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Chris Brown: Don't Think They Know feat. Aaliyah

Don't Think They Know feat. Aaliyah (2013)


I Love Chris

Excellent Job Mr. Brown. You really thought this out and expressed yourself clearly. I am really looking forward to your release of "X"...loved Fine China as well. I am a 49 yr. old mother and love your style in both music and dance. You have touched different generations in my family. My father (age 70) was impressed with your Otis Redding tune in This Christmas; my mother (age 66) loves your performances...if you are on 106 & Park, she is watching it; my son (age 23) really understands your attitude and my baby boy's (age 10) favorite tune is "Brown Skinned Girl"...he likes the beat and that stays in the CD player in the car. Keep your head up and my family and I are keeping you in our prayers. When you feel you can't hold your head up, stay humble and hold on to GOD. He will carry your through.

#Team Breezy

I love how he used Aaliyah voice in this song.........and he looks so good in his video^.^

i really love ya Chris <3

this song is such an inspiration <3

I listen to this song all the time, keep doin' you breezy

I am a white male 21 years old who is a massive fan of Chris Brown I buy his albums and my favourite album is Graffiti. (Cant wait for 'X' too come out :D I would love to meet him he is such a inspiration he is the next Michael Jackson if not a better one, forget what he has done in the past. He has wrote music to take it all back and now he is back, doing what he does best writing and making music. I love him he makes me want to dance and sing. He is my favourite artist and the only reason why I listen to music. Thank you Christopher Maurice Brown if it weren't for you I wouldn't be Nathan you deserve everything cant wait for your next album.

Nathan Jones

if u look at the pic, it looks lik a "X", for his new album

love this song <3