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  • When Chris Brown's girlfriend is on the ground in pain, looks up at him, and lips the words 'i love you' ...he realizes how strong his feelings are for her and is more than determined to stand right next to her as her sky is falling. He puts all the strength he has left into jumping over the split road. This was obviously no easy task, but he makes it over and runs to his girlfriend. He picks her up in his arms and begins to run in seek of help. As he does this, he sings this song to her, each word slowly and carefully.

  • ive been waiting for you to come to toronto for so long! thank you <3

  • oh daymn.

  • Happy belated birthday Chris Brown :)
    I've been a supporting fan since yo (excuse me miss) was big <3 much lovee

  • This is my favourite video off the album so far...chris can move!
    Please come visit Toronto :)

  • im a huge fan and all...
    but i have to be honest...i don't like the blond. :(

  • i honestly cant wait!