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Unamed Stranger (Short story)

Note: This is a short story which I began to write a couple of years ago which I recently found and decided to resurrect. I am not a novelist just penning my thoughts. Enjoy x


Run it

Chapter 4

I opened my right eye after feeling a presence of someone looking at me, and only being able to open one eye due to the overnight eye crust that had formed I wasn’t met with a pretty sight.

“Morning” Carmen was hovering over me, smiling like a Cheshire cat.

“Morning” I said whilst propping up myself on my pillows. “Had a good sleep?”

“Yeah from what I can remember I was knocked out. Did you? Have any sweet dreams?” She asked, smiling at the latter

“Umm no...Why u smiling like that?” I said giving her a strange look

“Just curious as to whether your knight in shining armour entered your dreams?” She said smiling even harder

“If you mean Kieron, then no” I couldn’t help but smile at the mention of his name. I don’t know why he had such an effect on me, but after last night her definitely seemed like a cool guy, down to earth and someone easy to just chill with

“Kieron huh...wait is that Kieron as in Daniel’s cousin Kieron?”

“Yh how do you know him?” I was curious at this point. I mean how did Taryn know of him.

“Well I don’t know him, I’ve just heard Daniel mention him a couple of times but I’ve never met him. From what I saw though seems decent. You wouldn’t think the two were related”

“I know right, they seem so different”

I was kinda relieved that Taryn didn’t know him. I mean she is my best friend but she knows the whole world, which can be quite annoying at times, especially when the only reason people know you is from being the friend of someone else. Plus I liked the fact that Kieron was mysterious and low key and he definitely wasn’t one of the typical street rats that I encountered on a daily basis.

I threw back the covers and decided it was about time to start the day, plus it was going on 12pm so half the day had been slept away. I grabbed my towel and headed to the bathroom.

“T you can use the main bathroom, I’ll use my mums one” She nodded and we went our separate ways

After about an hour we’re both fully dressed and Taryn was getting ready to leave.

“Ite, txt me when you reach home” Even though we live 10mins
away from each other we always let each other know when the other one reaches home. You can’t take any chances these days. Too many nut bags around.

“Will do hun” She said before outstretching her arms for a hug

We hugged each other and then I waited until she disappeared round the corner, and then closed the door
I looked at my watch and it was going on 3 o’clock so I decided to put my time to use to try and apply for some more internships and reach my 500 word quota for my dissertation for the day. Being in the last couple of months of my degree was definitely trying. In between working at Computer shack and applying for internships, I still had to complete my 10,000 word dissertation which was the final piece of work needed to decide whether I would graduate with my 1st or 2:1. Luckily my uni only needed the first 3,000 due for the beginning of term so I still had some time. However since time management isn’t one of my strong points I decided that for everyday this summer I would try and do a minimum of 500 words a day. Easier said than done.

I gathered my notes and sat at my desk and began to type away on the topic of the lack of diversity within the media industry. I was soon distracted by my phone vibrating indicating that I had a message, so I checked it quickly.

“Home now. Oh and I’ll call you later to see what the motive is xx”

I swear that girl never wants to stay in her house... always wanting to do something. After reading the message I put my phone on silent and carried on typing away.

*2 hours later*

I took off my reading glasses and rubbed my eyes. Looking at the word count and seeing 1,000 words I felt satisfied with myself and decided to call it a day. I couldn’t be bothered to apply for internships I was done looking at the computer for the day.
I went to lie on my bed and get more comfortable while I scrolled down my instagram timeline. Not seeing anything worth liking I locked my phone and decided to read my new book “Black Love Signs” by Thelma Balfour. I hadn’t gotten a chance to read much so I took this as a good opportunity to see what my future as a Gemini was looking like.

*Couple hours later*

I blinked and opened my eyes smelling the sweet aroma of food being cooked and also to see my book on the floor. Realising I’d fallen asleep I marked the page of the book that I’d last read and headed downstairs to see what was for dinner. Not to mention I was starving!

“Hey mum” I said walking into the kitchen

“Hey T, I was calling you when I got in but you didn’t answer so I figured you were out”

“Nah I was upstairs I fell asleep” I said while trying to taste some of the food my mum was cooking, which she absolutely hated, especially when it wasn’t finished.

“Taryn, move from the pot nuh! It’ll be done in 15mins go make yourself useful and lay up” My mum said handing me the knives and forks

Sighing, I went into the dining room and laid the table for two. It was just my mum and I. My older sister had moved out a couple of years ago into her own place and my dad didn’t live with us since he and mum were no longer together. So it was just mummy and me.

“So T how’s life? I barely feel like I see you anymore” Mum spoke while sipping on her drink

Between her working a 9 to 5 as a legal secretary and me splitting my time between Uni and Computer shack, we practically live different lives.

“Eh same old, nothing new. Just tryna get my dissertation done. Did a decent amount today”

“Well done love, keep it up. Just stay on track I know you can finish it and get your first. Plus you need to hurry u and finish that degree so you can move out and I can start dating again” My mum said smiling at the last part

I gave her the side eye, but joined her smile “Yea ok mum, just know that you can’t be having every Tom, d*** and Harry in the house and he has to meet my approval”

I’m very protective over my mum, especially when it’s just been me and her for so long, and to be honest I didn’t like picturing the fact of her dating. But everyone needs love, right?

“Of course T. And since we’re on the topic. I have a date tonight, so don’t wait up”

I raised my eyebrow “A date! With who?”

My mum chuckled “Just a colleague from work, we’ve been on quite a few actually, he’s a really nice guy. His name’s Carl, 42, No Kids. Good enough?”

“Mmmhmm. Sounds decent. But I wanna meet this Carl soonish” I was sceptical but I gotta give the guy a fighting chance

“Yeah you will. Just not tonight, plus I gotta get ready I have to meet him at 9 o’clock ” She said getting up from the table. I glanced at the clock it was now 7:45pm so she had little over an hour

I went upstairs and checked my phone. I unlocked it to see 3 missed calls from Carmen, a couple whatsapps and the usual twitter and instagram notification. I decided to check the notifications later and went ahead to dial Carmen’s number.

I am loving this story..Mr. Hazel eyes seems like he a cool dude..J i hate him..i hope his balls fall off lol RUN IT

Awwwww snap yu added. She like him. He taking her home nd.stuff lol. Everybody in the house was sleep wow run it

Chapter 3

I turned around to see none other than hazel eyes holding me back, and immediately any anger that I had surging through me disappeared, it was almost as if his eyes managed to calm me down. Random thoughts were rushing through my head like “when did he get here?” “why is he here?” but I was brought back to reality when Carmen and the rest of the gang rushed through the door to see the scene which had just unfolded.

“What the hell happened in here?” Zoe was the first to ask

“This b**** kicked me in my nut that’s what the hell happened!!” J managed to say before I tried to charge at him again but before I got a chance to hazel eyes grabbed me and took me outside to the back garden.

“Look I dunno what happened in there and I don’t really care but you need to cool off, whatever he did, he isn’t worth it”. His harshness kind of caught me by surprise but I decided not to say anything and cool off like he instructed me to do. He pulled out a rizzla and rolled up the green substance that I was all too familiar with. So this is what he meant buy cool off, I thought to myself. I didn’t smoke on a regular basis, actually I only ever smoked when I went to Jamaica to visit my grandparents, that was the only place that I could guarantee that the weed wasn’t laced with any other substance and I swore to myself that I wouldn’t smoke it unless I was sure of the source; but some occasions called for a puff on Mary Jane and I would definitely say that this was one of those occasions.

I watched him as he rolled up with such precision and how his tongue moved back and forth as he licked the paper to seal the deal. He pulled out his lighter and I watched as the golden glow from flame lit the end of the blunt releasing the sweet smell of marijuana. He took a few pulls before he passed it over to me and I readily accepted the offer. No words were spoken and I would occasionally catch him glance in my direction.

In my head I was thinking of something to say but I just couldn’t think of anything so I decided to just enjoy the silence and furthermore enjoy sharing the blunt and he seemed more than happy to do the same.

“ I know I said I didn’t really care but I’m kinda interested to know what he could say to you to make you react like that? You don’t strike me as the violent type” He spoke as he blew out some smoke.

I went on to tell him the encounter in the kitchen between me and J and for some reason he had a silly smirk on his face

“What’s so funny?” I didn’t know whether it was the weed or what but his smile was starting to annoy me especially after telling him my story, I didn’t want him to think it was some sort of joke.

“I’m sorry...” He chuckled “...I just can’t believe he asked for head just like that, but in all seriousness guys like him give us all a bad reputation, sounds like he got just what he deserved” He said with some sincerity in his voice.

“Yea he’s lucky you held me back otherwise he would’ve got a lot more” I said as I chuckled with him

“So how comes I’ve never see you around before the party the other day?” I took this weed session as a good opportunity to find out a more about my weed partner other than the colour of his eyes

“Most probably because I like to keep a low profile, I’m not into being bait. I prefer the low key lifestyle”

“Yea I hear that, I’m not into that bait lifestyle either especially with people all in your business.”
He just nodded and continued to smoke.

“So how did you end up here tonight then? I asked as I looked at him

“Well the rest of my boys are spending the night with their girls so I called my cousin for a motive and he told me about this little shindig, I didn’t know I was gonna become a counsellor for the night tho” He smiled at the last part

“Oh who’s your cousins and sorry for ruining your night...” I said returning the smile

“Daniel and don’t worry about it”

In my head I was thinking there was no way that this fine
specimen was related to Daniel. They looked completely different. Hazel eyes had a caramel complexion and stood at about 5”7 with a level 1 haircut and a low fade, not to mention a perfect set of teeth and dimples that only appeared when he smiled...oh and of course hazel eyes that could entrance you as soon as looked directly into them. For me he was the definition of sexy. Daniel on the other hand, was more of the darker complexion with smooth chocolate skin. Don’t get me wrong Daniel was definitely good looking but with his prison cornrows that never varied in style and gold tooth that shone every time he spoke he was the perfect description of the saying ‘fresh out of jail’ and was your typical bad boy. They were at the different ends of the spectrum which is why I found it so hard to believe that they were kin.

“So you do realise that you never introduced yourself?” His question broke me out of my trance.

“Oh my bad... my names Taryn”

After about four more exchanges of dear old Mary we were nearly finished

“Well it was nice to meet you Taryn but I think it’s about time we headed back inside and see what the rest of them lot are up much as I enjoyed our ‘get to know you session’” He said as he smoked what was left of the blunt

I smirked at his comment as proceeded to head inside

I couldn’t believe my eyes when we walked inside. Everyone minus J, who I assumed had left was fully conked out, which explains why no one came outside to check on us.
I went over to Carmen who was laying on the sofa with her feet draped over Daniel and lightly shook her to try and wake her up so we could head home.

After a few rough shoves she finally woke up and looked confused when she saw me

“Taryn?” she questioned

“Yea it’s me; come get up... we gotta catch the last bus its after 1am”

“Kmt...Forget that I’d rather stay here than go out into the night tryna jump on the bus. Just stay here and we’ll leave in the morning”

Carmen knew that I liked MY bed so I don’t know why she was suggesting such things, I rarely ever stayed at my friends house, if I felt that there was a way to get home I would find it, no matter how tired I was.

“I’ll take you lot” Hazel eyes spoke up.

“Well thats sorted then, lemme just grab my bits then we can roll” Carmen said as she gently removed her legs from Daniel’s lap without waking him up and started to gather her shoes and coat

About 20mins later we arrived at my house. I decided that it would be best if we just made just one journey so I suggested to Carmen that she stayed at my house and go to hers in the morning which shouldn’t be a problem as she only lived 10mins round the corner. Plus I didn’t exactly know a whole lot about hazel eyes apart from the fact that he was Daniel’s cousin so I wasn’t entirely comfortable being in the car by myself with him. This reminded me I still didn’t know his name, so I made a mental note to ask him before dropped us off. The journey wasn’t filled with too much talking as Carmen had fallen back to sleep and I was drowsy myself as I was feeling the full effects of the blunt we’d smoked earlier. As we pulled up outside my house he turned down Miguel’s soulful voice that was playing through the speakers and looked at me through tired eyes.

“Well thanks for the ride, we really appreciate it” I said as I looked into the back seat only to find Carmen slowly waking up

“No probs, anytime. Matter of fact lemme take your number, I’ll drop you a text sometime”

He handed me his phone and I proceeded to enter my number. Don’t judge me I don’t normally give my number out especially to strangers but there was something about him that intrigued me and

I wanted to know more, plus from what I’d seen he seemed like a cool guy.

He saved my number and drop called me so that I would have his number, which reminded me of finding out his name before he left.

“And what’s your name?” I asked slightly embarrassed that I’d
spent a whole evening with him and never asked

“Oh my bad, I never told you...It’s Kieron”

“Well Kieron thanks once again. See you around and text me sometime”

I got out of the car and opened the back door for Carmen who was half asleep. He made sure we were inside before he drove off.
Carmen and I both changed in record time and got into bed.

“He’s seems nice by the way” was the last thing I heard from Carmen before she was out like a light.

I smiled to myself and was about to join her when my phone chimed indicating that I had a new message. I was slightly surprised when I read the name of the sender that appeared across my screen and opened the message.

"Home now. G’nite. Kieron x"

I smiled to myself after reading the message as I didn’t expect him to text so soon. I had intentions of replying but the need to sleep was too overwhelming so I put my phone to charge before falling into a deep slumber.

Is it hazel,eyes or carmen holding her back? Yea crushes usually turn out to be d***headz. Thats why im happy i kno who my mr.right is. I hope j get his butt beat he deserve that run it

Sorry about the delay. Here's chapter 2 enjoy

Chapter 2

I woke up the next morning trying to reconstruct last night’s events, something I usually do after a night out. For some reason I was finding it quite hard, and came to the conclusion that it had something to do with the mysterious drink Carmen had handed me earlier on in the night. But one thing I did remember was those hazel eyes, and how I’d gotten lost in them.

Remembering the mysterious guy from last night made me realise that not only did I not get his number I didn't even know his name!

Stretching, I got out of bed and headed to the shower to carry out my hygiene routine.

As soon as I came out of the shower I heard my phone ringing so I dashed to answer before it went to voicemail.

“Hey hun”

“Hey Car, wassup? How you feeling after last night?”

“I’m good nothing that a little aspirin won’t sort out. How ‘bout you?”

“Car, I can’t really remember much to be honest. All I remember is dancing, going outside and then some guy with hazel eyes. That’s it!”

“That’s it?? Taryn... So you’re telling me you don’t remember passing out and being lifted up bridal style, and brought home?”

“Wait. What! Rewind.... How do I not remember this? This is your fault you know, that drink was lethal”

“Hahaha, well at least your knight in shining armour came to your rescue”

“So hazel eyes brought me home?”

“If by hazel eyes, you mean J then yeah”

“Wait J brought me home?”

“Taryn clearly you’re still hung-over. Yes J! Sexy J! The one
you’ve had a crush on for the longest J! BROUGHT YOUR DRUNKEN SELF HOME!!!”

“Ok ok, Carmen. No need to shout. Gosh! I just don’t remember that’s all”

“Well anyways enough of that. What are we doing today?”

“We? I gotta go to work hun.”

“Kmt! Taryn it’s summer. Why you always working?”

“Unlike some. I have visions of buying a car and going on holiday and unless I win the lottery that won’t be happening anytime soon, so I gotta do those shifts ya feel me”

“Lol whatevs. Well call me later and we’ll hookup then. Ite?”

“Okies. Later”

I hung up the phone, trying hard to comprehend how it was J that brought me home and not hazel eyes, but drawing blanks I decided to just head to work.

*After work*

I headed home after such a long shift, I swear my boss hates me. Instead of having me work on the shop floor he kept me in the back room, doing his accounts and admin. Not in my job description may I add, he’s just lucky that I needed a job otherwise he could kiss ripe behind!

Before calling Carmen I logged into my hotmail account to see if I’d had any responses to my internship applications that I’d sent off a couple of weeks prior. You see despite working every hour god sends at Computer Shack, I have bigger dreams. I want to be a journalist providing my readers with the latest scoop. But the way the media works nowadays it’s who you know not what you know. After refreshing the page for about 5 minutes and seeing that I had no new messages, I logged out of my account in defeat and decided to call Carmen.

After straightening my fringe I decided to apply a little bit more eye shadow before heading out the door. See that’s one thing about my bestie Carmen, she always finds us a motive no matter what! Tonight we were headed to a drink up which suited me just fine cause I didn’t have work in the morning, plus at the back of my mind I was hoping that I would get to see ‘hazel eyes’ again or at least find out his name.

I met up with Carmen at the bus stop; see this is why I need a car, jumping on the bus is not the way forward. I wanna be like Tinie Tempah and be able to say that I drive past the bus I used to run for, but until then it looks like me and my oyster card will be close.

“So do you know who’s gonna be there tonight?” I tried to get as much information out of Carmen before we arrived just so I would be able to prepare for what type of crowd was gonna be at this shindig.

“Err you know the usual, Daniel, Zoe, J-” I cringed inwardly when she said his name. But before she could finish we arrived at our stop.

Walking in we were greeted by the familiar faces and immediately given drinks to join the drinking game that they were playing...

“Ok ok I’ve got one. I have never had sex in the shower” Carmen took a shot of what was in her glass while everyone who had done the said thing followed suit. Everyone apart from Zoe that is.

“Wait hold up Zoe, you’ve never had sex in the shower?” I asked with one eyebrow raised

“Nah babes, my hair and water don’t mix. As soon as I get my headpiece wet it goes from looking like Beyonce’s lace front to looking like the hair from one of those good luck trolls and if you lot remember them, it ain’t a good look.” Everyone burst out laughing and mid laugh I felt something wet spray on my top. When I looked up J had his hand over his mouth trying to stop the rest of the drink in his mouth from spraying anywhere else.

“I’m so sorry it was an accident”

“Don’t worry about it I’m gonna go get some tissue” I excused myself and walked into the kitchen

Soon after I felt a presence behind me and I turned around to see J.

“Hey sorry about that, I didn’t mean for that to happen. Need some help?” He stood there with a smirk on his face, looking at my ample cleavage, which is where the stain was.

“Nope I’m ok thanks”

He didn’t say anything he just continued to stare and lick his lips, which I wasn’t really finding too attractive.

“Thanks for taking me home the other night” I thought if I said something it would break his trance and bring him back to reality

“No problem. It wouldn’t be right if I let a fine specimen like yourself go home by herself in that condition, who knows what could’ve happened”

“Well it was nice of you anyway” I said as I started to walk out of the kitchen but before I could leave he blocked the door

“Look Taryn I know you’ve got a crush on me. You think I don’t see you at every party looking at me when you think I’m not watching. I mean I can understand why, I’m a good looking guy and you’re a good looking girl, plus what girl wouldn’t want to be hanging off my arm?”

I couldn’t believe my ears this narcissistic prick thought he was god’s gift. I mean don’t get me wrong he was definitely blessed in the looks department but his personality stank.

“Listen to cut a long story short I don’t usually make it my business to escort the drunk and disorderly home so I think you owe me a favour. Don’t you think? How about you give me some head as a thank you. What d’you say?

I could believe the audacity. Before I knew it he was doubled over in pain which is the reaction I expected after kneeing him in his crotch. “That’s what I say to your proposition, you narcissistic-

I held the left side of my face in pain and blinked the tears away as I realised that this prick had slapped me. I couldn’t believe it. This d***head actually slapped me. Just as I was about to charge at him and knock his block off, I felt a familiar pair of arms hold me back.

Awww I like this story!!! I wonder who she's in love with. Is it J? someone else? Run it!!

I'm liking this story already
Run it!!!

Gravitating to a nearby wall whilst nodding my head to a song I pretended to know, I accidently bumped into a girl who if looks could kill… then I would be six feet under. Thats the thing about house parties, always packed to capacity, whilst the smell of marijuana floats around in the air and the faint smell of body odour and sex top it all off.

My eyes danced over the crowd, scanning the faces of those enjoying themselves. Seeing all of the same faces that attend these parties, I smile to myself making a mental note to enjoy, as moments like these don’t last forever.

My eyes danced over to the guy I’d had a crush on for the longest, known to my friends and I as “J” . He casually glanced over all the heads at the party which was quite easy for him standing at 6ft something – we locked eyes. However as quickly as our eyes met, they departed even quicker. Sighing deeply and thinking about previous occasions where the same action was repeated over and over again, my thoughts were interrupted when a white plastic disposable cup was thrust into my face.

“Drink it” my best friend Carmen said before downing the contents of her cup

I eyed the suspicious contents as I lifted the cup towards my nose in order to gage the potency of the strong smelling alcohol. When I was completely satisfied that it wasn’t going to kill me, I placed the cup to my lips as my body became consumed with the liquor. Immediately feeling the effects of the drink I began to sway my hips left and right while nodding my head to the beat. Carmen dragged me off the wall and pulled me to the main dance area where she began to dance. As per usual I was a bit hesitant to dance infront of everyone; but as Konshens “Crazy Girl” played through the speakers, I got lost in my own world. I began to let loose, throwing in some moves that I’d learnt from numerous bored nights and endless hours spent on YouTube.

Feeling a strong pair of hands grip my waist, I looked over my shoulder to see an unfamiliar face staring back at me. I gave him a quizzical look, wondering who this unamed stranger was. As I continued to dance, numerous thoughts were running through my head, one of which was ‘who is this guy?’.

By the time the song ended I returned to my senses to find myself and Carmen surrounded by a small mass of people, who seemed to have thought that they were an audience to a small talent show. Suddenly feeling embarassed I quickly exited the room and headed outside to regain my composure.

The cool breeze blew across my face causing me to shift my positioning, whilst I stared into the hazel eyes of the unnamed stranger that approached me a few moments ago. Despite the raucous background sounds of his friends trying to rap along to every word to Drake’s Headlines- and failing, I was mesmerized and almost entranced by the melodic sounds that were resonating from his mouth. From my recollection it took approximately all of 20 seconds for me to fall in love…