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The Fame and Life

All <a href="">he</a> wanted was to have his dreams come true but all dreams come with a price.

In the end someone always ends up hurt......


jason is not not ready for her
he stills needs to works on himself
and him being bitter proves it
idk bout the whole trey and ju situation all i hope is that there still is a solid best friend relationship
run it!

Damn run it

Run it!!!!! I'm curious as to how things are going to play out between Trey and Justice but Jason honestly needs to get himself together if he plans on winning her back

Author's note:Listen to the Perishers song nothing like you and I it fits this scene so perfectly....heartbreaking

Chapter 20:Closure

<em>We spent some time</em>
<em>Together walking</em>

Jason sat in a secluded area by trees so he would go unnoticed as he sat in his black range rover to blend in waiting for them to arrive as he let the radio comfort him as he listened closely to the song as it described him and Justice. Soon enough they pulled up twenty minutes later as they hopped into the passenger seat and took off their shades looking over at him.

<em>You held my hand so</em>
<em>Very tightly</em>

“So what did you want to talk about” <a href="">she</a> said as she got comfortable in the chair

<em>And told me what we</em>
<em>Could be dreaming of</em>

He looked over to her as the conversation with Trey was still fresh in his mind “When were you going to tell me huh”

<em>There's nothing like you and I</em>
<em>Nothing like you and I</em>

Justice looked over at Jason “To be honest I was but Trey wanted to tell you since you guys are friends”

He gripped the steering wheel “He aint my friend” Justice stayed silent “So you was just gonna start dating him without even telling me that’s dirty even on your part”

<em>Spent some time just thinking</em>
<em>About days of joy</em>

Justice faced him as she was about to give him a piece of her mind “First off what I do in my own time is my f***ing business. We broke up over almost two years now and to be honest we don’t even talk at all so for me to just up and call you out of the blue would be awkward as hell and plus you have a girlfriend so my private life doesn’t concern you” she said calmly

“Yes it does”

<em>As our hearts started</em>
<em>Beating faster</em>
“How so Jason?”

“Because that’s my friend and you are my ex wouldn’t you feel some type of way if I did that s*** to you”

<em>I recalled your laughter</em>
<em>From long ago</em>

Folding her arms she chuckled for a minute “News flash you already f***ed my ex best friend remember “Jason stand silent as he thought about that as he soon felt guilty all over again “Don’t even try to pull that you didn’t consider my feelings when you was out f***ing different b****es every night and coming home to me and lying you cheating bastard”

<em>There's nothing like you and I</em>

“So what I f***ed up get over it what’s done is done I can’t change the past all I can do is make a better tomorrow to improve myself”

“I’ve been over it Jason I’m just reminding you the next time you want to try and call me out on something when the s*** you have done to me tops all of this.” She looked forward as silence fell over them both

Jason breath out air as he calmed down before speaking again “Look I still love you Justice just give me one more chance I can do better”
Shaking her had from side to side as she looked over at him “I can’t and I won’t allow you back into my life too many times you took me for granted and did the same s*** over again. Maybe one day we could be friends but a relationship is out of the question.”

<em>We spent some time</em>
<em>Together crying</em>

He felt his hurt break into a million pieces as he felt a lump come up into his throat as tears soon formed in his eyes “We were good together Ju remember all the good times” he said as he grabbed her hand making her look into his eyes

<em>Spent some time just trying</em>
<em>To let each other go</em>

Tears rolled down her cheek “When were there good times J was it before you got the record deal was what I could remember everything after was a apology for f***ing up time after time.” He looked down as she continued to talk “Look at me” he looked up “You changed

<em>I held your hand so</em>
<em>Very tightly</em>

Jason and it was for the worse, this fame is like a disease that consumed your whole being. This is not the Jason I fell in love with the one I fell in love with said f*** fame because all he needed was me, where did he go”

Tears ran down his face as he allowed them to show in front of Justice which he never did for anyone except his mom “He’s still here Ju he never left, just give me one more chance I will make it right I promise baby please” he said as he kissed her hand as she pulled away

<em>There's nothing like you and I</em>
<em>So why do I even try?</em>

Mascara ran down her face as she wiped away her tears “It’s too late I can’t keep letting you play with my heart because every time you drop it” she said as she exited his car and hopped into hers and zoomed away as Jason sat there crying as his heart broke into a million pieces.

<em>Nothing like you and I</em>
<em>There's nothing like you and I</em>

Chapter 19: Honestly

<a href="">Trey</a> knocked on Mijo’s door as he waited for him to answer it. Soon the door swung open as he greeted Trey and stepped back allowing him into the house. Mijo walked to the kitchen as he went to the refrigerator.

“Aye you want anything T” he said grabbing a juice

“Naw man I’m good” Trey replied as Mijo sat next to him as the tv was on ESPN

“Whats up man” he said taking a sip from his juice and setting it down on the coffee table

Trey rubbed his temple and soon exhaled loudly at what he was about to tell Mijo “Im finna tell you something but you got to promise this stays between you and me”

Mijo nodded “No doubt”

“Okay, Justice asked me out on a date and I said yes”

Mijo expression did not change at all but the remained calm as he took a sip from his drink “Bout f***ing time”

Looking over at Mijo “So you’re not surprised?”

“Nope it was bound to happen someday, I mean Jason is my boy but even I could see that you guys had a connection that was stronger than his and Justice.”

“I gotta tell him though”

Mijo nodded “Yeah you do but then again I don’t think you should. He still loves Justice and is in love with her”

“I know but me and Jason are friends and I should be honest with him about how I feel about Justice”

“How do you feel about her” Mijo said as he leaned forward

“I always liked Justice but the timing was never right for neither one of us. Either she had a boyfriend or I had a girlfriend so overtime I suppressed my feelings for her and instead poured them into our friendship which made us even my stronger. Plus I didn’t think she felt the same way but I guess I was wrong about that”

“I just don’t know how he will take hearing about this”

“I rather tell him myself than see him reading some website about us going on a date. If I was in his position and he didn’t tell me he was going out with my ex I would feel betrayed.”

“That is true but tread lightly I know it has been over a year since they broke up but at the end of the day I want them both to be happy even if it is not with each other you know” Mijo said as he drinked his juice down

“Exactly and plus this is new to us we don’t even know where it’s going and haven’t even gone on a date yet so you never know it might not be meant to be for us as a couple but if not she will still be my best friend and I will always be there for her like she is for me.”

Mijo smirked seeing Trey meant every word that he said “I think you guys will go even if Jason doesn’t like it I approve of it.”

Trey stood up as Mijo did the same and dapped him up and walked him to the door “Now its time to go face the music “he said as Mijo opened the door for him as he walked to his <a href="">car</a> when Mijo called his name

“Aye Trey” he yelled as Trey looked up while opening the door

“Don’t worry, be happy”

Trey nodded as he got in and backed out of the drive way as he headed over to the studio where Jason would be right now

Mijo closed his door as he exhaled “Let’s see how this goes” he said walking back over to his couch and sitting down
Trey pulled up to the studio as he took the keys out of the ignite and sat for a moment as he took in a deep breath and closed his eyes and soon releasing it as he opened them again. Soon he exited his car as he locked it and walked into the building as he reached Jason’s recording room.

With his hand on the knob “He goes nothing” he said as he soon turned it and walked in seeing <a href="">Jason</a> sitting down as he bopped his head to a beat

Turning around in his seat Jason turned off the music as he got up and greeted Trey and sat back down as Trey stood where he was.

“What’s up man” Jason said

Trey looked over at Jason “I gotta tell you something J”

Jason expression on his face soon turned serious as the whole mood in the room changed “What is it?”

“Look I don’t want you to take this the wrong way or anything and I rather you hear it from me than anyone else”

Jason sat back in the chair ready to hear what Trey was about to tell him but in the pit of his stomach he felt a strange feeling in a bad way” Okay”

“Justice and I are going out on a date and I rather you hear it from me than someone else”

Jason bit his bottom lip as he felt jealousy take over him “So you telling me” he got up from the chair and stood in front of Trey as Trey stared back at him not backing down “You going on a date with my Justice the one I love”

“She’s not yours Jason and I wanted to be the better man and tell you in person instead of doing the s*** behind your back like some b**** ass nigga would.”

“You suppose to be my homie man”

“I am which is why I’m telling you this man to man.”

“Really because if you was my homie you would have said no”

“First off I am your homie and one of the realest motherf***ers you got and secondly I’m not gonna apologize for liking Justice when she also feels the same way about me.”

Jason balled up his fist as Trey remained calmed which pissed Jason off even more “So yall must have been doing this behind my back”
Trey looked at him as he was taken back by what he just said “No we weren’t sneaking behind your back I have enough respect to not even do some grimy s*** like that with you J come on now. Justice loved you and I know she wouldn’t do that to you either and for you to say some s*** like that is wrong.”

“Man whatever get the f*** out of here we aint boys, homies nothing you’re dead to me”

Trey shoved his hands in his pocket as he looked unfazed by what Jason was telling him as he knew he was speaking from a bitter place “If that’s how you feel its fine with me but I won’t ruin my happiness just for the sake of your ass. Don’t be made because you f***ed up and she doesn’t love you anymore that’s on you, not me” he said as he walked to the door and soon walked out shutting it behind him

Jason felt his anger rise as he kicked the chair sending it flying across the room rubbed his hands down his face “f***” soon he pulled out his phone and sent a text message

<strong>We need to talk…Park in an hour</strong>


He put it away as he left the studio and got in his car to meet up with them.

Justice deserves to be happy but im worried about how chris is gonna take it!!

Run it i fill wer she cumn frm bt i dnt think this a good idea chris did do wat he did but him n trey friends close at that n u was chris girl he stil aint ova her if he find out he gn hate them and not only dat he was yo friend to before

<a href="">Justice</a> sat in between <a href="">Kelly</a> and <a href="">Teyana</a> in Teyana's condo sitting on in the <a href="">living room</a> having a girls night as she told them about what was going on with Trey.

"Actually I think you should give it a try" Kelly said sipping from her glass
full of wine

"Yeah you two always acted like a couple to me anyways" Teyana added as she ate popcorn

Justice took some popcorn as she ate it taking in their opinions

"Are you afraid that he will say no?" Kelly asked

"I more afraid that if we do take it to the next level then I would lose him as my friend if it doesn't work out. But I also don't want to regret and think back ten years from now wondering what if you know" she said picking up her glass and taking a sip

"Well I say go for it you will never know unless you try" Teyana said

"I'm with Teyana on this one" Kelly said " Although you still have to think about Chris too because even though he has done wrong him and Trey are friends."

Teyana nodded" Yeah that is true but if they are friends than this shouldn't break their friendship up though."

"But it was with someone that Chris loves" Kelly argued

"Loved" Jusitce said correcting her

"No loves because he still does Ju after all this time he never got over you"

"Plus you have to consider Trey and how this will affect him you know. He has know you his whole life and for you to come out of nowhere with this he could be a little shocked too"

Justice sighed" Yeah but I gotta know if he feels the same at least or wonder what if" she said eating more popcorn as Kelly and Teyana nodded
Justice had decided after debating with herself for days if she should ask Trey out and see or keep her feelings to herself.

<a href="">She</a> knocked on the door as <a href="">he</a> opened the door smiling at her instantly sending a tingling feeling down her spine. He pulled her into a hug and kissed her forehead as she took in his scent and released him.

Sitting down on the couch as he sat down by her she became nervous.

He looked over at her"So what brings you by unannounced " he said as he pushed some of her hair behind her ear

Justice heartbeat quicken as he touched her as her knees got weak. Thankfully she was sitting down because she would have been on the floor by now"Umm I wanted to ask you something" she said now facing him

Trey gave her his full attention" What's up"

Justice mouth felt dry as she tried to say the words"Can I get some water my mouth is a little dry"

"Yeah" Trey said as he went into the kitchen and came back with a water bottle handing it to Justice

"Thank you" she said taking it from his hand as she opened it a drinked the whole bottle as Trey looked over amazed at how fast she drank it down

"You okay Beau"

"Yeah" she said as she fidgeted with her hands "I came here to ask you did you want to go on a date with me but if you don't want to I understand because sit can be weird and since we know each other and use to bath together not now but when we weren't take but I wouldn't mind now. I know you're my best friend and I'm yours but I can't contain my feelings for you-"

"Yes" Trey said

"If you say no I compl-"

"Beau I said yes" he said as she stopped talking

"Really" she looked on in shock

"What did you expect me to say no"He said smiling at her

"Kind of" she said looking down shyly as she blushed

Trey chuckled "You're cute when you blush but what time should I pick you up on Friday"

Justice looked up and smiled" eight"

Trey looked her in the eyes "Eight it is then" he said soon he turned o. The tv as Justice snuggled up next I him as he kissed her forehead wrapping his arm around her

Justice exhaled as she felt a weight lift off her shoulders. She smiled looking over at Trey as he faced the tv . Thinking if this was how she spent the rest of her days in his arms as she felt the most safe she would die happy.

I love this I just wish that they would stop be adults and talk things out so it would be civil
Run It!!!

Aww s*** she startn to fill her bestfriend smh run it

Chapter 18:Feelings

Justice looked at Jason not knowing what to say as they both stood there in silence.

"Hey" he said

"Hi" she replied

"You look beautiful tonight thanks for coming"

"No problem, I wanted to support your music I'm proud of you"

"Thank you" he said as he looked down stuffing his hands into his pockets

"I should be getting back now Trey is probably looking for me

Jason nodded understanding as he stepped aside letting her walk as he called out her name "Justice" she stopped and faced him "This album is about you" he replied

She smiled "It will go triple platinum then" she said as he chuckled

"I still love you" he simply said now staring into her eyes

She nodded "I know" turning around she walked away leaving Jason where he stood as he watched her walk away and out of his life.

Justice walked over to Trey and the group as he smiled at her kissing her forehead as he wrapped his arm around her waist. "Everything okay" he said eyeing her sensing something was off

Looking over at him "Better now"she said smiling as she felt at ease

As Mijo smiled at the two of them and sipped on his drink.
<a href="">Jason</a> was sitting in the studio in his home thinking when Mijo walked in and greeted him.

"What's up" Mijo said as he sat down next to him

Jason snapped out of his thoughts "Nothing much just chilling"

Mijo looked at Jason "You miss her don't you"

Jason didn't say anything as he leaned back in his chair a bit

"I know it's hard to let her go but she seems happy man"

"Is she seeing anybody?" Jason asked

"Not from what I know"

Jason nodded "I just want to talk to her tell her how I feel apologize. She was my best friend before anything, I want that that back at least."

Mijo nodded as he got up to leave and stopped leaving Jason with some final words "Don't ruin her happiness, she deserves the best Jay and if it's not with you. You're gonna have to accept the hand you are dealt with even if its not what you wished for"

"Yeah I know" he said as Mijo left out

<a href="">Justice</a> and <a href="">Trey</a> were chilling in his bed as they watched a movie. Justice kept glancing over at Trey as he looked at the tv laughing.

"What is it" Trey said looking at her

"Nothing" she said quickly as he turned back towards the tv

"Ju you have been staring at me like I have something on my face do I" he said as he rubbed his hand down his face

"No you're fine" she smiled simply as she eyed him

Justice did not know what was happening with her since going to the album release party she has been feeling different about Trey.

"You sure" he asked looking at her

"Yeah T"

He wrapped his arm around her as she laid her feet across him as he placed his hand on her leg sending a tingling sensation down her spine just like Jason use to but it was stronger. Her heart beat began to quicken as she took in his scent.

He kissed the top of head rubbing his head through her hair" You look beautiful today, you got new earrings" he said

Justice smiled as he noticed the littlest thing that Jason never did "Yeah I got brought them last week"

"I like them" Trey said turning his attention back towards the tv as he rubbed her leg.

Justice had to get a grip of herself or at least try to.

what do you think will happen next between the two?

Run it

Chapter 17:

(Eight Months Later)

Justice new album had went triple platinum and she was working on her next one right away. She had written so many songs since her break up and was inspired to write out her feelings and the emotions she went through during that time.

She sat on the couch writing when there was a knock at her front door. Looking through the peephole she saw who it was and opened the door letting them in as she closed it behind them as they walked over to the couch and taking a seat.

Justice looked at him and smiled "What's up"

"Nothing just was in the neighborhood" Trey said as he picked up the remote and flipped through the channels.

Justice studied him and raised her eye brow at him "What is it Trey?"

He put down the remote and turned towards her "I need you to be my date to this release party tonight"

"Okay who's is it" she asked

Trey scratched the back of his head" Ummm...Jason's" he said but she did not hear him

"Who's" she leaned in closer

He sighed" Jason's"

He looked over at her not seeing any emotion and how she would react as he waited for her to answer "Okay"

"Forreal" he said surprised by her answer

"Yeah why not I want to hear his new album anyways" she said with a shrug

Trey eyed her suspiciously "Okay where is the Justice I know and what have you done with her"

She laughed "Im right here. Even though we had our s*** I still support him as the artist you know we can be cordial atleast"

"Could you guys be friends again?"

Justice stopped and paused for a second processing what Trey asked her "What the future holds I don't know really so I cant answer that to be honest"

Trey nodded as he directed his attention back to the tv as he sat back with his arms laid across as Justice resumed writing beside him

(Later that night)

Justice was finishing getting ready when there was a knock at her door and there stood <a href="">Trey</a>

"You don't look ready" Trey said as he looked at Justice wearing her pajama pants and a tank top

"I didn't want to mess up my dress since I was doing my hair"

"Okay Ju but hurry though" Trey said as he walked to the couch and sitting down and looking through his phone

Justice ran back to the room as she finished getting ready and putting on the last touches to her make up. Finally she put her heels on and looked at her self once in the mirror and smiled at what she saw.

She walked out as Trey still sat on the couch on his phone when he soon looked up and smiled.

"Wow" he said as he stood up putting his phone in his pocket and kissed her on the cheek "You look beautiful"

"Thanks T" <a href="">she</a> blushed" We should get going now though"

"Yeah lets go"

They walked out the house as Justice made sure it was locked and Trey opened the door for her as they got into the back and soon drove off.

Justice could see Trey eyeing her as she looked straight ahead "What you looking at?" she smirked

He smiled "You" he said as he wrapped his arm around her as she leaned into him laying her head down as they continued to ride

(Album Release Party)

They arrived at the release party as the driver opened the door for them to step out. Trey got out first and helped Justice out as the fans began to go wild at the sight of them. The cameras flashed taking pictures of them as they posed.

Afterwards they walked into the party, Justice stopped for a minute as she prepared her self.Trey wrapped his arm around her waist as she looked over to him and smiled. The greeted many people from producers and music executives.

Finally they saw a familiar face as they made there way over to them. There stood Bow, Mijo, Keeis, Hood, Red, Kelly and Teyana as they greeted them. The guys stared at her as Teyana and Kelly knocked them into reality and they finally spoke.

"Damn Ju you sure know how to make a nigga want you back wearing that" Keeis said as he eyed Justice

"Thanks Keeis" Justice smiled and hugged him

Mijo hugged her and dapped up Trey "Ju I wasn't expecting you to come"


"Well I didn't I knew my wife was gonna come and shut these motherf***ers down" Teyana added "Giving me a run for my money in that dress"

"You looking right too wife got the tight fitted on just for me" Justice said back as they hugged

"So you just forgot about me hu Ju" Kelly joked

"You my wife too boo" she said as she hugged her

"Trey you cant just be walking in here with my girl on your arm making me look bad" Hood said

Every one laughed at hood and shook their hands

"Hood she is not your girl" Trey replied

"Not yet I'm still trying to wear her down it takes time" he said

"It will be forever than" Shad said "I see ya'll matching and s*** like its prom" he joked

Justice laughed "It wasn't planned I swear"

"She lying I had my outfit on first she just copied me"

"Really Trey okay"

"Im just playing with you Beau" he said as he kisse her check and she blushed

Mijo and Shad smirked at what they saw between the two friends.

"So where is Jason at" Trey asked as he looked around for him

"s*** I don't know lost his ass in the crowd" Keeis said

The group kept talking among themselves as Justice excused her self to go to the restroom. As she was heading back and looked down at her phone to reply to a message she had gotten from her manage and sticking her phone back in her clutch. She suddenly bumped into someone almost being knocked down.

"Sorry" he said as she looked up and there <a href="">he stood</a>

Run it

run it!!!

Chapter 16: Moving On

<a href="">Justice</a> was on her way to Kelly's house in the morning and soon arrived. There in no time. She got out of the car and knocked on the door as her friend opened it greeting <a href="">her</a> with a smile.

"Hey girly" she said as she stepped aside as Justice entered

They walked into the living room as they had a sit on the couch getting comfortable.

Kelly looked over at Justice taking in her image trying to break it down to see what was going on with her.

"How are you"

"I'm fine"Justice replied

Kelly looked at her knowing that she was not"Justice how are you"

Justice knew Kelly could tell she was not alright and answered honestly this time"Somedays I'm doing okay and getting by but others I miss him and what were had. Taking my time you know"

Kelly nodded as she understood"I know the feeling"

"I wish there was a pill I could take to rid me of heartache and anyone else that feels this way."

"We can't there's nothing that can help you with heartache or the after feeling of the break up. Trust me if there was I would have brought a whole damn store full"

Justice laughed at her friend" How has your album been coming along I want to hear it"

"I gotta put some finishing touches on a few more songs but I promise you soon"

Justice looked over at her friend a smiled as she grabbed her hand "You know sometimes I wonder how the hell I get a friend as great as you"

Kelly smiled at her as she squeezed Justice hand for a second" I wonder the same thing too love you Ju" she said as she hugged her

"Love you too K" she said as she hugged back

(Later on that day)

Justice decided to go see Trey and hand out with him for a minute.

She pulled up and hopped out of her truck as she knocked on the door waiting for him to answer. Finally he opened the door.

"Did I wake you T" Justice said as she could tell he was sleeping before she interrupted

"Naw it's cool I just woke up before you knocked Ju" <a href="">he</a> said he hugged her and let her enter his house.

He walks into as she follows sitting on the counter top and grabbing a apple to eat. Trey went into the refrigerator pulling out things to make a sandwich.

He sat everything on the counter as he looked over at Justice as she sat there with her legs India style.

"You can't never sit your ass in a seat like a normal person huh" he said as he was making his sandwich

"Nope" she said as she took a bit into the apple

Justice looked at Trey and could tell he was not telling her something

"Trey" Justice said as he looked up as he put the bread on top of his sandwich and taking a bite"Yeah"

"Tell me" she said burning a whole I to the side of his face as he avoided her eye contact

"Tell what"

"Tell me what's on your mind. You lucky I can't read it."

Trey sat down his sandwich as he hopped on his counter taking a seat next to Justice as his legs dangled over the edge. He faced her and looked directly as her" I ran into Jason at the studio while I was visiting Bow there."

"Okay so what happened" she said as she took his sandwich and took a bite out of it

"Bow must have set it up since Jason ain't been good. We talked and he got mad at the fact that me and you were in Paris. He saw the pictures too.

Justice sat there not saying anything at first"Funny ain't it"

"What is" Trey said as he took a bite out of his sandwich

"That he feels how I felt with him at the time when those pictures came out. What I can't get is be knows we are just friends and every time he tries to make it more than what it seems."

Trey nodded in agreement as he understood"He still loves you Ju"

Justice continued to eat her apple not saying a word

"Do you still love him?"

"Yeah but I'm not trying again with him. Too many chances I gave him and he f***ed up every time."

Trey looked over at Justice"I told him you done trying"

Justice stated silent for a minute and looked over at Trey"Good" as she took a another bite from her apple

"You know I'm always gonna be here for here for you Ju"

"Same for you to Trey"

Trey got off the counter and went into his fridge to get something to drink. He took a sip of his drink and turned towards Justice.

"So what's next"

She sat quiet for a minute until she finally replied"Taking it day by day like I've been doing"

Run it

Chapter 15: The Blame Game Pt.2

Jason looked over at Trey as Shad looked between the two and he could feel the tension mostly coming from Jason.

"Aye I'm gonna step out for a moment you two should talk." Shad said as he left leaving the two

Jason didn't say anything but still stood where he was as Trey did the same thing. Neither one speaking a word as they held eye contact.

"You gonna sit or just keep standing there." Trey said as he waited for him to answer

Jason didn't say anything as he grabbed a seat next to Trey but sliding away giving the two distance.

" Mijo told me what's been going on with you"

Jason stayed silent as Trey continued.

"So you think me and Justice got something going on huh" Trey asked calmly not seeming fazed by it since he knew the truth

"Best friend my ass I saw the pictures" Jason replied calmly

Trey looked at him and thought about Jason saying the same thing to Justice.

"Hurt doesn't it?" He asked as he looked over at Jason

Jason didn't say anything

"You hurt Justice deep man and you still can't even man up for that. Steady acting like I'm doing something wrong with her when you already know we just friends. I'm your friend too Chris but you know I don't bite my tongue from speaking the truth."

"That s*** hurt seeing those pictures of y'all laughing and holding hands. You suppose to be my boy Trey"

"I am but you know you was wrong for the s*** you did. You caused her too much pain J and for too long."

"We could have worked it out and she just up and left to Paris and then I see you and her there look like y'all a f***ing couple"

Trey studied Jason and wanted to see if how he would respond to what he was about to say"And if we were" he said looking over at Jason

"So you trying to push up on Justice" Jason said as he stood up out of the chair as Trey remained calm

Trey studied him and soon stood up from his chair looking directly at Jason.

"You my boy Jason but Justice is my best friend and I'm gonna protect her for as long as she wants me too. The damage you caused on her heart, I'm still picking up the pieces to it. She's not whole and I don't think she will ever be again. When those pictures came out I thought nothing of them just two friends hanging out. We didn't plan a trip together I went there to check on her and you want to know what happened when I knocked on her door and she answered"

Jason didn't say anything as he let him continue.

"She broke down crying because of you. So the next time you try and come at me with some bulls*** about me and Justice again I'm going off on your ass cause you know our relationship is strictly platonic."

Trey walked to the door as he was about to open it and turned around towards Jason as he stood with his back still turned.

"Justice is done trying J she given up . This time I won't be there to help you, you on your own brah"

"What you mean she done?" Jason said as he turned around to face Trey. He could see the pain on J's face.

"No more chances Jay you f***ed up big time." Trey said as he opened the door to leave "Oh and one more thing"

Jason waited for him to say his final words.

"If you looking for a answer to your pain its not at the bottom of a bottle. Only way a to heal is grabbing that pen and paper. Use your voice Jay for the pain not your anger"Trey said as he closed the door to the studio

Jason stood where he was as he let Trey's advice linger in the back of his mind.

Chapter 14:The Blame Game Pt.1

Chris sat on edge of his bed in the dark as the moonlight shined into the room. He held the bottle of Jack Daniels in his hand. As John Mayer song Dreaming With A Broken Heart came from his speakers.

<em>When you're dreaming with a broken heart</em>
<em>The waking up is the hardest part</em>
<em>You roll outta bed and down on your knees</em>
<em>And for a moment, you can hardly breathe</em>

Jason was relating to the words he spoke as he continued to drink as he grabbed a picture of her sitting by the beside.

<em>Wondering was she really here?</em>
<em>Is she standing in my room?</em>
<em>No, she's not 'cause she's gone</em>
<em>Gone, gone, gone, gone</em>

Soon he reached for his phone and dialed her number. But she did not answer by it going straight to voicemail.

<em>Wondering could you stay, my love?</em>
<em>Will you wake up by my side?</em>

Soon his phone begin to ring and looked at the caller ID hoping it was her but soon saw it was Rihanna and sat it back down as he continue to drink more feeling numb to everything.

<em>Now do I have to fall asleep with roses in my hand?</em>
<em>Do I have to fall asleep with roses in my hand?</em>

He dranked until finally the bottle was empty as he continued to sit there thinking about Justice.

<em>When you're dreaming with a broken heart</em>
<em>The waking up is the hardest part</em>

(Four Weeks Later)

Ever since the pictures of Trey and Justice had gotten out Jason has been partying and drinking away his pain and sleeping in late.

Soon he was woken up as the covers were pulled off of him by <a href="">Mijo</a>

"Get up now!" Mijo said

"What the f*** man" Jason replied as he become annoyed of being woken up out of his sleep

"Time to get ready it's three in the f***ing afternoon."

"I ain't got s*** to do today anyways" Jason said as he laid back down pulling the covers on top of his head.

Mijo looked around the room as he saw empty bottles on the dresser and on the floor.

"You brought this on yourself Jason and I don't feel sorry for you one bit"

Jason pulled the covers of his head and looked at Mijo"She left me and been out all over f***ing Paris with Trey and s*** like we didn't just break up"

Mijo looked at Jason as he saw the hurt in his eyes but did not feel sorry because he caused this pain on himself.

"You cheated Jason what do you expect" Jason stayed quiet as Mijo continued"f***ing with Rihanna and all these other random as girls and you got your self caught up. Time and time she forgave your ass giving chance after chance. What you think she was gonna just let that s*** slide. Justice is like a sister to me and you my brother but you f***ed your self up. Matter of fact Trey has been supporting you two as a couple he would never cross that line with her."

"Whatever man I ain't trying to hear this s***"

"Oh you hear me nigga and hear me good.Justice left your ass because you was trying have your cake and eat it too"

"So you don't think I tried to be faithful I did. We was having problems and arguing got worst."

"So that mean go out and f*** a random b**** you met at the club and come back home the next morning like ain't s*** happen."

Jason kept quiet because he knew Mijo was right by wouldn't say it.Jason grabbed his phone off the night stand and started texting as he pretended to ignore what he was saying.

"You know what I give up" Mijo said as he turned to leave the room and stopping at the door leaving Jason with some final words"Justice deserved better than your cheating ass and to be truthful I rather see her with Trey than with you as of now. Man up Jason admit when you wrong."

Soon Mijo disappeared down the stairs as Jason heard his front door shut.

Jason soon set his phone down as he got out of bed and went to shower and get dressed.

Once <a href="">he</a> was ready he left the house making his way to the recording studio. To meet up with Shad as he entered the studio he saw that there was someone else there with them but he could not see who.

<a href="">Shad</a> walked over to Jason and dapped him up"what's good homie"

"Nothing much" he replied

Soon the person sitting down turned around and there was <a href="">Trey</a>

please run it! i just read it from the beginning!

run it!!!

Run it

Chapter 13:Know How It Feels

Trey and Justice shopped around Paris as the paparazzi continued to take pictures of them while they held hands. They didn't care who was around they both knew that they were only friends and did not have to explain that to anyone else.

As they were walking out of Dior paparazzi started asking them questions while their security kept them at a distance.

"Justice are you and Trey together" paparazzi asked

"Are you still in love with Jason?"

"How do you feel about him and Rihanna together?"

The continued to ignore them and got into their truck and pulled off. Justice and Trey went to a restaurant and had been seated so they could have privacy without anyone taking pictures are asking for autographs of them.

Trey slided the chair back for Justice so she could sit and took a seat across from her.

"Such a gentlemen" Justice said as she smiled at him as she picked up her menu

"Of course" Trey said returning the smile and then picking up his menu

"I could eat a horse right now"


"So are you"

"No I just eat a lot but nothing happens"

"Lucky you "Justice said playfully rolling he eyes

"Justice Nina Love you rolled your eyes at me"

"Maybe I did Tremaine Aldon Neverson" she said sticking her tongue out at him

"We saying government names now" he said setting down the menu

"You started it"she replied smiling at him as she set down her menu

Soon the waiter came and took their orders and they resumed their conversation

Trey looked at Justice and grabbed her hand across the table "It's good to see you smile, I missed that smile of yours Beau"

"I did too, you have no idea. I'm glad you came T I really needed someone right now."

"I'm your friend I'm here for you whenever you need me"

"I don't know how I can ever repay you for so much that you have done for me"

"You have by being there when I was down on my luck and when I was going through so much back then. You held me down Beau and I just want to thank you for doing that for me. You came and flew down to Africa when I needed someone there and I didn't have to say I needed you, you just knew."

"When been friends before the fame Trey since we were eight years old and always had one another backs. Remember when a boy would even try and talk to me you would threaten them" Justice said laughing

"I remember" Trey said laughing "You did the same thing"

"I had to make sure them hoes knew I don't play that when it come to you"

"Yeah same here"

Soon there food came and they began to eat and talked some more about the old days laughing and smiling. After lunch they return to Justice hotel <a href="">room</a>. Trey laid back on the bed as Justice did the same next to him as he wrapped his arms around her.

"You know everything about this place remained me of him"

"I know the feeling" he said rubbing her back as she laid on his chest

"It still hurts but I still miss him a little bit"

"It's okay to miss someone you love Ju we all have those moments. I still miss my ex sometimes but I cant go back because we both wanted different things and the fact that she continued to cheat made the relationship worse. I kept forgiving her just like you, Justice until I got tired and couldn't take it anymore and I left her.

"You never told me that she cheated T"Justice said as she got up and looked at him

"Well how do you tell that to anyone you know" he said as he rest against the headboard "It may not have been public like you and Jason's but I was hurting just like you Beau and I kept giving my all and she was giving me half. She said she loved me but her actions always said something different. Trust me I know what it's like to feel like you are drained and you have no more to give until finally you are through."

"You should have told me T I would have been there for you no judgement about it"

"I know but how do you tell someone that you know. The person you are with has cheated on you so many times you lost count and you kept taking them back. I didn't tell my family the reason why I just kept it to myself didn't want to look stupid."

"You wouldn't look stupid trust me. I know how you feel T"

"That's why I know how you felt about Jason and I knew the situation before you told me but I did not want to try and tell you what to do. I just gave you advice and hoped you would realize when enouh was enough for you." he said laying on the pillow now

"I did some days I miss him but others he is a distance memory" Justice said as she laid back down on his chest

"You wanna know what the saddest part about a break up is"


"That soon you and the person you were once in love with will only remain a memory and nothing more"

Justice took in the final words that Trey said as they stayed there all night. Trey and Justice changed into their pajamas and laid in each others arms in the dark as sleep came to them.

(With Chris)

<a href="">Chris</a> was flipping through the channel when he turned back and saw Justice and Trey holding hands and turned up the volume to hear what was being said.

"Has Justice moved on from Jason the answer is yes! Just yesterday Justice and Trey Songz were spotted in Paris together enjoying each others company. An insider said that while the two were shopping they seemed more like a couple in love as Trey whispered in her ear causing her to smile every time and other source even said they didn't care who was watching them and continued on seeming so in love. Later on the pair were spotted going into a unknown restaurant and seated in a private area from the rest of the restaurant. According to another source the two were seen holding hands from across the table at a candle light dinner and filled with happiness and kisses were exchange between the two."

Chris starred at the television filling his anger boil as he rewind his tv and paused to see Justice smiling at Trey as he did the same while holing hands. He saw that she was genuinely happy but it was not with him.

<strong>Sometimes</strong> you don't know what you have until it's gone

Awww run it

Chapter 12:Let It Go

(Two Months Later)

Justice had returned back to her hotel room after doing interviews all morning and was tired. She mad her way to her bed and fell asleep instantly once her body hit the mattress. Later on she woke up and started going through her phone seeing she had a few missed calls from friends and family and decided to call them back later.

As Justice with through her pictures she stopped on one and saw it was of her and Jason when they were happy together and she smiled at the thought. But soon her mind went to his cheating and lies and her smile slowly turned into a frown. She went through picture after picture and began deleting the ones of her and Jason without a second thought. Justice decided to call room service up and order dinner and got her food and while she was eating her phone started to go off.

Justice stopped eating and saw it was Trey calling

"Hey Trey" Justice said as she put another fry into her mouth

"Hey Beau I just was checking up on you to see how you doing out there on tour."

"You know the usual interviews but performing my music in front of thousands is my reward that I love the most. How have you been I miss you T"

"I miss you too but I just been busy in the studio getting ready to start on my next album. You been okay since you know Jason and You not being together"

"I been okay I mean just trying to keep myself busy so I wont have to think about that so much. The media still is talking about our break up and all but I just try and stay away from that type of stuff" said feeling sad

"I just wanted to make sure you were okay. You know I will fly over there just give me the okay" Trey said

"I know you don't have to I'm fine" Justice said lying

"Okay one love Beau"

"Right back at you T" Justice said as she hung up and looked out at the view feeling more lonely than ever.

Everything about Paris had brought back memories of her and Jason trip here. She continued eating and soon went to bed again crying silently.

(Next Day)

Since Justice had a few days off in Paris she decided to enjoy the time. She got up and went to go shower and get <a href="">dressed</a> when there was a knock at her door.

"Who is it" She said walking near the door

"Room service"

"I didn't order any room service" Justice said thinking it was one of her fans trying to get a picture as she opened the door but was surprised when she saw <a href="">him</a> smiling at her.

"I know you said you were okay but I know you needed a hug and a friend right now"

"You didn't have to come all this way for me" Justice said smiling

"I know I don't but I'm your friend I'm here whenever you need me, you know that"

"Well come here because I need one of your special hugs right now" Justice said as she went in to Trey's arms as he wrapped his around her

"I'm here now no more tears you're too beautiful for that" he said kissing the top of her head not letting her go

Justice felt so safe and she hasn't felt this way in a long time even with Jason for a while. With Trey he understood her with her saying a word and knew what she was thinking he was her best friend and she was his and no matter what they would always be there for each other until the very end.

Damn u took for granted run it

Chapter 11:Time Has Ended

(Year later)

Over the next year Jason had soon returned back to his old ways. Staying out late at night and not coming home until the next day as Justice sat worrying. Their fights would go from zero to sixty in just seconds. Jason continued to break promises he mad to Justice and would buy her a gift every time to try and make up for it and apologize. Justice would forgive him every time but she was now tired of his excuses and feeling like the only one in the relationship.

Justice was laying down on the bed looking at her schedule for her world tour that would start tomorrow as the front door to the house closed. Jason walked up the stairs into their bedroom giving Justice as kiss on the cheek and setting his phone down on the night stand as he walked into the bathroom turning on the shower.

As justice continued to look at her schedule Jason's phone started to vibrate. She debated on rather to go through his phone because she never had before since she trusted him but this time something was telling her to check so she did.

She read threw text messages he was sending to different women and her heart broke even more. Once she saw a text that Jason had sent not to long ago today

<strong>I will break up with Justice today, she will never find out about us. I love you</strong>

Her heart shattered into pieces after reading that finally text. Jason came out the shower and walked over to the dresser getting dressed not facing Justice as she sat at the edge crying silently.

Jason turned around as Justice stared at him with tears coming down her face. Justice looked at him with some much anger as tears fell like a waterfall.

"Ju what's wrong" He said grabbing her hand

"Why did you do it?" Justice said snatching her hand away

"Do, what Justice, baby what are you talking about" He said concerned and confused

"Why did you cheat Jason"

"What! I never cheated on you"

"Really than explain this" Justice said leaving the phone on the bed an walking into the closet they shared and started grabbing a suitcase.

Jason grabbed the phone and saw that he was caught. it was nothing that could make up for this. He turned around to see Justice coming back out with a suit case and beginning to pack her things.. he was stuck his mouth became dry and it felt like a lump was in his throat.

"Justice please don't go we can talk about this"

"There is nothing to talk about, you're getting exactly what you wanted, right" Justice said looked over at Jason and continued packing

"I didn't mean it Justice, I don't know what I was thinking"

"Seems like you haven't been thinking with your brain but with your d*** instead. Every night I would stay up waiting for you Jason thinking one day you would bring your ass home but no you had to go to the studio. Excuse after excuse talking about a damn studio when you was really out f***ing partying with other b****es. I go to the studio you but I always manage to bring my ass home at a reasonable time. I would come home every night to be with you but I was only coming home to a empty f***ing house!"

"I'm sorry can we talk about this, baby let's work it out. I want to marry you Justice remember, I can't live without you, can't you see that.

"At the beginning of our relationship I could picture a future with you. But now this fame and fortune has changed you. You are not the Jason I used to know and love but now I feel like I'm was living with a complete stranger.

"Please believe me I want to make this work I need you here with me. I am nothing with you baby.

Justice stopped packing her suitcase and sat on the bed and cried. Jason sat next to her holing her in a tight grip not wanting to let go afraid that she may leave. Soon they fell asleep and Jason woke up the next morning only to find a letter left for him from Justice. He picked up the letter and begin to read it.

<strong>Dear Jason I've stood by you before the fame and money. I thought that my love was enough to satisfy you but it wasn't enough. I have left to day to go one my world tour for a year so I will have Kelly come by today to pack my things and have them ready for the movers.. I hope that one day you find love with someone else because I can't do this anymore. The lies and cheating that you would not admit to behind my back has left me hurt broken. I am still angry about it all but I will eventually heal to get over this break up and you in time.</strong>


Run it

Chapter 10:Party and Bulls*** Pt.2

Justice continued on not even acknowledging her or her little side kick. Rihanna kept giving her looks as Justice fixed her hair and reapplying lipstick. Melissa tried to eye Kelly but Kelly gave her a look that simply killed her instantly.

"I see Jason still hasn't come to his senses yet" Rihanna said with a smirk

Justice continued to look at her with a smirk back

"He knowns what he has"

"He could have better" Rihanna said eyeing her

"Like you" Justice said while laughing as Kelly joined her

"Yeah me"

"Honey you don't know do you"

"Know what"

"That you were a side chick you could never take my spot even if I left him sweetie."

"That's not what he said when he was laying up with me"

"Oh really"

"Yeah really b****" Rihanna said stepping closer to Justice

"Little girl you don't want to step into a ring with a real woman because you will surely get f***ed up. Now back the f*** up off me before I throw your skinny ass into a f***ing stall with your cracked out friend over there" Justice said smartly

"b**** who you calling a crack head" Melissa said trying to walk up to Justice but Kelly moved faster and stood in front of her

"Wrong one b****, wrong one" Kelly said pointing to Justice "Right one" she said pointing to her self

Melissa backed away and stood behind Rihanna

"Aint nobody scared off ya'll" Rihanna said trying to sound tough

"You must be if you spoke about it into existence then huh"

"Whatever I wonder how does it feel to kiss the lips that kissed me"

"I'll answer that after you tell me how I taste while you kissing him"

"Whatever he gonna leave your ass"

"Oh that's what he told you"

"Yeah it's the truth"

"So why the f*** would he leave all this for that. I mean look at your self you look thirsty with your fake thugging ass yelling out thug life like that's gonna make you seen gangster or something. You're nothing to me little girl just a side chick to everyone trying to take the wife spot but wont reach that status ever. Just cause you got some tattoos and smoke some weed don't make your ass look like a bad ass."

"I aint trying to act like badass I'm being myself unlike you"

"b**** I'm realer than anybody you will f***ing meet and cool as hell. Every b**** that aint me either hate or wanna be me and telling by the way you was looking at me I see you want to be me. Just because I sold millions of records don't let this s*** fool you cause I will bust your ass right now. Now thug life that b****" Jusitce said pushing her back as she fell on Melissa

Kelly and Justice opened the door walking out laughing at the two when Justice turned around to open the door and peeked in to say one last thing

"Oh and secondly you might want to fix your bang that big ass forehead is showing again don't want to scare people with that now would you, toodles b****" she said as she closed the door and walking back up to V.I.P where Jason, Trey and Shad were.

Trey sat next to Justice and eyed her knowing something wasnt right

"What happened" he said

"Talk later" Justice said

Trey just nodded knowing she was faded right now so there was no since in talking to her like this but he would wait until she was sober. Justice got up and grabbed Jason and began to grind on him when Rihanna suddenly walked pass mugging her as Justice flipped her off and smiling as Jason kissed her and wrapping his arms around her.