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Diary of an Athlete's Woman


ha ha i was right yay me ..... Run it

im happy she confides in chris
he can at least tell her what her eyes fail to see
what ever her choice is i sure hope she doesnt have a hint of regret
i dont know which choice I'm leanin on what i hope will happen whether she keeps the baby or not or if she stays with shad or not
but i do agree with chris he needs a reality check..
run it!

Run it

Kayla's Pov
To be honest I wasn't ready for a child, especially with Shad. I sighed as Shad was in excitement, to be honest I thinks he's trying to trap me. I have no clue when we had sex or if it was consensual; Shad could tell that I wasn't excited so he put me down.

"Are you okay?" he asked. I shook my head and wiped a few tears away from my cheek, I knew this wasn't like me as Shad mood began to shift. "Do you want to keep it?" he asked. Truly I didn't so, I shrugged my shoulders and laid down, Shad rubbed my belly and started sighing.

"It's your child also" I said. Shad laid next to me on the bed and grabbed my hands, he started into my eyes while playing with my hair; "I want to know why? Why did you fake this whole relationship?" I asked.

"I just wanted the past, I know I made horrible decisions but I love you and only you....Roxanne was just in the picture to get you off my mind; Even though I broke your heart numerous of times, I just want everything to be perfect, listen to me; I'm trying to be the man you want" Shad said.

'But you're not the man I need" I said; Shad became a little upset as I said those words but he understood where I was coming from. Shad laid his head on my chest as he told me his life story. I rolled my eyes because I already knew where this conversation was leading to; I wish I could change time, I did love Shad but I wanted a complete fresh start in this relationship.

"We can have a fresh start, Like let's start the whole relationship over" he said. I got up and sighed because I couldn't, life doesn't work like that I thought.

"Life doesn't hand you fresh starts, I mean yes I am having your child but what about Caine? and Roxanne?" I asked. Shad grabbed my hands and kissed them, he smiled and told me to relax, "Obviously they were not suppose to be in the picture, This baby could bring us back together" he said. I had no idea how to tell everyone, I felt a little sick to my stomach and I rushed out of the room and ran towards the door, I hopped into my car and rushed out of Shad's house. I had no idea where to go but I saw Chris' exit coming up and I drove off the highway to see him.

Chris' Pov
I heard someone knocking on the door as I placed Maurice to sleep, he wasn't ready to go to bed, so I decided to hold him and let him stay up a little latter as I open the door. I was surprised to see Kayla, I haven't seen here since the whole Shad incident.

"I'm pregnant" she said.

"What? Is Shad the father?" I asked. Kayla teared up as we sat on the couch, I kissed her forehead and continued holding her as she broke down.

"I didn't know it would be like this Chris.....I mean me and Shad are working on our relationship but I don't know if he'll really change.

"Come on, He really does love you but he needs a reality check" I said.

.... well tough love -__-
im so disappointed kayla supposed to be a strong independent women and her actions are of a girl
get it together
run it

Ok run it

Kayla's Pov
I couldn't look at Shad anymore, for some strange reason I felt nauseous and rushed towards the bathroom as Shad followed me, I pushed him away as he tried coming closer.

"Leave me alone" I said. Shad sucked his teeth and continued walking towards the bedroom, I brushed my teeth and laid on the bed as Shad rubbed my back. He kissed the back of my neck, while rubbing my back.

"Did your period come on?" he asked. I shrugged my shoulders at him as I answered his question, Shad pulled me closer towards him and continued comforting me, "We always talked about starting a family" he said. I rolled my eyes because I didn't remember spending anytime with him but everyone around me told me that he did love me and no one else. Shad got on top of me and started kissing me, I tried pushing him off but he became a little more aggressive.

"I'm not having a baby without a marriage" I said.

"Then let's get married" he said.

"Really? You just got divorce.....THE HELL SHAD!" I flipped, suddenly I remember what happen that day, I started freaking out, "YOU f***ING BEAT THE s*** OUT OF ME!" I screamed. Shad tried comforting me but I pushed him away, "I SWEAR TO GO IF IM PREGNANT!" I screamed. Shad pushed me down onto the bed and got onto his knees, he pleaded with me to take him back and etc.

"I have been going to therapy, I know I have anger issues but I'm working on it" he said. I still loved Shad and I believe it was a fresh start so I decided to let Shad back into the picture.

"One condition, If i'm pregnant...we're working on our relationship" I said. Shad kissed me on the lips and rubbed my belly, He rushed towards the drug store for pregnancy tests, this man was extremely excited as he forced me to take 4 tests. As I stared at the clock for 10 minutes, I felt my heart sank as I heard the timer ringing, I struggled to get up and saw the sticks saw positive. I turned around to see Shad with joy and excitement as it was proven that I was pregnant. I smiled as I felt my feet lift from the floor as Shad was in joy.

ut oh he may have messed her up too bad and thats why she sick. if not her body know the truth or she preggers again
Run it

hmm could be a way to get chris and her together :D?
that scene was hella funny her fighting Roxanne and punching shad
lil chick thought she was gona pound on kayla no no ur a*s got handled
Shad u sick smh
u need help
and someone need to expose ur abusive a*s
run it

Run it

Kayla's Pov
Shad decided to grabbed me into the bedroom as he started yelling in my face.

"YOU STUPID b****! I SWEAR I WILL f***ING KILL YOU" he said as he held his hand around my neck. "YOU REALLY THOUGHT I CARED ABOUT YOU! I STILL WANT TO f*** THAT'S ALL I TRULY WANT b****! I DIDN'T CARE ABOUT YOU AT ALL I JUST LIKE YOUR PUSSY! FIRST OF ALL I DO CARE ABOUT ROXANNE AND YOU f***ING RUIN MY MARRIAGE YOU STUPID b****, I CAN'T BELIEVE I ACTUALLY DATED YOU....GO TO YOUR LITTLE BOYFRIEND RAY...OH WAIT HE LEFT YOUR DUMB ASS FOR VEGAS b****!" he yelled. I had enough of Shad's antics, I tried getting up but he wouldn't let me. "NO YOU'RE NOT GOING ANYWHERE! STAY HERE b****!" he screamed. Shad eyes became hazed with redness as he grabbed my hair and pulled me into the closet. "YOU SEE THIS s***! LOOK AROUND b**** YOU'RE A f***ING EX-GIRLFRIEND, WE DON'T BELONG TOGETHER...I DON'T MARRY HOES!" he said. Shad started kicking me in the stomach and slapping me in the face. I lost my strength as Shad's bodyweight stood in front of me, I started breathing extremely heavily as he sat on my chest; tears were flowing from my eyes as he continued shaking me until I felled unconscious. I tried fighting back with all my might but when I saw blackness my arms felled to the floor. I finally woke up extremely sore and couldn't remember a thing, I looked around to see me in a <a href="">bedroom</a> with bandages.

"Where am I?" I asked myself looking around and seeing if anyone was here. "Hello, Is anyone here?" I asked. I heard the sinking running and I went into the <a href="">kitchen</a>. The male figure was making some pasta and I struggle to walk as I wonder who was the male in front of me, suddenly <a href="">he</a> turned around.

"Oh s***" he said as he dropped the plate on the floor. "You scared me" he said.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Like you came behind me without saying anything" he replied. The handsome guy smiled at me and felt my wrists "Are you okay?" he asked.

"Yeah just a little sore....I have no idea what happen" I said. He was shocked and smiled as he kissed me.

"You don't remember? You were in a car accident sweetie" he said as he continued kissing me. "You were on the way to see me and a drunk drive blindsided didn't go to the hospital but went to urgent care and they said you were okay" he said.

"Who are you?" I asked.

"I'm your boyfriend...Shad" he said. "The doctors did say you were going to forget a few things" he replied.

**3 Weeks Later**

Shad and I were apparently in a relationship for a couple of years and everything was going great he said. Shad was sweet and gentle so I understood why I was with him. I was apparently taking a break from styling but I still received a monthly paycheck from my studio and agency. Shad also said I had my own place but rarely slept there so I mainly was with him 24/7. I enjoyed spending time but something felt different as we went out to eat in this sophisticated italian restaurant. Shad told me to wear something fancy so I grabbed this beautiful white gown that was in my closet. Shad was dressed up and told me that it was something special he wanted to surprised me with.

"You look beautiful" as he held my chair out.

"Thanks" I said, I sighed as he sat in the booth.

"What's wrong honey?" he asked.

"I'm just tired...I cleaned around the house and exercise but something felt weird" I said.

"What you mean?" he questioned.

"Wel......" I was cut off my this <a href="">guy</a> staring at me.

"Excuse me I have to go to the bathroom" I said as I got up. I turned around to see the man following me.

"What do you want?" I asked.

"Why are with him? I thought you guys were through" he said.

"I don't know what you're talking about...I love him" I said. "Who are you?" I asked.

"I'm Chris're friend from high school...Did you lose your memory?" he said sarcastically. I couldn't say anything to him but he knew I did. "WHAT! You lost your memory?" he asked.

"Yes, I did now what the hell is going on?" I asked.

"You and Shad aren't together...he left you for another woman...I'm trying t....Are you okay?" he asked. I felt nauseous to my stomach and rush towards the bathroom, I started throwing up as my heart continued to race. I didn't know what was going on but I started feeling a little dizzy. "Look just play it cool and try to leave him tomorrow morning" Chris said as he help me regain my balance. I went towards Shad and sat in the booth, my heart continued racing as I took a sip of my wine.

"You don't look so good...I can ask for the food to go" he said.

"Yes..please do that...Can I wait in the car?" I asked.

"Yes, just hold on as I order the food" he replied. I waited for him to order the food and receive it to go, I got up as he signed the check and helped me towards the car. I sat in the car as he drove home in silence. As we pulled up in front of his home..I continued walking towards the bedroom but my lost my balance as I went towards the steps.

Lol hell naw run it

Shad's Pov
Roxanne and I pulled in front of the <a href="">resort</a>. It was really beautiful but seeing Roxanne really irk my nerves, she had on this trashy swimsuit that barely covered her body. I hated when she tried to be sexy, Roxanne idea of sex appeal was leave little to knowledge while Kayla's was different. She understood sex appeal and made me imagine what she wore underneath.

"Let's go to the bar...I been craving a sex on the beach" she said as she dragged me towards the bar. I wasn't really paying any attention but those words replayed in my head. We ordered our drinks to our room because I was a little horny and tired. I started whispering things in her ear as I continued rubbing my crotch as she started moaning in my ear.

"Come annihilate this pussy" she said.

"Will do" I replied. As I tried laying her down, the hotel servant knocked on our door.

"Room service" he said.

"Hold on" I told Roxanne. I got up and walked towards the door, I grabbed the drinks and sat them on the counters as I gave the servant a tip.

"Thank you Mr. Johnson" he said. I smiled and closed the door but seeing Roxanne something felt funny in my stomach. I handed her her drink but I remembered something she told me. "You're pregnant" I said.

"What? I'm no......" she was caught up in her lie. I smacked her as she felled towards the bed.


"She didn't want your don't need're a football star that deserves a girl like me...we're made for each other; athletes and women built like me are meant to be" she said. "I did lied but I had a reason to" she continued. I pushed her away and I threw my ring at her, I laid on the bed but she tried getting on top of me.

"Get off of" I said. "If you still want this marriage, I suggest you get off of me and let me have my alone time" I said. Roxanne got off of me and sighed. She slammed the door and I jumped up and ran towards the door; "SLAM THIS f***ING DOOR AGAIN!" I yelled as she continued wobbling down the hall.

Kayla's Pov
I woke up to a massive headache and a number of text messages and voicemails from Roxanne. I thought it was about the wedding but this girl was threatening because of Shad. This girl is so lucky she's pregnant because I would beat the f*** out of her. I decided to call Sami and tell her what Roxanne had sent me.

"This b**** is really trying me" I said.

"What? I can't believe she's mad about you Shad...she's the married one" Sami replied.

"That's what I'm saying" I shouted. "She's f***ing with the wrong one" I continued.

"What are you going to do?" Sami asked.

"I'm going to call Shad and ask her why is she leaving messages and voicemails on my phone..she has nothing to worried about, I don't want his ass" I replied.

"Well let me how that goes" Sami said "I'll call you later" she said. I felt rage come over my body and I had to let Shad know to handle his girl. I dialed Shad's number and he answered in a pissed yet surprised voice.

"Kayla?" he asked.

"Shad get you girl" I said.

"What you mean "get my girl"?" he asked.


"Calm down...Roxanne isn't pregnant" he said.

"Well you have two choices handle your b**** or she gets her ass whooped" I said.

"My b****? You calling my wife a b****" he said.

"Oh now she's your wife...WELL TELL YOUR WIFE TO STOP CALLING ME OR SHE'S GETS THAT ASS f***ED UP!" I yelled.

"Man that girl isn't my wife...I'm getting the marriage annulled" he said.

"Well tell the b**** to not dial my number anymore unless it's business" I said as I hung up on Shad.

"Stupid b****" I said to myself. I felt my phone ringing and I knew it was Shad.


"Is this a bad time?" A man asked on the other line.

"Who's this?" I asked.

"Amir? Chris' neighbor" he said.

"Oh hey...what's up" I asked.

"Is something bothering you?" He asked.

"Not really...its really personal" I said.

Shad's Pov
I felt angry because Roxanne was driving a wedge between me and Kayla. I rushed towards the pool and snatched Roxanne over my shoulders.

"Oh papi I like this" she said.

"Shut up" I told her. I threw her against the bed and smacked her. "You threatening Kayla?" I asked. She started laughing really.

"Really you're going to put your hands on me" she said.

"You really don't know who you're messing with" I said. "Keep doing you're a grown ass woman" I continued.

"I am and I f***ed your cousin" she said.

"Really?" I asked. "This relationship is over" I said.

"Well can we atleast have sex?" She said. I sighed and laid her down as I continued handling my business.

Roxanne and I were doing our own things while on vacation, she made a few friends mostly girls and let me enjoy a little few sessions. I received a text from Kayla and I couldn't be more happier.

"I'm coming over" she said.

"When?" I asked.

"Today...just let the b**** know" she said. I laughed because seeing Roxanne and Kayla fight was going to be hilarious, to be honest I never saw Kayla fight but I had a feeling Roxanne might have the upper hand on this one...Roxanne would always fight in the club so I knew Roxanne had hands...Kayla was too pretty to fight, she would be worried about Roxanne touching her face.

"Kayla's waiting on you" I said before we pulled into my neighborhood. Roxanne removed her earrings and pulled her hair into a ponytail.

"I'm ready for the b****" she said. As we pulled up I saw Kayla and her friend Sami standing outside, Roxanne jumped out the car screaming at Kayla "Y'all tryna jump me?" she asked.

"No b****....she's here to see a fight" Kayla replied. Kayla wasn't dressed to fight she had on leggings and a t-shirt with sandals. No rings or anything, Kayla was just chilling..Roxanne on the other hand was jumping in her face.

"DO SOME....." Roxanne was cut off by Kayla's punch, Roxanne tried grabbing Kayla's hair but Kayla had the upper hand on this one. Roxanne grabbed Kayla by her hair and slammed her towards the ground as they were rolling over, Kayla kept punching Roxanne in the nose as Roxanne grabbed her hair. Suddenly Roxanne was on the bottom and Kayla kept socking her in the face, I was surprised because I never seen Kayla fight. I mean she had a temper but I thought it was for show, I was in a dazed until Roxanne started screaming for her to stop. "SHAD HELP!!" she said. I bent over and tried breaking them up but somehow they were up again, I tried getting in the middle but Kayla still threw punches, suddenly I was getting socked in the face by her as Roxanne tried jumping over me. I tried breaking it again by picking up Kayla but she socked me in the nose, I finally broke up the fight as Sami hold Kayla back, lastly I felt blooding dripping from my nose. Roxanne grabbed her bags and got into her car, she threw her wedding ring at me as she held ice unto her face. "I'm done" she said and drove off.

"Stupid b****" Kayla said.

"You made my nose bleed" I said.

"Shouldn't have jumped into a fight" she responded. "b**** made my knuckle bleed" she said as Kayla walked into my house.

"MY NOSE IS BLEEDING!" I screamed.

i dont like shad wife she urks me with all her hatred and jealousy towards a person she barely knows and she hella scandalous
i wonder when shad will find out
aww so i guess chris and kayla wont be the couple in this story
now that is new
as for ole dude
i hope he ready for kayla
run it

Chris' Pov
"Ummm Chris I think Maurice need us for a minute" Kayla said.

"He's sleep" I said.

"No he's not check the monitor" she replied. I tried looking but she grabbed my into the baby's room. I see that Maurice is moving around in his crib and Kayla decided to hold him. "Really? You could've at least told me he was coming" she said. I shrugged my shoulders and continued patting on my son's back.

"Look...You and Amir are compatible together" he said. "Besides all guys aren't a major fail..its just the guys you meet. They have success but the maturity when it comes to" I said. She look at me and smiled. "That's why we never worked a lot of people want us together but Kayla now you know me and you couldn't be together" I said.

"Chris I know that but I don't kno...." I cut her off and told her

"Oh my gosh....give the boy a chance..." I said.

"FINE! I'll give him one opportunity....if I don't like him then no" she said. Kayla walked out while holding my son and started talking to him. Maurice could only say gibberish but she still talked to him.

"Can we talk?" Amir asked.

"Yeah...I don't care" Chris said.

"Is that her?" Amir asked.

"Yeah..why?" I asked.

"I don't know she seems to have a lot of baggage" Amir replied...."Like something a little off with her vibe right now" he continued. I laughed and told her everything was fine. "Like she just walked past girl has done that" Amir said.

"She's not like those hoes you f***ed said you want to settle down right?" I asked.

"I mean yeah but i don't know if I'm ready" he said.

"Well look you said you wanted to talk to her and she's here so you might as well approach her" I Said.

"But how do you approach a woman?" I asked.

"Just play with the's grabs girls' attention" I said.

"But I like sex...and she'll probably make me wait" Amir replied. I patted him on the shoulders and told him she will but it will be worth it. "She's your ex though" Amir Said.

"From high school...we're friends and I don't care....I got a girl" I said. Amir got up and checked himself in the mirror..."You're good" I said. Amir left and I got up to see how they were doing

Amir's Pov
I saw Maurice grabbing Kayla's necklace, she tried having him let go but Maurice tried putting it in his mouth.

"Hey let me help you" I said as I grabbed Maurice. Maurice wanted to go back into Kayla's arms but she was busy trying to take her necklace off. I placed Maurice in his playpen and help Kayla removed her necklace. Maurice realized that his aunty wasn't holding him and started crying. "You want your aunty back?" I said as I started talking to him. Maurice smiled as I started having a conversation with him as I picked him up. "He's love you" I told her. Maurice stretched out to Kayla and she grabbed onto him, Maurice laid on her chest as she started rocking him to sleep. "He likes big breasts" she said while laughing. I agreed with him because Chris' girl had a similar shape to hers but Kayla's butt was bigger. Maurice tried latching onto her breasts which made Kayla and I burst in laughter.

"No child...I don't have milk in there" she laughed. "He's don't mind holding him?" she asked me.

"Sure" I said as she placed Maurice in my arms. "What's Chris doing...he has us in here babysitting" I said. Kayla went into the bedroom to see Chris knocked out sleep. "Is he sleep?" I asked. She shook her head and tried fixing Maurice a bottle. She handled me the bottle and told me to tell Chris that she was about to go. "Wait" I said.

"Yeah?" she asked.

" don't mind if I can have your number?" I asked.

"Yeah..." she said as she wrote her number down on a sheet of paper. "Bye my little adorable baby" she said as she kissed Maurice on his forehead.

Shad's Pov
The wedding was finally over as Roxanne and I continued getting ready for the honeymoon. I grabbed our suitcases and continued walking towards the limo but I felt someone calling my phone. I look up to see Kayla's number popping up.

"Girl...I met this fine ass guy" she said.

"Hello?" I replied.

"Oh s***" she said.

"Ka...." she hung up on me. I guess she thought she was dialing Sami's number but it was mine. Our numbers were very similar so she thought it was Sami, but hearing the guy she was talking about made my blood boil. I wanted to smack the living s*** out of her for telling but that but I decided to calm down as Roxanne approached me.

"Babe when are we leaving?" she asked.

"Now if you'll get into the car" I said.

"Oh okay...I talked to Rose and he's interested in Amber" she said. I rolled my eyes and started getting annoyed by Roxanne's whining.

"I'm a little tired and this is a 2 hour drive so you don't mind me taking a little nap" I said.

"Oh okay" she said. Roxanne laid her head on my lap and I decided to close my eyes.

serectly i hope chris and kayla fall for eachother again
in the meantime caine needs to f off with his abusive self
as for shad he really is dumb falling for the trap
and i feel for kayla seem like every dude a fail for her
i hope she finds happiness
run it

Kayla's Pov contd.
I rolled my eyes as Caine asked me that question but he grabbed me as soon as I tried walking away from him. Caine slammed me into the wall and stared into my eyes, He look angry but I had no idea what to say.

"I'm going to need you to stop playing with me" he said.

"Get off of me" I replied as I tried pushing him off. Caine grabbed a grip of my hair and started whispering in my ear.

"You're going to see a side of me that you'll truly hate...if you keep f***ing with me then I'll show you how I can be" he said. Caine kissed me on the forehead and grabbed my hand. "Come on we're going to dance" he continued. Caine lead me to the dance floor and I saw Shad tightening his jaw. They were playing a slow jam so me and Caine were up-close to each other. "I'm sorry for showing you that's just you're so different than other women" he said.

"I get that a lot" I said. I still wanted some more to drink and Caine had Roxanne come up to him with one of her friends.

"Excuse me Kayla..Caine this is one of my friends that I have told you about...Amber" she said. Roxanne looked at me up and down in envy, I didn't know what the girl had against me...I was on Shad's d*** so she had nothing to worried about.

"Hello" she said.

"Roxanne, I'm not interested in one of your friends...I'm not a sponsor" he said. I decided to walk back towards the bar and drink my sorrows away. I looked around to see Dustin but I guess he had left already, I sighed as I asked for a Pina Colada and started sipping it slowly. I heard a coughed behind me and I turned around to see Shad.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"Do you want me to be single forever?" I asked.

"What do you mean?" he said confused.

"Like you had Roxanne approached Caine with some groupie?!" I said as I whispered.

"Look, I'm still in love with you and seeing another guy treat you the way I should've makes my blood boil" he said. I rolled my eyes and started sipping my drink again. Shad grabbed me by the arm and forced me to turned around having the drink spill over my <a href="">dress</a>.

"Really Shad?" I said. I had enough of his bulls*** and I grabbed my bag and headed out. Shad turned around to see if anyone was looking and he decided to chase after me.

"Wait....Kayla" he said as I got into my <a href="">car</a>.

"What?!" I screamed at him.

"Roxanne is pregnant...I'm only married to her because she's pregnant" he said.

"REALLY! ARE YOU f***ING SERIOUS?!?" I said as I jumped out the car. She smacked me and I turned to her too see tears streaming from her face. "I WAS f***ING PREGNANT BUT YOU KILLED OUR BABY! YOU'RE f***ING TEMPER TANTRUM CAUSED ME A MISCARRIAGE!! I HOPE YOU HAVE A WONDERFUL TIME WITH HER BECAUSE I DESERVE A MAN OF BETTER WORTH!!! f*** YOU SHAD...I f***ING HATE YOU YOU STUPID b****!" I said as I started hitting him.

Shad's Pov
I let her use all her anger against me. She had the right to be mad...I wanted to kiss her on the face but I knew it was the wrong place and time. She had enough and opened the door for her car. I removed the ring from my finger.

"Please Kayla take me back" I said as I got on my knees.

"NO! LEAVE ME ALONE!" she screamed.

"Please I promise everything will change...I miss you too much baby" I said as I started playing with her hair.

"GIVE ME MY CHECK !" she screamed.

"It's inside" I said.

"THEN GET IT!" she yelled.

"Come on" I begged. She sighed and wiped her tears and continued walking behind for her check. I walked past Roxanne and her friend who were all over Caine. He was enjoying the attention until he saw Kayla..his face changed as she walked past him without even noticing him. We went into the back and I gave her the check for $5,000. She turned around and continued walking towards outside the venue and towards her car. I tried following her but Caine stopped her, she pushed him off and said "Leave me alone". Amber started laughing and Roxanne knew exactly what she was doing. I grabbed her by the arm and ask her what the hell was going on.

"I don't like the b****" she said as she referred to Kayla.

"So you're going to ruin her and Caine's relationship?" I asked.

"I don't care...I don't like her and I want her to be miserable" she continued. Roxanne rolled her eyes and flipped her hair "I'm the married one with a she is the loser" she said. I had enough of her bulls*** and walk towards my teammates.

Kayla's Pov
I had to see Chris and tell him everything about my life so far. Chris and his new girlfriend recently had a boy named <a href="">Maurice</a>. I knocked on the door to see little Maurice standing next to his daddy.

"Hi my little love" I said as I picked him up. "How is aunty's favorite nephew?" I asked. Maurice smiled at me as I started kissing his little face.

"How was the wedding?" Chris asked.

"It was Shad being all jealous and Roxanne is just a evil, spoiled brat" I said. "Like he told me that the only reason they're married is because she's pregnant" I said.

"She's lying...Roxanne is not pregnant, her and her friends were at the club drinking last week" Chris said.

"Well I don't know how dumb Shad can be" I said. Maurice started laughing and making silly faces at me. "Did you're daddy teach you to make that face?" I asked him while I was rocking him to sleep.

"Well I don't know...I mean I have a friend that you should meet" Chris said.

"No blind dates" I said.

"He's not crazy or anything...he's a real cool dude besides you guys seem perfect for each other" Chris said.

"No" I told him.

"Look...You're a beautiful girl who deserves better, I cheated on you but at least I admitted to my mistakes but Shad he's just mad because he lost you...besides I'm a perfect matchmaker" he said.

"Then why are you single?" I Asked.

"Because these hoes aren't loyal" he said. I started laughing as Maurice was fast asleep, I kissed his son on the forehead as I laid him down in his crib. "My little man is going to understand" he con tuned. "Come one Kayla give <a href="">Amir</a> a chance.

"No...I don't know him" I said.

"Well you're going to meet him anytime soon....We're watching the game in five minutes" Chris said. I jumped up and tried to leave but Chris grabbed me...I ran towards the door but someone started knocking.

"ITS OPEN!" Chris yelled.

"What's up man?" Amir said as he walked in. I'm sorry but that man was gorgeous...I paused and started getting a little nervous. "This must be Kayla" he asked.

i wonder if shad dream will come true her and dustin getting married?
thats hella interesting
run it

Dustin's Pov
The reception was beginning and me and Kayla were seated at the bar. We were telling stories of our past relationships and everything was going well. I started smiling at her because she was beautiful and I could tell the alcohol was starting to affect her body.

"Reminder, There is a buffet style dinner that's held in the dining hall" the host said.

"Oh we almost forgotten about the dinner section" Kayla said. "The food is really good, I know the owners good friend of mine" she said. I held her hand as she stumbled around while wearing her heels.

"You need help?" I asked.

"Just someone to help me walk straight" she replied. I was glad to help her walk straight, we turned around to see a few kids sitting in the c**ktail hour section, the other adults were drunk. As I grabbed her hand and continued walking her to the dinning hall, I heard music being played and it was a twerk song.

"Oh my gosh that's my song" she said. Kayla grabbed my hands and led me into the hall. The bride and groom were going around greeting people. I held her hand a little tighter as I saw Shad, Kayla was too tipsy to pay any attention but we found two chairs at an empty table. As she took a sip of water I heard a familiar voice behind me; it was Shad and Roxanne.

"Hey Dustin" she said.

"Congrats on the wedding" I replied.

"Thanks....KAYLA!" he said surprised.

"Oh hello Shad...I love the wedding" she slurred

"You're drunk" he said.

"Well of course...I planned the wedding for my ex-fiance" she said. "You didn't think at all I would be a little drunk" she said while laughing.

"DUhhhhh" I said. She looked at me and we burst out in laughter.

"Can we talk?" Shad asked.

"Yeah" I said. I got up and followed him into the bathroom. "What's up?" I asked as we were alone in the bathroom.

"Leave her alone" Shad said.

"Why?" I asked.

"She's mine" he replied.

"Oh whatever're mad because she's giving me attention besides I don't want her I'm just being married my ex" I said.

"Oh whatever...Roxanne cheated on you besides she's pregnant which is why this wedding is going on" he replied. "To be honest you can have her...I know you're still in love with her...admit it, you love the gold digger" he continued.

"Who's the dumbass that's married to her?" I questioned. "That's right you....well you don't mind me, Kayla and i are going to continued our little conversation" I said. Suddenly Shad slammed me into the wall but I sucker punch him in the process..."You're lucky it is your wedding day" I said. I adjusted my shirt and went back towards Kayla, this male was holding her hand but she was too drunk to pay any attention.

"Hey....Wedding buddy Dustin" she said.

"Hey" I laughed, I sat down near her as the male continued looking into her eyes.

"Caine can you be a creep in private?" she asked.

"Can we talk?" he asked.

" have my number now you can leave....I know Shad called you" she said. The guy got up and sucked his teeth while leaving. Kayla turned around in my direction.

"I guess Shad is mad" she said.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Because he had that look on his face" she continued. I saw my mother and she motioned me to come over.

"I have to speak to my mom" I said.

"I feel a little sick, so I'll be in the bathroom" she said.

Kayla's Pov
I had to throw up, mixing white and brown was a bad idea. I started puking my brains out as the alcohol upset my stomach. I was finally felt better and started rinsing my mouth with water as I got up I saw Caine behind me.

"Are you serious?" he asked.

"About?" I replied

"Us..." he said. Caine walked closer to me and started rubbing my inner thighs, the mix of alcohol and hoariness lead to the wetness that Caine developed. I was breathing harder as Caine knew he had me in his arms. Caine grabbed his d*** and asked me if I wanted it. I looked down to see his baby arm stiffening in his pants. I knew he would destroyed my pussy but I had to calm my hormones down.

"When you're going to be mines?" he asked.

** 10 Months Later **
Shad's Pov
I couldn't believe it was the day of my wedding. I really did feel in love with Roxanne over the months but something didn't sit right in my stomach. I went towards my boys and told them how I started to feel.

"<a href="">Rose</a> I don't know if I can do this." I said.

"What do you mean?" he asked "I thought you love her" he continued.

"I do but is it the right thing" I asked.

"Ughh...Look it's too late can run off but you're going to be in the tabloids so I suggest you just get it over with" he replied. "Is Kayla here?" Rose asked.

"Man why are you on her? She has a boyfriend" I responded.

"Oh, I was just trying to help you out because she could be an influence with your decision" he said.

"I will always love her but I don't know....I had a dream she was with my <a href="">cousin</a> Dustin.

"Well who knows maybe she will" Rose said.

"He isn't man enough for her" I said.

"You can't say anything....but whatever happens happens" he said. I shrugged my shoulders and continued getting ready but I felt a little nervous with this decision.

Dustin's Pov
I had no idea why he was getting married to this whore. She left me for a man with money because I lost my job and couldn't support her financially....she really had the nerve to leave me for another man especially my cousin. Shad and I wasn't really close due to females...they would use me for him and he enjoyed it. I sighed as I found a seat next to my mother and her new-boyfriend. I rolled my eyes and adjusted my custom-made cufflinks as the music started playing. I sighed as Shad and his party was escorted into the wedding.

"I'm glad he's marrying that whore" I whispered to my mother.

"She wanted a rich man....she receive one" My mother said. "I just hope you get over it...the bible teach us to live and forget" she said while patting my knee.

"Fine but mom seeing them together hurts" I said. I started feeling a little woozy and I rushed towards the bathroom in the back. I ran into the stall and threw up until my stomach felt empty. I saw myself in the mirror and I could tell that I was hung over, I grabbed a breath mint and some shades from my pocket. I continued to sigh as I felt a little tired from the bar last night.

"Rough night" this girl said. I smiled at her but felt amazed at her presence, she look extremely familiar but I couldn't put my name on it.

"Yeah" I said.

"So I assumed the bachelor party was fun" she said.

"Oh I didn't and the groom aren't really close anymore; you see I dated the bride but she's really a gold-digger...I mean she left me because of a college-basketball injury" I said. The girl wasn't really interested in my discussion so I felt a little disappointed.

"Oh I was totally listing to you...It's just a lot going on...I'm the wedding planner and my friend is looking for the unity candle" she said.

"s*** just get a regular candle" I laughed.

"I know it's just the bride is a little high-maintence" she said. I agreed with her because I have endless times of Roxanne telling me what to do and when to do it. "Well you could help me out with the reception since you're a little bored by the ceremony" she said. I agree because hearing these vows would be the death of me.

Kayla's Pov
I haven't seen or spoke to Caine in a few months..he apparently is planning to open another bar in Atlanta so he's busy with that. I really needed Caine to help me with these decorations so finding this guy was a blessing.

"Thanks by the way...I'm Kayla" I said to man.

"Oh I'm Dustin" he replied. To be honest he was kinda cute, I didn't know if he was single or taken but I have nothing else to do. "I'm not an alcoholic but is this bar free?" he asked.

"Yeah...endless drinks that's where I'm going to be at after this ceremony...I was invited to the wedding" I said.

"Oh you know the bride or groom?" he asked.

"I know them both...I know the groom more but I received an invitation" I continued.

"Oh....well you don't mind if I join you?" he asked.

"Oh you can..the more drunk people the merrier" I said. He laughed and looked at me again.

"You look so familiar" he said.

"Oh god....not this again" I said.

"What you mean?" he asked.

"THis guy friend doing the same s*** and it was creepy" I said.

"Not that...I seen you live in the Well Springs?" he asked.

"Yea...well used to" I said.

"Oh yeah I'm Ray's ex-neighbor" he continued. "What happen to him?"" he asked.

"He moved to Vegas for his ex-girlfriend" I replied.

lmao oh that wasnt the response he was looking for lol
run it

Lol run it

Shad's Pov
I pulled up to see Roxanne and her family parked outside. I sighed because I really didn't feel like being bother right now. "What the hell do they want now?" I said to myself. Roxanne jumped in front of my car cheesing extra-hard. I saw her family wearing my jersey and t-shirts with my face on it, I hated seeing families like my opinion I felt that they were using for to get closer to me, however I put a smiled upon my face and faked it.

"You forgot that my family was coming over?" she mumbled in my ear.

"No sweetie...I just left practice" I said.

"Oh okay...well Kayla and Sami are coming so keep your emotions inside and don't freak out...oh and we're looking at a venue for the rehearsal dinner" she continued. I smiled because seeing Kayla made my heart lighten a little but I had no idea how she would feel. I decided to take a shower and dress up a little just to make Kayla think about me.

"Look at you dressed up" Roxanne said

"Well I have to show off my status with you" I said. Roxanne decided to dress up also, I laughed a little because I thought it was cute.

Caine's Pov
I couldn't believe Kayla and my client dated before. This was truly a small world and I couldn't believe what I gotten myself into. I laid back in my chair and lighted a blunt for my troubles, I heard a knock on the door and I turned around to see Alex.

"What do you want?" I asked.

"So you're really fired me" she said.

"Yes, you started the fight...she ended it" I replied.

"Look you know I'm a little cra...." I cut her off with that bulls***

"You're f***ing psychotic and you want to portray yourself as innocent but you're mad because Kayla handled your ass....just because you grew up in the hood doesn't mean s***...what do you have to prove to me? You're 27 years old fighting a 23 year old who has a career and you're pleading me to take you back after all the s*** you did. "You really think I'm going to take you back after the whole athlete stint..." I said. Alex tried pleading her case to me but I had enough...I wanted more from Kayla. I grabbed her stuff and threw them towards her..."GET THE f*** OUT!" I yelled.

"You'll miss me" she said.

"Get out now...I have a meeting in 20 minutes" I answered.

Shad's Pov
I approached the door as Kayla and Sami rung the doorbell. I looked Kayla up and down admiring her body as she walked in wearing a tight dress with heels. I truly wanted to rip that dress of and take her to my bedroom again if Roxanne wasn't here but I handled my emotions. Roxanne ran up to Kayla and Sami as she introduced them to her family...Kayla wasn't really paying any attention to me but she did say hi and everything.

"Well we found a lovely restaurant for your rehearsal dinner" Sami said. "It's a Italian restaurant owned by two cousins who enjoy the finer things in life" she continued.

"What's the name of the place' I asked.

"Its called Bella-Marie" Kayla answered.

"Do you know the owners?" Roxanne asked.

"Only one...he's a real good friend of mine" Sami replied. "We'll have dinner with the owners later today" she continued. "Now we'll like to show you the reception and etc".

Overall the reception venue was beautiful. It reminded me of Roxanne's and I first date, everything was beautiful but I felt uncomfortable with this rehearsal dinner/meeting. I pulled in front of the restaurant and I continued to feel anxious as Kayla stepped out of the restaurant. Suddenly two <a href="">males</a> greet me before the taller one saw Kayla. His eyes became big as I started clenching my fist, I wanted to grabbed Kayla and take her away but seeing his new guy made my blood boil. The other guy had a family emergency and told his copartner to take over.

"Well...that was Ryan, founder of Bella Marie...I'm Caine Dominic co-owner of Bella Marie and owner of BluBar" he said.

"I love the BluBar" Roxanne said. "I hate that bartender Alex though".

"Well due to an altercation...she was terminated" he said as he started into Kayla's eyes.

"This resturarnt is dedicated to those have fallen in love with some special in there matter if the love is returned or not. To marriage and relationships, boyfriend and girlfriend or whatever...I know this is about you guys but the woman her made me fall in love" he continued.

"Oh god" Kayla whispered while having putting her face in her hands. "Can you do this later?" she asked. Caine heard her and sat back down embarrassed...I started laughing because her reaction was funny.

DAM! kayla a bad b*tch she hold her own alex and any other trick aint got nothin on her
and she a boss with the dudes
i like her she cool
run it

Kayla's Pov
"You're completely right" I said while rolling my eyes.

"I couldn't help saying that...but it is true" he said as he continued to hold my hand.

"Look, I need to go" I said as I tried snatching my hand away.

"Do you guys know each other?" Sami asked.

"No, He's just a guy who's trying to use his influence to persuade me" I said. Caine looked at me up and down while licking his lips. I had enough and started sucking my teeth but I guess that turned him on as he came closer while grabbing me towards him.

"I like that lil attitude of yours...lets me now that you're a handful" he whispered. Caine wrapped his arms around my waist, I didn't like how he overpowered me but he was a foot and inch taller than me. "I promise I won't treat you like those other guys....I'll be your boyfriend eventually" he continued.

"No, I have some things to say" I said.

"What's that?" he asked.

"Well, You approached another woman before meeting me last time we met, lets see you're probably have another groupie of yours fixed you that plate...You're f***ing the bartender behind the bar over there" I pointed to as he started getting uncomfortable, "Ummm you probably tell other women this whole "Man of your dreams" bulls*** as you portrayed to be a sensitive guy who understands my feelings and wants but truly you're a player who secretly enjoys playing with women's emotions for the better of your own good" I continued. Caine started a hole into me and I enjoyed that, "Is that true?" I asked.

"Ohh, I'm going to like you" he laughed. "Yes that is true" he answered.

"I know, I'm not the only f*** up one in this world" I replied while drinking my margarita.

"So are you going to hit me up or not?" he asked while crossing his arms.

"I'll considered it but your little girlfriend over there has been eyeing me for the past 10 minutes" I said. When he turned around, the bartender apparently had a fling with Caine but he just hit it and quit it.

"So you're telling me that you going to leave me for her? A f***ING GOLD DIGGER!" she yelled. I started laughing due to the fact that the alcohol was in my system and that I was a gold digger. "WHAT'S SO f***ING FUNNY" she yelled while in my coming closer to my face.

"Well one you're breath stinks and two you don't even know me" I said.

"Yes, I do....YOU'RE SHAD JOHNSHON's EX" she yelled. "YOU TOOK HIS f***ING MONEY AND LEFT YOU STUPID b****" she yelled. This b**** had the nerve to grab my hair, she thought I was just a spoiled b**** but I started letting her know who I was.

"First of all b****...don't come at me with no bulls*** unless you have your facts straight. Second of all I have my own growing business that I started before I met Shad and lastly aren't you the b**** that his teammate filed a restraining order against...Oh yeah you think I didn't know, its females like you who give actual athlete "girlfriends and wives" a bad name. Just because you suck a few athletes' d*** and ride them s***s do not make you qualified to address me, unless you were in the players section or in the press boxes don't call me a gold digger because last time I check you were scavenging through trash cans looking for condoms in order to get knocked up and become a "baby mother"" I replied while brushing up against her but she pushed me back into my seat. "I am not the one" I said while taking my heels off and giving them to Sami. Caine tried grabbing me but Sami held him back.

"But Alex is crazy" he said.

"She knows what she's doing...." Sami replied.

"You don't know Alex is crazy" he tried pleading..

"You'll see what you gotten yourself into" she said.

Caine's Pov
Those words were playing through my head as I watched Kayla and Alex's argument in my bar. Majority of the customers had left and it was just us in the bar left. I tried asking Sami how well Kayla can fight but reassured me that she could handle her own.

"Look, I saw this girl fought two b****es at the same time" she said.

"b**** SHUT THE f*** UP AND MIND YOUR f***IN....." Alex got cut off as Kayla socked her in the face. Alex felled to the ground and tried grabbing her hair but Kayla was attacking her face with jabs and etc. The bouncer tried breaking the fight up but he was struggling to separate them apart.

"Don't let him get in the middle of it" Sami said.

"Why?" I asked. I look over to see Kayla hitting Sean in the face as she tried aiming for Alex. Sean finally broke the fight up and I look up to see a bloody Alex in the result. I grabbed Kayla to hold her back from attacking Alex once again.

"RUN YOUR f***ING MOUTH! GET f*** UP b****" she yelled. Alex was complaing about it wasn't a fair fight.


"IN THE WAY FROM GETTING THAT ASS BEAT b****!" Kayla responded. Alex was standing by herself and ran towards Kayla and grabbed her by her hair. I started losing my grip so Kayla slipped out of my arms and started fight Alex again. This time Alex was pulling her by the hair but Kayla slammed her into the wall and started punching her again. Kayla pulled Alex's tracks out of her head and started slamming her in the face. I ran towards the fight and grabbed Alex who was pleading for another chance fight Kayla. I had Sean take her home and let her know she was fired, Kayla readjusted her makeup and wore her heels again. "If another one of your girlfriends tried doing that s***...I will f***ing kill them" she said. Kayla walked out of the door and told me to give her a call.

"I don't have your number" I said.

"Figure it out" she continued.

say what? how the hell he know that? dam i dk how i feel bout that i be like dam thats deep than i be like hold up how u know bout me? 0.o
run it!

O run it fast please

Ray's Pov
I was continue looking at <a href="">her</a> picture. I truly missed her deeply and I wanted to apologize for my decision. I dialed her number and sighed as the phone started ringing.

"Hello?" she asked.

"Kelly...I'm sorry" I said.

"Ray, You can't keep doing this to me...I heard you have a new girlfriend" she said.

"Baby its nothing serious...she's just a friend that needed a place to stay" I said.

"But you propose to her" she responded. I became quiet because I knew I did but I don't what came over me.

"I was rushing into things, I want you back into my life" I said.

"Why?" she asked.

"Because you're the one I truly love...Yes I'm 25 and young but I want you forever...." I said.

"But I moved to Vegas" she said.

"So...I will leave right now...if it means I could be with you" I said.

"Then do it" she said. Kelly hung up on the other line. I sighed at the decision I had made, I patiently waited for Kayla to come home. Thinking about them they were polar opposites, Kelly was calm and collected...Kayla was fiery, her personalilty and looks had me head over heels with her but something about us didn't feel right....I don't know what is it but I felt I wasn't the perfect man for her. She need someones who loves being in control and personality I enjoyed the attention that Kelly provide, she was my kind of woman. I wanted someone who would be a home-maker, Kayla wanted her own life and she's need someone similar to that. I felt that she needed a man with an empire, she needed her own King Solomon as she was the Queen of Sheba. I heard the door knock and Kayla sighed past me.....she started grabbing suitcases and packed her things into them. I just stared at her while she grabbed boxes and placed them back into her car.

"Ray I can't do thin anymore...You're moving to fast and I feel that you need some time to yourself because I'm not the girl for you" she said.

"I know you aren't....I was going to say the same thing" I said.

"Oh gosh....this is hilarious; Well I hope you make the girl for you wifey...because you're a great guy, we want opposites in a relationship....I enjoyed the stay but I moving back with Sami" she laughed.

"I am, I'm moving to Las Vegas to do it...." I said. "You're going to find the guy for you, he's close" I said.

"Hah...funny story this guy told me I'm the girl of his dreams" she laughed.

"You probably are" I said....I help her grabbed somethings as she continued walking towards her car. "Well it was nice being your boyfriend" I said while hugging her...."We'll still friends?" I asked.

"Yeah....We are" she said.

**Three Weeks Later**
Kayla's Pov
It has almost been a month since Ray and I broke up. I started laughing because we were feeling the same type of way and it was enjoyable...As usual Sami and I were sitting at the bar again.

"So tell me about the guy you met here?" she asked.

"Oh gosh..this guy tried talking to me by saying he's the owner and blah blah....I'm the girl of his dreams" I said as I bust into laughter.

"Oh wow, You know Trey and I are getting married right?" she said.

"HOLD THE f*** UP! WHEN THE f*** YOU GOT ENGAGED!" I yelled. "b****!"

"I wanted to surprised you....SURPRSIED!" she yelled. "Well Maid of Honor....lets plan this bachlorette party" she said. "That guy has been staring you this whole time" she said.

"Is he cute?" I asked.

"Yeah...he's right there" she said while pointing. "That <a href="">guy</a>" I turned around saying "oh s***" as he stared at me. I got down in the booth and hiding..

"Are you okay?" Caine said.

"Oh..I dropped my ring and I'm looking for it.....FOUND IT!" I said while getting back into the booth.

"How are you?" he asked.

"I'm good" I replied.

"That's good. I see you haven't called me and i want to get to know you better" he said.

"I have a boyfriend" I said.

"You're lying to me..." he responded.

"How do you know?" I asked.

"Because you probably had a romantic relationship with a very rich man, he didn't see the potential in you so you left him for the guy who gave you the emotional support that you need, while you miss the guy who gave you wanted a man to support you but honestly you need both in one man.....that man is me" he said.

all of that feels so rushed! like Ray asked for her hand in marriage and he aint even her bf! lol
and how ironic how there exs end up together
as for Shad homeboy u need to stop thinking bout Kayla u creepin us out
Cain... i swear he is familiar...

So im guessing Ray aint serious for her right now
i sure hope she dont break his heart he will be like boarderline crazy
Ray seems controlling and needy..
run it

Shad's Pov contd.
I couldn't resist the fact that Kayla was in my bed again. I wanted to kiss her all over her body, I continued remising about the times we shared.

"Can I leave?" she mumbled.

"Why?" I asked.

"Because I'm giving you the wrong idea, I have a boyfriend" she said.

"Why does it matter? I have Roxanne but I'm in love with you" I replied.

"You left me, you ran off and got engaged, now you want me to be your mistress?" she questioned. I held my head low because I honestly and truly did. I didn't want her to leave my life and I wanted Kayla to be with me forever, I wanted her as the mother as my kids, I wanted her as my wife but Roxanne made me rush into things.

"Could you ever see us together?" I asked.

"No, you broken my heart to the point where I could lose the pieces" she said. She started shedding a few tears but I started to wipe them away, looking into her eyes I saw the pain and hurt I caused. I wanted to apologized a thousands times, I regretted getting back with Roxanne but she treated me how I wanted to be treated. I held her face and leaned in to kiss her. She finally kissed me back and I somehow gotten ontop of her. I miss seeing her below me, I kissed her neck and started moaning.

"You want me?" I asked. Suddenly her eyes became big and she pushed me off.

"I have to go" she said. "This is so wrong on many levels, my mother would kill me, You're engaged" she continued. I grabbed onto her hand pleading with her to stay and just relax but she started freaking out. "If Ray finds out, he is going to upset" she said, Kayla started freaking out and I grabbed a hold onto her

"Please calm down" I said. "Ray isn't going to know anything. Just relax and let me continue my moves" I continued.

"No, I have to go.....I need a drink" she said. Kayla grabbed her purse and rushed her way out of the house, I started at her hips, swaying back and forth as she rushed towards her car. She look back and I blew her a kiss while mouthing "I love you", she turned her car on and sped off.

Kayla's Pov
I couldn't believe that happen. I was caught up in the moment with Shad, he knew my weakness but I held my ground by saying no. I needed a drink and I headed towards the nearest bar, I saw a group of photographers waiting outside, a few caught my pictures as I made my way inside. I sat in a booth near the back, I had my head on the table as I waited for my drink.

"Ahhem" I heard a male voice say. I look up to see <a href="">me</a> staring at me.

"Can I help you?" I asked.

"No you look familiar" he said.

"Honey, I get that a lot" I continued.

"No, I'm serious...I feel like I met you before" he replied. "And don't call me name is Cain" he said.

"Well...Cain, I don't recall ever meeting you" I said. I took a sip out of my drink and continued looking into Cain's eyes". Something about them were different, they look serious and I couldn't detect that he was lying at all. "You're really serious?" I asked.

"Yes, I would remember a lovely face like yours" he smiled. "Do you come her often?" he asked.

"No, I rarely attend bars especially alone" I replied.

"So you're not a drinker" he said.

"Oh gosh no, to be honest..I'm a borderline alcohol" I laughed "Oh I really didn't mean that" I said.

"No" I understand...." I own the place" he said. I shook my head in appreciation. "What do you do?" he asked.

"I'm a stylist for this magazine, I do some freelance work such as events...s*** I'm planning my ex-boyfriend's wedding" I said.

"Well look at the bright side, at least you get paid" he said.

"Look, I been drinking earlier with my ex and now I'm drinking some please ignore my ignorance..." I said. He laughed and completely understood my situation. "I need to go" I said.

"You need a ride?" he asked.

"No..I'll just catch the bus" I said.

"Well, here's my me if you want" he said while handing me his card.

"I'll considered it" I said. As I was about to leave, Cain held onto my hand. "Is there anything else" I asked.

" be honest, I had a dream about you. I met a girl here and she eventually became the one who would change my life. A lot of girls come in and out but something about you brought me over her. You're not like others and unlike some guys I realize that and I want to treat you like a queen...I can provide you with things no man of any riches can" he said.

"Like I said before...I will considered it" I replied.