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Vanish | Chapter 3



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Updating momentarily.

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That's some creepy ass s***...T'f you mean he gotta a huge...What he got Mrs. Belle? Mhmmm....f***ing b****. You and that damn police officer! f*** yall! I wonder if that was actually Mrs. Belle on the stretcher and it was her twin that was in that class. Oooooo, somethings going on. OH Ana! You better get it girl!
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Uh I overheard that mrs. Belle has a twin sister I bet the police are gonna question me now and I wonder why would they attack her though if that was in fact mrs.belle....come on mr.brooks dont do chris and michael like that....awww ana and trey cute and rissa what you got against the police officer? Lol

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Hahaha so my first line had to be something ignorant hahaha that's soo mee!

But omg she has a twin!!! So was that really her that got chopped up or was that her twin?? Hmmmmm....the suspense buildsss!!!

Now as far as coach, the hell he tripping like that for?? I mean damn it wont that serious, but that's what his dumb ass get, who in the hell hit him in the back of the knee, Im sooo weeak!!! and where the hell is bella, somebody find her!! Like what in the hell are those damn police doing??!!!

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Coach better not kick Chris and mike out like that
I Aint going for it lol but wait who was chopping at mrs belle
Who has it out for her that bad...or was that even her
She has a twin so was it the twin or her that got the big cut...
Mmmhmmm trey he make my body sing with his sexy ass
Yea he getting raped by the end of this lol and he don't even KNOW IT

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Chapter 3;

Mr. Brooks

"Let me guess." I said folding my arms. "Christopher and Michael?" They both nodded their head. I wrote down a note on my clipboard. "You two are late." I said walking off. "Yeah Coach, our bad." The tall one said. "Yeah, yall bad alright. You two won't have to show up for the rest of the month either." I added.

The tall one grew angry while the other one shook his head. "but coach, we're here and ready." I turned to him. "and practice is over! You two are dismissed." I then turned around again and proceeded walking out.

Everyone started laughing at them and cracking jokes.

Suddenly a ball flew and hit the back of my bad knee.

"Who threw that?

Mrs. Belle

I dismissed the class 2 hours later to go grade papers and their was a knock at my door. "Who is it?" I called out while I took out my red pen. "Come see." A weird voice called out. I couldn't make out if it was a woman or man. I presumed it was Mr. Reeper playing with me.

He was soo damn handsome and he had a huuuge.....

"Let me in!" They called out and suddenly the door flew open, knocking me to my knees.

A person with a black coat came in as their face was covered and they had a knife in hand. They started chopping at my leg as I tried to run away from them while screaming to the top of my lungs.

"HELP ME!" I ran down the hallways trying to get away, but no one could hear me. I was the only person in the wing, along with the janitors.

Suddenly, I fell...


The paramedics showed up to the front of the school along with cops and investigators. Mrs. Belle was air lifted to the nearest hospital.

All the students stood around watching as their teacher was being flown away.

"Ladies, I'm sorry about your loss right now. Mrs. Belle should be okay."

The girls all looked pitiful. "She was very nice!" Teek said to the police officer.

"She was. I'm sure she'll be okay though." He replied. "Is there any sign of Bella yet?" Milani asked as Candice pinched her.

"There is no sign yet." The policeman said as he walked off.

"I don't like him." Rissa said after he left. "Mil!" Candice shouted. "You're rude! Mrs. Belle I hurt and you bring up Bella?"

"Bella is waaay more important! Who knows! That b**** could've killed her or something and this could've been karma." Mil replied.

Just then Ana walked up smiling, happy as f***.

"Why you smiling?" Natalie asked curiously.

"I met this guy. His name's Trey." Ana replied.

"Oh, did Trey eat that pussy or something.." Shardonnay commented.

Ana laughed and shushed her as they all gagged at her.

"Don't hate!" Ana said. "Why the long faces?"

Rissa huffed and sat down. "Mrs. Belle was just air lifted.

Ana laughed and sat down also. "No, she didn't. I just left her class. I got an A on my paper see!" She said holding it up with an A+ on it.

"That looks like her signature." Candice said staring at it.

"It is!" Ana said.

"Then who the f*** was that on the stretcher?" Teek asked looking around.

"Oh yeah!" Natalie said smiling. "Mrs. Belle told me and Ana about her lil twin sister out here."

Ana looked suspicious. "She did?"

"Yeah. We over heard her but you know." Natalie said.

"Mrs. Belle has a twin?" The police officer asked out of nowhere.

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ohhhh okay, i got you!

@pardonmybeauty It`s Langston from the Rangers. I`ll post a pic.

Update coming up.

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see told yall belle ass be tripping. but did she just say it has happened before? and they never found the last person that went missing? eff that its a serial killer on the loose. time to find my homie an get tf away from there. run it

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Mes Bella is a straight up b****. How are you NOT gonna care about you students, she's your responsibility. Smh dumbass
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Mrs. Belle better get her life!!! saying Milani concern should be her work and passing her class...f*ck that i'm with Milani...her friend is missing and if it was me i'd reacted the same way and ooohh coach really working the boys lol

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but they coach done lost they mind what do you think this is
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why ms belle acting up she must not of had any d*** in her life
get yourself together miss thing people are missing f*** this paper

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YOOOO!! Coach aint playing no kinda games.
DAAAAMMMMNNNNN!!! So I'm convinced that Ms. b**** (belle) has something to do with bella's disappearance!

Can you show me a picture of Langston? because i'm not sure which one you were talking about!

But anyways im excited to see what's next!

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Mrs. Belle.....shut the hell up! Damn! We don't give a damn that you don't care! We worried about Bella and that's f***ing all! She had Milani f***ed up! I like Mil, she funny. Oooo! Mr. Brooks is just like my damn coach! Had us running like some slaves up in that hot ass gym. I feel your pain Trey. Uh oh!! Chris and Michael are in trouble!!!Run it!!!

Chapter 2; PART 2

Mrs. Belle

There was still no sign of Bella the next day. A policeman called saying she was still no where in sight and we couldn't get a squad to go looking for her until she was missing for 48 hours. I wasn't worried about it. This did happen before, but we never...

*Ring ring* the bell rang for my students to arrive to class. They all rushed in and sat down quietly with their notebooks and pen in hands. Athough, a couple were missing.

"Good morning class." I said cheerfully. "Good morning, Mrs. Belle!" They shouted back at me. "Today, we are going to free write. Write about whatever it is you want. Just! stay on our topic for today, which is "Life". It could be sad, happy, whatever. It doesn't matter!"

Everyone began writing except for one student, Milani.

"Is there a reason why you aren't writing?" I said looking at her.

She rolled her eyes. "My friend is missing and no one is looking for her."

"Your concern is your work and passing my class." I said walking over to her desk.

Everyone stopped to see what Milani was going to say because she sat back and folded her arms. "If you're not going to do your work then you can step honey. Just know that your hours will be cut." I smiled.

"Mil, just do the work. We really need these hours." Rissa called out.

"I'm not doing s***. She doesn't even act like she cares about Bella. Bella could be dead right now and we're writing about life. f*** life! How about that!" She replied looking me straight in the eye.

I approached my seat and wrote down some notes. "You will do the assignment and you will also have another assignment to do as well for your rude tone and attitude. It will make up for your hours that I will be cutting for today!" "Miss Belle, she's mad. Just give her a break! One assignment won't hurt!" Candice called out from the back.

I rolled my eyes and turned to my computer to finish grading some work. "Ladies. Be quiet! If you don't like my rules, then leave!" I yelled.

Milani got up and walked out the door leaving me agitated.

Mr. Brooks

"Let's go ladies. Up and down the court. Don't stop!" I called out to my team. They were sweating like little girls and they called themselves "MEN".

"Coach, we tired!" Trey shouted in between breaths while bending over and touching his knees. Everyone did the same and mumbled under their breath.

"So yall tired!?" I yelled at them as they breathed heavily. "Yeah!" They repeated. I blowed my whistle until they started covering their ears.

"What the f*** man!" Langston screamed as I got into Trey's face.

"We are gonna RUN RUN RUN until our bodies are sore and until we can't lift a leg! This is NOT a team of pussies! We are going to RUN LIKE MEN! Yall wanna be sorry faggets then yall must suck d***!" They all yelled "HELL NAA NIGGA!" I laughed to myself. "Then RUN like MEN!"

I blew my whistle and they were running like track stars in this b****. I nodded my head and blew my whistle to end practice. Niggas were throwing up and all. "Yall can go home." I sighed.

We all were getting our stuff until Christopher and Michael bka Ty walked in. They were the new guys around and they didn't make a good first impression because they were certified LATE.

I'm only adding with my cast who is supporting. The more you support, the longer your add :)

Update will be up shortly.

oh no bella where you at? its a crazy man on the loose. Ms belle bogus she could have just answered the question.So a three week assignment away from home huh? sounds fishy. Run it

Ummmmm.....I'mma need for that b**** Mrs. Belle to get her s*** together! Bella where the hell did yo ass go?! See this exactly why I don't like teachers, they always losing s***! What the hell?! They got a nigga named Mr. Reeper, I'mma need for them to get us the hell up out of there. I can't die! I'm too young for all that!
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aint no way somebody is just going to come up missing
come on now that s*** is crazy and aint nobody looking for her
wait the dean name reeper
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