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Second Chances

7 years later

<a href="***-0-300x300.jpg">I'm</a> walking down the street in Atlanta and that's when I saw her. This is the first time that I've seen her since I choose my ex over her. Damn I was dumb, She look good as f*** too. What do I do? Do I go up to her or just leave her? I know she was better off without me....but I just gotta know.

He walks up to her slowly, her back turned to him and just as he's about to say her name she turns around to face him.

She squints her eyes looking at him surprised "August?"

"Hey, umm <a href="">Colbi</a>. How you been?"

Colbi smiled sweetly and said "I've been great" just as <a href="">he</a>appeared by her side.


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At the end of the night the girls were chilling at Kori's house making s'mores and drinking red koolaid since they didn't move Colbi's furniture in yet.

"Has Jerome been calling you ?" Asia asked

"You know he has" Colbi said shaking her head

"Just let me know when you're ready to hire a hit man" Kori said with a serious face

"Orrrr" Asia looked at Colbi "we can call the police and get a restraining order if necessary"

Colbi's phone started ringing and it was Jerome. "You should change your number too" Asia suggested

"But what about my clients?"

"Let them know ahead of time and send a group message with the new number. They can save your contacts you know" Kori said

"It's been like a month since I last saw Colbi " August said pacing the floor of his condo

"Damn you f***ed up already" Lando said taking a swig of his beer

"No I didn't, I feel like something's up with her"

"How about calling her"

"Every time I try calling her it goes straight to voicemail"

"She blocked your number like s***"

August straight faced him and pulled out his phone to try calling one last rang and rang until her heard Colbi's soft voice on the other end

"Hey, are you okay? I've been calling you for like a month."

"Yeah, I'm fine. Sorry about that"

"It's cool. As long as you're alright"

"Thanks for being concerned but I gotta go"

"Oh, uhh okay" Colbi quickly hung up

August put his phone back in his pocket confused and looked at Lando "well she answered but I'm right something is wrong"

"Obviously she don't want your nosey ass to know so leave it that way"

"Are you gonna tell him what happened?" Asia asked curiously

"No, for what ? It's none of his business "

"Because it kinda happened because of him" Kori said

"No, it happened because Jerome is a mental, insecure human being. I could have been with anyone and Jerome would have snapped" Colbi said with a stern voice "I'm fine and I'm moving on with my life without Jerome and August. August clearly wasn't meant to be back in my life for long"

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Mr. Brown fast a*s...lmao. Poor Colbi been through it, I'm glad she was one of those who knew it was wrong and left right away!
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Been busy with work and trying to register for school
gonna try to add asap. thanks for the love ladies

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Three weeks later

Colbi covered her face with makeup and threw on some shades. She had been avoiding everyone and had been staying at a hotel so no one especially Jerome would find her. Of course he had been calling her and texting her apologizing but she wasn't budging.

Colbi left her room and go into her car to go to her real estate agents office to pick up the keys to her new place. She pulled up and walked into the building and was greeted by the girl in the front office. Colbi signed into the waiting book and sat down for five minutes before being called.

Colbi stood to her feet and walked to the back where she sat with the real estate agent once again.

"Good Afternoon Travis" Colbi shook his hand and say down in front of his desk

"Good Afternoon Colbi" <a href="">he</a> flashed his dazzling smile

"Are you ready to move in to your new place?" He said going into one of his drawers to pullout an envelope with the keys in them

Colbi smiled widely "I was ready when I saw the place"

Travis hand over the keys "now when are you gonna invite me over for dinner?"

"Travis, I told you I just got out of a relationship and I'm not looking for anything"

"I know Ms. Jameson, but don't forget about me" he smirked

"I won't, bye Mr. Brown" Colbi waved goodbye as she walked out the office.

Colbi walked out the building and got into her car and sat there for a minute and decided to finally call her girls back.

She called them on three way and they both answered immediately and started yelling at her.

"b**** where the f*** you been?" Kori said last

"I'll explain everything as long as y'all meet me at my storage in about an hour"

"Okay" they said in unison

"Okay, I'll text y'all the address. Love you"

" yeah, we love you too" they said still with a hint of attitude

Colbi hung up her phone and drove back to hotel to get her stuff and check out. Once her car was packed up she drove away from her temporary home and made her way to the storage place.

As asked Asia and Kori were in front of her storage unit. Colbi got out the car and walked over to them with a smile

"Before you get all 'hey girl hey' on us tell us what the f*** happened to make you go MIA on us" Kori said with a stern look

Colbi inhaled deeply and tears began to form in her eyes " he beat my ass because I went to August's mixtape release party"

"How di-" Asia was cut off

"He was on tmz after breakfast and pulled my ass out the shower and beat me. He called me a whore and said I needed to apologize to him" Colbi shook her head and wiped her tears "but I'm good, I got a new place that I can move into today. I moved all of my stuff in here and was staying in a hotel"

By now Kori and Asia were both crying. They pulled each other into a group hug and got themselves together

"Okay get it together so we can move Colbi into her new place" Asia said

They did as they were told and started putting boxes into their cars....

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run it!!! she definitely needs to leave jermome alone before it gets worse

TF??! he really has problems! RUNIT

He need to be beat up. whats wrong with him. i would have cut him if it was me. Keep your hands to your self and you stay alive. Run it

Dats messed up he need his ass whooped n girl dats wat im tlkn bout leave his ass run it

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oh hell naw that nigga crazy.!
but I really hope she stays away from him

That's how it's done girl!
Don't let no clown walk over you!
He don't deserve you one bit!

The next morning Colbi got up and decided to cook breakfast for her man. The smell of bacon filled the house and woke up Jerome.

"What's all this for?" Jerome asked sleepily sitting down in from of his plate of pancakes, eggs, fried potatoes and Bacon.

"I just felt like cooking for my man" she pecked his lips and then sat down with her plate

"Spent all night with your girls and realized how much you missed me huh?" He grinned

Colbi giggled and began to eat her food.

"So what y'all do last night?" He asked in between bites

"Just went to the club. Danced had a couple of drinks and laughed at the guys tryna talk to us"

He chuckled "oh so you were clowning niggas huh"

"The same way I clowned you when we first met" Colbi laughed

"Oh you got jokes. Well a nigga got you cooking breakfast now"

They finished eating breakfast and made light conversation. Colbi cleared the dishes while Jerome went to do some work for the game company he worked for.

Colbi finished up in the kitchen and then went into the bathroom to take a shower and wash her hair.

"Colbi !" Jerome called

"I'm washing my hair !" She yelled from the bathroom

Jerome walked into the bathroom and pulled the curtain back

Colbi looked at him startled "if you wanted to join all you had to do was say so" she said rinsing her hair

Jerome pulled her arm out of the shower making her trip on her way out. He pulled her all the way to his laptop and sat her down in the desk chair naked and dripping wet.

Colbi wiped her eyes and looked at the Computer screen and started back at her self. One picture of herself and the girls and one of her and August. Her mouth suddenly got dry

"So...what do you have to say" Jerome said trying to sound calm

"I was just going to supp-" before she could get the end of her sentence out he smacked her so hard that she fell out the chair

"I told you not to see that nigga!" He dragged her by her foot. "You're disrespectful as s***" he smacked her again "not me or yourself. Look at you! You don't have no damn clothes on" he punched her in the side "you probably f***ed him you dirty ass slut" he hit her on more time on her bare back

"I'm going to my house and don't call unless you're dirty ass is apologizing" he said grabbing his keys and walking out the front door.

Colbi laid there helpless, battered and bruised. She cried on the floor until she found the strength to get up. She walked to her full length mirror looking at her body. She traced her fingers on her bruises. One her rib cage, another on her back and her face was swollen and red from being smacked on to the ground. Her left ankle was a little sensitive from being dragged.

Colbi replayed his final words in her head...

<em>"I'm going to my house and don't call unless you're dirty ass is apologizing"</em>

Colbi gave him his second chance after throwing her against the wall and he failed her. She wasn't gonna apologize because she didn't do anything. She wasn't gonna be that girl....she was gonna get her number changed and look for a new apartment

Lol she know she didn't miss him! I can't believe he tripped like that just cause they were talking, if she can do it in his face he shouldn't be since she went to lunch with him n went to his party he should be trippin but he don't even know it and I hope it stays that way for Colbi's sake

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The girls were all at Asia's house getting ready for the mixtape party. They were all in the mirror doing their makeup and talking.

"So how was lunch?" Asia asked

"It was good, Kinda awkward though. He seemed nervous"

"Nervous for what?" Kori asked with a little attitude

"How should I know" Colbi shrugged her shoulders

"He probably realized how dumb he was and wants you back" Kori said

Colbi bust out laughing "yeah right, we all know that ship has sailed"

"Then why are you sneaking behind Jerome's back and going to his party tonight"

"I'm being a supportive friend and Jerome is irrational so what he doesn't know won't hurt him"

"Mhmmm" Kori and Asia said at the same time and went back to doing their makeup

Colbi came out <a href="">fully dressed</a> and ready for the party

"Oooo look at you tryna show out" Kori said clapping her hands

"Tryna get your man back I see" Asia chimed in

"Y'all need to quit. Weren't y'all the same girls that said "f*** August. He ain't s*** and you don't need him""

"You're right. We'll stop" Kori said with a smirk

The girls got to the party and it was pretty packed. Everyone was drinking and vibing to August's Mixtape The Product 2.

"His Mixtape is good as f*** though" Asia said and they nodded in agreement

The stage then lite up and the music faded as August took the stage and performed <a href="">I'm gone</a> from his first mixtape The Product. Everyone seemed to be very pleased with his performance thus far.

"I just wanna thank everyone for coming out and supporting a young niggas dream. This next song is my first single <a href="">I luv this s***</a> featuring my homie Trinidad James.

"Wow!" Kori said "he's actually really good. I believe in the movement" she held up her drink

August finished performing and then went into the crowd and started mingling with a few people until he found Colbi.

"You were really good and the mixtape sounds amazing" Colbi hugged him

"Hey Aug!!" Asia and Kori said at the same time

"Wassup with y'all?" August hugged them both

"Nothing much just supporting you tonight" Kori answered

"And I appreciate dat"

A photographer came over and asked to take a few photos. The girls got together and took a photo "The man of the hour can I get a picture?"

"Of course" August posed for the picture and then Pulled Colbi next to him for another.

The photographer thanked him and then walked off. "I'll talk to y'all later. I gotta go talk to a few more important people"

"Okay, see you later" They all said as August walked off

They all enjoyed the rest of the night partying and drinking till 3am. Colbi got in the house around 4. She threw off her clothes, wiped her makeup off and got in the bed with Jerome.

Jerome cuddled up close to her and wrapped his arms around "I missed you babe" he said sleepily

"I missed you too" she said half way believing herself

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