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BASKETBALL WIVES ~Love Vs. Spalding~


Nalanie Pov

My Birthday Party

The glass pitcher on the long table was thrown in Anastasia direction "b**** I'll f*** yo ass up talk some more s*** about my man come on im muf***ing daring you b****." I held on to Isis as she struggled to get to Ana and snatch her bald; "b**** whatsup we can square the f*** up right now." Ana screamed as she slipped off her shoes, Matt grabbed her around her waist begging her to leave it alone. "Nah this hoe talking s*** about you boo Im not gone let her ass continue being slick at the mouth." And with that one quick move Isis was on top of Ana delivering her combo punches while ana pulled hair and scratched. As security came to break up the fight I sat down picked up my drink and gave a toast to my self. "Happy birthday to me"..........

PAUSE Lets back track to how we got to this fight REWIND.......

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this add is taking a little longer then it should be so I will post it when I am done this add has to be good so it is gonna take some time please bare with me..


Can't wait!!
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New add coming sometime this week need a couple more runs tho

To some of the girls who do not comment that are in the story your character might get taken out if im not getting feed back your character is gone so yeah.... those who comment are safe :)

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awwwwww im in the drama already what this broad say about me that got so hyped......

run this ishhhhh!!!!!

cali talking madddddddddddddddddd business
my trigga mixing up so mess ill take it

aww beautiful relationship blahhh get to fighting lol
naw just kidding i love it somebody has to
have there head on straight

I don't like picture perfect
I like drama and fights and Jody and Evette
But um cute though.
Junky asx office....need some maids while you at it

What Cali say about Lauren?
And maybe they just edited the interview to start some drama and stuff
Just met last year? They cute too though


their relationships are so cute
had me smiling the whole time i was reading it.

so more drama i see this time Lauren and Cali?
smh, i wanna know what cali said in that interview.

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<a href=" ">Nalanie’s Pov</a>

I ran around my office with 2 different phones in my hands looking for the documents my husband signed for his new NBA contract. “Baby where did you lay those papers down at?” I put one phone in my mouth as I searched my files. “I laid it on your desk by your computer.” I stopped what I was doing and looked in the spot that he says he had left them. “Here they go thanks boo.” He stood in the door way laughing at the big mess I made; “know what your worse then our daughter you need to hire a assistant and quick.” I looked at him and smiled “I like my system the way I got them I don’t want someone coming in here and changing s*** that I have taken so much time to organize.” He walked over to my desk and started picking up papers straightening them up ; I plopped down in my chair letting one of my blonde locks fall infront of my face and stared at him, “You don’t need to worry about me you need to be focused on that knee of yours how is it feeling by the way?” Just as he was about to answer our 1 year old daughter Nialiah came running into the room yelling “Daddy you I been looking all over for you.” He picked her up and kissed her cheek “Yes princess?” “Come play hide and go seek with me.” He smiled and put her down okay go hide and I’ll come and find you.” She nodded as she wiggled out of his arms and took off running while he counted. I walked around the desk and sat on the front of it he walked towards me grabbed my waist and kissed me deeply before replying “My knee is fine and so are you but changing the subject is not going to get you out of hiring a new assistant.” He pecked my lips as he backed out of the room laughing and counting. “Okay fine derrick I will look for a new assistant okay does that make you happy?” He yelled down the hall “Very”… Now heres a little bit about me My name is Nalanie Marie Rose I am happily married to basketball star Derrick Rose , I have 2 children my daughter nialiah who is one and my 3 month old DJ. I am also Derricks Manager and I do interior decorating on the side. My Love story Long story short I met Derrick through his little sister Isis who has been my bestfriend since forever and everything has blossomed from there. So that’s a little bit about me now let me get back to my job and call my girl lauren in New York to see what this trick been up to..

<a href=" ">Lauren’s Pov</a>
It’s early in the morning but I’m up to greet this beautiful day. I showered and got dressed, Now I’m laying out J.R.’s clothes while he sleep peacefully I looked over at him and shook my head “What am I going to do with him.” I laughed at the dirty thoughts as put his shoes on top of the pants I picked out and walked over and kissed his cheek which made him roll over and smile. After that I went downstairs to get breakfast started as the bacon cooked I looked over my scheldue to see what I had to do today and that’s when I felt strong arms around me, I turn around to see J.R. standing there in only a towel “Good Morning” I said in between kisses “Good morning sexy.” He pecked my lips one last time before he took a seat at the table. As I plated the food we went over what todays events will be “I have a photo shoot I have to go to so I will see you after practice okay Love you.” “Love you too” I skipped out to the car with a smile on my face nothing could bring me down. By the way Im Lauren Santana Im dating J.R. Smith for the New York Knicks we met at last years allstar game and we fell in love quick…
As Im getting ready to get infront of the camera my girl Nalanie calls to see what was up. I tell her that im gonna be in LA soon for a fashion show I then proceed to ask who all will be doing the make up. “Isis, and Cali are doing makeup.” “oh” “Whats wrong?” “Im cool with your sister but I cant stand cali.” “Why?” “Because the b**** said some foul s*** about me in a interview.” “Oh I haven’t heard it.” “Yeah girl s*** was crazy anyways they calling me to the set I’ll tell you more about it later.” “Okay bye”… “I cant wait to see this b**** trick again.” I spoke to myself as I posed….

What she said

where the add at hoe?

New add possibly coming tonight

wait why do i have to get my ass beat... thats ok isis im on your ass for the rest of the show lol

Oan heffa wasn't nobody lonely nor sad!
Just picky!

Umm calling e early in the morning
Somebody must slick wanna catch a curse out
Isis don't play bout being woken up
No sir, no ma'am
Especially if I gotta leave that 6'11 gorgeous piece of man

Anyhow quit and be barefoot and pregnant?
I men i wouldn't have an issue with being a stay at home mommy
Because if he's always gone then you gon be gone then you gotta have strangers watching
and raising yo babies,......nah I'ma stay at home

But it aint for everybody tho...

I do be going off
Aaaaaaaaand I am that b****
*bats eye lashes*


Yeah Isis is prolly going to go tf off (little do Cali know lol)

Quit the her job and be barefoot and pregnant..uh uh not a good look!!

Quit my job?? TF?! NOPE! lol
Isis that b*tch yo!
Don't fck with my clique
We fck sh*t up yo! lmaooo


aww man ana been talking s***? smh that never ends well.
and i agree with cali i'm not about to quit my job for no nigga
f*** outta here with that lol
and by the looks of it cali is wrong about this fight, it will happpen lol
loving this!!

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Isis Pov

<a href="">Im</a> up early and for what strange reason? Don’t know Cali called me telling me to get up and come with her and a friend to the gym. Now usually she would have gotten cursed out if I was in the middle of f***ing my man but I’ll let that pass for now. Any who I’m Isis Howard 24 years old and I’m a makeup artist and did I mention that I am engaged to the most sexiest man in the NBA Dwight Howard Yaas Lord. We met through my brother; he knew I was lonely and a little sad so he got me the hook up, we went on our first date and it was love at first sight. When I met him I didn’t know if it was going to work out but once we started talking and his amazing sense of humor appeared I was in awe at how incredible and sweet this man can be I gave him the hello kitty and he stuck to me like glue BOOM…
“Baby im about to leave love you give me kiss.” Dwight looked at me with the why you have to go face “I don’t want you to go I want you to stay here and get into bed with me and we do what we do.” I laughed at how he is holding on to me as I try my best to wiggle out of his grip “I’ll be home before you know it.. then I have to go to work but you will have me tonight I promise okay Love you bye” I jumped up and kissed his lips and ran out the door to my car.

Mean While With Cali

<a href="">Cali</a> “Hey everybody im Cali Winters Im 23 years young, Im a makeup artist that’s how I met Isis. And im currently dating Trenton Davis we met on Rodeo drive he said I was sexy and he would like to show me off I said I wasn’t interested he grabbed my hand said he was just kidding and that he would really like to get to know me a whole lot better. I smiled and accepted his number and have now been dating for 2 months. He wants me to move in and be under him 24/24 not gonna happen im not feeling it im loving my career and cant nobody change my mind about that.
“b**** where you been?” I yelled at isis as she ran up to me out of breath. “My man come first and why the fudge do you want to work out so early in the morning?” I shook my head as I flashed back to the fight me and Trenton had about me quitting my job. “Trenton is straight bugging he don’t want me doing s*** he want me to stay home and be barefoot and pregnant nah I cant with him.” I stated as I started up the machine; isis stood there staring at me like I was crazy “You need to set him straight tell him what the f***ing deal is and let that s*** be either he on the train or his ass can get thrown off its that simple.” I nodded my head “But anyways how are you and Dwight.” “Girl it was such a big transition from Orlando to LA like omg but im glad hes playing and doing what he got to do and hopefully there will be no more moves for a while.” “And speaking of moves I heard ana been talking smack.”; “what she been saying.” “Girl a number of things talking about my man took her man job hell we all know matt wasn’t working with the lakers and cant help the s*** that my man is good at what he do like come on you want to talk mess were both in California come get at me its not a problem im from Chicago boo she want to mess with me then bring the s***.” I stared at isis while she vented I just hope that nothing comes of this fight and that everything is squashed soon…

Damn ..... I whooped asx

I'm great!


RUNNNNNN THIIIIISSSSSSS...why are they fighting???


anymore runs

awwwww s*** its going down lol

run it

awwwww s*** its going down lol

run it

love, love, love the intro it defiantly sucked me in. I wanna know more about what led to this fight

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