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Chris Brown Breaks Parole

Okay so those of you who I told I had a bf for some time. He already told his mom & now I'm about to tell should I???


Ehhh fix his fave meal..
Men are weak for food

My parents are mad at each other right now XD

Have your mom with you? Lol

Mmm, Puerto Rican niggas can get it all day!!!

My mom was cool with it :D she said as long as we sit haven sex. But it's kinda hard to resist his Puerto Rican ass XD lol jk Im way maturer than that. in not easily tempted.but now I have to tell my papa o.0

Be Real ..
Don't overthink it, just go in with confidence and pride in your relationship.

Oh dang. I'm more than sure your parents aint gone be cool with the age difference but if you reaaallllllyyyyyy like him and you see the relationship going further then I'm sure they'll be happy for you. But if yall relationship is fine and theres no complications wih your parents not knowing (which I'm sure there is) then let it stay the way it is.

Isn't your boyfriend like 20+ ?? And your 16 right? Lawddddd I'm praying

How old are you???