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This Crazy Love Game

Hi everyone my name is Tiarra but everyone call me Pooh. I got bored and started just random writing and my random writing started turing into a story so i figure hey why not go with it. So here's my first story, I hope yall enjoy it.


Tina: *Smiles* I guess, I have nothing better to do with my time.
Chris: *Lol* don’t even try to play me like that.
Tina: Whateva.
Chris: Don’t whateva me. *Phone rings* Hello
F/V: Boy where are you with my stuff.
Chris: *Laughs* Im on my ways ma I made a quick stop.
C/M: Ummhmm probaaly with that fast tale heffa Robyn with her ole(gco)
Chris: *Lol* Naw ma im by Tina house. Im Leaving now.
C/M: Yea ok. Bye.
Chris: Bye. *Looks at Tina* What you laughin at?
Tina: *Lol* Nothing at all.
Chris: Yea ok. Now come give me a hug so can get home.
Tina: *Walks over and hugs him*
Chris: Ima call you when I get home.
Tina: Ill think about answering.
Chris: Play me if you want I will come back over here.
Tina:*Walking towards the door* yea ok and ya moms gone call looking for you again.
Chris: yea you got jokes
Tina: *Walking in the house* Bye *Closes the door and goes n kitchen*
Niecy: Soooooooo????
Tina: Soooooo what?? *Lol*
Niecy: Don’t play with me.

*Tina grab her a plate and tells her everything that went on outside.

Niecy: Im still tripping on you sayng yea to being his girl.
Tina: im mean why not.
Niecy: I can wait to see the look on Robyns face. Its gone be so priceless. *Lol*
Tina: Girl aint nobody worried about her monkey ass. She betta stay down or I’m a beat the breaks off her again.
Niecy: *Lol
Tina: *Phone Rings and answers without lookin* Hey boo
M/V: So your not mad at me?
Tina: Colin what in the hell do you want?
Colin: I was just boo now im Colin.
Tina: I thought you were somebody else. Now what do yo want?
Colin: Who did you think I was?
Tina: Nunya. Now you got about 5 seconds to tell me what you want or you gone catch a dead line.
Colin: Naw I wanna know (gco)
Tina: 4
Colin: That’s some bullsh(gco)
Tina: 3
Colin: You got some otha nigga??
Tina: Boy I do not answer to you. Now looking at the time your time is up. Good Bye! *Hangs up
Niecy: I know that was not Colins ass
Tina: You already know it was.
Niecy: After the way you gave it to his ass earlier I would not be calling you I’d be at ya door ready to break ya face in….. *Lol*
Tina: *Lol* Girl he aint that stupid.
Niecy: what he want any way?
Tina: Asking who I was looking for when I called him boo and crushed his dreams when I took it back.
Niecy: I know his ass aint tryna question nobody when he the one who f***ed up.
Tina: Right. I gave his 5 seconds to get to the point on why he called, he didn’t so I made him get off my line.
Niecy: *Smh* That nigga is something else.
Tinas dad walks in the kitchen.
T/D: hey baby girl wheres Colin, haven’t seen him in a while?
Tina: Colin who?
T/D: *getting angry* What happened?
Tina: *Lol* Nothing daddy he’s old news
T/D: I don’t have to talk to him do I?
Tina: No daddy.
Niecy: I think you do… *Lol
Tina: You tryna get him killed.
T/D: Im just checkin but I’m going to bed baby girl.
Tina: So early?
T/D: Yea I have to take care of some business in the morning
Tina: Awe ok. Night daddy.
T/D: Night baby girl, night Niecy.
Niecy: Night Mr. Jones
T/D: Now you know you been around long enough to not be calling me Mr. anything.
Niecy: *Lol* I know it’s just outta habit.
T/D: yea yea. Good Night.*Walks out the kitchen*
Tina: Well you staying the night or am I taking you home?
Niecy: Take me home wench. *Lol*
Tina: *Looks around* I don’t see Mijo ass anywhere around here.
Niecy: *Lol* leave my baby alone.
Tina: Get ya s*** so we can go. *Smh Lol
Niecy: *Lol

Tina drops niecy off at home then heads back home for the night preparing for the next day.

awwwww run it!!!! i hope she says yes

Run it

Back at the house

Tina: *Walks in the house and hears voices* What the hell * walks in kitchen*
F/V: Well hello to you too.
Tina: Hey mom. *Walks up and hugs her.*
T/M: *Lol* Hey sweetheart.
Tina: Where’s daddy??
T/M: He’s upstairs showering and what not.
Tina: Aw ok
T/M: Question is why are you home, shouldn’t you be in school??
Tina: See about that (gco)
T/D: Hey baby girl
Tina: Daddy!!
T/D: How’s my lil girl??
Tina: I’m good.
T/D: Good.
T/M: Now you were saying??
Tina: It’s a long story mom.
T/M: Well give me they short version.
Tina: I got into a fight today
T/M: Tina Janea Jones!!
Tina: What?? She had it coming to her.
T/D: Did you win??
Tina: Of course daddy. Lol
T/D: That’s my girl. *High fives her
T/M: *Gives him an evil eye* So your ok with her out here fighting??
T/D: Hey she said the girl had it coming. You know she’s not going to be out here fighting just to be fight.
Tina: Thank you daddy.
T/M: So what this means your suspended??
Tina: I dont know I just left afterwards.
T/M: You cant be doing this we (gco)
Tina: I know you didn’t raise me this way….. I know I know but enough about me how was your business trip??
T/M: It went fine, went a little longer than we thought but t went fine.
Tina: Good.
T/M: My house isn’t burned down so I take it everything went fine here.
Tina: Yup

*Cell phone rings

Tina: Im going to take this upstairs.
T/M: Ok
Tina: *Walks in room and answers phone* Yo
NIecy: Hey b**** what you doing??
Tina: Just finished talking to my parents.
Niecy: They finally made I back??
Tina: Yea
Niecy: Aw ok. But anyways I call you to tell you that you are the talk of the school from beating Robyns ass to punching the hell outta Colins ass.
Tina: *Lol Oh lawd
Niecy: Yea, then he had the nerve to ask me what the hell was that for, told him to go ask the b**** he had at his house.
Tina: Lol smh well he had it coming to him.
Niecy: Right but chris was looking for you afterwards.
Tina: Why??
Niecy: Idk he wouldn’t tell me
Tina: Oh
Niecy: Yea. And what the hell was yup with that kiss??
Tina: I did that to piss Robyns ass off.
Niecy: It looked like you enjoyed it.
Tina: Maybe just a little.
Niecy: Well let me get off this phone I told the teacher I was coming to the bathroom.
Tina: Ok
Niecy: Ill be by after school.
Tina: You need me to pick you up??
Niecy: Nope Im a make Mijo ass drop me off.
Tina: *Lol* Ok see you then.
Niecy: Ok bye
Tina: Bye *Hangs up

Tina’s POV
I guess im a get up and shower and chill til she get her.

She gets up shower and watches tv well starts to watch tv then falls asleep.

*2 hours later
Door Bust open

Tina: *Jumps up* What the hell??
Niecy: Get yo ass up I told you I was coming by. *Lol
Tina: *Smh I told my mama not to let yo ass in
Niecy: *Lol its like that now
Tina: Hell yea. *Lol
Niecy: Any ways, you know you love me
Tina: and Im starting to second guess that. *Lol
Niecy: *Shocked Face That hurt something bad. Lol

*Knock on door

Tina: You hear that, that’s how you knock on a door. Lol Come in.
T/M: Dinners done.
Tina: OK thanks mama.
T/M: Your welcome love.
Tina: Oh and next time don’t let this child in come busting in here like she done lost her mind Lol
T/M: Oh Lawd. *Walking out.

*Phone Buzz

Tina: *Picking up phone* Now who could that be?

Text message

From: Chris
What you doing??

To: Chris
Nothing sitting here talking with Niecy. What you up to??

From: Chris
About to come see you. Be there in 10.

To: Chris
Umm Don’t I have a say in this?? Lol

From: Chris
Not really. Lol

Tina: Oh lawd
Niecy: What??
Tina: Chris talking about he coming over here.
Niecy: Ummhmm
Tina: What??
Niecy: Nothing girl
Tina: Wait I just realize you said you was coming over here right after school its almost 7. What happen inbetween the time of you coming over here til you getting here??
Niecy: Well we kind of went back to my lace so I can change.
Tina: Ok annnnnd??
Niecy: while I was in my room changing Mijo came in there and then he started telling me how he felt and then one thing lead to another.
Tina: I knew it. So yall finally stop playing games and are officially together??
Niecy: Yea girl that’s my baby. Lol
Tina: Oh wow. *Phone buzz

From: Chris
Come outside

To: Chris
Here I come.

Tina: Ill be back
Niecy: He here??
Tina: Yea.
Niecy: Well while you out there talking to lover boy im about to eat. Lol
Tina: Lol fat ass
Walk towards the front door
T/D: Where you going baby girl??
Tina: Nowhere daddy just to talk to a friend outside. Ill be right back.
T/D: Ok.
Walks outside and sees Chris sitting on the hood of his car.
Tina: So what do I owe this visit??
Chris: Nothing, just wanted to come check up on you.
Tina: Shouldn’t you be checking up on Robyn??
Chris: I left her
Tina: Lol where??
Chris: Lol you know what im talking about.
Tina: Why??
Chris: I cant take her s*** no more and plus I have my eye on somebody new.
Tina: She must be a lucky girl.
Chris: I think she is.
Tina: *Smiles
Chris: I wonder how she would feel about being with me.
Tina: How about you just ask her.
Chris: Ok. How would you feel about being my girl?

Cant wait for the add run it!!!

Sorry I've been so MIA just been busy with school. But im back and ima try to add as much as i can. I think ima add some tomorrow.

lmao!!! i like how she just punched colin though!!! he deserved that!!

run it!!!!!!!!

At the party

*With the guys

Chris: Man yo party is hella hype right now.
Jay: I told yall it would be.
Mijo: Yea yea whatever.
Jay: Where the girl at??
F/V: Ayeee b****es we’re in the MF building.
Mijo: There go they loud mouth ass right there. Lol
Shai: You know what you can stfu. Lol
Tina: Lol Right. You know it aint no real party til we walk in. Lol
Niecy: Hell Yea. Lol
Tina hears Panoramic start to play
Tina: Aw s*** this my song lets go dance. *Dragging the girls to dance with her

*If you haven’t heard the song go look it up its by D-Mac ft Sage the Gemini

As the girls dance somebody come up behind Tina and starts to dance with her.

Tina: * Looks back and see Chris and starts to work him*
Chris: *Pulls her close and whispers in her ear* You tryna start something aint you??*Smiles

Tina: *Looks back and smiles* Naw not (gco)
Robyn: What the f*** is this??
Tina: *Stop dancing and starts laughing* This is what we call dancing. Lol
Niecy: See I knew the girl was slow but damn I didn’t think she was that damn slow. Smh

*Everybody ctfu

Robyn: b**** I wasn’t talkin to you.
Niecy: But you talkin to my b**** so you must be talkin to me too.
Chris: Look man take that s*** elsewhere, you heard her we was dancing.
Robyn: What the f*** ever Chris its always some s*** and her ass is always in the middle of it.
Tina: Look Chris ima holla at you later, lets grab a drink yall.
Robyn: No b**** you wont be talking to him later, you gone stay away from him that’s what you gone done.
Tina: Lol now see you make me laugh, but just to entertain you what will you attempt to do??
Robyn: I wont attempt to do anything ima beat yo ass .
Tina: Lmao you workin too hard to keep somebody that acts like they don’t give a damn about you. Smh I guess that’s what you simple b****es do now in days, but just know if I really wanted him I could have him here and now. *Starts walkin off*
Robyn: Yea we’ll see.
Tina: We will

In the kitchen getting a drink

Niecy: Girl you are too nice I would’ve laid her ass out if I was you.
Shai: Right she got her flock with her and the b**** grows some balls.
Mijo: *Walks in the kitchen Laughing* A simple b****

*Everybody starts laughing

Tina: *Lol* She is a simple b****.

After the party

Shai: Im hungry as hell.
Niecy: Yo fat ass always hungry
Tina: You aint neva lied.
Shai: Lol, man f*** yall.
Tina: So where we getting something to eat at??
Tina: Smh lol i guess yall want IHOP ok then, well I guess im following you Mijo.
Mijo: Lets go then cuz a niagga is hella hungry too. Lol

We go to IHOP and order food to go and head back to my house.

Tina: Yall crashing here tonight??
Mijo: Naw after this im going home to shower and pass out, if I stay here aint no way in hell im going to school tomorrow
Jay & Shai: Yea me too.
Niecy: I am.
Tina: Aw ok, ill be back. * heads to her room to shower

In room

To: Colin

Hey hun hope you feelin better. Im home now with the crew bout to eat and then head to sleep. So Good Night.

After that she got her things together to shower and her nightly routine.

30 mins Later

As Tina gets dress her phone goes off and she sees Colins name pop up

Tina: Hey babe
F/V: Hey babe?? Who the hell is this??
Tina: Who is this??
F/V: This is his girlfriend
Tina: Now his ex-girlfriend.
F/V: Oh you’re the crazy ex-girlfriend he’s been telling me about the one that just won’t leave him alone. Well im here to tell you don’t call or text my man again.
Tina: Excuse me, ive been with him for a min now I didn’t become an ex until just now. So whatever hes been telling you tell I said to forget we ever met. *Hangs up*

Tinas POV
I cant believe this, what the hell did I do to deserve this.

After the phone call Tina decides to lay in bed and as soon as she does the tears start to flow.


Mijo: Damn I wonder whats taking her so long.
Niecy: Right, ill be back im about to go check on her. *Walks upstair to Tinas room.* Tina you ok in there?? *Opens her door and hears sniffles.* Tina boo whats wrong??
Tina: He freaking cheated on me. *Crying*
Niecy: *Shouts* HE WHAT??
Tina: Quiet down Niecy. *Tells her what happened*
Niecy: Oh hell no, nobody cheats on my best friend and gets away with it. *Yells MIJO!!
Tina: Niecy!!!
Mijo: Yow whats up with all they yelling?? *Looks at Tina* T you good??
Niecy: Hell no shes not alright, that b**** nigga cheated on her.
Mijo: Where he at?? Wait how do you know??
Niecy: Long story short she text him to let him know she was alright and that she was home and some heffa called her from his phone.
Mijo: Damn pooh. You want me to beat his ass??
Niecy: Hell yea.
Mijo: I said Pooh not Niecy.
Tina: No, he’ll get what’s coming to him.
Mijo: Ok. *Kisses her forehead* well im about to head home call if you need anything.
Tina: I will.

With that everybody left and Niecy headed to her room for the night.
The next day

Tina couldnt really sleep that night so she decided to get up early and do her morning routine and then cooked breakfast for her and Niecy.

Tina: Morning hun.
Niecy: Morning. *Look around. How long have you been up??
Tina: For a minute I felt like cook breakfast.
Niecy: It look like you cooked everything in the house.
Tina: No just a lot. Lol
Niecy: Lol oh ok.
Tina: Well ima call the crew over for breakfast.
Niecy: Ok im bout to shower and what not.
Tina: ok

Dials number

Mijo: Hey Pooh, whats up??
Tina: I cooked breakfast.
Mijo: Ill be there in 10.
Tina: Lol ok.

Hangs up and calls Shai and Jay

*Door Bell

Tina: *Opens door* Didn’t take yall long at all. Lol
Mijo: Lol well you know us.
Niecy: What up people
E/B: Hey, Whats up
Tina: Hurry u and eat so we can head to school.
E/b: Up

Heading to school.

Niecy: You good Pooh??
Tina: Yea why wouldn’t I be.
Niecy: I mean with everything that happened??
Tina: Yes im fine.
Niecy: So you doing all this and getting extra cute was for nothing.
Tina: Lol First im always cute and second yes I was up early so I decided to cook for yall.
Niecy: Ok. But you know ou can talk to me if you need too.
Tina: Yea I know.
Walkin up to yall lockers.
Mijo: Damn Pooh I think yo cookin finna put a nigga to sleep
Jay: On what tho. Lol
Tina: Well you know how I do.
Chris: What and I wasn’t iinvited??
Tina: Lol my bad I got you next time.
Chris: Ima hold you to that.
Tina: Bet. *Smiles
Robyn walks up with her flock
Robyn: Really?? You just dont learn do you??
Tina: Man move around with that bull s***.
Robyn: I told you what I would do if you came around my man again.
Tina: Lol as you can see were at our lockers and hes by me, but please do refresh my memory. Lol
Robyn: I told you I would kick your ass.
Tina: Look I see you really wanna fight me so, *Puts things in locker and closes it* this what im going to do Ima really give you a reason to hate me. *Looks at Chris and pulls him into a kiss*

Chris POV
Whao... I mean... Whao. I swear Tina has some of the softest lips ever, I could stay like this forever. *Tina pulls away and smiles at him*

Robyn is pissed to the max and it doesn’t help cuz the guys are rooting Chris and the girls are laughing at here.

Tina: Man that was refreshing. Now that, that’s done ima give you one free swing then ima beat that ass, mean ing I wont block or anything but just know soon as you swing im on that ass.

Robyn swings the first punch and catches Tina in the jaw knockin her back some.

Tina: I must admit you don’t hit like the b**** you are. Lol

After that Tina was on her ass like she promised. When people finally realized what was going on security came to break it up.

Robyn: *Yells* GET THIS CRAZY b**** OFF ME!!!!!!!

It took 3 security guards to pull Tina off of Robyn.

Tina: *Laughing* Yea b**** at least you finally realize im crazy as hell.
Mijo: *laughing* Remind me to never piss her off.
Tina: Now I can go home, ill see yall later.

As Tina was walking to leave the building she saw Colin walking towards her.

Colin: Babe what the hell happened??
Tina: *Punches him in the face then keeps walking out of the building.* Man that felt good. Lol

She leaves the school and heads home.

*Personality m bad yall.. lol

Before i forget im thinking on writing a another story its going to be called Starting Over and im in need of a few people to put in it so if your interested let me know. Ill need: Name, nickname (if you want), age, who you would like to be with, and a little about your pernality.

Its been a minute since i been on here, sorry about that but im a try to get on more often and add more. And i love the love from you you guys, Thanks!! :)

run it!!

this is really good, RUN IT

I really like where this story is going!!!! Robyn ole 5 head ass need to take several seats! I like Colin buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuttttt... I like Chris more so #TeamChris!!! Lol.
Run It!!!

Sorry I havent been on in a min Ive had major writers block but ima try to post something tonight.

Run it

The Next Morning

Niecy: WAKE UP BOO!! *Jumping on Tinas bed*
Tina: Why do you hate me so much??
Niecy: Lol You know I love you.
Tina: Lol Whatever. What do you want??
Niecy: Get up!!
Tina: Why??
Nicey: Because we have to go shopping.
Tina: For what??
Niecy: For tonights party duuuh
Tina: Whose party??
Niecy: Jay’s throwing a party.
Tina: Wait we have school tomorrow.
Niecy: No we don’t. No school tomorrow remember.
Tina: Damn I forgot. Where’s Shai??
Niecy: She went home this morning she’s going to meet us at the mall. Now get up and shower so we can leave. Lol
Tina: Wait you’re not even ready. Lol
Niecy: I will be by the you come down.
Tina: Ok. Now get out so I can.

*Niecy leaves out the room to do her morning routine leaving Tina to do the same. About 30 mins later both were down stairs heading out the door.

At the mall

*Phone rings

Tina: Yo who this??
Shai: Damn b**** that’s how you answer a phone now?? I know yo mama taught you better. Lol
Tina: Lol what shai??
Shai: Where yall at??
Tina: Over by Hollister
Shai: Alright wait there here I come.
Tina: Kay
Niecy: Where she at coming to us.
Shai: Sup b****es!!!
Both: Heeey. Lol
Niecy: So yall excited about the party tonight??
Shai: Hell yea
Tina: We know yo ass is its yo boo party.
Niecy: Speaking of boo, you gone ask yours to come tonight??
Tina: Yea. We all kno yo boo going so no need to ask you.
Niecy: Who is my boo??
Both: Mijo
Niecy: Lol

Around 4 p.m they decided it was enough shopping for the day so they left the mall and head home.

Back at Tina’s house

*Dials Number*

M/V: Hey babe
Tina: Hey
Colin: What’s up??
Tina: What you doin??
Colin: Icing my knee. What about you??
Tina: Awe poor baby. How bad is it??
Colin: Its swollen
Tina: Awwww, well that answers my next question.
Colin: Whats up??
Tina: I was going to see if you wanted to go to a party Jay is throwing tonight.
Colin: Awe. You go out with ya girls and have fun.
Tina: Ok boo. Well keep your knee iced up and ill check up on you before we leave out.\
Colin: Alright babe.
Tina: Bye
Colin: Bye
*Hangs Up
Niecy: So is he coming tonight.
Tina: No, he has a swollen knee so he’s icing it.
Niecy: Well that suck.
Tina: I know right. But we’ll still have fun & I told him I would call before we left to check up on him.
Niecy: Awww what a good girlfriend. Lol
Tina: Lol

A few hours later they do their hygiene thing and start getting ready for the night.

*Niecy’s POV

From: Shai
Yall ready??
To: Shai
Yea. We putting the last touches on our make-up
From: Shai
Alright. Ill be there in 20.
To: Shai
Niecy: Shai a be here in 20
Tina: Ok

*Chris POV*
I still can’t believe she’s wifed up. Smh that should be me she’s with not him. What the hell am I gone do now. Wait why am I tripping im still Robyn, damn that she aint got nothing on Tina. Robyn ass always b****ing and complaining I don’t think I can take that any more.

*Phone Rings*

Chris: *Damn* Hello
Robyn: Hey bae, what you doing??
Chris: Nothing at home chilling.
Robyn: Oh well I was thinking we should spend some time together.
Chris: Fine I guess.
Robyn: What’s wrong with you??
Chris: Nothing, if you coming by come on before I change my mind.
Robyn: Huh Ill call you when I get outside.
Chris: Yup
Robyn: I love you
Chris: hmm bye *Hangs up*

15 mins later

Chris: Who is it??
F/V: Really??
Chris: *Opens door* What up??
Robyn: Hey *tries to kiss him* What the hell is going on with you??
Chris: Look if you came over here to argue and what not then you can bounce.

*Texting while Robyn talking*

From: Mijo
Aye my nigga it’s a party tonight??

To: Mijo
Hell Yea im down. Im bout to get ready right now.

From: Mijo
Iigh let me know when you done so I can come get you.

To: Mijo

Robyn: Im sorry, it just that ever since that b**** Tina came around you been acting real funny.
Chris: Why she gotta be a b**** tho??
Robyn: Why you defending that b**** tho??
Chris: See that’s yo problem now every time somebody new come around you get all insecure and start acting all b****. Look Im bout to head out so you need to bounce. *Walks towards the stairs*
Robyn: Really that what we on now, you know what f*** you Chris.
Chris: Been there done that now bounce.
Robyn: Uuuuuugh!!!! *She leaves*

He comes back down and locks his door and gets ready for this party.

*Calls Mijo
Mijo: Yo
Chris: Im ready
Mijo: Be there in 10
Chris: Yup

Awww there to cute run it

Got bored so i figured id add again. :)

*Phone Rings*

Tina: Hello
M/V: Hey
Tina: Hey Colin, Whats up??
Colin: You busy??
Tina: No
Colin: Good, we have a game in a few hours and I was wondering if you wanted to come and watch.
Tina: Sure.
Colin: Cool. So should I come get you??
Tina: How about I meet you there.
Colin: Sounds like a plan.
Tina: Ok. I’ll see you in a few.
Colin: Ok. Bye.
Tina: Bye
Niecy: So what are you guys doing today??
Tina: Well he has a game today and wants me to go so that’s where we’re starting I guess. Lol
Niecy: Awww he wants you to be his little cheerleader.
Tina: Lol Oh whatever. So yall are going to come with me right??
Mijo: Naw we goin to play bball remember.
Tina: That’s why I wasn’t talkin to you two I was talkin to my girls.
Niecy: A chance to some sweaty guys with spandex on hell yea im down. Lol
Shai: Hell yea me too. Lol
Tina: Lol yall are crazy but I love yall.
Both: We know.

So the guys left to get ready to go hoop while the girls stayed at Tinas house and got ready for the football game.
Noon rolls around and the girl pull up to the football game.

Tina: Look here comes our team.
Niecy: You see yo boo yet??
Tina: No….. Wait (gco)
Shai: Naw you said it. Lol
Niecy: You know that’s yo boo
Tina: * Shakes Her Head & smiles*

Half time rolls around and we’re up 21-7

Tina: Ill be back im going to get something to drink, yall want anything??
Shai: Yea bring me a blue slushy.
Niecy: Me too.
Tina: Alright.

Walks over to the concession stand waiting in line.

Cashier: Hi what can I get you??
Tina: Can I get 3 large blue slushies’.
Cashier: Yes, that’ll be $4.50
Tina: *Hands her a 5*
Cashier: *Gives her, her change* your slushies will be with you in a min.
Tina: Ok thanks *Steps aside*
F/V: Girl you seen Colin out there on the field.
F/V2: Hell yea. His fine ass could get it any day. Lol
F/V: Hell yea… Lol
Cashier: Heres your slushies
Tina: *Shh* Thanks you

As Tina walks back to the stands and bumps into someone.

Tina: I am so sorry. * Looks up to see Colin*
Colin: Lol you good. You enjoying the game??
Tina: *Smiles* Yes I am.
Colin: Good. I hope you out there cheering for me. *Smiles*
Tina: Lol Yes I am.
Colin: Aw snap I got my own lil cheerleader out there. Lol
Tina: Lol. *Sees players coming out* I think its time for you to get back out there.
Colin: Yea you right. Ill see you after the game.
Tina: Alright. *heads back to the girls*
Shai: Damn girl where the hell you been??
Niecy: Got us up here all dehydrated and s***. Lol
Tina: Lol im sorry I got caught up.
Shai: With what??
Tina: I ran into Colin on the way back.
Niecy: What happened??
Tina: Nothin really he called me his personal cheerleader, Lol, and told me he’ll see me after the game.
Niecy: How cute.

As the game went on Tina and the girls continued to cheer for them. By the end of the game we had won 42 – 14.

After the game we went and sat by the car waiting on Colin to come out.

Colin: Aw s*** first my own personal lil cheerleader now she waiting on me, I might get use to this. Lol
Tina: Lol. Congratulations on your game.
Colin: Why thank you. How bout we go out to celebrate, say around 7 tonight.
Tina: Alright ill see you then.
Colin: Ok ill call you.
Tina: See ya.

When they got back to Tina’s house she started looking for something to wear.

Tina: idk what to wear tonight.
Niecy: How about this with these
Tina: You dont think that’s too much do you??
Shai: No. Now go shower so we can get your hair done.
Tina: Alright.

So Tina goes into the bathroom to do her hygiene thing while the girls make sure her outfit is out and ready. When she comes out the bathroom she gets dressed and curls her hair.

Tina: Ok how to I look??
Shai: Sexy
Niecy: Fierce
Tina: Im not showing to much am I??
Niecy: No girl now stop worrying.

*Doorbell rings*

Niecy: He’s here.
Tina: Im nervous.
Shai: Don’t be and go get your man.
Tina: Lol *Opens the door and sees Mijo, Jay and Chris standing there*
Mijo: Where in the hell in the hell you think you going dressed like that?? *Walking in the house*
Niecy: she has a date duh.
Mijo: You gone make me have to hurt him and you aint even left yet.
Shai: Oh shut up and stop hating. Lol
Tina: Lol
Chris: You look nice.
Tina: Thanks

*Chris POV*
Tina just don’t know she make rethink about being with Robyn ass every time I see her. She working the hell out of that dress though I would *Thoughts get cut off*

Mijo: Chris you good my nigga??
Chris: Yeah im good just thinking that’s all.
Mijo: Mmhmm
Chris: I am.

*Doorbell* Tina gets up and gets the door.

Tina: Hey
Colin: Hey, you look beautiful.
Tina: *Blushes* Thank you. You don’t look so bad yourself.
Mijo: Aye have my sister home at a decent hour.
Colin: Lol she will be.
Tina: So yall just gone chill at my house huh??
E/B: Duuh.
Tina: *Shh* Ok.
Walking out the house.
Colin: Your friends are something else.
Tina: I know right. So where are we going??
Colin: You’ll see.
Tina: Ok
Back at Tinas house.
Shai: So Chris when are you going to dump that whore of a girlfriend of yours??
E/B but Chris: Lmao
Chris: Man idek she pushin it.
Mijo: Man idk why you playin you need to tell Tina how you feel before Colin wife her.
Chris: Idk what your talkin bout.
Niecy: Dude stop playin we all see how you look at her.
Shai: Right we’re not stupid.
With Colin and Tina:

Pullin up to the restaurant.

Tina: Wow the Umami, really??
Colin: Yea I figured this would be the perfect place. *smiles*
Tina: You are really out doing yourself but you really didn’t have to.
Colin: I kno I wanted to. Now come lets go in.
Tina: Ok
Waiter: Hi Welcome to Umami how many
Colin: 2 please
Waiter: Right this way.

(A/N Ive never been there so I don’t know how their set up. But I love sushi. Lol)

During dinner Colin and Tina talk about everything under the sun from school to family and their personal lives. She found out that he’s and only child just like she is, moved a lot at a young age, he use to play baseball and sometimes still does but grew to love football and hopes to play in the NFL one day. He learned that she has lived here all her life that her parents travel a lot for work and she’s an A-B student in school.

Heading back to Tina’s house.
20 minutes later, pulling up in front of her house.

Tina: I really had a great night tonight.
Colin: I did too.
Colin gets out hand head to her side to open the door for here.
Tina: Thank You.
Colin: You’re welcome.
Tina: Well I guess I’ll talk to you later.
Colin: Ok. *Hugs her & holds her for a bit looking at her* Can I as you a question??
Tina: Sure.
Colin: Can I kiss you?? I usually don’t ask I usually just do it but your (gco)
Tina: *Kisses Him* You know you talk too much sometimes.
Colin: Lol
Tina: Thank you again.
Colin: Your welcome.
Tina walks in the house and sees everybody in the living room chillin
Niecy: So how was your date??
Tina: It was great. *Smiles*
Shai: Wait she’s blushing what happened??
Tina: We went out to eat and talked all night, and then he brought me home and…
Niecy: Annnnnd what??
Tina: He kissed me, well I kissed him.
Both: Whaaat?!?!?!
Tina: Well he asked to kiss me and kept talking so I couldn’t give an answer so I just kissed him.
Shai: How was it??
Niecy: Was it good, bad what??
Shai: Was his lips soft??
Mijo: Ok Ok OK im glad you had fun but I don’t want to hear about and kissing or anything like that.
Tina: Lol I love you too. Let go upstairs and finish this.
Niecy: Soooooo?!?!
Tina: Ok. It was awesome he has some of the softest lips ever.
Niecy: So what are yall now?? Are yall a couple or what??
Tina: Im not sure.

*Phone Buzzes*

From: Colin
Just wanted you to know I made it home. But there’s something I wanted to ask you but couldn’t find a way to say it.

To: Colin
Im glad you made it home safe. But what’s on your mind??

From: Colin
Well, I was wondering if you would be my girl??

Tina: Ahhhhhh!!!!! *Smiles*
Both: What????
Tina: He just asked me to be his girl.
Niecy: Well, what are you going to say??
Shai: I know you better say yea.

To: Colin
Hmmmmm. Naw Im good.
Lol of course I will.

From: Colin
You just made my night the best night ever. But I know you still with ya girls, so go have fun and text me before you go to bed.

To: Colin
I sure will

Tina: I said Yeah.
Mijo: *Bust in the room* what the hell is going on??
Tina: Lol Nothin now get out…. Lol we’ll be down in a min.
Mijo: yea ok.
Niecy: So now I wonder how Chris is going to react to this
Tina: Why you say that??
Shai: We all know Chris has a thing for you.
Tina: Well he has a girl and I have a man now so there’s nothing her can do. Now get out so I can shower. Lol
Shai: Ole stank ass. Lol
Tina: Lol w/e

Tina gets her things together so she can get in the shower. She goes in the bathroom and showers and washes her hair, gets out gets dressed and heads down with the rest of the crew.

Mijo: now you wanna tell us what the hell yall were screaming about.
Tina: Huuuh if you must know Colin asked me to be his girl.
Jay: and you said??
Tina: Yea

Everybody looks at Chris

Chris: Damn why everybody look at me.
Jay: No reason
Chris: Well im bout to head out.
Jay: Yea me too. Ima hit yall up tomorrow.
Tina: Ok ill walk yall to the door.

All the guys leave and the girl stay for another night. They all stay u for about another hour before they all went to separate room. Tina hops in bed and pulls her phone out and sends a good night text to Colin.

To: Colin
Good Night.

From: Colin
Good Night Boo, sleep tight. I’ll talk to you in the morning.

She then plugged her phone up and laid in bed until she fell asleep.

M/V: Colin.
Niecy: Oh, hold on one second.
Tina: *Take phone off speaker* Hello
Colin: Hey
Tina: Whats up??
Colin: nothing. I know I said I would call tomorrow about us hanging out but I wanted to talk to you before then.
Tina: That’s fine with me.
Colin: So what are you up to??
Tina: Nothing just chilling & talking with Niecy.
Colin: Awe did I interrupt??
Tina: No, your fine.
Niecy: *Yells* Yes You Are!!
Tina: Lol
Colin: Lol
Tina: Oh Lawd please forgive her, I think her mama dropped her on her head when she was a baby.
Colin: Its good. At least you didn’t deny it so that makes me happy.
Tina: Me denying that would be a lie.
Colin: Lol.
Tina: So what are you doing??
Colin: Sitting here thinking about you & if youre going to join me out tomorrow.
Tina: Yes Ill hang out with you tomorrow.
Colin: Im glad you made that choice.
Tina: Me too.
Colin: Well ill let you go and ill see you tomorrow.
Tina: Ok. Bye.
Colin: Bye

*Hangs Up*

Niecy: So I take it that you took him up on his offer.
Tina: Yeah. I mean why not he’s fine, tall, smart, plays football, single and did I mention fine. Lol
Niecy: Yeah. Lol
Tina: So what are we going to do tonight?
NIecy: Lets call the crew over and chill.
Tina: Sounds good to me. *Calls Shai*
Shai: Bad b**** hotline, Head b**** speaking.
Tina: Lol Really Shai???
Shai: Hell Yea. But what poppin??
Tina: We havin a get together at my house. So bring ya ass.
Shai: Damn no do you wanna come just bring ya ass, b**** you rude. Lol
Tina: Your comin so theres no need to ask. Lol
Shai: Yea you right.
Tina: I know I am. Lol but call them other nigga kids and tell them I said bring they ass too. Lol
Shai: Ok. Lol See yall in a minunte.
Tina: Yup * Hangs Up* So they’ll be here soon.
Niecy: So back to my first question what you cooking?? Lol
Tina: Smh ill find something.

*45 Minutes Later

Niecy: Damn you cooked like you was cooking for a army.
Tina: With the way you niggas eats I am cooking for an army.
Niecy: Lol
*Door Bell*
Niecy: Why niggas always show up when the foods done. Smh
Tina: Lol Idk but get the door.
Niecy: Do I look like a damn maid. * Gets up and gets the door*
Shai: Bout damn time. Lol
Niecy: Shut up. Lol Hey yall
Mijo & Jay: Hey
Mijo: So where the food at??
Tina: Dang no Hi, f*** you, kiss my ass or nothing just where the food. Ok that’s fine.
Mijo: Lol you kno I love you sis.
Tina: Yea yea. Lol But its all in the kitchen
Mijo: what you make??
Tina: Its some chicken, taco dip, spaghetti, chips and the sodas are in the fridge.
Mijo: oh hell yea.
Tina: Lol. What yall wanna watch while we eat??
Shai: Let watch Battleship.
Tina: iight

Everybody makes themselves a plate as Tina puts the movie in. As she walks in to the kitchen to make her a plate the door bell rings.

*Door Bell

Tina: Did yall invite somebody else?? * Walks to the door*
Mijo: I kinda invited (gco)
Tina: *Opens door* Chris, um hey.
Chris: Hey.
Tina: What are you doing here??
Chris: I came by for the get together but I see you didn’t know. I should go.
Tina: I didn’t mean it like that I was just surprised that’s all. Come in. Everybody Chris is here.
E/B: Hey, What up
Tina: Mijo can you help me get a case of sodas to put in the fridge.
Mijo: Uh yea. *Walks in kitchen*
Tina: Why didn’t you tell me he was coming??
Mijo: I didn’t think he would really show up, when I talk to him earlier he was with Robyn.
Tina: next time just let me know.
Mijo: iigh pooh.
Tina: Um its some food in the kitchen if youre hungry.
Chris: Thanks
Tina: There are plates and forks on the counter and sodas in the fridge.
Chris: Ok

As the movie went on Tina noticed that everyone had been cuddled up, Niecy with Mijo, Shai with Jay and then it was just her and Chris. Tina started to focus back on the movie when her phone vibrated.

*Text Message

From: Colin
Good Night Beautiful.
A huge smile crept across her face as she read the message. Right before she responded looked at the time and realized it was almost mid-night.

To: Colin
Good Night

Tina: So I take it you niggas is crashing here tonight??
E/B but Chris: Hell Yea.
Tina: Well its two guest rooms down the hall and Niecy you know where yo room at. And the rooms already have covers and things on them.
E/B: iight

*Chris’s Phone Ring

Chris: *Answer Phone* Yo
F/V: What the hell are you doing?? Ive been texting you for the last hour.
Chris: Robyn chill I didn’t feel my phone go off. And im out chillin with some friends.
Robyn: Who??
Chris: Does it matter??
Robyn: You know what Chris, f*** you, you probably out with some b****.
Chris: Man chill out with all that bulls***.
Robyn: Whos the b**** Chris huh??
Chris: Aint nobody with no b****. You know what ima holla at you later.
*Hangs up*

Chris POV: Man I swear she always think im with some b****. Smh she gone have to get over that s*** or im a have to let her go.
Chris: Alright yall im out. Ill talk to yall later.
Tina: Ill walk you to the door.
Chris: I had fun tonight.
Tina: So did I. Drive safe.
Chris: Will do.

*Closes door*

Tina: Well Im off to bed yall, yall know where the rooms are, and don’t b in there getting ya freak on I aint tryna hear none of that. Lol
E/B: Lmao
Tina: Good Night.
E/B: Night

Tina walks up to her room and takes a quick shower before hopping in bed. As she lays in bed all she can think about hangin out with Colin tomorrow. No to long into her thoughts she falls asleep with a smile on her face.

*The next morning

Tina is woken up the next morning by the sound of her cell phone ringing. She looks at the clock and sees it 9 a.m. After realizing it was a text message she decides theres no rush to get up, so she lays in bed and checks her message. When she sees who its from a smile forms on her face.

From: Colin
Good Morning Beautiful, Hope you slept well last night. Cant wait to see you late on.

To: Colin
Good Morning to you also & yes I did sleep well last night thanks for asking. Cant wait to see you either.

After responding she does her morning routine and heads down stairs to see everyone watchin tv in the living room.

Tina: Morning yall
Niecy: Morning Chica
Shai: Morning
MIjo & Jay: Morning.
Tina: How long yall been up??
Niecy: Not too long we all got up about the same time.
Tina: Awe ok. So what yall got planned today??
Jay: Me and Mijo a prolly go hoop with the guys today.
Niecy: You know what im doing.
Tina: I do??
Niecy: Ima be here waitn on you to get home so I can hear about this date.
Shai: yea that you do have that date today,
Tina: Its not a date.
Mijo: With who??
Tina: Colin
Mijo: Awe yea I know him. You thinkin about dating him??
Everyone looks at Tina.
Tina: Maybe, let see how this goes first.

For ur first story this goid run it

Tina’s POV:

*Phone Rings*
Tina: Hello
Niecy: Wake yo ass up. Lol
Tina: Damn Niecy why yo ass always gotta call & be loud with it??
Niecy: Becuz if I don’t yo ass won’t get up.
Tina: You know what ima start putting my s*** on silent. Now what do you want?? Lol
Nicey: Today is Friday and we do have this thing called school.
Tina: *Looks over at clock, 7:30* Damn it. Lol So I guess im getting you this morning.
Niecy: Duh, b**** you act like this is new. Lol
Tina: Lol Yea you right. Give me like 30 and I’ll be there.
Niecy: Kay. Bye.
Tina: Bye.

Guess I can get up now. I get up and do my morning routine and head back to my room to get dressed I decided to leave my hair wet and curly so need to do it. I grab my bag, cell phone, shades and keys and head downstairs to get ready to leave.

*Walks in the kitchen and notice a note on the counter.

Good Morning sweetheart,
Sorry your father and I couldn’t be home when you woke up this morning, had an early business trip this morning. We’ll be gone for a week, there’s food in the house and money in your account. See you in a week. Love you.
Love Mom & Dad

Tina: Not this again. Smh

Hops in car and leaves for Niecy’s house.
10 mins later

*Dials Number
Niecy: Hey b****.
Tina: Hey b****, come open the door.
Niecy: Here I come.
Tina: Kay. *Hangs Up
Niecy: Sooo you ready??
Tina: For what??
Niecy: For school what else.
Tina: Yea I guess. BTW im stealing some pineapples. Lol
Niecy: Aye b**** I don’t come to yo house stealing yo food & s***.
Tina: Ummm yes you do especially my pineapples. Lol
Niecy:……. Ok you got me there.
Tina: I know. So what are you doing this weekend??
Niecy: Nothing why??
Tina: Cuz they left for a week, again.
Nicey: Well I guess im at you house.
Tina: Cool. Now let’s leave before we be late.

*Pulls into school parking lot & parks.

Niecy: What all do you need to do??
Tina: Get my new schedule and locker.
Niecy: Iight cool well the office is right there. Meet me over there when you’re done.
Tina: Yup
Secretary: Hello, how can I help you??
T: Hi my name is Tina Jones and I came to get my new schedule and locker info.
Secretary: Give me a minute and I’ll get that for you.
Tina: Ok.
Secretary: Hey you go Ms. Jones.
Tina: Thank you. *Leaves office and heads towards Niecy and a group of people.
Niecy: Hey chick, you got yo stuff??
Tina: Yea.
Niecy: Good. Now to introduce you to the crew, this is Shai, Jay and Mijo. Everybody this is my b**** since diapers Tina
Tina: Hey.
E/B: Hey, What up, Whats good, Hi.
Male Voice (M/V): What up Mijo & Jay
Jay: What up.
Mijo: What up nigga. Where the hell you been??
M/V: s*** around.
Mijo: Yo ass done got with Robyn ass and go MIA on niggas.
M/V: Man f*** her right now. She getting on my damn nerves. Lol
Robyn: Chris Wtf are you doing??
Shai: Speak of the devil and he shall araise. Lmao
E/B: Damn Lmao
Robyn: b**** f*** you.
Shai: Lol trust me it’s not too early for you to get yo ass whooped.
E/B: LMAO!!!!!!!
Tina: (Talking to Niecy) Lmao yall school funny.
Niecy: Lol I kno right
Robyn: (looks at Tina) And who are you suppose to be??
Tina: *Looks around* Who she think she talking to??
Robyn: You!!!
Tina: See you don’t kno me I will (gco)
Chris: Robyn gone somewhere with that s*** man, it’s too early for all that.
Robyn: Whatever. * Rolls Eye*
Chris: Ill see yall later. * Walks off with Robyn*
Tina: Who the hell was that b****??
Shai: That was his b****. Lol
Tina: Well she better get her s*** together before I do it for her.
Mijo: Lol Man I like her…

*First bell rings*

Niecy: Ok yall let’s get to class before we be late.

I find my first class which was AP English I walk up to the teacher and give her my schedule and find me a seat. As I get my things out for class I look up and see some guys & that Chris dude from earlier. Man that nigga is fine.

Chris’s POV:
I walk in class laughing and joking around with my guys and I look up and see that new chick from earlier. Damn I never caught her name, if Robyn ass wouldn’t have come starting s*** I probably would have.

Chris: I guess you just couldn’t stay away, huh?? Lol
Tina: Boy please I don’t even know you.
Chris: Well let me introduce myself, Im (gco)
Tina: Chris. The boyfriend of the b**** from hell yea I know.
Chris: Lol well since you know my name mind telling me yours?
Tina: Tina but all my friends call me pooh
Chris: Well its nice to meet you pooh.
Tina: I said my friends call me that and we don’t even know each other.
Chris Friend: Ooww she cute and got attitude.
Chris: I see. Well Ms. Tina how about we get to know each other so we can be friends.
Tina: I’ll think about it. *Smiles and turns around in seat*

*A couple classes later into lunch*

Niecy: Hey boo, how’s your first day going so far??
Tina: Its going good so far I guess. It feels like any other school.
Shai: Sooo have you seen any cute guys?? Lol
Tina: Yeah I (gco)

*Chris walks by with Mijo & Jay.

Chris: Whats up ladies.
All of us: Hey
Shai: So you were saying Tina??
Tina: Yeah I have a few.
Niecy: Well tell us then… lol
Tina: it’s a guy in my AP English class and a guy in my Chemistry class.
Both: Names Please!!! Lol
Tina: Well they guy in my Chemistry class his name is Colin.
Niecy: Oh hell yea. He is Fiiiiiiiine.
Shai: hell yea you better get up on that.
Niecy: I know right.
Tina: Lol yall are funny
Niecy: No but seriously you do cause (gco)
Shai: Wait wait wait, who is the other guy??
Tina: Huh?? O_O
Shai: Awe hell naw don’t act like you didn’t hear me.
Niecy: When she does that its one of two things, either he’s someone I don’t like or it someone we know.
Tina: *Looks away*
Niecy: Its someone we know.
Tina: *Blushes*
Niecy: Please don’t tell me its who I think it is…
Shai: Wait your tellin me its Chris
Tina: Maybe. But it doesn’t matter he has a girl.
Shai: A girl I been waiting to beat the f*** down.
Tina: Hell the way she was acting this morning I was too. Lol

*At the table with the guys

Chris’s POV
As im sitting at the with the guys and Robyn I cant help but look up at Tina. I mean damn I know I gotta girl but its just something about her that make a nigga wanna wife her. * Thoughts interrupted.

Robyn: Chris, Hello, have you been listening to anything ive been saying??
Chris: Yeah babe. I been listening to everything.
Robyn: Really??
Chris: Yeah
Robyn: So what did I say??
Robyn: See my point. What the hell has you so distracted??
Chris: Nothin probably just this project that I gotta do for class. *Lying*
Robyn: Awe ok well babe don’t worry about it.
Chris: Im not. *Kisses her Cheek*
Mijo: Aye Chris can I holla at you real quick??
Chris: Sure

*They get up and walk out to the hallway.

Chris: So whats up??
Mijo: So you wanna tell me whats really going on??
Chris: Man I think im feelin Tina.
Mijo: Lol I knew that was coming, So what are you going to do??
Chris: I don’t have a clue. Smh

*Back with the girls

Shai: So are you gonna try to talk to him??
Tina: Hell why not it wouldn’t hurt.
Niecy: Good because the three of us have Math together.
Tina: Lol oh Lawd.

*In Math class.

Tina’s POV
Last class of the day, Yes!!! 
We all got to class early so we just sat there talkin until class started. Shai stopped mid-sentence and just starred so we looked up to see what shut her up. As we looked up we saw Colin walk in & I couldn’t help but blush.

Colin: What up Tina??
Tina: Hey.
Colin: How you doing today??
Tina: Im doing fine. How about you??
Colin: Im doing good, thanks for asking. I was wondering if you weren’t doing anything this weekend if you wanted to go out and kick it.
Tina: *Smiling* Well im not sure but ill let you know.
Colin: How about to I call you this weekend and we talk about it.
Tina: Is that your way of asking for my number??
Colin: In a way, yes. *Showing his gorgeous smile & handing me his phone*
Tina: *Puts number in his phone* I look forward to hearing from you.
Colin: I look forward to talking to you. * Walks off to take is seat*
Niecy: Sooooo what are yall going to do??
Tina: Idk, I told him to call to make sure things were clear.
Niecy: Hell yea things are clear.
Tina: So your just ditching me. Lol
Niecy: Until you get home from your date.
Tina: Its not a date we’re just hanging out.

*Class finally starts and goes by fast, Home here I come
At our lockers and the guys walk up with that sleeze bag not too far behind.

Mijo: So what yall got planned for the weekend??
Shai: Tina has a date.
Tina: Its not a date, we’re just hanging out.
Chris: With who??
Robyn: Does it matter?? * Rolls her eyes*
Tina: Anyways im hanging out with Colin. But come on Niecy lets head out & Shai well call you later.
Shai: iight Bye b****es!!! Lol
Both of us: Bye

*Pulls up to my house

Tina: make yourself at home like usual.
Niecy: You know I am. BTW what you cookin us for dinner??
Tina: Dan we aint been in the house 5 minutes and you already talkin about dinner. Fat ass.
Niecy: LMao

*Phone Rings*

Tina: Niecy look at my phone and tell me who’s callin.
Niecy: It’s a number not stored.
Tina: answer it for me & put it on speaker.
Niecy: OK. *Answers on Speaker* Hello
M/V: Um hello I Tina there??
Niecy: And this is??