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  • About Chris Brown

    Haven't been on this website for some time but just to say Chris Brown has to be one of the most amazing yet one of the most inspiring people in this world, there are so many people out there that wanna bring him down but just know #TeamBreezy as well as his family will always be there to help and support him.

    I hope Chris continues to do what he does best; entertain, perform and inspire others.


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    Wat can I say man Chris Brown man your a legend, you inspire me in everything you do n have been my role model as long as I can remember n I love your music which also inspires me and tbqh Chris your just an amazing person to think from when you was singing at home when you was younger to becoming such an inspirational person that inspires not just me but a whole lot of other people as well and with FAME a awesome album n sold out in HMV n still going 4 platinum which we all hope you will get it but yeah n there's a whole lot more I could say tbh and just say you inspire me alot and is doing w