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  • wow Breezy baby you duuuun it AGEN...this track is on fire I'm goin be jamming to this song and I know that all my nigroz are gon be jamming to this track coz when we blaze we jus love to chill and listern to your music awwwwwwww baby you rock...your music just knocks me me down and up left right and center you the best produce BREEZYSTIC music. Thank you

  • am in South Africa :( and under age too :(.... so sad. why am i still 19 ? :(

  • lol true but i loved the stunts he had on TAKE and his cuteness all over the screen was jus too hot woooooooh...i love breezy dang! and him jus being the kid on that movie owww and I'm so glad i didn't have to see him die ay coz stomp the yard really tore me apart.

    am proud yew Chris you've made it this far well done...your music keeps me going. thank you alot

  • planning on getting my tattoo ASAP with CHRIS BROWN written in Egyptian in love with Chris and it aint funny lol but am happy...jus got my nose pierced 2 weeks back lol.... love you booboo

  • lol that's supper cool lol thought that video would never be out lol my babay just made my year, lol ay chris you the man. mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa(out of air) so inlove with "remember my name"...i take this bullet, i take it for love

  • wow chris im happy to see that you are the man who can own up to all your deeds (good and the bad)...but most of all i'm happy to see that you believe in us(your fans) behind you hundreds no matter how far iam (south africa,durban...howard university) but i love and support you alot. you are the best.

    p.s. i love you

  • chris you would realy look good as a president...look at that pic it is just to nice.

    p.s. i love you

  • lol (remix of party hard) hes got the perfect lips and perfect body and he loves rihanna but I love him that body is what i call a perfect God made angel. you are my "pretty brown skin and you making me sing sing like dinga linga ling"

  • lmao fine china is the best track lol ay boo i love it when you dance funny... you just light up my are the best...

    p.s. i love you

  • you are a dedicated hard worker chris iam truelly proud of are the matter what other people may say about you,you must always know that i will forever be beside last week i jus got acussed of something lol...i was realy sad but then i just went to take a shower and then "BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE" just came to my heart and i sang till i felt started bad at first then at the end i was singing like how i always sing to your are my addiction and my best and only friend "believe it or not ,but it's the truth".