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  • take you down

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  • who has da album

    who got the forever edition by my hubby wubby! lol

  • add me

    yall need 2 add me. i dont have alot of friends.Except mi boo christopher.

  • i need some1 2 talk 2

    Hey boiz!! i need somei 2 talk 2 if your avalible let me know now!!

  • all bout me

    Hey everybody! i just wanted yall 2 kno dat i alwayz stay fresh! with enyce, apple bottoms,babyphat,rockawear,aeropostale,american-eagle,nikes and much more. i also am very nice unless u come 2 me with some s***! And as u can see i am a huge fan of chris brown!!

  • he look so damn sexy! i could just eat him up lol

  • he look so damn sexy! i could just eat him up lol