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Love Has No Age .

Chapter 1**
it was Sunday night the beginning of the week which meant another boring 5 days of pure torture and irrelevant lectures Im never here for. I just finished my studying for my college prep tests I'll be entering hopefully Julliard in N.Y. for dance cause UCLA is not for me I have nothing against them I just don't feel it would be the right fit. I get a call from non other than le drama queen Teyana. Although we are 4 yrs apart we relate to each other on different levels. She's one of the first people I met when I got to L.A. i always visited my daddy for the holidays but permenate terms middle last year. teyana and i met at a dance studio and she questioned my style asking where I was from I said Queens learning quickly it was a huge mistake taking she's from the all and "powerful Harlem". "Watsup shortie? " "hey girlie! " I said trying to sound perky instead of exhausted. "B don't get all in mushy on me " "I'm sorry I'm just tired I've been studying since Friday evening! " "girl tests not even until may chill ,matter of fact come chill with me and my trill niggas at Grey Stone!" "I ca--" "Be ready in a hour rae!" (rae she called me for short or my half of my many middle names,) a hour " she didn't even give me time to put in my input. Its not like i havent been to clubs with her before cause i have . They always fail to check my I.d. cause they would Be too busy flirting I just laugh and go along as long as I get in this club we can get our flirt on. I put my iPhone on the charger as I began to get ready my daddy was gone til Tuesday so I had no problem going out.
I get a call from my nigga mijo just as i was watching reruns of criminal minds saying to meet him at greystone I sigh and said okay I mean I missed chilling with my niggas especially Teyana, she was like us but still classy. I've been busy working to get my multi plaza off the ground that includes a art,music,recording, dance,and photography studio. I got a call telling me I'll have to sub a Eng course I can't complain the money will help for sure I would have been appreciated more if it was art or music .I started to get ready while thinking tonight was gonna be a short night as I thought about them youngsters I'll be subbing tomorrow.

Ria*-(RAE-YUH )
I exited the shower putting on Victoria secrets pure seduction all over and then some red spandex shorts,a black fitted long sleeve top that showed my belly button as well as my butterfly tattoo that complimented it along was my milky way skin tone. I put on some dorthy red bottoms and red lipstick i took a pic on instagram and closed it before the swarm of likes ,and just as I walked downstairs my daddy called me."I know you're not a little girl anymore but you're still my little girl, I'm just calling to say if you need any thing call me or Candice" it's been 4yrs and I still don't trust her it's just that something feeling "sure ill call you" making sure to put emphasis on You. "Babygirl " my name ever since diapers. "Daddyyy she's irrelevant I don't associate with irrelevants you know that" he just chuckled "alright I'll check on you in the morning " "Kay daddy love you " "love you too " by now Teyana was blowing her loud horn.
"Uh why do you have to bring the Hood with you everywhere you go?" "Hello to you too beautiful " she said smiling while examining me head to toe.
We arrived at greystone and got up to the bouncer he was new but didnt flirt like the others I think his name was pat he was scary looking. As we walked in Dance for you was playing and everyone was slowing down and we made our way to v.I.p. where her friends i have seen but never introduced to were. "Wassam!" "Teyana!" The group screamed. "Hello, my name is keesis but you can call Me your husband" he said while kissing my hand. 'Boy, stop!' "Everyone this is my down chick Ria!" They all looked at me and waved or nodded. "Don't be shy beautiful " a Asian but more black fine looking one said with tattoos said while licking his lips.he was cute but not my type. "I'm ty but you can call me Michael " "Ty friendly then a mudda! " "I'm mijo " "nigga but you call me friendly! " ty said walking away, "um do you have a birthname I can call you by? " I asked rhetorical but serious. He licked his lips before he answered me."yea barry " "oh okay barry fits you" "one more question?" "Shoot" "did that piercing hurt?" I said referring to the one that looks like what bulls wear. He chuckled "nope not at all I'm a painfreak" he said while licking his lips. I just turned the other way. He was too darn cute with his chubby self. I was introduced later to trell, Hood was crazy we could hang,Austin this Chris person cousin just then Teyana comes out of no where screaming and jumping she saw "Chris" my daddy called so I stepped outside. I guess I won't be meeting Chris tonight , I texted Teyana telling her to not to forget i had school in the morning . I especially hate my eng class i can never deal .