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Simply Beautiful

I held a firm grip on the can of gold paint and began to move my wrist in swift upward motions repeatedly until one of the areas of my new piece was completed to my satisfaction. It had been in my head for days. Forming itself, putting its own pieces together. It took me about two hours to get it out on paper. It was a beautiful work of art. One of my favorites.

Al Green was blasting through my earphones. I always listened to music while I created something, it kept me from getting easily distracted, I flowed with the rhythm of the music and that was sure to get me through the entire process. I grinned as I finished up the last bit of it. I released a breath and stood back, removing the scarf that I used to avoid inhaling the fumes, from around my face and allowed the chilly fall day's fresh air to finally hit my face after two hours.

The longer I stared at it the more I fell in love with it. It felt like I had created it for a reason that remained unknown. Nonetheless its perfect, and I can feel myself becoming inspired again. I took a look to my left at some other artist's painting that had caught my eye when I got here. It was breathtaking..alluring. It was something surprisingly similar to what I had came here to paint today. I had to stop and marvel at it, like I did every other day with their art. Whoever 'Breezy' is, he is surely talented. I would have to keep my eye out for him or her. For as long as I've been coming here I have never seen who the spot beside mine belonged to. All I knew was that everyday I was here, another one of their stunning murals were too.

I decided to do something daring today and join my art with his. Though I'm most likely gonna get told off for crossing some lines doing so, who would I be not to take a risk? I'm an artist, its what I do on a daily basis.

"Simply beautiful.." I said to nothing in particular.

I pulled my phone out of my pocket and snapped a quick picture of it. I then closed the camera application in my iPhone and glanced at the time. It read, 9:45AM. I had a solid 45 minutes to get to work. I bent over and hastily gathered all of the paint cans, tossing them into my duffel bag, then grabbed my backpack that contained my work clothes and cleared out from the alley.

"Be back later" i said to the walls as i strolled by them. All of a sudden having a strange gut feeling that today would be one to remember.


after reading your comment, I am extremely excited about the next add...the anticipation is gonna kill me!!!

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My next post, I'm REALLY hoping you guys will love that one. It's going to be one of my favorites thus far, I'm hoping to spring a lot of emotion from you guys, because I'm just evil like that. Of course, because I'm a soundtrack fanatic with this story, the next add will be having one. I love sharing music with you all this way! I'll add it tomorrow ASAP. I need it to be perfect! :) excited. Enjoy the last two adds though :) It's just a little something to keep you going. xoxo

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forthoughtsake :p

"You know, for a woman who hates trouble, you sure do attract that s*** like a magnet." Said Paige as she scrolled through her phone. I grinned happy to see her doing well. She seemed unphazed by it all. I took a seat on the chair next to her bedside after hugging her tightly.

"Isn't it like retarded that you, Mack and I are all being hospitalized right now?" I joked. Things with Paige were always so relaxing, she was so layed back and calm all of the time. Her company always gave me comfort.

"Super, what's up Boss?" She smiled setting her phone in her lap. I smirked resting my hands on my tummy letting the silence fumble around the room for a moment before I chose to word my reply.

"..happy you're okay." I answered. She smiled softly.

"I've taken a bullet before, this was nothing but a relapse for me." She answered, shrugging it off. My mouth fell open in shock.

"You too huh?" I asked trying to make light of the situation. She nodded resting her head into her pillows.

"Bullets are baby food." She said. I chuckled.

"I don't know about all of that. I mean I have high tolerance for pain, but that s*** is different." I replied. She laughed before shutting her eyes, pain spread across her features momentarily. I cringed.

"Paige, I'm sorry you got caught in this mess, ever since you've met me I've done nothing but cause trouble in your life." I apologized.

"Don't apologize for something you had no control over. It wasn't your fault. Besides it's not your apology I want- it's that bastard Daniel." She spat. I nodded.

"I don't think you'll be getting one of those any time soon. He's dead. I killed him." I admit, slightly ashamed to have taken life, but the feeling quickly left me after I thought about the pain that life had caused me.

"Woah...I see I missed a lot then." Said Paige. I nodded not wanting to go into details.

"I'm just glad it's over and that you're okay." I said reaching over to rub her arm gently.

"Me too.." She replied, yawning suddenly.

"You tired? I can come back. Doctors are allowing me to walk around now." I said standing to my feet.

"It's just the pain meds they gave me, I'm about to knock out..against my will of course." She said sarcastically. I laughed and brushed back her hair softly.

Paige was something else.

"Stop fighting it. I'll come by later. I'm gonna go and visit Mack. Love you Paigey." I kissed her forehead and walked over to the door to open it.

"..I don't blame you, Boss. Just know that okay? If anything, since I've met you, you've changed my life for the saved me..and I wanna thank you for that." Said Paige, her voice growing tired. I smiled at her, accepting her kind words and walked out of the room closing the door softly behind me. I looked down the hall to find Michael walking my way with a baguette in his mouth and a cup of hot coffee in his hand. He held his hands up in question.

"What happened?" He asked, voice muffled by the food that currently occupied most of the space in his mouth. I smiled rolling my eyes.

"She's on drugs, she was beginning to knock out on me. It's cool. Just glad she's okay." I said walking along with him down the hall when he finally reached me. He removed the baguette from his mouth and took a sip of his coffee.

"Oh okay. Next stop then." He said.

"Yep.." I smirked, slightly nervous again. I wondered if Justin was at all upset with me for bringing him into this. I pushed the thought to the back of my head as Michael and I walked at a normal pace down the hall, passing bedrooms of sick people and loved ones along the way.

"God help them.." I whispered to myself as I passed a room with a crying woman inside.

<em>"You have one chance, one life and what you do with it is up to you"</em>

I'm telling you Michael is the glue to EVERYTHING. He speaks logic and makes sense that the dumbest person in the world could understand.

It's about time for Mack to wake up and marry this man. He just needs to put the ring on her finger and believe in that s***.

As for Tyson and Chris, only if he is serious about his damn life and lowkey I want his to get out the business but hey...its time for Chris to step up and use his damn head.

Run it!

@General_YKW ;)

Much love.

forthoughtsake :p

I stopped a few feet away from Paige's room door. I needed to catch my breath even though I had been walking at a normal pace, the memory of it all just began to flow back into my brain.

The reason Paige was caught in this mess.

I sighed visibly agitated with my current state of mind.

"Hey, you okay?" Asked Michael. I gave him a nervous glance.

"I'm just thinking about how scared and caught off guard she must have felt when Daniel approached her and Mack I ca- I keep going over things I could have done to--"

"There's nothing you could have possibly done to stop this from happening couldn't have known that Daniel would have harmed them." Said Michael. I listened knowing he was right.

"Look at me.." He said taking my hand in his giving it a comforting squeeze. I smirked sadly.

"You're all here now. Alive. Be glad about that and wash everything that happened away..don't waste precious time thinking about what you could've done. It's useless and draining. Trust me." Said Michael as he rubbed his thumb on the back of my hand. I nodded letting his words swim around my head.

"You're right." I said.

"When am I not?" He smirked. I smacked his shoulder playfully before looking up at him to deliver a soulful stare.

"Mackenzie, is the luckiest girl in the world to have met someone like you." I said.

I was glad that she had everything she ever wanted. A career in art, a man to love her and people who cared about her enough to put their own lives on the line. People she could trust. She deserved it all. Michael deserved to share that with her.

He stared back at me with the same intensity.

"I..was gonna ask her to marry me before all of this happened." He confessed. My mouth fell agape as I processed his words carefully.

"Oh my God Mike! That's- oh wow! I'm so-wow!" I said lost for words. The smile on my face showed my approval. He smiled back at me.

"Yeah..but now--"

"Stop right there. No buts. You're going to marry her. I can...I can feel it." I said smiling from my heart to my lips. I was ecstatic for them.

"It's all I've been wanting to do with her for the past two months I just..I want her to be my wife. I wan-I want her to wake up so that I can look into those green eyes and tell her how much I love her and how much I wanna start a family with her and spend the rest of my life with her I just-" He sighed, being engulfed with a big rush of sadness. It was breaking my heart.

"Look at me.." I mocked rubbing the back of his hand. He took a moment to reach my eyes but he did.

"You will have all of that and more..just hang on for a little while longer okay?..Just until she wakes up. If she takes too long I'll shake her out of it." Michael chuckled at that before his chuckle died down and he looked me gently in the eye and placed a soft peck on the crown of my head and pulled me in for a tight hug. I basked in the moment with a smile on my face, glad that I could bring one to his.

"Thank you." He whispered. I rubbed his back.

"You've got my back, I've got yours." I shrugged pulling away from him. He looked down at me once more.

"Give Chris another shot already." I chortled softly, pulling out of his embrace slowly a small smirk playing at my lips.

"It's not that simple Mike--"

"What more is there to do after you show the woman you love that you'd gladly die for her? If that's not enough, I don't know what is--"

"He's done a lot of damage Mike..I've got Alayah to think about now." I said gesturing to my protruding stomach that was currently fighting against the fabric of my hospital gown. Michael paid a quick glance down to my stomach.

"That's a good excuse, I must say--"

"Oh please." I went to walk away.

"Give me another reason!" Said Michael from behind me. I stopped midstep and turned to face him arms crossed against my chest.

"I don't trust him one hundred percent yet." I said.

"Okay, another one." Challenged Michael before crossing his arms over his chest. I shifted my weight onto one leg.

"Mike I don't have a lot of time left--"

"One more." He repeated. I huffed running a hand through my hair.

"I-...He's....his-......okay I am not doing this right now." I said fed up of stuttering on my words. Michael found this to be amusing. I scoffed and made to walk away again, but he reached for my arm and pulled me back to him.

"Tyson stop for a minute okay. Just stop." He said sternly.

"Stop fighting yourself. You're neglecting your true feelings--"

"And what exactly might those true feelings be hmm?" I asked interested in what he had to say, since he seemed to know it all.

"You're pushing away the fact that you're still one hundred percent in love with Chris and that you want to start this family with him and that you want him back in your life, because you're scared. Scared that he'll forget that you've always been there and that he'll just turn around and leave you in the dust can't torture your heart like that Tyson, it's gonna stop you from realizing a lot of things. You need to stop building that wall to stop him from climbing over...let him break through..." Said Michael.

I didn't say a word, I just let it sink in.

I knew one hundred percent that Michael was right once again, and it was beginning to irritate me but I wouldn't blame him. That is how I felt. I wanted Chris back so badly, but I was just too scared of starting something with him that we might not be able to finish again. I didn't want to put myself or Alayah through anymore pain. I just wanted to live my life in peace.

"Look just think about things at least.. I'm gonna go and grab some food. I'll be back up in ten minutes to come and get you, okay?" He said as he walked backwards towards the elevator. I nodded watching him turn around to walk forward, back to me.

"You suck..." I whispered as I frowned, sad that he had figured me out. I was half inside of my head. I exhaled, getting rid of my thoughts about Chris for the time being. I knocked Paige's door three times softly before walking into her room.

<em>"The heart knows reason which reason does not know.."</em>

I hope its happiness.

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Tyson's POV

I woke up to a soft knock on the door. I cleared the sleep from my voice once I noticed that Michael had left the room. He left his phone with me, thankfully. I still really needed the music to relax my mind and pass the time.

"Come in." I said softly. I looked to the door and couldn't contain the smile as Analee and Joyce walked through the door. I looked up at the time on the clock and saw that it was going on 10:00am. <a href="">Analee</a> sped over to my bedside with a matching grin.

She had gotten so big in between the time we last saw each other.

"Look at you!" I said as I sat up straighter to hug her skinny frame. She was much more beautiful than I could remember.

Her curls had grown thicker and healthier and was out into a style I'm sure she had learned to do on her own. Her eyes still held light and purity in them and her skin seemed to be adapting gracefully to time as she aged.

I pulled gently on a loose curl, out of habit and tucked it behind her ear. I zoned in on her lobe when something caught my eye. She had a gold earring in the shape of a hummingbird.

"Love these." I said clicking her lobe lightly. She giggled and held her ear softly.

"Thanks." She said.

"She's had this thing with birds ever since she left here. It's her new favorite thing." Said Joyce as she walked over to the bed after resting her purse on the vacant couch. She bent over and placed a gentle kiss on my forehead before sweeping my bangs from my forehead.

"You okay?" She whispered as if she were trying to hide something in her voice. I smiled wide happy to have them in my presence.

"I'll be better when I get to walk around. Bed rest sucks." I sulked. She chuckled.

"Well I'm sure you'll be up in no time. You seem to be much better than how Chris described..I nearly had a heart attack worrying over you guys. I hear your friends got caught in that mess as well?" She said. I cringed at the mention of my friends.

"Yeah...I wish it were different. Mackenzie's in a coma." I said sadly, feeling the tears work themselves up, but I kept them in.

"Oh honey.." Cooed Joyce as she clutched my hand tight in hers.

"Sometimes, bad things happen to the best of's just the way life works. My mother used to tell me that it was God's way of prepping a soul, making it stronger so that they would know how to fight back without fear. Why? I'm not sure, neither was she, but I have faith and I know you do keep it, hold onto it tight...Mackenzie will wake up. She's just working on her own terms." Said Joyce as she looked into my eyes. I nodded taking in her words.

Such a wise woman.

"Tyson, I made you something..wanna see?" Asked Analee dealing her comfortable silence. I gleamed happily at her, nodding my head without hesitation. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a friendship bracelet made of embroidery string. I knew she had made it herself.

"Thank you so much Lee. It's so pretty! Can you put it on for me?" I smiled. She returned it and went to work on tying it around my wrist. I looked over to Joyce who stared lovingly back at me.

"You're gonna be a great mother Tyson." She smiled and rubbed my tummy gently.

"Thank you Mama Joyce." I said.

"Oh please baby, you have more than enough right to call me mama now. You've practically become one of my own in my heart..I hear it's a girl." She said unable to contain her excitement.

"That she is..we have a name too." I smiled in remembrance of Chris and I conversation.

"Already? That's great.--"

"What is it?" Asked Analee.

"Alayah Kelly Brown." I recited rubbing my tummy.

"You named her after Kelly! That's cool. I like it." Smiled Analee. I rubbed the back of her head as she rested a hand on my tummy as well.

Alayah's wasn't even born yet and she was already loved.

"I'm so happy for you both. It's time you start a family, you're both old enough, you've got your lives's time." She said. I smirked.

Even though Chris and I weren't together, it was comforting to know that I had a family with him always no matter what. I couldn't imagine having a child with another man.

"I'm sorry I couldn't hold onto him Mama." She looked knowingly at me as if she were hiding a smile.

"It's not you who couldn't hold on..Chris couldn't hold onto you and he's a fool for that, but I'm sure he knows that." She said clearly annoyed with Chris.

"I've raised an idiot child." She scolded to herself. I had to laugh at that.

"I could see it in your eyes though haven't given up. You both haven't. Not on each other at least." I went to reply to her when another knock was sound on the door.

Popularity at its finest.

"Come in." I said. In walked my doctor for the second check up of the day. I smiled at him ready for any news at all on mine and Alayah's health. I was desperately trying to get out of this bed.

"My, my Mrs. Kindle how popular you've grown in the last few hours." Said Richard as he strolled into the room with his charts in hand. He checked over my monitors, checked the time and came to stand by my side to help me swing my feet over the bed. I moved with ease though there was still a slight headache, but it was tolerable.

"So, how are we feeling now?" He asked. I smiled following his flashlight with my eye.

"Like I wanna get out of bed and walk around." I answered. He smirked before tucking his tiny flashlight into his white coat and standing up right.

"Well that sounds a good idea. A little walking around would get some well needed circulation going through your body." I grinned widely.

"You up for that?" He asked teasingly. I nodded quickly.

"Of course!" I almost yelled. With his help I hopped off of the bed.

"Uh sweetheart we're gonna get going. Analee needs a shower and a nap as do I. We just wanted to come and check on you. We'll be back later." Said Joyce. I smiled up at them and hugged an open armed Analee. Joyce kissed my cheek and they both left the room and soon it was just Richard and I. I eyed him curiously.

"So I feel rules coming on.--"

"An hour tops, normal pace, and someone needs to accompany you, you've still got some signs of mild concussion, so if you've got someone--"

"Knock, knock.." Said Michael as he walked into the room with a coffee. I pointed to him and Richard smirked nodding his head.

"I just came back for my phone, gotta call in Ben to cover my shift." Said Michael pointing to the phone in my hand.

"There's my ride." I gleamed showing all teeth, still looking at Michael who's face dropped and twisted into confusion as Richard and I had glued ours eyes on him.

I walked over to him slowly after shoving on my slippers and linked my arm with his. He looked down at me with a as look of confusion.

"You're out of bed." He said with awe in his voice. I smiled.

"And I'm walking." I smirked triumphantly at him as we walked through the door and out into the blank hallways.

I counted every step I took in my head, happy to feel the ground beneath my feet. Even though it hasn't even been a full day yet, it felt like forever since I've been out of bed.

"So where are we going?" Asked Michael as we strolled.

"Where is everyone else?" I asked.

"We'll Brooke, Jesse and Jeremiah are all with Kenz. You wanna go there?" He asked. I thought for a moment. I wanted to see her badly, but not when everyone else was around because I knew I'd be a wreck.

"Not yet. Can you take me to Paigey? Then I'll stop by Justin's room for a while?" I asked and smiled when Michael threw one back at me.

"Sure." He said sweetly.

Run It!!

Michael is one of those friends that everyone needs but can't seem to find. He's like a breath of fresh air. It sucks when the one who usually keeps it all together is the one hurting. I really hope Mack wakes up ASAP!

And thoughts thanks for expanding my library of music and introducing me to new artist. It's refreshing to hear something new.

Run it!

Aw, that was a beautiful chapter. RUN IT!



Probably one of my favorite adds just because Michael was in it AND the song I used for it. "A Real Hero" by College. Give it a listen while you read. It'll get to you. Love, love, love you guys. Sorry I haven't really been adding a lot. I've been working nonstop this week, but I'll be adding a bunch soon so, run it for me!
& give the song a listen! Mwuah!

Much Love.

forthoughtsake <3

Tyson's POV

"Man-girl you better calm down with all that cheatin' you got goin' on. Come correct when you playin' cards with me." Said Chris as he placed an Ace on top of my Jack. I chuckled hiding my grin behind my hand of cards. Chris had gone down to the gift shop to buy a deck to pass the time.

We were on our fifth game of president now, just passing the time as we waited for his mother to arrive. It was 7:00am in the morning and I was feeling a lot better with all the rest that I had taken. Chris hadn't left my side since he first came to see me. He slept right by my bedside at an awkward angle, sure not to bother his ribs. He worried me with his state, but I made sure not to nag him about it because I saw he had already gotten himself checked out, but still my mind ran with worry. Every time I looked into his eyes, I saw a man who would do anything for me, anything for the people he loved, a man who would die to protect his heart.

A man I couldn't help but love with everything running in me.

"Chris! Stop- that's cheating!" I swatted his hand away all the while hiding my hand from his eyes as he tried to reach for them, having this insane hunch that I was cheating when really I just played smart. We laughed and soon the laughter died down and I rested my cards onto the deck softly.

"I don't wanna play anymore." I smiled tired of playing.

"Aight, what you wanna do?" He asked packing the deck away and folding his hands together while his elbows supported them. I thought for a moment, shutting my eyes enjoying the darkness and then opened them again.

"Do you have any earphones on you?" I asked calmly. Chris eyed me knowingly until a small smirk appeared on his face.

"You feelin' jumpy?" He asked. I playfully rolled my eyes.

"It's been so long since I've actually stopped and closed my eyes and listened to art..I'm always so stuck on creating it with my fingers that I forgot how it feels to just hear it..and with everything that's been happening and since I can't use spray paint and you know spray paint is my main tool..I just wanna take a minute I don' I sound stupid?--"

"Nah Mags you know if anyone understands it's me. I feel the exact same way except its the other way around...I need to pick up a paintbrush and put down my pencil. Writing music ain't the same as paintin' lines in color you know?" Said Chris.I noted the longing in his voice. He eased up carefully on his side to pull something out of his left pocket.

"I think that would be a great idea. I could tell you miss it." I said with a smile. He groaned as he pulled out what looked like his iPhone earphones.

"I got you, Mags. Imma go see if they got any iPod's out there." He smirked. I took them from his rough hands able to see the dirt under his nails. I frowned.

"You need to take a shower Chris..and you need to go and get something to eat." I advised.

"Nah I'm not hungry-What? I stink?" I giggled as he rose his arms up to sniff his armpits. His nose scrunched up in disgust. He stood to his feet slowly, grabbing onto his ribs.

"Yeah, get outta here." I waved him off.

"Hold ya breath." He smirked as he reached down to peck my forehead. I laughed and watched as he retreated to the door.

"Imma come right back. If mama comes just tell her I ran home to pick up some stuff. Imma stop by the crib and pick up some clothes for you too. You want any food while I'm out? I know you aint 'bout this grandma food." He said wrinkling his nose again.

"I could go for a burger from Rodney's." I said. He smiled opening the door.

"Aight. Don't go nowhere." He said. I nodded and watched make his way out. Before the door shut I caught him sniffing his armpit again.

"Damn." He whispered unbelievably to himself. I laughed out loud.

I waited patiently for an iPod to come my way, mentally cursing Daniel's soul for crushing my phone with all of my music. I needed something to help ease my mind for the time being. I wasn't strong enough to visit Mackenzie and Paige yet so I was stuck in this room.

"Stupid Daniel." I breathed.

A soft knock was sound at the door causing my head to snap up in attention. I sighed not really in the mood for company.

"Come in." I answered gently.

In walked <a href="">Michael</a>, looking heavier than usual. I knew he was dying inside with everything that's happened. His girlfriend was in a coma and his best friends were being hospitalized right along with her. I felt for him and hated the pain in his eyes. Regardless, I was glad it was him walked through the door.

His company, I could stand right now.

"You up?" He asked with the smirk I had grown to love. It was one that brought comfort and warmth into my soul, and any moment it appeared on his face it made things a little better.

"As up as I'll ever be for the next few hours." I spoke with a dry smirk. He smiled sideways showing some of his teeth and took a seat in the spot where Chris once was. He looked over to my lap seeing the earphones without a device. He reached into his pocket and held up his iPhone in his hand.

"Someone told me you were in dire need of some melodic meditation." He said knowingly. I laughed.

"Chris said 'melodic'?" I asked in suspicion. He rolled his eyes.

"Okay maybe he didn't say it like that, but regardless, I'm at your service." He responded plugging the earphones into his phone. I smiled as he moved eyeing his face.

"You look tired." I said softly. He scoffed playing with a bud.

"Understatement." He whispered. I knew he was scared and exhausted, and it was killing me to see him that way, so I knew to do my best at avoiding the subject.

"I need a good song. It's been a while since I listened to words. Any suggestions?" I asked genuinely interested in what he would request. Michael and Mackenzie shared the same taste in music along with myself. He owned a record store not to far away from the parlor. He always had music for me to listen to.

"I think I have something." He smirked scrolling down his list of songs. I smiled as he offered me an ear bud and took it with ease, sticking it into my right ear. He went to pass me the other, but I moved my hand to stop him.

"You look like you could use some words too.." I smirked. He eyed me before dropping his head in defeat for a moment and picking it back up in a hurry to accept the bud from my hand. He stuck it in his ear and waited for my go to press play. I looked down at the screen to read the title of the song.

"A Real Hero? By College and Electric Youth? Never heard of em'." I said with a puzzled face. Michael looked at me like I had two heads.

"You've never watched Drive?" He asked. I shook my head gently.

"Nah." I said genuinely confused about what he was talking about. He scoffed in disbelief, but a smile played at his lips.

"You sweetheart, are missin' out. Best. Soundtrack. Ever." He said. I chuckled and readied myself for the song. I laid my head back in the pillows and shut my eyes tight waiting for the music to play but it never came. I opened my eyes to find Michael staring at me with a lost look in his eyes.

"I'm glad you're okay." He spoke.

The sadness behind his eyes was troubling. All I wanted was to hold his soul.

"Do this with me.." I said and watched as he pulled his seat up closer to my bed and pressed play after situating himself.

I listened as the sound swam through the ear bud and into my head, smiling immediately as the relaxation spread through me. The song was about five seconds in when Michael rested his chin on top of his folded hands. He looked directly into the sheet spread over my thigh counting the tiny threads before shutting his eyes, letting the music takeover the center of his mind that was currently working the worry throughout his body.

I followed suit with a smile, thanking God for bringing him into my life.

Michael's taste in music along with his friendship, never failed me.

<em>"And you have proved to be, a real human being..and a real hero.."</em>

aww that was awww
man it sure aint gonna be easy to get rid of that contract and his fans are gona be so upset :/
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so glad he got to let all of that out.. he needed that! he needs to get them ribs checked out too RUN IT