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soooo last night before i went out i tol my mom i was headed out and she gonna put me on the phone with my dad like that was gonna do something tuh!anyways basically hestarted going off about why am i leavin out so late how i need to stop chasing after ppl i need to be more responible my body is precious dnt let u use me lik dat theres still alot i dnt kno about men how my my mom suppose to be commin dwn there soon to get things settle so me and the kids can come dwn there and he can be w me and his two grandkids how my babyfather not doin wat he suppose to b doin and blah blah blah so forth and so forth my thing is what tf do he know 1st of he cnt say s*** about anyone not doin wat they need to be doing how many damn kids do he have lik he dont even kno where his 1st born is and how many grandkids do he have lik why you so worried bout mines foh and then look @ who he gettin his information frm i love my mom honest to god i do but she dnt kno s*** either she may think oh he dont buy nothin or w.e but mind u he just brought tristian some pampers and both him and payton some clothes not to long ago but does she acknowledge that and his sees his kids everyday even if he dont he asks about them or speaks to them atleast i get they my parents and they want the best for me but GOD im 21 let me live my life if im making a mistake fine let me make it and learn from it f*** i look lik living with the two of them and im bout to be 22 thats f***ing sad no im moving out so thats a straight dub and im not taking my kids from their father oh hell no i kno how that feels and i will NOT do that to them idgaf bout me and him we could break up and end up with other ppl but my kids will always have their father no matter wat i will not deny him of that .....mannnnn ima end up gettin grey hair before im 25 smhh