a full out porn session" I hear Cayden big head ass "Look Lil One?" I said while pointing my finger at her.She laughed at my attempt to be mean to her. And walked past me. "Hugh nigga. All im sayin is.." I was to busy closing the door so i turned around once i heard her talking. "What you sayin sis?"

I paused at the awkard moment that was accuring in my face. Nothing but silence we lingering. Justice and Cay were just stating at eachother. So i cleared my throat "Wassup?" I said nudging Cay "Oh um. Nothing. Where Codie?" She said trying to break he trance. "You know she prolly in that Game Room She nodded and just walked upstairs. I watched as she mad her way up there and when the coast was clear i asked "Wat the f*** was that?" Justice sat on the couch "You right" He said nodding his head "Right about what?" I said looking confused as ever. "She aint ugly." We both laughed at his comment. Tonight was deffinatly gone be fun.

Codie POV

Walking through the mall with my Bestie -Loved her- We have been through so much together. I look up to her. even though were both 18. I laughed to Myself

"What the heck you laughin bout?" Cayden asked me "Just thinking about all the stuff we went through" She rolled he eyes "Wat we went through aint funny" I knew she was talking about the serious stuff, But i wasnt. I didnt want to hear it either but Cayden is the type to leave stuff bottled in. She never once just told someone her true feeling. Never just said anything. Just kept every emotion she had on the inside. "I know Cay. Im talking about when we use to go to Mrs. Corine and she use to give use them coins" I giggled "Yeahh She use to say these coins are suppose to remind you of me and all my love i gave" Cayden said while grabbing her purse. "You know i still got one right?" I said to her sort of uncomfortable. She smiled "Thats why i love you. Me too girl" She said as she pulled the coins from her purse

I touched my Necklace "Aww man. I haven't seen those in so long." I sighed "Yeah. I miss her she was just like mama to me" We wind up walking round the whole mall talkin and my feet started to hurt so we stopped and sat a bench. "I miss her too Cay" It grew silent and i looked at Cay. Her eyes were all glossed up. I rubbed her back. Cay had been through too much in life and Mrs. Corine had saved us. But when she died things seemed like the only got worst for my best friend " Sometime.. Man i just feel like.. Nobody gone love me like she did C" She said while looking at me and letting a couple tears fall. "Its okay? Im here and i love you sis. Forever" She smiled and took a deep breath. "So lets go and get some clothes then huh?" And like that that her emotions were turned off. Never letting them go to far. I loved her but one day she was going the burst.

"Lets go in Rue 21" I said to Cay. She nodded and we walked in looking through the clothes racks and acting silly. " Who the hell would hear this Shirt I look like a night gown" She said while laughing "Oh hush. I would wear that!" I said while laughing with her. We were interrupted by my phone going off. "Hey J-Bear" I said while Cayden was making faces at me "Nooo. Im just shopping" I said while twirling around a little. "Okay. we'll be there in like 45 minutes" I smiled "Love you too" Cayden rolled her eyes. "Well finally. I thought i was watchin all my childern. What that fool said?" I shook my head. "He wants us to go over there to chill. He say he dont wanna go out no more." I rolled my eyes this time. I was looking forward to it. "Hold up. That the hell im going over there for? Im not finna be a third wheel" I laughed at my friend. " you wont Geeze. His asswhole of a friend there too." She sighed " Oh gosh. He smoke?" I smiled. If he smoked then that ment shw was going. I didnt really know but i nodded. So we left the mall and headed toward J-Bear house.

Cayden POV

I Just hopped out the shower to get ready for school. I attend college part time and the other half of my life is dedicated to Church and work. Im trying to make a living for myself. No matter who or what gets in my way. "Cay?" I heard my Step mama call out to me. "Yea. Im woke" I reassured her as i went to my closet to see what I was going to wear. I closed my eyes to get rid of the headache i knew was coming. "5,4,3,2,1" I counted down the seconds. Then they started. " You always blaming me Jacob. It wasn't my fault" I heard my step mom plea to my dad. I was so tired of hearing the same arguement. I quickly put on my outfit and rushed towards the door and grabbed my backpack and headed for the door. Before closing it I heard the words i hear ever morning "You should have gotten rid of her too Jacob"

I drove my Car to Codie Dorm room and knocked on her door "Codieee" I heard laughter on the other end and then the door opened " Why You here?" JR I laughed "Move Jerimar" He looked at me crazy " Man dont be sayin my gov. Like that" He said while closing the door."Where Codie?" I asked while floppin on the couch. "Immmm Hereeeee" She sang while coming out her room down the hall. "Good!" I ran up and hugged her "I missed you." She smied because she knew i ment it. She was my best friend. Whatever i go through trust and believe she right there with me. Ive known her for as long as Jr had been in her like. I looked up in the sky to calculate. They have been on and off since like eight. I laughed out loud. So Twelve years. Thats my nigga -but she white- I love her tho.

We chilled for a minute and talked about random s*** until Jerimar called someone and left. "He always leaving with that nigga" Codie sighed with frustration. I leaned forward and tapped her leg "You'll be okay. At least he aint chillin with a girl or some s*** like that. I think JR really love you" She smiled but it faded "Hanging with that Fool he either f***in or in trouble" The was a long silence and then we both said "or both" I laughed really hard but i didnt know how long i could keep up with the -Im happy- Look "Wats wrong Cay?" My thoughts were interrupted by her noticing i was bothered. "Everything" I said with tears in my eyes. I took a deep breath and swallowed them. I vowed not to show that emotion again. So i wont. "Lets go out" i said to her with excitement in my eyes."I was just gonna say that. Plus JR just texted me told me to ask. Look" She showed me her phone

-Text Message-
J-Bear:: "Ask Big Head She Wanna Go Out too?"

I laughed. "He so weird" she nodded her head "Well lets go to the mall. I got paid today and i know your ass did." She said while rolling her eyes playfully. "Okay. Ill drive"