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<em>One lucky fan will get a once in a life time opportunity to Join Chris Brown on stage at the BET Awards. Thats not all!!, this lucky fan and 1 friend will get two BET passes to to join us as we celebrate BET Experience weekend. These passes will take you anywhere from the all star celebrity basket ball game to backstage at the BET awards. Now heres what you have to do....</em>

"Lo! look!" <a href="">her</a> friend Sabreena shouted as she sat up on Lo's bed and turned the volume up as Bow Bow spoke about the contest on 106&Park.

<em>If you think you have what it takes to be on stage with Chris Brown when record yourself dancing to Fine China and submit it into and you and a friend just might get flown out to LA</em> Bow Wow spoke.

"what about it?" Lo asked.
"you should enter, you got dancing skills and you are on od chris brown's biggest fan's ain't you apart of Team Beezy?" sabreena asked.
"its Team Breezy not beez" Lo laughed.
"whatever you should enter, and you can bring me along woth ya when you win" she said with a wide smile and pleading eyes.
"fine" LO said giving in."don't get your hopes up though, i might not even win" Lo said as sabreena squealed with excitement.

(just a thought that came to my mind, ehhh)


run it!!!!!

lets hope her ma dont trip bout chris
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Run It!!!

Awww snap he is too sweet. He wants to take her out!!!
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"boy you need to put a shirt on" Lo giggled as she laid across her bed looking into the camera of her laptop as she skyped chris.
"nah i told you i feel free chilling in just my draws" he spoke as LO laughed at his seriousness.
"so you been like that all day?" she asked.
"hell yeah, it's my day off im taking full advantage of it" he spoke as he put his laptop down and stood up to show Lo he was serious.
"i didn't want to see all that" Lo spoke as chris sat back down.

"stop lying you know you wanted to see all this" he said as they both laughed.
"you aint nothing special" she said as he acted like he was hurt.
"you are just so hurtful" he joked.
"oh hush" Lo responded.

It grew silent for a minute a Lo sketched a picture in her note book and Chris watched her silently.

"guess where i'm gonna be in a few days" chris spoke breaking the silence.
"where?" Lo asked looking up from her book with a smirk on her face hopping he was about to say what she was thinking.
"New York" he said with a smile.
"foreal!?" she asked excitedly.
"yuup, i got a few radio shows and a basketball charity event out there" he spoke."and i was hopping to spend some time with you" he added.

"sounds good to me" she spoke as he smirked and bit on his bottom lip.
"cool, can't wait to be next to you and be able to kiss you again" he spoke lowly sending a chill up Lo's spine and tingles down low.
"oh god" Lo said under her breath as she blushed and looked away.
"you okay?" he asked with a smirk.
"mmhmm" he responded nodding.

"i wanna take you out" he spoke.
"out?" Lo asked raising an eye-brow
"yes out" chris laughed at her reaction."This Saturday, you down?" he asked as Lo smiled.
"yeah i'm down, where we going?" she asked.
"that's for me to know and for you to find out on Saturday" he spoke.

"ugh surprises, always hated those" she spoke with a pout.
"to bad" he responded."i want you to come to the basketball game on Friday too" he spoke.
"you want me to be your cheerleader?" she asked laughing.
"yeah, maybe you can wear a little uniform too" he said joking."i bet you'll good in one of them skirts" he added in.
"stop playing" she said."where's the game?" she asked.
"Brooklyn Recreation center" he spoke.

"Brooklyn? mind if i come with Sabreena, i don't do trains and she's the one with the whip?" she asked.
"nah i don't mine, matter of fact imma bring Jake with me" chris spoke.
"sounds like a plan" Lo spoke as she heard the front door downstairs open and close."looks like my moms home and i'm pretty sure she's gonna want me to tell her about my day" Lo rolled her eyes.

"aye you better appreciate your mom, you only get one and when their gone their gone forever" he told her.
"thanks dad" she joked making a face.
"i prefer to be called daddy, sounds sexy" he joked.
"you're so stupid i swear, i gotta go" she spoke.
"iight, bye" he spoke as they both ended the skype call.

As Lo got up from her bed and made her way downstairs she texted Sabreena letting her know about the plans for Friday and hopping she would be down to go.

"so how was your first day at college?" Ms Kim asked standing in the kitchen waiting for Lo to tell her everything.
"it was cool, way different atmosphere than high school" she spoke. "and Dr Jordan is no joke, i'm gonna hate and like working with her at the same time" she added.
"you're gonna have to work and study hard " her mother coached.

"i know" Lo nodded."i got my eyes on my goal, in 2 years i'll have mu Associates Degree and LPN Certificate and hopefully be working in Manhattan Medical Center" Lo spoke.
"sounds like an awesome life plane, it's always good to have one of those" Her mother stated.

As Ms Kim began to preach about why it's really important to have life goals Lo's phone began ringing. She looked at the screen to see sabreena's name.

"uh sorry ma, i gotta take this" Lo said standing up and walking back up to her room as she answered the phone."wassup?" she answered.
"Jake is coming to New York?" sabreena asked.
"yeah, chris is bringing him" she spoke.
"what brings chris to NY business?, you? both?" she asked.
"maybe both i'm not sure, i know he wants to take me out on Saturday" she said.
"like a date?" sabreena asked.
"yuup" Lo answered.

"oh snap! you gon give it up?" she asked.
"what? no! it's our first date" Lo responded.
"no technically it's your second remember the beach date in LA" sabreena spoke.
"that doesn't count, does it?..." she asked herself."even if it does i still think it's to early for all that" she added.
"i don't believe in putting a time on it, i go by 'if it feels right than it must be right'" she spoke.

"so basically, what ever happens happens?" Lo asked laughing.
"basically" sabreena agreed laughing as well.
"i can't with you" Lo spoke.
"i'm just giving some advice whenever yall do decide to do the do just make sure your protected, iight?" he spoke.
"definitely, i'm not stupid" Lo spoke.
"you sure?" sabreena asked joking a lo sucked her teeth.
"i hate you" Lo laughed.

"you know Loooooooove me" sabreena said.
"nah you must be mistaken" LO responded.
"whatever, i got some applications to fill out, i'll talk to you later" sabreena spoke.
"kay, bye" Lo said as they hung up.

(short but, i'll have more lata :) lol)

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Run it!!!

Run It!!

haha i aint tryna die
her mom is so serious about logan future
cute how he texted her
run it!

Awww how cute he texted her but alil late lol
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run it


One Month Later

"Ma!" have you seen my ID?" Logan called out to her mom as she searched around her room.
"it's on the table" her mother yelled back as Lo mad her way down stairs to get it.

Today was the first day of college and Lo was both excited and nervous. She signed up for the schools joint program with Manhattan Medical Center where they placed her to work and learn along side a Doctor as she took her needed college classes.

"got it" Lo said as she grabbed her ID off the table and placed it in her wallet.
"i'm so proud of you, my little college student" her mother spoke with a huge smile on her face.
"it's not that serious" Lo laughed.
"it is, i'm glad you didn't quit after high school like me" her mother said seriously."now all you have to do is keep the little college boys away and stay focused on what you're there to do" her mom added.

"trust me, i'm not look for none of these boys out here" Lo spoke."i'm just ready to meet Dr Jordan i heard she plays no games" Lo added.
"thats good, but i gotta head to work, i wanna know all about your day when i get back home tonight alright?" her mother asked picking up her things.
"okay" Lo laughed as her mother pecked her on the check and made her way out the door.

Spending the few minutes she had left to herself Lo went over her schedule. She only had 1 or 2 classes a day and after those classes she had to work with Doctor Jordan for a few hours. She was happy to see she was given Friday off, no classes, no work.

"i think i follow you on twitter" a girl spoke to Lo as she took the empty seat next to her."you at name is LoLostayBreezy right?" she asked as Lo nodded.
"yuup, thats me" she answered.
"this is mad cool meeting you,i didn't even know you live in NY" the girl spoke."i'm Kimberly but you might know me as KimmyTheGreatCBE" she spoke.

"oh yeah, i see your tweets all the time" Lo spoke as.
"i'm pretty sure there not that hard to miss" the girl joked as Lo nodded in agreement. Kimberly tweeted almost all the time about the things she wishes she could do sexually to chris.
"definitely not" Lo spoke with a smirk.
"so how was it being around chris? if you don't mind me asking" she asked with a smile.

"he was cool, funny, a great spirit to be around there was never a down moment" Lo explained in the most professional way possible.
"i'm type jealous, i wanted to enter the competition but my ass don't even know how to dance" kimberly said laughing earning a chuckle from Lo as well.

"good morning everyone, I'm professor Mastro" the professor spoke as he walked into the class and placed is bag on his desk."first things first, i need you all to check your schedules and make sure you are supposed to be here in, this is Human Anatomy 1 room 202" he spoke as everyone did what they were told.

Once everyone who was definitely supposed to be in that class was settled in Professor Mastro began to go over the classes rules and guides and what the class was going to be learning this semester. Then of course came the part Logan hated the most.... Introductions. she sat their and listen to everyone before her tell everyone their names, majors, and something they love the most.

"hello" Lo spoke as she stood up for her turn."My name is Logan Browning, I'm a Nursing Major and something i love the most would have to be a teddy bear my dad gave me when i was 15" she spoke and sat down as everyone nodded.

She planned to listen to the rest of her class introduce themselves but was interrupted when her phone vibrated in her pocket. she took it out to see she had a text message from chris.

<em>Chris: good luck at your class today
Lo: already here lol and thanks
Chris: meeting any interesting people?
Lo: just one of your overly explicit fan i follow on twitter
Chris: word? lol explicit how?
Lo: lets just say one time i say her tweet about how she wanted to sit on your face.
Chris: damn!, i aint trynna die
Lo: lol you so stupid
Chris: i'm just saying that s*** get dangerous lol
Lo: fool, what you doing?
Chris: nothing chilling in my boxers
Lo: put some clothes on lol
Chris: nah i feel free lol
Lo: omg i swear you're so stupid</em>

The class quickly came to an end and lo got up and quickly made her way to Manhattan Medical center where she would be meeting the doctor she would be working with. She texted chris telling him he would talk to her later and walked into the medical center, where she seen a few other students and doctors introducing themselves to each other.

"Logan Browning!?" she heard her name being called out and turned to face the person calling her.
"thats me" she spoke.
"cool follow me" the woman spoke as Lo did as she was told."i'm dr Jordan and i will be teaching you the in's and out's of a hospital, i will also show an teach you all the things you will need to learn how to do in order to do this job, sre you follow?" she asked lo.

"yes" lo answered.
"you will need to go in everyday in uniform which is blue or dark grey scrubs and white sneakers with a note book and a pen ready, and just like any other college class you will be tested on what you learned" Dr Jordan continued as Lo followed her around as she showed her around the hospital.

"do you have any questions?" Dr Jordan asked.
"no" Lo answered shaking her hand.
"good, tomorrow i need you here on time and in uniform fully prepared to learn and work" she spoke.
"i definitely will be" Lo responded.
"okay then we're done for today, but this will probably the last time i let you leave early" dr Jordan spoke.
"thank you, have a good day" Lo spoke walking away.
"you too" Dr Jordan said as Lo made her way out the door.

(it's kinda short but more tomorrow)

im sure her moms will bite her words once she knows chris
in the mean time i rooting for them
run it

Her mom needs to stop smh


Awww they are too cute. Her moms is evil!!
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Run it


After landing in New York sabreena and Lo exited the plane and made their way to get their bags from baggage claim.

"it feels good to be back in new york" sbreena spoke as they grabbed their bags and made their way out towards the exit.
"it definitely does, we're back on our turff now" Lo spoke as they walked out the airport and seen Lo's mom leaning on her car scrolling on her phone.

Lo's mom looked up from her phone and double took when she seen Lo and sabreena walking out the door. With a smile on her face she shoved her phone back into her pocket and greeted them.
"here girls how was your flight?" she asked.
"long" sabreena complained.
"well your here now, lets get you girls home" she said as they put their bags into the trunk of her car and hopped in.

Lo's mom started the car and pulled off quickly. Lo and sabreena were quite at girls as they looked over the pictures they took in LA and text each other pictures they wanted that they didn't have.

"did you guys have fun?" Lo's mom asked breaking the silence.
"yeah" lo and sabreena answered together.
"i had a great time" lo spoke.
"Ms kim did you watch the performance, your daughter killed it" sabreena said.
"i most definitely did, you were awesome baby girl" her mother spoke.
"thanks, i was so nervous" Lo said.
"couldn't even tell" sabreena added.

"how was it working with and being around your favorite artist?" Ms kim asked.
"it was great, he's a cool, funny chilled out kinda guy" lo said as her mother nodded her head.
"he didn't try to get in you guys pants did he?" she asked as Lo's eyes popped open.
"what!? mom, no!" Lo spoke.
"i'm just asking because i did ot want that woman beater manipulating my girls" her mother spoke as Lo turned her nose up at her.

"Ma!" Lo exclaimed.
"what? i'm not saying anything you don't know, that boy is a womanizing woman beater and everybody knows it" she spoke as she continued to bash chris. Lo and sabreena looked at each other confused as to what to say next.
"he really is a nice guy, he's nothing like how people portray him to be" sabreena spoke.
"exactly, you don't really know HIM you know what you HEARD, and 9 times out of 10 it aint true" Lo spoke.

"i'm just calling it as i see it" her mother spoke."i don't even know why girls put themselves in that situation, he's not trust worthy and he's a hot headed little boy who can't control his anger" her mother spoke.
"alright ma" Lo spoke looking out the window.
"i could NOT let my child be with a man like that i REFUSE" she spoke as Lo clenched her jaw.
"MA! we get it" lo half yelled.

The car ride grew silent and in that same moment Lo's phone vibrated with a text from Chris.

<em>Chris: yall landed?
Lo: yuup, in my moms car on my way home
Chris: cool, the crew misses yall already
Lo: aww how cute, what about you?
Chris: Nah ;
Lo: -_- lol
Chris: nah on the real i miss your short self
Lo: I'M NOT SHORT lol and i miss our big headed self too</em>
<em>Chris: you always with the jokes lol i'm headed to the studio right now, call me later?</em>
<em>Lo: definitely, bye :)
Chris: deuces</em>

That mini conversation with chris was enough to put a smile on her face after the things her mother had said. A few minutes later Lo's mom pulled into her drive way and they all got out the car.

"Lo, imma catch up with you later im about to go take a mean nap in my bed" sabreena spoke grabbing her bags out the truck.
"i'm boutta do the same, i'l talk to you later" Lo said as sabreena made her way across the street to her house.

Lo grabbed her bag, closed her moms trunk and walked into her house right behind her mother. She went straight up into her room and placed her bag in a corner to empty it out later. she kicked on her shoes and laid down in her bed as jet lag took over her body.

<em>Knock Knock</em> she heard just as she was about to drift off to sleep. She opened her eyes to see her mother walking right in without permission.

"are you mad at me because of what i said about that boy?" her mother asked."i don't even know why you get so defensive when it comes to him" she added folding her arms across her chest.
"i'm not mad, i just don't like when people judge other with out knowing them thats all" Lo spoke from her bed.
"do you not realize what he did logan? or are you blinded by a cute face" her mother spoke.

"it happened ONE time" Lo spoke."i don't know why everybody but rihanna her self is so mad like it happened to yall" lo added.
"one time is to many, and trust me if he did it once he'll do it again" her mother spoke.
"you don't know that, people change" lo said.
"i don't see why you're being so defensive" her mother spoke with squinted eyes trying to read her daughter."did somehtign happen in LA between you two?" she asked as logan stood silent for a moment thinking wheter or not she should tell her mother where she and chris stood as of now.

"no man nothing happened" she lied."i'm just stating my opinion just like you're stating yours" she added.
"alright well if it makes you feel better i apologize disrespecting you favorite artist" her mother spoke with a hint of sarcasm.

Without another word spoken Lo's mom left her room and Lo laid her head back down trying to get some sleep but she couldn't. She got her phone on her night stand and clicked on chris's name to call him.

"wasssssup little mama" chris answered making Lo giggle.
"i was trying to take a nap but i can't" she told him.
"something bothering you?" he asked.
"kinda, yeah" she answered.
"wanna talk about it?" he asked.
"uh i don't know if thats a good idea, it kinda involves you" she told him.
"me? how?" he asked.

"my mom was saying s*** about you that pissed me off, she doesn't even know you to judge you" Lo spoke.
"people are gonna judge people no matter if their doing bad or good" chris spoke."i just learned how to live with it" he added.
"it doesn't bother you at all?" lo asked.
"i mean at time it pisses me off but i try not to feed to much into it because a reaction is what they want, i won't give them that satisfaction" he spoke.

"i just know if my mom or anybody else actually got to know you and be around you like i have they would know the real you" Lo spoke.
"you dropping hints? you want me to meet ya moms" he asked laughing.
"uh hun that will not being happening, she doesn't even know about you and me" she said.
"why not?" he asked.
"because of her opinion of you" lo answered." she has this motto of Once a 'blank' always a 'blank' you fill in the blanks" lo spoke as chris stood quite on the other side for a minute

"well that sucks" he sighed with a long pause."do you believe in her motto?" he asked.
"no, i believe in change" she told him as he went quite again."i'm sorry if this conversation ruined your mood" she spoke.
"nah i'm fine, this just isn't really a topic i talk about with the person i'm trying to build a relationship with" he spoke.
"thats understandable, lets drop it" she spoke."got any new songs in the vault?" she asked.
"a few" he answered with a chuckle.

They talked on the phone for about an hour and a half until her call waiting beeped. she looked at her phone to see Sabreena name and put her ear back to her phone.

"uh chris i gotta go, sabreena is calling me" Lo spoke.
"alright bye baby" he spoke as Lo smiled at him calling her baby.
"bye" she spoked clicking over to the other line.

oh shiiitttttt she got breezy!
i wonder how this will pay out
and lord know her momma gona put her two cents in lol
run it!

Run It!

run it


i know it was short
but only two runs?
where my readers at? lol

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Run It


Sabreena and Lo had pulled up the LAX airport getting ready for their flight back home. It was a bitter sweet moment for them as they were happy to be going home but sad to be leaving LA. They got out the car saying bye and thank you to their driver as they got their bags and headed inside the airport. They put their bags on the conveyor belt and made their way to Gate 3 where they would be boarding their plane.

"i don't wanna go" sabreena spoke with a puppy dog face.
"i know me neither, i wish we could stay forever" she added in.

They got to the front of the line and handed their tickets to the usher who ripped a piece from the end of their tickets and handed it back to them as they mad their way into the plane. They took their seats and waited their silently for the plane to take off as they reminisced on their time in LA. Lo took out her phone as she read over a few of the text messages she and chris had sent to each other last night when she couldn't sleep.

<em>Lo: can't sleep</em>
<em>Chris: same here, excited about going home?</em>
<em>Lo: yeah, but i'm also gonna miss LA.... and you</em>
<em>Chris: imma miss you too shorty, i wish i could kiss you again before you leave</em>
<em>Lo: speaking of that, what exactly is going on between us? what do we call this?</em>
<em>Chris: friendship?</em>
<em>Lo: friends don't kiss each other, especially not the way you kissed me</em>
<em>Chris: i don't wanna rush anything, and i definitely don't wanna detract you from the goals you have set for yourself</em>
<em>Lo: so would you say its the start of something more?</em>
<em>Chris: i guess you could say that</em>

Lo smiled at the messages as the Seat Belt icon lit up telling them to buckle up. She clicked the seat belt around her waist and stuffed her phone in her back pocket as the plane began to move backwards and onto the runway. Lo leaned her head back as she drifted off to sleep before the plane even took off.

(eww this is extra short but i'll try an update again)